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There are so many people with similar talents to me Damn There is one less person Is he up there already? What does everyone think of this fourth level How about going up again? No I've reached my limit I still have a little bit of power left.

But I'm afraid I won't be able to go to the fifth level It seems that only I Duan Jian and feather flame sister is still relatively easy Then you guys can cultivate here My sister and I will try upstairs Duan Jian stayed to protect everyone Do not know the upper floors What other surprises will there be? Nie Li Be careful!.

Don't worry The fifth floor of the Tower of Black Flame It's not just a matter of going up What a strong Black Inferno The sixth frame also went up Strange This teenager and the people who just went up have never seen Where the hell did he come from? The burning of the sea of souls by black inflammation is getting stronger and stronger.

But I can also draw more power from it The Goddess sister must have absorbed more of the Law of Fire Yes The black flames here can't hurt me Instead, it can help me recover And so it is That goddess sister Do you know the origin of this tower? In a time more ancient than ancient times.

There were two powerful men comprehended the legendary Wuji Upanishad They fought for something A great battle took place Their cultivation was superb Even the Spirit Gods did not dare to interfere in their battle This tower of black flame is the treasure they left behind This treasure fell The whole plain became a land of flames.

Rumor has it that two powerful people died and one was injured But no one has ever seen them again So that's what happened I thought this tower was also arranged by the controller of the Underworld This tower no one can pry There is no new owner Later generations of spirit gods put it to use Only then did it become a place of trial As for who locked in the Tianlin demonic beast.

There is no way to know Wuji Ao Yi Could it be that those two powerful people are both disciples of the Empyrean Emperor From the previous stone tablet The inheritors of the Empty Meditation Emperor Plus I have a total of five And that battle one dead and one wounded That means there are four more This is good news.

And the crazy old man we met in the black prison world before I'm afraid he is also one of the inheritors Wuji has no beginning The beginningless is the endless Repeatedly appearing in front of me to recite the true words Must already know my identity Why didn't you do anything to me With his strength he could have easily done it Kill me to get the Wuji Ao Yi on me.

Then there is only one reason I'm too weak It's almost like that Heavenly Lin demonic beast To be fattened up and then killed o It's a pity Just let me off the hook You'll regret it You'll regret it.

I didn't think we'd meet here Do it without a word You are so rude Demon Master

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