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Fangcai It's your hand It is the will of the land of the buried gods itself Little Little Sword Spirit In the eyes of the gods, it is like an ant Naturally, they cannot be desecrated I didn't expect the power of the sword spirit In the eyes of the gods is so worthless That's natural.

But now you Can't use the full power of the burial place yet These two divine swords Can be your help before you become a god You should take them under your command Since the Land of the Buried God is so strong How did my father obtain And why did he leave this power to me You go to the spirit realm and find your father.

The answer will be revealed The prosperity of the Heavenly Sword Sect Maybe counting on him Little brother My slave recognizes you as the master of the sword My slave acknowledges you as the master of the sword How is it? Didn't you come to choose a sword?.

Now my slave is willing to recognize you as the master of the sword Why are you afraid? Old man is so jealous so jealous ah You are the spirit of Excalibur Such a gesture is not decent You guys are just pretentious You and I recovery is not approved of him Still need to talk about what posture.

What decency Little brother Don't be afraid Don't look at my slave like this now Back then, I also sacrificed my life to die Battle with the Demon God Protected the world It's the late generation who was rude You don't have to feel guilty either.

People's hearts are unpredictable Only be careful In this long road to the end Thoughtfulness is also rare I am also willing to make you the master of the sword That Are you willing to.

Yes, of course. That's good In the future You have me and the sun to assist You will be able to prove the way to God What does this mean? These five divine swords Swords were once severely damaged in the ancient times Still haven't recovered enough divine source qi.

Cannot manifest the body of the sword spirit I hope you can bring the divine crystal later Let them restore the original Qi Since it was instructed by the seniors the younger generation I will do my best Young friend Since you have said so much I'm not going to be polite with you.

Under this sword mound It is also a Heavenly Sword Sect ancestor If there is a chance I hope you can retrieve the divine source for him This senior is still alive This is the Heavenly Sword Sect since the ancient times The only surviving Sword God The name is Li Mo Yuan Did not expect.

My Heavenly Sword Sect still has a Sword God alive Ancient battle He depleted his original source With only his last breath left He immediately sealed himself here Speaking of which There are several sacred swords here They are all from the ancient battlefield Brought here and sealed here.

You and I made a contract You and I make a pact Then refine my sword body No matter what you say Can't change the fact that Lin Feng killed my grandson Murder pays for life It is only right and proper friends of the Way People can't come back from the dead.

I would like to offer a small gift to the Heavenly Sword Sect to express our condolences What can be more precious than my grandson's life I would be remiss if I said Want the Excalibur that just appeared Are you willing to take it out? This Excalibur has a spirit Beyond our control.

If we can control We wouldn't need to sit down and talk Since you can't afford to pay Why do you need to talk more I just want to say one thing Hand over Lin Feng All seniors Forgive the late seniors Why do you guys need for a Lin Feng.

To fight with my Mo Jiao lineage The Heavenly Sword Sect is a famous ancient sect There was also a sword god But now There is not even a Tongtian realm powerhouse I Mo Jiao lineage but in the Spiritual Domain has a strong base There are even geniuses who have joined the Holy Spirit Island forces Holy Spirit Island It is a huge power with gods sitting there.

All of them I really think that with the strength of the Heavenly Sword Sect can fight with my Mo Jiao lineage? That guy said Holy Spirit Island What is the place Legend It's the Holy Land of Martial Arts in the Spiritual Domain The powers inside All of them are ancient gods.

Ancient Gods It is well known The Ancient Gods Continent has long been targeted by the Demon Race One day sooner or later The devils will come back At that time, the ancient god continent will be devastated The Spiritual Domain will be the only pure land If you hand over Lin Feng I, the Mo Jiao lineage, am willing to receive the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Solve your worries If you can enter the super clan of the Spiritual Domain Then you will have a chance to become a god I'll tell you straight The boundary wall of the Ancient God Continent Cracks have already appeared The devils will invade again at any time What Cracks appear in the wall of the realm.

Is this true? If you don't believe me You can ask the temple master of the Martial Hall I advise you to make your plans as soon as possible Find a way out for yourselves As long as you hand over Lin Feng This seat is willing to help you retreat into the spirit domain This Lin Feng was robbed of his martial soul a year ago But he reunited his martial soul to oppress his generation.

Must be Lin Xiaotian's treasure aid As long as we take down Lin Feng Capture the treasures left by Lin Xiaotian I will also be able to go further To be the best in the spirit world This must not be done If we hand over Lin Feng for the sake of profit How can my Heavenly Sword Sect gain a foothold in the world Not bad.

If we agree to this My Heavenly Sword Sect will die

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