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Welcome back! Join me while I breakdown another movie plot Enjoy the memories and watch out for spoilers! Atop the Sphinx in Egypt David brags about all the places thathe's visited in just the last few hours. Though he doesn’t travel conventionally and instead has been teleporting since he wasa teenager with a phenomenon called jumping. Once just your regular Teen, David had a crush on his fellow classmateMillie who sympathized with his feelings.

Since she plans to one day travel the world, David gives her a snow globe ofthe Eiffel Tower as a present but the school bully Markthrows it onto a frozen lake. Whether it be stupidity or pride David attempts to retrieve it but the icegives way and he gets trapped beneath it. Just before he drowns he suddenly finds himself lying face down inthe public library having made his first jump. When he gets home soaking wet David explains that his motherabandoned him when he was five,.

And that his father Williamhas never been much of one. The latter chastises him for being latewhile attempting to get into his room. He breaks through the lock justas David vanishes once again, finding himself back in the samewater-logged library stacks. Not able to get out, he suddenlyteleports back to his bedroom where his father has reported him missing. David figures if his mothercan do it then he can to and decides to take all of the moneyhe has saved up and ditch his dad. His friend Millie is still mourning his deathsince she hasn’t heard any word from him.

So David leaves the snow globe on herswingset as a sign that he is still alive. After catching a bus across the country, David arrives in New York Cityand rents a crappy apartment. His Days are spent at a parklearning to control his power though he can only teleport to where he can see. Using a photo of the Empire state building and past memories of a tripthere with his mother Mary, David makes his first major jump, but decides to go bigger.

With the excuse of needing to use their bathroom David gets a glimpse inside a bank vaultgiving him a mental picture of the room. In the middle of the night he jumps straightinto the vault and begins to raid it, making trips back and forth fillinghis tiny apartment with stacks of cash. A man claiming to be from the NSAbegins to investigate the robbery. Roland seems to be unbothered by theimpossible task performed by the thief, indicating that he knows exactly how it was done. Though he never did catch David, who now lives in an expensive apartment8 years later overlooking New York City.

His walls are covered withpictures of places to travel to and he has a vault filled withcurrencies from around the world. With all of his abilities he still chooses to avoidhelping people in actual need and instead uses it to just entertain himself. He sees families trapped on theirroofs during a natural disaster and instead of using his abilities to help, he spends his days surfing massive waves in Fiji, eating lunch atop the Sphinx in Egypt andgoing to England pubs to pick up ladies.

Though in doing the latterhe is noticed by a stranger. One night he arrives back at his apartment to find Roland standing in his living roomhaving at last tracked him down. Roland has spent all these yearshunting down and killing jumpers, claiming that he is doing it all for god whoshould be the only one with omnipresence. He attacks David with an electrical rodsending a thousand vaults through his body and preventing him from teleporting. The only reason he doesn’t killDavid is he believes someone must be helping him and demands to know who.

He uses his rod to tether the jumper to the floor but David manages to jump intohis vault and detach the cable. Before Roland smashes through intothe vault he collects some money and teleports back to hischildhood home in Ann Arbour. Hearing a noise from upstairs William asks him to stay but Davidjust jumps away before he sees him. With nowhere else to go hedecides to go see Millie, who her mother says is working at a barhaving never got around to travelling. After 45 minutes of failing to buildup the courage to speak with her.

He attempts to leave butruns into his old bully Mark. He tries to get fresh with Millie soDavid punches him and they begin to fight. The jumper angrily tackles Mark and theysuddenly appear inside a bank vault. David mocks him as he cowers ina corner then leaves him in there and returns to Millie saying that he ran away. She goes back to work and the two catch up, with David telling her that he is a banker despiteflunking any related classes back at school. During their conversationDavid asks Millie to go to Rome with him as his excuse to leave the country.

Since it has always beenher dream to go she accepts, while the stranger is shown to still be watching. 10 hours later after the slowest trip ofhis life, David arrives in Italy with Millie. She knows that there’s something he isn’ttelling her but goes along with it anyway and the two quickly fall in love. They go to the Coliseum tofind it closed for the day, but rather leave he jumps inside tounlock a gate and the two sneak in. The stranger has followed them to Rome andfinally introduces himself to David as Griffin. “Little privacy yea?”.

Jumpers are at war with a groupof fanatics called the Paladins and Griffin says he spends his days killing them. Two suddenly turn up and attack Griffinwhile instantly incapacitating David. After having fun with the two and almost gettingcaught when he gets a little overconfident, Griffin finally teleports the twoto heights and knocks them out. He takes a paladin and jumps back to his lairbut David follows him through his jump scar. Covering the walls aredozens of drawings of Roland suggesting a serious vendetta butDavid leaves without any real answers. After returning to Millie with anotherlie about why they have to leave,.

They are instantly detained outside the coliseum, as David continues to hide his powersfrom her by letting them take him. While being detained for questioning, David's mother Mary enters dressed as a Paladin and releases her son who barely recognises her, she was the reason only twopaladins showed up in Rome instead of the entire armylike Roland had ordered. Mary tells him that the Paladins are coming forhim and to ditch the girl for her own safety. She loses him while he is beingdistracted jumping an attacker to Egypt,.

Then he returns to Millie tobegrudgingly end it with her. Despite her now wanting to know the truthand him showing her a bag full of money, he tells her nothing and sticksher on a plane bound for America. This whole time Roland hasbeen tracking David down starting with the photosof Millie at his apartment. It brings him to Mark who's beingquestioned about an attempted robbery, he tells him everything about David as Roland isthe first authority to believe anything he says. He locates David's boyhood home andquestions William on his whereabouts, but he gives him nothing exceptfor what his mother looks like.

Wanting more answers David returns to Griffin who tells him that the paladins have beenhunting the jumpers since medieval days, and that he can no longer have friend or familyas they will all be hunted along with him. So he teleports back to AnnArbour to warn his father and finds that Roland has left William near death. He jumps him to the hospital emergencyroom and leaves him with doctors, then jumps to a jail cell to question Mark. The bully fearfully blurts outthat he told Roland about Millie, so David jumps back to Griffin'slair to ask for his help yet again.

With only 8 hours until Millie'splane arrives at the airport David wants to find and kill Roland first, but Griffin has tried for 10 yearsto locate him without any luck. He refuses to help and tells him to justcrawl under a rock if he wants to survive. Griffin jumps to Tokyo butDavid follows him through his jump scars trying to convince him to help. Objects larger than humansare shown to be jumpable when Griffin steals a car from a showroomand the two teleport through traffic. He tells David that he once knew a man who triedto jump a whole building but it killed him,.

Though he still managed to shake it. Griffin says the paladins killed his parents and finally agrees to a team up so thetwo go to the airport to meet Millie. They discover that her flightarrived an hour earlier so David jumps to her apartmentand finds her unharmed. Without any time to explain anything, David jumps around in front of herwhich understandably freaks her out, then teleports her to Griffin'slair just before Roland walks in. He notices the room stinks of jumper andpulls out a device that reveals the scar.

The paladins step through as the two jumpers hide, but David gets distracted by a photoof his mother on the wall of the lair and is captured. Before Roland can plunge his knife intohim Griffin shows up with a flamethrower and a battle ensues. The highly trained veteran quickly beats down the powerful amateur After Roland acknowledgesthat he killed his parents Griffen sends him through a wall of the lair, then piggybacks a double decker bus backfrom England in an attempt to crush Roland,.

But he avoids it. Millie is still wandering around confusedas hell and attempts to free David, but Roland shows back up. Suddenly Griffin jumps into the lair and blasts Roland back into Millie'sapartment through the scar with his flamer. He follows him through andthe two begin to fight again while Millie finishes freeing David. Before David sends Millie home like she asks, Griffin returns having stolenthe Paladins teleporting device,.

But Millie is snagged lastsecond before the scar closes. With Roland knowing the jumpersnow have to come to them, Griffin plans to send a bomb through to killthe Paladin army with zero regard for the girl. David realises and he teleportsthe housing vault to the coliseum before they start jump wrestling over it. They begin teleporting around the worldfighting over the bomb and its detonator, including falling from the Empire StateBuilding and landing in the Arctic. A truck comes jumping through the scar and sends them both to a war zone in Chechnya.

With the little knowledge he gained from Roland David tackles Griffin into a bunch of powerlines using the electricity to trap him. Knowing that he will be walking into a trap, David returns to Millie's apartmentanyway and is instantly captured and anchored down on top of her. As the paladin prepares toend his 8-year-long hunt, David uses the story Griffintold him of the doomed jumper to rip the apartment awayfrom the rest of the building, telling Millie to hold her breath.

The whole living roomdetaches and lands in a river, then back to the library from the beginning. As the disorientated paladin rises, David decides to jump Roland to the grand canyon saying he should be grateful hedidn't drop him in a shark tank then leaves him. Sometime later David walks up to anexpensive home to be greeted by a teenager his half-sister and the daughter of Mary. His mother explains that at age 5 shediscovered David was a jumper and left.

Or else she would be forcedto kill him for the Paladins. He asks her what she is going to do now but she just says give him ahead start since she loves him. The two hug and part ways as enemies while Millie stands waiting on him outside. When David asks her where she would like to go she just says surprise me and the two jump. And the movie ends. Thanks for watching.

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