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This series begins by showing a teenage girl namedWednesday Addams who s walking to her classroom. When Wednesday is in the school corridor, everyoneseems to look at her with a cynical look because Wednesday is known as a strange girl and alwaysapathetic to the situation and people around her. That day, Wednesday found her younger brother,Pugsley, locked in his locker with his mouth bound and gagged by an apple. She immediatelyfreed her brother while asking Pugsley about the people who had bullied him. However, Pugsley saidhe didn't know because he didn't want Wednesday to cause trouble at school which might be badfor them. When she was about to untie Pugsley, Wednesday suddenly had a vision of the incidentthat happened to him before he ended up in the school locker tied up. Wednesday realized that thevision was a psychic power that she mysteriously.

Possessed, but she didn't know how to controlthe power because the visions always appeared suddenly. After getting the vision, Wednesday wasable to find out that the people who had bullied Pugsley were the male students from the waterpolo team. Wednesday, who thought that only she could bully Pugsley, then rushed to find the waterpolo team members who were bullying her younger brother. She then headed to the school swimmingpool and found the water polo team practicing. Seeing that the people who bullied Pugsley were inthe pool, Wednesday dropped two bags of piranhas into the pool to avenge their actions against heryounger brother. Upon seeing that, they rushed to the edge of the pool, trying to save themselves.But one of them was too late to save himself, so he suffered severe injuries from being bittenby the piranhas. Because of her actions, Wednesday.

Was eventually expelled from her school, so herparents were forced to enroll her in another school in a small town called Jericho. A few dayslater, Wednesday was seen on her way to her new school accompanied by her parents, Morticia andGomez Addams. They plan to enroll Wednesday in Nevermore Academy, which was also where Morticiaand Gomez used to go to school in the past. Wednesday's parents think that Nevermore Academyis the right place for their daughter because Nevermore Academy is a school for freaks andoutcasts like Wednesday. In addition, Nevermore Academy is also located in a remote area andsurrounded by forests, so Wednesday would have no chance of escaping from the school. Upon arrivalat Nevermore Academy, Wednesday and her parents were greeted by the Principal, Larissa Weems, whoused to be Morticia's roomate. Miss Weems then.

Escorted Wednesday to Ophelia Hall where she wouldshare a room with a girl named Enid Sinclair. Unlike Wednesday who has a gloomy personalityand likes the color black, Enid is a cheerful and colorful girl. Enid is also very friendlyand tries to get along with her new roommate, despite Wednesday's cynical attitude towards her.Knowing that Wednesday loved the color black, Miss Weems had prepared a black uniform,especially for her. Shortly afterward, Enid took Wednesday around the school while explainingabout the four main cliques that were quite influential in Nevermore Academy; Fangs, Furs,Stoners and Scales. The students who belong to each group usually have something in common. Likethe vampires who are members of the Fangs, the werewolves who are members of the Furs, and thesirens who are members of the Scales. Enid told.

Her roommate that she joined the Furs because shewas a werewolf. After that, Enid told Wednesday about a female student named Bianca Barclay whois a siren and the leader of the Scales. Enid said that Bianca also came from a noble family, as wellas her ex-boyfriend, Xavier Thorpe, who was known as the greatest artist at Nevermore Academy. WhileEnid and Wednesday were engaged in a conversation about social media that is currently very popularamong teenagers, a young man named Ajax Petropolus suddenly approached Enid and warned her abouther new roommate who is reportedly a psychopath and cold-blooded killer. But Ajax seemed to beunaware of Wednesday's presence next to Enid, so Wednesday could hear what Ajax was sayingabout her. When Enid introduced Ajax to Wednesday, Ajax suddenly felt awkward and embarrassed forsaying such a bad thing about Wednesday. But.

Wednesday didn't take offense to Ajax's words atall, and instead told a much more horrifying facts to scare him. After being escorted around theschool by Enid, Wednesday then met her parents to say goodbye. Before leaving, Morticia gave herbeloved daughter a necklace and a crystal ball so that they could communicate with Wednesdaywho was reluctant to use a cell phone or any gadget. When the Addams Family was about to leaveNevermore Academy, Gomez then took out Thing, a human hand that can move and communicate withsign language, which is usually used by Gomez Addams to help him do reconnaissance. This time,Gomez assigned Thing to watch Wednesday secretly and report all of her movements to him. In themeantime, a man was seen entering the forest near Nevermore Academy for hunting. While the manwas resting, he was suddenly attacked by a hideous.

Monster and brutally killed. The incident wasthe fourth murder to occur within a short period of time and the victims were brutally murderedwith limbs cut off or torn off, as if attacked by a beast. However, Jericho's sheriff, DonovanGalpin, assumed that the murders were related to Nevermore Academy. The next day, Wednesday entereda fencing class and met a young man named Rowan Laslow who had just been defeated by Bianca in afencing match. After defeating Rowan, Bianca then complained to her coach, Vlad, because she nevergot an opponent comparable to her. Wednesday, hearing this, volunteered to fight Bianca andchallenged her to a fight without a protective helmet. Vlad initially disapproved of Wednesday'sidea as it could put them in danger. But since Bianca accepted the challenge and they agreednot to involve Vlad if something bad happened,.

Vlad finally allowed them to fight withoutusing protective helmets. In this match, whoever gets hurt first will be declared defeated.Wednesday turns out to have pretty good skills, so she can keep up with Bianca who is a greatfencer. However, Bianca who was not willing to be defeated by a new student, then used her besttechniques until she finally managed to defeat Wednesday by injuring her forehead. When Wednesdaywas about to return to her room, suddenly someone dropped a stone statue right at her. Fortunately,Xavier who saw it immediately saved Wednesday, so that the stone statue did not fall on her. Xavierrushed the unconscious Wednesday to the infirmary and revealed that he and Wednesday had met beforewhen the Addams Family attended his godmother's funeral and at that time Wednesday managed to saveXavier who was almost burned in his godmother's.

Coffin. In her spare time, Wednesday usually findstime to write mystery novels, which is her hobby. While writing in her room, Wednesday suddenlyheard a strange noise coming from her bed, and found Thing hiding under her covers. Shesoon realized that her parents sent Thing to spy on her. Since Thing was found out, Wednesday gaveThing two choices; be locked up in a drawer for a semester or become her subordinate and help her toescape from Nevermore Academy. Not wanting to be locked up, Thing finally chose to help Wednesday.The next day, Miss Weems drove Wednesday to the town of Jericho to meet a psychiatrist namedValerie Kinbott, to undergo rehabilitation as ordered by the court after Wednesday tried tokill her former schoolmates. In the middle of the counseling session, Wednesday pretended to go tothe toilet and tried to escape through the window..

During her escape, Wednesday accidentally collideswith a man and suddenly has a vision of the man's death in a traffic accident. Afterward, Wednesdayenters a coffee shop and meets a bartender who turns out to be Sheriff Galpin's son, Tyler. Shethen helps Tyler who seems to be having trouble fixing a coffee machine. After Wednesday managedto fix the coffee machine, Tyler then offered to take her to the nearest train station. ButTyler told Wednesday that she had to wait first because his work hours would only end in an hour.Wednesday agreed to wait for Tyler to finish work and while waiting in the restaurant, she wasapproached by the Mayor's son, Lucas Walker, who came to the place with his friends. Knowingthat Wednesday was a student of Nevermore Academy, Lucas and his friends insulted her by callingher an outcast. Wednesday then returned their.

Insults and eventually got into a fight with them.Surprisingly, Wednesday turned out to have quite great fighting skills, so she could easily defeatLucas and his friends. Not long after, Sheriff Galpin suddenly appeared and seemed surprised tofind out that Wednesday was able to defeat Lucas and his friends alone. Because of this incident,Wednesday was eventually spotted by Miss Weems who was looking for her whereabouts because sheescaped from Dr. Kinbott's office. When Miss Weems called Wednesday by her surname, Sheriff Galpinwas shocked because he knew Wednesday's father, Gomez Addams. Sheriff Galpin then told Wednesdaythat her father was a murderer and warned her that he would always keep an eye on her because shewas part of the Addams Family. On their way back to Nevermore Academy, Wednesday and Miss Weemssaw a truck that had just crashed at the edge.

Of the forest. When Miss Weems hoped that no onehad died in the accident, Wednesday told her that the driver was dead and had a broken neck. MissWeems wondered how Wednesday could know that, as if she had seen it firsthand. Wednesdaydidn't say anything to Miss Weems because she had a vision of the accident when she collidedwith the truck driver before. Later that evening, Wednesday is seen playing her cello on the roofto release the stress of all the incidents that happened that day. At the same time, Rowan is seenentering a secret room and retrieving a book using his telekinesis powers. He then opened it andtore out a page in which there was a sketch of a girl with two braids. Afterward, Wednesday sentThing to meet Tyler at his home. Tyler looked so scared when he first met Thing and tried to kickThing out of his room. But then, Tyler soon found.

Out that Wednesday was the one who had sent Thingto deliver the message. Wednesday apparently gave Tyler a phone number and asked him to call her.Tyler then made a video call with Wednesday who borrowed Enid's laptop to communicate with him.Wednesday then tells Tyler about the Harvest Festival that will be held at the end of theweek and asks him to help her escape. Wednesday promises a good reward if he is willing to takeher to the train station. But Tyler said that he would fulfill his promise to help Wednesday escapebecause she had helped him fix the coffee machine. In the Harvest Festival, Wednesday finally metwith Tyler who provided police documents about the murder case involving Gomez Addams. AlthoughWednesday's father was eventually found not guilty in the murder case, Sheriff Galpin still seemsto insist that Gomez is the perpetrator of the.

Murder and is determined to find evidence thatcan put Wednesday's father in prison. As Tyler and Wednesday are about to board the car to leave forthe train station, Lucas and his friends suddenly appear and confront them, planning to take revengeon Wednesday for embarrassing them. Knowing that they couldn't cause a scene that would attractpeople's attention, Wednesday and Tyler fled into the crowd. At the same time, Wednesdayaccidentally bumped into Rowan, and suddenly had a vision of his death. Therefore, Wednesdaydecided to cancel her intention to run away and catch up with Rowan who ran into the middleof the forest. After catching up with Rowan, Wednesday immediately warned him about hisdeath that might happen soon. Surprisingly, Rowan attacked Wednesday with his telekinesispower, saying that he had to kill her to save.

Everyone at Nevermore Academy. Rowan alsorevealed that he was the one who had dropped the stone statue because he intended to killWednesday who was predicted to cause havoc in Nevermore. Rowan said that his mother, who was aclairvoyant, knew about a braid girl whose sketch was contained in a book kept inside a secret roomin Nevermore. Rowan's mother apparently sent Rowan to Nevermore Academy to stop the braid girl if sheshows up and attends Nevermore Academy. But then, a monster suddenly appeared and attacked Rowan.The monster then tore Rowan apart and brutally killed him. Strangely, the monster only looked atWednesday and then just left after killing Rowan. Wednesday rushed to report the incident to SheriffGalpin who immediately mobilized the police officers to find Rowan's body and the whereaboutsof the homicidal monster. However, after searching.

For twenty-four hours, the police officers foundnothing, not even a trace of the monster, blood or sign of a struggle, so Sheriff Galpin assumedthat Wednesday was just making up a story about the homicidal monster killing Rowan. Even so,Wednesday tries to convince Sheriff Galpin that she really saw Rowan being killed by the monster.She is sure that someone is deliberately covering up the murder to avoid people's suspicions aboutthe existence of the homicidal monster roaming the forest. In the middle of their debate, Rowansuddenly appeared in the room alive and well, which contradicted Wednesday's statement of seeingRowan killed in front of her. Because Rowan had returned to Nevermore Academy alive and well,Sheriff Galpin finally closed the case. However, Wednesday remains suspicious of Rowan and assumesthat the Rowan standing in front of them right now.

Is somehow not the real Rowan. Therefore, she isdetermined to investigate and uncover the truth behind the murder. Shortly afterward, Wednesdaymet Miss Weems and asked for permission to talk to Rowan. But unexpectedly, Rowan was alreadyexpelled from school and Miss Weems refused to tell the reason why he was expelled and said thatRowan would be going home by train this afternoon. Wednesday then tried to find information aboutRowan from her schoolmates. First of all, Wednesday met Bianca who found herself unconsciousat the time of the incident. Bianca told Wednesday that she rushed to report to Miss Weems andtook Wednesday back to Nevermore. After that, Wednesday meets Xavier who is Rowan's roommate.Xavier reveals that Rowan is actually a nice young man, but he's been more erratic the lastcouple weeks. He then asked about Wednesday and.

Tyler's relationship, as she seemed to be gettingalong well with Tyler. Wednesday curtly replied that Tyler was doing her a favor driving herout of town. Upon hearing that, Xavier then warns Wednesday to stay away from Tyler and theboys from the town because they always insult Nevermore Academy students and treat them badly.Implicitly, Xavier seems to have romantic feelings towards Wednesday and feels jealous when he seesher closeness with Tyler. Wednesday then sent Thing to follow Rowan who was going to the trainstation. Upon arrival at the train station, Thing loses track of Rowan when he enters the toilet andchanges his form into a middle-aged man. Thing, who did not realize this, then waited for Rowanwho never came out of the toilet. Rowan who had turned into a middle-aged man then left thestation and while walking through a quiet area,.

The middle-aged man suddenly transformed intoMiss Weems who turned out to be the shapeshifter. Having lost track of Rowan, Wednesday decided tolook for clues at the crime scene and accidentally met Tyler who was following his father. SheriffGalpin was investigating a murder case that occurred around the area a few days ago. Tylerthen asked Wednesday about the incident involving Rowan and he finally believed that Wednesdaywas not making it up after they found Rowan's glasses at the crime scene. Afterwards, Wednesdayreturns to Nevermore and secretly enters Rowan and Xavier's room to look for the book Rowan took fromthe secret room. But Wednesday doesn't find the book and she has to hide because Xavier suddenlyenters the room along with Bianca who is annoyed by Xavier's closeness to Wednesday. They then getinto an argument as Bianca brings up the reason.

They broke up while trying to convince Xavierto get back together with her. The next day, Wednesday and Enid participated in the EdgarAllan Poe Cup, where they had to compete against Bianca's team and Xavier's team in a rowingrace. Each team must row across to Raven Island, pull a flag from Crackstone's Crypt, and hustleback without sinking or being sunk. The first team to cross the finish line with their flag winsthe cup and bragging rights for a year as well as some special privileges. As in previous years,Bianca and her team always cheated to sabotage the opposing teams' boats. This time, Bianca assigneda mermaid named Kent to push the opposing teams' boats to make it difficult for them to controltheir boats. Wednesday, who realized this, then took out the net she had prepared under theboat to trap Kent. Upon arriving at Raven Island,.

Wednesday rushed to Crackstone's Crypt to retrievethe flag. When Wednesday accidentally touched the crypt, she suddenly had a vision of a young girlwho looked a lot like her. The girl then told Wednesday that she was the key. However, Wednesdaydidn't have time to ask the girl anything because she suddenly woke up and had to rush back tothe boat. When they were about to sail back to Nevermore, Wednesday and her team got into troublebecause Kent, who had been freed from the net, tried to push their boat. Knowing this, Thingquickly entered the water to immobilize Kent, until they finally caught up with Bianca'steam who had almost reached the finish line. Wednesday then took out the weapon shehad prepared to perforate Bianca's boat, until Wednesday and her team finally won theEdgar Allan Poe Cup after eliminating Bianca's.

Team who were the former champion. Later thatnight, after getting a clue from the cut page of the book given by Rowan earlier, Wednesday managedto find a secret library hidden under the statue of Edgar Allan Poe. Inside the library, Wednesdayfinally managed to find the book she was looking for. However, when she was about to leave theplace, suddenly someone ambushed her from behind. Shortly afterward, Wednesday was confronted by theNightshade, an elite group of Nevermore consisting of Bianca, Xavier, Ajax, Kent and several studentswho were privileged by the Principal to use the library as their headquarters. Bianca intends topunish Wednesday for entering the room without their permission, while Xavier suggests that theyshould recruit Wednesday since her parents used to be members of the Nightshade. But Wednesdayrefused to join the Nightshade and decided to.

Leave the place. After piecing together thepictures in the book, Wednesday finally got information about Joseph Crackstone, who isnone other than Jericho's founding father. The next day, Wednesday and the Nevermore Academystudents were going to do volunteer jobs in the Outreach Day event held in Jericho. Knowingthat Crackstone was a pilgrim, Wednesday decided to investigate the Pilgrim World, one of the mostfamous tourist attractions in Jericho, and try to find clues about Crackstone and the relationshipbetween them in the past. While doing a volunteer job at the Pilgrim World, Wednesday saw Lucasand his friends bullying one of her schoolmates, Eugene Otinger. Because Eugene reminded her ofPugsley, Wednesday immediately saved the boy and took him to tour the Pilgrim World. Wednesday,who wanted to investigate Crackstone's past, then.

Asked Eugene to keep an eye on the surroundings,while she would enter a forbidden place. Inside the room, Wednesday saw a painting about the witchtrials conducted by Crackstone, and surprisingly, she also found the girl from her vision in thepainting. Knowing that the girl might be related to Crackstone, Wednesday tried to find the bookheld by the girl and found that the book in the room was a replica. She then went to Tyler andasked about the location of the Old Meeting House as shown in the painting, hoping to findclues or visions in the place. Tyler informed her that the Old Meeting House was now only a ruin andlocated in the middle of the forest. In addition, he also warned that the place was often inhabitedby vagrants and addicts, and asked Wednesday to be careful if she insisted on going there. Wednesdayignored the warning and rushed to the location.

Indicated by Tyler. Upon arriving at the ruins ofthe Old Meeting House, Wednesday tried to touch all sides of the ruins, hoping to get a vision ofCrackstone and the girl from her vision. Shortly afterward, Wednesday suddenly had a past visionof the young girl who turned out to be Wednesday's ancestor, Goody Addams. At that time, Goody andher family, as well as several villagers who were accused of being sorcerers, were locked up in ahouse by Crackstone and his followers who intended to burn them alive. Fortunately, Goody manages toescape and warns Wednesday that Crackstone will not stop before he destroys the outcasts likeher and her schoolmates at Nevermore Academy. When she was about to leave the place, Wednesdaywas surprised by the appearance of the homicidal monster, so she rushed after the monster, althoughin the end she did not catch up with the monster..

Wednesday then found the monster's footprintsthat suddenly turned into human footprints, which proved that the monster was actually a human.Shortly afterward, Xavier suddenly appeared behind Wednesday and told her that he was there becausehe was worried about her safety. Xavier also told her that he had texted Rowan and invited him togo snowboarding like last year. Oddly enough, Rowan texted right back this time and said hewouldn't be able to make it, even though he and Rowan had never snowboarded last year. During theunveiling of the Crackstone statue in the town square, Wednesday deliberately burns the statue toavenge the crimes committed by Crackstone against his ancestors in the past. Later that night, abeggar who was fiddling with a camera he found in the trash was surprised by the appearance of thehomicidal monster who immediately attacked him,.

And killing him. Not long after, SheriffGalpin, who arrived at the crime scene, found the camera and tried to find clues aboutthe incident that killed the beggar. Suprisingly, Sheriff Galpin finally found evidence of themonster that the beggar accidentally photographed when he was attacked by the homicidal monster.Sheriff Galpin began to think that Wednesday's statement about the existence of the homicidalmonster in the area was indeed true. Meanwhile, Enid, who was waiting for Ajax near the gates ofNevermore Academy, looked very worried because Ajax did not come even though they had promised togo on a date. Unexpectedly, Ajax turned to stone after accidentally seeing his own reflection whilehe was in the bathroom. As one of the gorgons, Ajax has hair made of living venomous snakes thatturned those who beheld them, including himself,.

To stone for several hours. In the meantime,Wednesday, who managed to sneak out of Nevermore Academy, was seen entering the morgue to examinethe body of the beggar who had just been killed by the homicidal monster. With the help of theThing, Wednesday discovers that each victim of the murder is missing a limb, as if the monster is apsychopath and serial killer who likes to collect the body parts of his victims as trophies for hissuccess in killing them. The next day, Wednesday noticed that Xavier was behaving strangely andfound scratch marks on his neck. When Wednesday inquired about it, Xavier argued that he hadan accident during a fencing match. Wednesday became suspicious of Xavier and secretly followedhim to his painting studio near the forest. When Xavier left, Wednesday sneaked into the studioand was surprised to find many homicidal monster.

Paintings painted by Xavier. After seeing thehomicidal monster paintings that were exactly the same as the original form, Wednesday was evenmore convinced that Xavier was the monster. She then took one of the sketches of the paintingand showed it to Sheriff Galpin while asking him to investigate Xavier's alibi on the nightof the murder and conduct a search, because she felt sure that Xavier was hiding evidence of hiscrime in the painting studio. But Sheriff Galpin refuses Wednesday's request because they have noevidence to drag Xavier to the police station, let alone to conduct a search. Therefore, Wednesdaywas determined to find clues and evidence that could drag Xavier to the police station so thatSheriff Galpin could interrogate him. With the help of Eugene, Wednesday finally managed tofind a place that was suspected to be the lair.

Of the homicidal monster. Upon entering the cave,Wednesday found scattered animal bones and a chain used to bind human hands. She then picked up abroken fang that she suspected belonged to the monster and planned to match the DNA on the fangwith Xavier's blood that she found in the painting studio. But unexpectedly, Wednesday was caught byXavier when she was about to leave the painting studio. Knowing that Wednesday had suspected him,Xavier tried to convince her that he was not the homicidal monster. He revealed that he knew aboutthe monster because the monster always haunted him in his dreams. Since Xavier has the power to bringanything he paints to life, he was attacked by the monster and the scratch marks Wednesday saw a fewdays ago were from the homicidal monster. Although Xavier sounded honest when explaining everything,Wednesday didn't seem to believe him and said that.

She would investigate further. Shortly afterward,Wednesday went to Sheriff Galpin to hand over the monster's broken fang and Xavier's blood andasked him to match the DNA and prove that Xavier was the homicidal monster. When they returned toNevermore, Wednesday and Eugene devised a plan to set a trap in the monster's lair and takingpictures of the homicidal monster as evidence that they would show to Sheriff Galpin. However, Thingand Enid have secretly planned for Wednesday to go to the dance party with Tyler. They knew thatWednesday wouldn't go to the dance party because she was never interested in mingling with others.Therefore, they deliberately prepared a surprise for her by making Tyler as her date and bought ablack party dress for Wednesday. Since Tyler had already come to pick her up for the dance party,Wednesday had no choice and decided to postpone.

Her plans with Eugene. Wednesday then told Eugenethat she had to cancel their plans for tonight, and warned Eugene not to wander aroundthe forest at night. However, Eugene, who had already prepared everything, did notheed Wednesday's warning and went to the forest alone. Wednesday who came to the dance with Tylerimmediately became the center of attention of the Nevermore Academy students, especially Xavier whoseemed annoyed and jealous that Wednesday chose to go to the dance party with Tyler rather than withhim. Xavier then approached Wednesday and revealed that Tyler and his friends had deliberatelydamaged the mural painted by Xavier in the Outreach Day last year. When Wednesday asked Tylerabout it, he did not deny it and admitted that he regretted doing it. Tyler also emphasized toWednesday that he would never be friends with.

Lucas and his friends again and tried to makeup for his mistake. At the same time, Eugene, who was staking out the homicidal monster's lair,saw someone enter the lair and set it on fire. He quickly fled when he realized that his existencehad been discovered by the person. Back to the Nevermore, Lucas' friends secretly infiltratethe school and intend to disrupt the prom in retaliation for Wednesday burning the Crackstonestatue a few days ago. They deliberately sprayed the colored paint into the prom hall and madethe place look like it was covered in blood. The Nevermore students suddenly became panickedand frightened and tried to escape from the place. In the midst of the panic, Wednesday suddenly hada vision of Eugene being attacked by the homicidal monster. Wednesday rushed to the forest followedby one of her teachers, Miss Thornhill, who helped.

Her find Eugene's whereabouts. But unfortunately,upon arriving at the forest, Wednesday found Eugene lying unconscious in a state of blood andseverely injured due to the monster's attack. A few days later, Nevermore Academy held a Parents'Weekend event where the parents would visit their children at the Academy and spend time withthem throughout the weekend. Shortly afterward, Wednesday's parents, Morticia and Gomez Addams,finally arrived at Nevermore Academy with Pugsley and their butler, Lurch. At this moment, MissWeems mentions the unfortunate incident involving Eugene and declares that he is on the mend andis expected to make a full recovery. On the other hand, Enid suggests Wednesday to visit Eugene whois still lying comatose in the hospital. However, Wednesday feels guilty for Eugene because she isthe cause of his terrible incident, so that she.

Felt it was inappropriate to come to see him. Enidtried to convince Wednesday that the unfortunate incident that Eugene experienced was not her faultbecause she had warned Eugene not to go to the forest alone. In addition, the homicidal monsterhasn't attacked anyone in the past week, so Enid assumed that the monster might have disappeared.Enid, who is usually always cheerful and excited, seems unenthusiastic in the Parents' Weekendevent because her mother always asks about her transformation into a werewolf which until now shehas not been able to do, even though she has tried various ways. Besides Enid, Xavier and Bianca alsolooked unenthusiastic because their parents had never come to the event since they first came toNevermore Academy. But surprisingly, Bianca's mom, Gabrielle, suddenly appeared behind her, eventhough she had never seen her daughter or even.

Asked how she was doing over the phone, so Biancathought that her mother might have abandoned her. Since Dr. Kinbott concluded that Wednesday wasnot making good progress in her therapy sessions, Miss Weems decided to send Wednesday and herfamily to attend a weekend-long family therapy session at Dr. Kinbott's suggestion. However,during the therapy session, Wednesday tried to get information about the murder case that hadmade her father a suspect. She openly tells her family that she is determined to uncover the truthbehind the murder case, even though Morticia has confirmed to her daughter that Gomez did not killGarrett Gates, so he was acquitted of the murder charge. In the meantime, Bianca, who was also inJericho, was seen having a heated conversation with her mother because Gabrielle always used hersiren charm to trick the members of the Morning.

Song community to extract their wealth. Bianca iseven angrier when she finds out that her mother came to see her only because she wanted to askfor her help to recruit more people to join the Morning Song community. Gabrielle asked Bianca touse her siren charm on the members of the Morning Song community, while revealing that her sirencharm was starting to weaken. Upon learning that, Bianca immediately refused her mother's requestbecause she didn't want to get involved with the Morning Song community, let alone use her sirencharm to deceive others. As if knowing that her daughter would refuse her request, Gabrielle thenthreatened to expose Bianca's cheating to Miss Weems. Bianca apparently used her siren charmwhen applying to Nevermore Academy, so that she could be accepted into the school. Hearing thethreat from her mother, Bianca finally agreed to.

Help her, but she asked Gabrielle to wait untilshe graduated from the school. At the same time, Sheriff Galpin gets a report about a coronernamed Dr. Anwar who was found dead in the morgue. However, the investigation of the case is hamperedbecause the only CCTV camera in the morgue is covered with black gum, making it difficult forthe police to investigate. At the crime scene, Sheriff Galpin finds the suicide notes thatDr. Anwar allegedly wrote before his death. The suicide notes say that Dr. Anwar felt guiltyfor covering up the facts of an old murder case by falsifying the death report. When Sheriff Galpinfound out that the old case referred to by Dr. Anwar was the case of Garrett Gates' death, heimmediately realized that Gomez Addams must be related to Dr. Anwar's death. Apparently all thistime Sheriff Galpin still suspected Gomez Addams.

As the perpetrator of Garrett Gates' murder andsurprisingly, shortly after Gomez Addams' arrival to Jericho, Dr. Anwar was found dead by endinghis life in the morgue and revealed that he had falsified Garrett Gates' death report, whichthen proved that Gomez Addams was the culprit. Meanwhile, Wednesday was seen visiting Eugene onEnid's advice. She came to Eugene's treatment room and brought a jar of honey for him, saying thatthe bees missed Eugene because Eugene apparently had the power to control the bees. Wednesdaystill feels bad for Eugene, so she asks Thing to look after Eugene because she assumes thatwhoever attacked Eugene that night will come back to kill him. Shortly afterward, Wednesdaywas surprised by the appearance of Eugene's parents who told her that Eugene often talkedabout her because Wednesday was Eugene's first.

Friend at Nevermore Academy, even joining theHummers club. When Wednesday returned to school, she was surprised by the appearance of SheriffGalpin who immediately arrested her father for the murder of Garrett Gates. After her father'sarrest, Wednesday intensified her investigation to uncover the truth behind the murder case involvingher father. Wednesday then visits her father in prison and demands him to tell her what reallyhappened on the night of the murder. Realizing that he must tell everything to his daughter,Gomez began to tell the past about himself and Garrett Gates. At that time, Garrett Gates who wasa normie, was infatuated with Morticia who was a student at Nevermore Academy. Garrett mistook herkindness for interest. His infatuation turned into obsession and he started stalking her. Morticiahad tried to report Garrett to the police because.

He was always stalking her. But the report wasignored by the police because Garrett's family were the oldest and richest in Jericho, especiallysince Morticia was a Nevermore Academy student who was considered as an outcast. The situation alsoworsened because Garrett's father turned out to be an outcast-hating bigot and he was furiousthat Morticia had accused his only son. The scene then switches to the past when Garrettdesperately breaks into Nevermore Academy to meet Morticia. But at the same time, Garrett sawMorticia who was making out with Gomez. Garrett, who was filled with anger and jealousy, thentook a sword and tried to attack Gomez. They were involved in a fierce fight on the top floor, untilfinally Garrett cornered Gomez. When Gomez finally managed to counterattack, he then picked up thesword lying nearby, trying to protect himself when.

Garrett was about to attack him. But unexpectedly,Gomez accidentally stabbed Garrett and Garrett eventually died after falling from the top floor.Gomez ended his story and apologized to Wednesday for not being a perfect father to her. However,Wednesday said that Gomez had done everything to raise her to be tough and independent so thatshe could face the world that lay ahead of her with all its problems. Realizing that Gomez wastelling the truth, Wednesday was determined to prove that her father was not the perpetratorof Garrett Gates' murder. Wednesday then met her mother at the Nightshade headquarters,where Morticia revealed that Goody Addams was the one who had killed Joseph Crackstone.However, Wednesday's visit was to inquire about the incident that killed Garrett Gates a few yearsago. Morticia told her daughter that Gomez was not.

The perpetrator of Garrett Gates' murder and beganto tell her about their past. That night, Morticia tried to stop Garrett from killing Gomez. Shepicked up a sword lying on the floor and pointed it at Garrett. Morticia revealed that nightGarrett was blinded by rage and looked at her with a glare. He even foamed at the mouth and didnot hesitate to lunge at her, so she was forced to kill Garrett. Gomez, who saw this, then tookthe sword from Morticia, because he did not want her to be blamed for the incident. Bravely, Gomezwas willing to take the blame for Garrett's death in order to protect the woman he loved so much.After hearing her mother's story about Garrett's foaming mouth, Wednesday then realized somethingand asked Morticia to explain more details about Garrett's condition that night. At the sametime, Morticia finally realized something, so.

The two of them decided to dig up Garrett Gates'grave to prove their suspicions. Although they had to end up in jail for digging up the gravewithout permission, Wednesday managed to prove that Garrett Gates died not because he was stabbedby Morticia, but because of the Nightshade poison that made Garrett's skin still intact and bluedespite having died years ago. Shortly afterward, Wednesday suddenly had a vision of Garrett'spast before his death. Garrett was ordered by his father, Ansel Gates, to kill NevermoreAcademy students with the Nightshade poison, but the poison took the life of his only son. Thenext day, Wednesday and her mother met the Mayor who was the Sheriff who handled Garrett Gates'death case. After being threatened by Wednesday, the Mayor finally revealed that he deliberatelyfalsified Garrett Gates' death report to maintain.

The reputation of Jericho and Nevermore Academy.But Morticia doubted the confession because she had always assumed that the Mayor and Garrett'sfather had conspired to cover up the truth behind Garrett's death. With the evidence obtainedby Wednesday, the Mayor was unable to escape, so he was forced to release Gomez becauseWednesday and Morticia threatened to reveal the truth behind Garrett Gates' death to thepeople of Jericho. While waiting for Gomez to get out of the prison, Morticia then explainsto her daughter about her supernatural power, which Morticia also has. But the difference is,Morticia usually always gets positive visions because of her gentle and loving nature. However,she thinks that Wednesday is much stronger than her and asks her to train her supernaturalpower with the help of their deceased ancestors..

Morticia warns Wednesday to be careful of GoodyAddams because she was a very powerful witch, but vengeance and anger have eaten away at her soshe could not control her power. Since Morticia didn't want Wednesday to end up like Goody, sheasked her daughter to be more open with her. While checking the yearbook given by her mother beforeleaving Nevermore Academy, Wednesday immediately realized something and rushed to meet Miss Weemsin her room. Wednesday apparently knew about Miss Weems deliberately transforming into Rowan tocover up his death. But Miss Weems argued that she did it with the approval of Rowan's fatherwho strictly asked her not to involve the police. In the middle of their debate, they are suddenlysurprised by the burning grass and form a sentence that reads Fire Will Rain. Later that night, Enidtakes Wednesday to Crackstone's Crypt, where Thing.

Has apparently prepared a birthday surprise forWednesday with her schoolmates. However, Wednesday is more interested in the Latin inscription insideCrackstone's Crypt, which surprisingly reads Fire Will Rain When I Rise when translated intoEnglish. When she touched the writing, Wednesday suddenly had a vision and met Goody who warnedher that Crackstone would rise from the dead to destroy the outcasts at Nevermore Academy. Goodythen shows Wednesday a gate and tells her that she must find the place to stop Crackstone. On hersixteenth birthday, Wednesday received a preserved squirrel carcass from her parents and a blackknit scarf from Enid. While visiting the city, Wednesday gets a free cup of coffee and a dinnerinvitation from Tyler to celebrate her birthday. But she declined the invitation because she wantedto investigate the clues given by Goody. Later.

That night, Wednesday met Xavier and asked aboutthe gate. Surprisingly, Xavier had dreamed of the gate and painted it. Xavier then told Wednesdaythat the gate was the gate of the Gates Family's house. The next day, Wednesday who intendedto sneak into the Gates Family's house that had been abandoned for years, saw the Mayor whohad just come out of the old house. Wednesday, who had been secretly following the Mayorand listening to the Mayor's conversation with Sheriff Galpin, decided to sneak into thetrunk of the Mayor's car. When he was about to meet Sheriff Galpin at the coffee shop, the Mayorwas suddenly hit by a car traveling at high speed and fell into a coma. Since Wednesday was hidingin the trunk of the Mayor's car, Sheriff Galpin suspected her of being involved in the incident.But Wednesday denied the accusation and said that.

Someone might have intended to silence the Mayorbecause he managed to uncover the truth that was deliberately hidden. For being involved in theincident that harmed the Mayor, Wednesday was punished by Miss Weems and banned from leavingthe Nevermore Academy for any reason. However, Wednesday cleverly planned something involvingTyler and Enid so that she could leave Nevermore Academy and investigate the Gates Family's house.At the same time, Xavier visited Wednesday's room and got information from the Thing that shesecretly went to the Gates Family's house. Upon arriving at Garrett and his family's home, Tylerand Enid looked confused as they thought they were celebrating Wednesday's birthday. But Wednesdaytold them that she didn't care about her birthday at all because this investigation was moreimportant than anything else. When they open the.

Garage at the house, Wednesday and her companionsare shocked to find the car that had hit the Mayor earlier this afternoon. Wednesday wondered aboutthe driver as she had been told by Sheriff Galpin that the entire Garrett family had died horriblyand the house had been empty for years. When she enters the house, Wednesday accidentally discoversa secret room with a painting of Joseph Crackstone and candles underneath the painting, indicatingthat it is a shrine. When Enid and Tyler seem to shudder in horror upon learning that the GatesFamily worships Joseph Crackstone, Wednesday bluntly replies that the altar in her house ismuch bigger because it is in the living room. Wednesday then examines the candles and finds thatthe candles are warm to the touch, which indicates that the candles were recently extinguishedby someone who came to the house before them..

Wednesday told Tyler to check downstairs and thebasement, while she and Enid would check upstairs. Wednesday and Enid entered a room that lookedneat and clean as if someone had cleaned it. While going through each side of the room, they founda music box with the initials LG that belonged to Garrett's younger sister, Laurel Gates, who wasrumored to have drowned at sea. Not long after, they heard Tyler's screams warning about theappearance of the homicidal monster. Unexpectedly, the homicidal monster had entered the houseand immediately chased Wednesday and Enid who tried to escape to the basement. When theyfinally managed to avoid the monster's pursuit, Wednesday and Enid accidentally found body partsof the victims killed by the homicidal monster. They then searched for Tyler's whereabouts andfound him injured from the homicidal monster's.

Attack. At the same time, Xavier suddenly appearedand tried to help Tyler by stopping his bleeding. They then took Tyler to his house secretly so asnot to be caught by Sheriff Galpin. But Tyler's father caught them and immediately demanded anexplanation about the incident that had injured his son. Wednesday then took Sheriff Galpinto the Gates Family house to show him the body parts of the victims he saw in the basement ofthe house. But when they arrived at the house, they found nothing, not even Joseph Crackstone'saltar of worship and Laurel Gates' new bed, so Sheriff Galpin assumed that Wednesday wasjust making things up, since she couldn't prove anything. After returning to NevermoreAcademy, Enid who was upset with Wednesday decided to move to another room, because she hadlied to her and got her and Tyler into a dangerous.

Situation. Wednesday also did not appreciate allthe things she had done for her, even though she sincerely wanted to be friends with her eventhough she was a strange and eccentric girl. But Wednesday never considered her as a friend, soEnid chose to give up and leave her. Surprisingly, after Enid got mad at her and left her alone,Wednesday somehow felt sad and down, even though she had always been alone and didn't care aboutanyone. Wednesday then picked up Laurel's music box that she had taken from her family house.When opening the music box, she accidentally found photos of herself that were taken secretly,which indicates that Laurel may still be alive and has been spying on her for a certain purpose. Atthe same time, someone is seen sneaking into the Mayor's infirmary and deliberately killing theMayor to silence him forever. At the Mayor's.

Funeral, Wednesday suspects several people whomight be the masterminds behind all the incidents, but she has yet to get evidence to expose theircrimes. After attending the Mayor's funeral, Wednesday met her uncle, Fester, who had come toJericho to visit her. Wednesday is very happy with Fester's arrival because she is quite close to heruncle who has taught her many things. Wednesday's father had told Fester everything, so Festerwent to Jericho to help his niece. Wednesday then secretly smuggled Fester into NevermoreAcademy and asked him to hide in the Hummers' headquarters because no one would visit the placeother than Eugene who was now lying comatose in the hospital. Shortly afterward, Wednesday showeda sketch of the homicidal monster to her uncle and Fester told her that the monster was known as theHyde. But Fester didn't know the cause of someone.

Turning into the Hyde, so he suggested Wednesdayto look for the diary of Nathaniel Faulkner who was the founder of Nevermore Academy. He toldWednesday that Faulkner's diary was kept in a secret safe in the Nightshade Library. Uponhearing that, Wednesday asked her uncle to help her find the diary. Later that night, whenWednesday entered the Nightshade Library, she met Xavier who was alone in the place. They then gotinto a heated argument because Wednesday accused Xavier of being the homicidal monster becausehe was always at the place where the monster appeared and also painted the monster's figurevery accurately. Xavier was unable to defend himself and only asked Wednesday why he didn'tkill her if he was the homicidal monster. After hearing Wednesday's answer which sounded absurdto him, Xavier then left her because he was fed up.

With all the accusations she had made against him.Shortly afterward, Fester appears and they finally manage to find Faulkner's diary with the help ofthe Thing. In his diary, Faulkner described the Hyde as artists by nature, but equally vindictivein temperament. Born of mutation, the Hyde lays dormant until unleashed by a traumatic event orunlocked through chemical inducement or hypnosis. Unlocking trauma causes the Hyde to developan immediate bond with its liberator, who the creature now sees as its master. It becomes thewilling instrument of whatever nefarious agenda this new master might propose. Upon learning aboutthe Hyde, Wednesday realizes that the mastermind behind all this is not only the homicidal monster,but also its master who deliberately releases and controls the Hyde. Wednesday, who suspectedXavier of being the Hyde from the beginning,.

Followed him and found out that he was actuallyhaving a therapy session with Dr. Kinbott and met her secretly by the lake. Upon seeingthem, Wednesday assumed that Dr. Kinbott was the Hyde's master. While Wednesday was discussingthe Hyde with her uncle at the coffee shop, Tyler suddenly approached them with a cup of coffeefor Wednesday. Tyler seemed interested in the Hyde and asked Wednesday to explain to him aboutthe monster that had injured him. After that, Tyler invited Wednesday to go on a date withhim at Crackstone's Crypt. In that simple but romantic date, Tyler then expressed his love forWednesday, but she instead told Tyler that her priority right now was to find the mastermindbehind all the events that had killed many people and also left Eugene lying comatose in thehospital. After returning to Nevermore, Wednesday.

Found her room in a mess. She soon realized thatsomeone had ransacked her room, attacked Thing and stolen Faulkner's diary. Wednesday rushed Thingto Fester who finally managed to save Thing after shocking Thing several times with his power. Afurious Wednesday is determined to kill anyone who dares to hurt Thing because Thing is partof the Addams Family and deep down, she actually cares about Thing. After saving Thing, Wednesdaytold Fester that the police were hunting him all over the city, so she asked Fester to leavethe city immediately to avoid being caught. Fester understood the situation and told Wednesdaythat he would take care of the Thing tonight and leave town the next day. Wednesday then met MissWeems to inform her about the Hyde. Surprisingly, Miss Weems already knew that the homicidalmonster was the Hyde and deliberately hid the.

Fact from everyone in order to protect NevermoreAcademy. Miss Weems then explained that Faulkner was killed by the Hyde and because the monsterwas so violent and unpredictable, the Hyde was banned from entering Nevermore Academy sincethirty years ago. Realizing that Wednesday might have suspected someone as the Hyde, Miss Weemsasked Wednesday to tell her about the identity of someone who might have transformed into theHyde and become the mastermind of all the sadistic murders that happened in Jericho. But Wednesdaydoesn't seem to believe Miss Weems because she thinks that she only cares about her reputation asthe Principal of Nevermore Academy. The next day, Bianca took Wednesday to the Nightshade Libraryto meet Lucas who is the Mayor's son. Lucas informed them that his father investigatedthe death of Laurel Gates before his death..

In the death report obtained by the Mayor from theBritish police, Laurel Gates was indeed declared dead by drowning. But the police never found herbody. A few years after Laurel was declared dead, someone suddenly bought the Gates Family's oldhouse and Wednesday suspected that it was the living Laurel Gates who had changed her identity.After that, Laurel returned to Jericho to take revenge on the people who had caused her familyto be destroyed and she killed the Mayor and Dr. Anwar for freeing Gomez Addmas who was thenaccused of the murder of her older brother. Wednesday then told Bianca and Lucas that thehomicidal monster was the Hyde and the person who had controlled the monster was Laurel. Afterthat, Wednesday meets Dr. Kinbott who she suspects to be Laurel and reveals information that provesher suspicion that Dr. Kinbott is Laurel who has.

Changed her identity. But Dr. Kinbott denied theallegations and was deeply offended when Wednesday accused her of manipulating others to achieveher goal of taking revenge on the people who had ruined her life. She then told Wednesday to leaveher office. After Wednesday left her office, Dr. Kinbott immediately called Miss Weems to reportabout Wednesday's unreasonable behavior. But then, Dr. Kinbott heard something from the direction ofthe toilet, and when she opened the toilet door, the Hyde was already there and immediatelyattacked her, killing her. Later that night, Wednesday meets Xavier at the painting studioand accuses him of being the Hyde after finding Rowan's glasses and Dr. Kinbott's necklace there.Xavier tried to explain to Wednesday that someone had set him up, but Wednesday had already calledSheriff Galpin who immediately came to the place.

To arrest Xavier for all the murders committedby the homicidal monster. Wednesday was a little relieved after Xavier was arrested because itmeant that the horrible terror of the Hyde was over. She then went back to her room and madeup with Enid who decided to share a room with her. Afterward, Wednesday meets Tyler at thecoffee shop to tell him that she is ready to have a romantic relationship with Tyler. But whilethey were kissing, Wednesday suddenly had a vision of Dr. Kinbott's death and finally learnedthat the Hyde was not Xavier, but Tyler. The following night, Wednesday asks Bianca and theNightshade for help in capturing Tyler. Bianca then used her siren charm to hypnotize him. Afterthat, they took Tyler to Xavier's painting studio to interrogate him. Wednesday then revealed thatTyler got his Hyde side from his mother who used.

To be a student of Nevermore Academy and wasalso a Hyde. Xavier apparently already knew about Tyler's mother, and that's the reason whyXavier always reminded Wednesday to be careful of Tyler. Wednesday wanted to torture Tyler sothat he would release the Hyde from inside him, but Bianca and the Nightshade did not agree tothat because they did not want to hurt anyone, especially since Tyler had not yet turned into theHyde, so they chose to leave Wednesday. Bianca and the others then told Miss Weems about Wednesdayholding Tyler hostage, so Miss Weems immediately called Sheriff Galpin and asked him to come toNevermore immediately. After that, Wednesday was finally arrested by Sheriff Galpin and threatenedwith prison, while Tyler was released because he was not proven to be the homicidal monster whoterrorized the residents of Jericho. Before.

Leaving, Tyler finally revealed his true identityas the Hyde and mocked Wednesday for failing to uncover the truth and accusing an innocent personof being the Hyde. Wednesday finally returned to Nevermore after Sheriff Galpin decided not toput her in jail as long as she was expelled from Nevermore Academy. Not wanting the problem todrag on, Miss Weems decided to expel Wednesday from Nevermore Academy. Wednesday reluctantlyaccepted the decision even though she was worried about the safety of the Nevermore Academy studentsand the townspeople as the Hyde was still free to roam. Enid tried to calm Wednesday down by sayingthat the Nevermore Academy students would be able to defeat the Hyde because they had the power tofight the monster. The next day, before leaving for the train station, Wednesday took her timeto visit Eugene who had regained consciousness..

Eugene told Wednesday an important clue and shedecided to return to Nevermore Academy to reveal the truth. Wednesday then meets Miss Thornhill whoturns out to be Laurel Gates who faked her death, changed her identity and returned to Jerichofor revenge. Miss Thornhill initially denies the accusation, but after Tyler shows up at theplace, Laurel finally reveals all the crimes she committed, including telling Tyler to kill thenormies who were only considered as pawns in her revenge plan. But surprisingly, Tyler who wasin that place turned out to be Miss Weems who turned herself into Tyler. After confirming thatLaurel Gates was the mastermind of all this, Miss Weems then revealed her true identity and tried towarn Laurel to take responsibility for her actions that had killed and hurt many people. However,unexpectedly, Laurel had prepared the Nightshade.

Poison and quickly injected the poison into MissWeems' neck, killing her. After that, she hit Wednesday until she collapsed unconscious. WhileLaurel takes Wednesday to Crackstone's Crypt, Thing rushes to Enid and informs her about MissWeems' death and Wednesday's abduction. Afterward, Laurel revealed to Wednesday that the Gates Familyis a direct descendant of Joseph Crackstone and she intends to continue Crackstone's and also herfather's ambition to eradicate the outcasts at Nevermore Academy. Laurel intends to raise JosephCrackstone from the dead and to achieve this goal, she needs several human limbs and also Wednesday'sblood because she is a direct descendant of Goody Addams, the person who killed JosephCrackstone and cursed his soul. After collecting the necessary objects and castingthe spell found in Goody Addams' magic book,.

Laurel finally managed to raise Crackstone fromthe dead. After rising from the dead, Crackstone, who wanted to take revenge on Goody Addams anddestroy the outcasts, then stabbed Wednesday and hurriedly went to Nevermore Academy with Laurel.At Nevermore Academy, Ajax tells the Nightshade about Miss Thornhill aka Laurel Gates who plans todestroy Nevermore Academy with Joseph Crackstone. While Bianca and the sirens evacuate the studentsto safety, Enid rushes to Raven Island to save Wednesday. In the meantime, Goody Addams suddenlyappears and approaches the dying Wednesday. Goody tells her that she will save Wednesday and givesher instructions on how to kill Joseph Crackstone. With the magic necklace given by Morticia, GoodyAddams' soul finally managed to enter Wednesday's body and heal her from the inside. After Goodysaved her, Wednesday rushed to Nevermore to save.

Her schoolmates. On the other hand, Enid whoran to Wednesday's place, finally managed to become a full-fledged werewolf coinciding withthe appearance of the blood moon. Wednesday, who heard a wolf howl, stopped for a moment andthought that it might be Enid. But unfortunately, she is intercepted by Tyler who has been orderedby Laurel to kill Wednesday. Tyler turned into the Hyde and immediately attacked Wednesday.Concurrently, Enid who had turned into a werewolf finally arrived at the place and immediatelysaved Wednesday. Enid engaged in a fierce battle with Tyler, until finally defeating the monster.Meanwhile, Wednesday who had arrived at Nevermore, immediately faced Crackstone who wanted to destroythe school. They then engaged in a fierce battle until Crackstone managed to corner Wednesdayafter breaking her sword. At the same time, Bianca.

Appeared to help Wednesday, but she was easilydefeated by Crackstone. When Crackstone was about to kill Wednesday, she immediately acted quicklyby stabbing Crackstone's heart with her broken blade dan Crackstone's body shattered into dust.Shortly afterward, Laurel appeared and threatened Wednesday at gunpoint. But before Laurel couldfire a shot, Eugene, who had just arrived in Nevermore, immediately mobilized his swarm ofbees to attack Laurel. After all these terrible incidents, Tyler was finally arrested by SheriffGalpin who had known that his son was the Hyde, and for the first time, Wednesday hugged Enid andheld her tightly because she had risked her life to save her. At Nevermore Academy, Wednesday notonly gained valuable experience, but also made new friends who accepted her for who she was andwere ready to fight by her side. Before leaving.

Nevermore Academy for vacation, Wednesday gets acellphone as gift from Xavier, so that they can connect with each other when they are outside theschool. The series ends with Wednesday getting a mysterious messages on her cell phone and assumingthat everything is not over and Laurel and Tyler might just be pawns of a bigger plan and disaster,which might be coming soon. The moral that we can learn from this series is not to easily believewhat we see because a friend may be an enemy who stabs us in the back and an enemy is a friendwho is willing to face danger to save us.

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