TEAM STORY!! Four SOLDIERS are trapped on the final OUTPOST on earth. Fragment 2.

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After that, Hendrichs goes to conclude his work onthe map and coordinates, when he finds a startling discovery: the relief ship deliberately veeredaway from the Sentinel, which makes no sense. Hendrichs runs to check on Cassidy, suspicious,but he doesn't dare to say anything. The squad awakens the next morning to thesound of an alarm because another ship has arrived on the radar. The troops hurryto their places to defend the Sentinel, while Cassidy tries in vain to contact the ship.Hendrichs refuses to send anyone this time. Cassidy discovers their ship is missing as theyprepare to reload, just as Sullivan and Baines finally see it clearly after the fog clears. Theyrefuse to shoot again, but by the time Cassidy arrives to warn them, it's too late: Hendrichshas his gun drawn and shoots Baines. Hendrichs was.

The one who put the ship back out last night, andto prove he's serious, he shoots the air dancer. Baines continues to refuse to destroy thespacecraft, and Hendrichs replies by shooting his ear, prompting Sullivan to take the cannonand destroy the ship before anyone dies. Baines, enraged, attempts to pursue Hendrichs, but Cassidyknocks him out first with a fire extinguisher. Sullivan and Cassidy then lock Hendrichs in thepantry, and Cassidy returns both keys. Later, an enraged Baines attempts to find Handrichs inorder to murder him, and hits Sullivan when he tries to stop him. Cassidy consoles him withwords, but Baines still leaves to get drunk alone and unpack his belongings, causing him tocry. Cassidy subsequently recalls Hendrichs' need for an iodine bath, but Baines refuses to let himout and announces his resignation. Sullivan tells.

Cassidy that they have no choice but to go throughevery single channel on the telegraph until one of them works, and Cassidy uses the opportunity toadmit she hadn't meant what she said about him. She just wanted him to leave without worryingabout her, but Sullivan is unwilling to accept her excuse. Later that afternoon, Sullivan bringsHendrichs some food and wonders why he changed his mind about leaving. Hendrichs relays theinformation he gleaned from the coordinates: the relief ship was due to arrive threemonths ago, but something caused it to depart. This implies that there is a traitoramong them who want the bomb. Sullivan doesn't believe him and walks out,locking the door behind him. While Sullivan spends the remainder of the day sending SOSmessages to every channel, Baines continues.

To drink and work in his workshop, but he soonloses his mind and ruins everything he's made. Later that evening, Cassidy shows Sullivan aphoto of herself as a child with her family, stating that they were slain bythe enemy when she was a child. The next morning, Baines discovers Cassidysleeping in the communications room. He attacks Cassidy, but she managesto shove him away after some effort, unaware that Baines has grabbed the keys. Cassidythen goes looking for Sullivan to tell him what occurred, but Baines' voice can be heard over thespeakers saying that he will detonate the device. Sullivan and Cassidy run back to thecommunications room to try to calm him down, citing his family as a reason to live. Bainessobs as he steps away from the controls, but.

When Cassidy returns the keys, he reveals that hejust forgot the last digit of the activation code. Sullivan believes it is time to letHendrichs go, but Baines has disturbing news: he attempted to kill him earlier, butHendrichs was gone when he entered the pantry. He had ended things for himself,as indicated by an open window. Cassidy and Sullivan are devastated when theydiscover Baines told the truth in the pantry. Sullivan, unable to deal with his sadness,reads the letter Hendrichs had sent to the base, and is astounded to learn Hendrichs hadrequested that his leadership be prolonged. Cassidy then shows Sullivan the now-clean workshopto demonstrate to Sullivan that Baines is feeling better and constructing again. Baines admits hiswife was pregnant and he never got to meet the.

Baby, prompting Sullivan to forgive him for hisdrunken outburst. Baines expresses his gratitude with a hug before boarding the boat and returningto his work collecting items from the water. Cassidy is accompanying him, so Sullivan givesher a gun in case of need. Moments later, Sullivan decides to go fishing again, and as he pulls outthe net, he finds Hendrichs' body with a wound on his skull, indicating that he was murdered andthat there is a traitor among them. While Sullivan searches his friends' profiles for hints, Cassidycontemplates a strategy with Baines in the boat. Sullivan then examines Hendrichs' map andformulates a theory. As a storm approaches, Sullivan checks the beacon outside and confirmsthat it can be removed and repositioned. This suggests that someone removed the beaconfrom the boat and forced the ship to follow.

Them instead of heading to the Sentinel, henceexplaining the coordinates. Then someone killed the relief team and abandoned the ship. OnlyCassidy returns from the short journey a few hours later, claiming that Baines collapsedand died while attempting to get some plastic. Sullivan immediately suspects she murdered him andwas the traitor all along, but he's too terrified to say anything. Cassidy wakes up alone in bed thenext morning. Sullivan only communicates with her, claiming that he knows she killed everyoneand is spying for the enemy, but he won't allow her have the explosive. Cassidy suddenlyrealises she's lost the keys and dashes to the communications room, where she discovers Sullivanin the process of detonating the explosive. He doesn't mind blowing up the Sentinel withthem still inside because they have no future..

Cassidy tries to explain that people in herhometown are suffering and that she hates lying to him while Sullivan holds her at gunpoint, butSullivan doesn't believe her and detonates the device. Instead of exploding, the machine showsa cute little phrase that Baines liked to repeat, which leads them to believe that Bainesreprogrammed the explosive so that it can no longer be used for destruction. Finally,Sullivan and Cassidy have a brief conversation. They agree that no matter whateverside of the conflict they are on, they will protect the Sentineltogether and continue to survive. And with that. the movie ends, we’llsee you in the next movie. Goodbye.

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