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 As the sun set and cast its fading glow on theship, Cheng Dalei sat calmly at the main mast, sipped his tea, as Shenji approached him,expressed his concern about the strong headwind, and informed him that the ship wouldonly be able to travel in a zigzag line. He further added that it would takeapproximately 10 days to return back. Addressing the information shared byShenji, Cheng Dalei remained composed and calmly responded, expressing hishope that nothing would go wrong. Shenji confidently reassured Cheng Dalei, stating that with the support of the Cao Gang,there was no reason for anything to go wrong. He emphasized that pirates or riverbandits were no match for the Cao Gang,.

Indicating that Cheng Dalei worried too much. Cheng Dalei, however, respondedsternly, telling Shenji to shut up. Hours later, under the moonlit night, a group ofpirates gathered in the middle of the vast ocean. A pirate asked if the two-legged sheephad arrived, to which another pirate informed the second boss thatthey were locked in the cabin. Another pirate informed the second boss thatthe captives were locked in the cabin. The big boss instructed them that they shouldgo to Peking to unload the goods there, as the great personalities there liked the goods. However, the pirate asked about the two fat sheep.

Another pirate relayed the news from theirbig boss sent from Yangzhou, stating that the target ship would arrive soon, and the bosshad already sent the sister-in-law there. The pirates discussed their plan to attackthe ship once it entered their encirclement, intending to kill the people onboard while leaving the ship intact. Another pirate reassured the second boss, mentioning that there were over50 people on the ship, including a nobleman as their leader. They anticipatedthe nobleman's fear when faced with a sword. Confidently, the pirate assertedthat nothing had ever gone wrong when Skull Island was involved.They urged everyone to get to work.

Back on Cheng Dalei's ship, Shenji approached him,bringing news of several survivors rescued from the water and claimed to have been attackedby pirates, seeking refuge on their ship. Doubtful, Cheng Dalei decidedto check them himself. As Cheng Dalei and others looked at the survivors,a woman among the group pleaded for Cheng Dalei, referring to him as a graceful man,and requested his help to save them. In response, Cheng Dalei askedthem about their situation, questioning why they had been on the sea. The woman explained that theyhad intended to return to their hometown with their master butencountered pirates along the way.

Tragically, their master and his wife werekilled by the pirates, and only a few of them managed to escape. She humbly pleaded withCheng Dalei to show mercy and to save them. Cheng Dalei sighed, acknowledging the dangers that existed at sea and the importance ofhelping one another in times of need. The woman expressed her gratitude to Cheng Dalei. Eventually, she flirtatiously said that shewould repay her benefactor even if she became a cow or horse in her next life, accompanied bya seductive expression and a touch to her chest. Cheng Dalei, taken aback by her remark,questioned her choice of being a cow or horse, suggesting that she should give her life instead.

Confused, the woman responded with, “What?” Suddenly, Cheng Dalei unsheathed his sword, his face filled with frustrationand the intention to kill. He slaughtered all the male survivors accompanying the women and caused the woman tobe shocked by what had happened. The woman saw blood splattered everywhere. Shenji, puzzled, questioned ChengDalei about what he was doing, but Cheng Dalei ignored Shenji's question. Cheng Dalei, with his sword in hand,menacingly threatened the woman,.

Stating that he believed she knew what it took togo on living and questioning her moral character. Additionally, he mentioned that there was a sayingin this world that death was better than life. Cheng Dalei sternly demanded the woman to answer aquestion quickly and face her death with flattery. Cheng Dalei's voice was stern as heposed his first question to the woman, demanding to know who she was andwhy she wanted to join his ship. Liu Zhi stood silently behindhim, casting her gaze downward. The woman's response was hesitant andfilled with fear. She claimed not to know and explained that they werejust a group of people in distress. Cheng Dalei's voice carrieda firmness that brooked no.

Deception as he admonishedthe woman to stop pretending. He emphasized that in a situation wherethey had truly been invaded by pirates, the one with the most powerwould naturally assume control. Yet, these people seemed to follow herorders alone. With his sword pointed menacingly at her neck, the womantrembled under his investigation. He firmly stated that the ring appearedfamiliar to him, leading him to suspect that she was one of Geng Xinghe'speople. The woman's eyes widened. However, the woman stumbled over her wordsand attempted to hide her true identity. Cheng Dalei's voice hardened as he confrontedthe woman's denial. He pointed out that the.

Ring she wore was a precious heirloom of the Liufamily, which should have been included in the city's treasury after their downfall.He demanded to know where she got it. With a fierce gaze and his swordstill pressed against her neck, Cheng Dalei suspected that Geng Hexing mightbe involved in slave trading or piracy. The woman's fearful eyes met his intense stare and she attempted to respond but wasunable to find the right words. Cheng Dalei, driven by frustration and suspicion, swiftly slashed her shoulder,causing her to bleed. He continued to press and admonish the womanfor her reluctance to answer. He warned her.

That if she failed to answer his questionspromptly, she would not have a choice anymore. The woman cried out in pain and blood dripped from her hand. She mustered thecourage to reveal the truth. She admitted that they were indeed members ofSkull Island, under the command of Geng Xinghe. Curious, he questioned the numberof pirates lying in wait, seeking to gauge the magnitude of the potential ambush. The woman revealed that there were 200 men underthe command of the second boss from their village. Liu Zhi, who had been silently observing, asked if the downfall of the Liufamily was connected to the woman.

The woman recognized Liu Zhi and exclaimed inshock, realizing that she was from the Liu family. Upon realizing Liu Zhi's identity, thewoman's demeanor changed dramatically. She cursed the Liu family and regrettednot having killed them all before. Liu Zhi, frightened by her outburst, backed away. The woman blamed Liu Zhi, expressing heranger and frustration that they could have made a fortune if Liu Zhi hadn'tinterfered and blocked their way. She gritted her teeth, directingher frustration towards Liu Zhi. Continuing her rant, she blamed City Lord FangBoshan for their current situation and expressed frustration that if he hadn't been concerned aboutothers, they wouldn't be facing such consequences.

She shouted in anger while Liu Zhi kept hergaze lowered. The woman unleashed her anger, revealing that they had not wiped out the entireLiu family but had left Liu Zhi as an orphan. With madness, the woman declaredthat those who stood in their way would always meet their demise,emphasizing her ruthless nature. She let out a piercing scream followed bya hysterical laugh, showcasing her twisted mindset. She confessed to having killedLiu Zhi's father and sunk their fleet, expressing her dissatisfaction with thelevel of enjoyment they had derived from it. Furthermore, she mentioned how they hadexterminated Liu Zhi's entire family, except for a few remaining servants.

In her delirium, she declared thatit was now Liu Zhi's turn to suffer, vowing that everyone on SkullIsland would join in the slaughter, especially the women. Her wordswere filled with deranged intensity. In response, Cheng Dalei swiftly ended her life,cutting short her disturbing and menacing words. Shenji expressed his admirationfor Cheng Dalei's intelligence, mentioning that the pirates had neverexpected Cheng Dalei to recognize them. He admitted that they had disguised themselveswell and that he had almost fallen for it, but Cheng Dalei sarcasticallyquestioned if he had truly been fooled. Shenji confidently stated that even if ChengDalei hadn't uncovered their true identities,.

He would have still warned him. He expressed his belief that the pirates' actingskills were enough to fool him. Cheng Dalei, feeling irritated by Shenji'sannoyance, simply muttered to him to get lost. Shenji tried to comfort Cheng Dalei byacknowledging that while he might have been slightly less attentive than hewas, he still performed admirably. Cheng Dalei, still puzzled, asked for clarification. He emphasizedthat given their current situation, even encountering people who didn’t causeproblems would be needed to kill them all. He then emphasized the importanceof their ship, carrying five.

Thousand lives, and the need to avoid any risks. Raising his swords above, ChengDalei rallied his companions, urging them to prepare for battle,as the moon illuminated their path. In the distance, Cheng Dalei and his crewspotted the approaching skull pirates. Meanwhile, the lifeless body of the woman they hadinterrogated earlier floated in the sea. On the pirate ship, the manobserved Cheng Dalei’s ship, his thoughts raced with anticipation,stating that the target was in his sight. Thoughts raced through his mind as he planned todestroy the sails after they boarded the ship. The man introduced himself as Geng Xinghan,.

As he recognized the strategic advantageof disabling the enemy's sails, likening a ship without sails to a defenseless girl in thehands of a robbers' den, ready to be exploited. He eagerly awaited the opportunity to strike.However, before he could finish his thoughts, a fast and deadly arrow flew toward him. The sound of the approaching weapon startled him,and he managed to evade a second attack just in time. Arrows struck their mast, causing a loudbam in their ship and confusion among the pirates. Realizing the threat they faced,Xinghan shouted out orders to his crew, alerting them to the unexpecteddanger of the giant crossbow and the realization that their informationabout Cheng Dalei's ship had been false.

He urged them to prepare for theimpending confrontation with their enemy. Amidst the crashing waves, the birds dartedthrough the onslaught of fast arrows from Cheng Dalei's ship, targetingthe skull pirates with intensity. Cheng Dalei's authoritative voice sliced through the roaring wind as he issuedclear commands to his crew. With a pointed gesture to the northwest, he directed their focus and signaledthe direction of their coming attack. The arrows launched by Cheng Dalei's group hiteach of the pirates from the Skull Pirate ship. Geng Xinghan swiftly ordered his crewto turn the rudder fully to the left,.

Maneuvering their ship toevade the incoming arrows. With determination in his voice, he shouted, “Kill!” as they chargedtoward Cheng Dalei's ships. On Chang Da Lei’s ship, he asked Zi Long about howfar he could shoot at sea. Zi Long, confident in his abilities, responded without hesitation,stating that he could shoot within 100 steps. Cheng Dalei ordered Zi Long to providecover from above with his bow and arrow, ensuring that for every one of theirpeople who fell, one of the enemies would fall too. Zi Long acknowledged thecommand and got ready to launch his attack. Frustrated, he issued orders to Su Ying, Liu Zhi,.

And Xiao Ye to retreat to thecabin if they were unable to fight. He noticed Shenji holding a knifeand instructed him to also retreat to the cabin. He raised his voice andexpressed annoyance at Shenji's action. Cheng Dalei gave the commandto prepare the arrows. As the skull pirates' ship approached, one of Cheng Dalei's men startedbeating a drum, signaling the attack. Arrows rained down from the ship, expertly aimedby Zi Long and his fellow archers. Many pirates died as they were struck down by a significantnumber of pirates manning the enemy boat. Xinghan commanded his men to fire a barrageof fire arrows at Cheng Dalei's ship.

Cheng Dalei's crew swiftly raised theirshields to defend against the fiery assault, protecting themselves from the blazing arrows. Chaos ensued as their ship caught fire fromthe flaming arrows striking the gaff sail. Cheng Dalei swiftly commanded the crewto haul in the sails and stop the ship, allowing the pirates to get close. The two ships neared each other,and Xinghan urged his crew to board Cheng Dalei’s ship and urged hismembers to kill Cheng Dalei’s people. The battle unfolded with swords clashing, arrowsflying, and the sound of metal meeting metal. The fight for survival intensified as the twocrews engaged in a fierce and deadly struggle.

Enraged, Cheng Dalei commanded theirpeople to draw their swords and urged his men to draw theirs as well,preparing for a fight to the death. The pirates managed to breach Cheng Dalei'sship, stabbing two of his crew members. Some pirates on the boat threw a rope towards ChengDalei's ship, successfully securing it above, and they began climbing up the ropeto infiltrate Cheng Dalei's ship. Fortunately, Cheng Dalei's people quickly reacted, using their swords to stab andpush back the invading pirates. With a display of strength and teamwork,they managed to fend off the attackers, sending them back into the sea.

In the midst of the chaoticbattle, Cheng Dalei and Zhang Fei, unaware of each other, fought side byside, fiercely defending their ship. Amidst the flurry of sword strikesand parries, Cheng Dalei called out, searching for Zhang Fei's presence. Upon hearing his name, Zhang Fei responded,confirming his presence and readiness to fight. Cheng Dalei, seizing the moment, issued astrategic command to Zhang Fei, instructing him with Zi Long to board the pirate ship, kill thehorses, and capture the leader before the others. Zhang Fei confirmed the order,briefly glancing back at Cheng Dalei. After Cheng Dalei ordered Zhang Fei,.

Both Zi Long and Zhang Fei made theirway toward the pirate ship. Zi Long urged Zhang Fei to cover him while Zhang Feiwas overwhelmed by the fight and confirmed it. Meanwhile, Gao Fei Bao fought fiercely,taking down pirates left and right, and suddenly screamed his name.However, before he could finish his words, a pirate strike flew frombehind, sending him flying as well. While White Wolf utilized her agile fightingskills, killing pirates surrounding her, one pirate who attacked her orderedhis comrade to kill White Wolf. Undeterred, White Wolf responded by coming her waywith kunai in her hands as she was ready to fight. However, their fight was momentarilyinterrupted by a sudden and powerful.

Explosion, causing White Wolf and the others topause and turn their attention to the source. Surprised, White Wolf looked up to seeZhang Fei and Zi Long clearing their path, causing all the pirates tofly as they attacked them. Then they jumped on the pirate ship.Zhang Fei announced his arrival, and a group of pirates surrounded them. Zhang Fei dared the pirate to fight with him to the death while showing asmile with determination. The pirates, taken aback byZhang Fei's fierce appearance, taunted him as a gorilla-faced manand shouted for others to kill him.

The pirates rushed, attempting to attack him,but Zhang Fei’s combat skills kept them at bay, preventing anyone from getting close.He swiftly defeated the pirates, leaving them defeated on the ship's floor. Frustrated, Xinghan stared, asking ZhangFei who he was. In response, Zhang Fei proudly announced his identityas the top General from the Toad Village on the Toad Hill, hisface beaming with confidence. Zhang Fei then questioned Xinghan about who hewas. Xinghan responded with a hint of confusion, mentioning the Toad Village,but quickly shifted his focus, stating that he would remember Zhang Fei.

He proudly declared himself as GengXinghan, the second leader of Skull Island, and swiftly launched an attack on ZhangFei, wielding his two three-pronged spears. In the midst of their intense battle, ZhangFei skillfully utilized his techniques against Xinghan. Observing the duel, Zi Long advised ZhangFei to prevent Xinghan from getting any closer. As the fight continued, Zhang Feisuccessfully blocked Xinghan's attacks. With a powerful blocking move,Zhang Fei forcefully threw Xinghan away, remarking his combat skillscatchphrase “catch the pigs.” Zhang Fei launched an attack on Xinghan,shouting with intensity. In response, Xinghan couldn't help but think aboutthe weird name Zhang Fei had yelled.

However, just as Zhang Fei's attack was about toland, a massive and powerful explosion erupted, shaking the ship. Zhang Fei's formidableskill was known as Grounded Pierce. Without giving Xinghan achance to catch his breath, Zhang Fei relentlessly continued his assault,utilizing his skill known as “Catch the Pigs.” Meanwhile, Zi Long silently observed thebattle, his mind filled with contemplation. In the midst of their clash, ZhangFei announced his final attack, confidently proclaiming hislast strike of “Catch the Pigs.” Xinghan, growing frustrated, cursed ZhangFei and told him if he was finished. However, Zhang Fei pressed on, not givingXinghan any chance to retaliate. He used.

The technique “poke in heaven” instead of”catch the pigs” he had said a while ago. He executed a piercing attack thatstruck Xinghan with such force that blood spewed from his body,leaving him in a state of shock. Tears formed up in Xinghan’s eyes as hestruggled to comprehend why Zhang Fei's attack, which he said was “Catch the Pigs,”used a different attack instead. He gave Zi Long a thumbs-up and smiledat him, stating that Xinghan was pretty hard to handle. Zi Long, however, askedZhang Fei who had taught him those moves. Zhang Fei confidently revealed thatCheng Dalei had taught him the move, emphasizing its effectivenessin targeting the heart and its.

Usefulness. Zi Long looked unsureand didn't know how to respond. After a night of fighting, Toad village lost fivemen, and the others were wounded more or less. Skull Island lost more than fifty people.The main ship was occupied by Zhang Fei, and the rest of the people could onlytake a small boat and flee in fear. As the sun rose, illuminatingthe aftermath of the battle, the group of Cheng Dalei celebratedtheir hard-earned victory. Suddenly, the system updated, showing the achievement of completing thehidden mission related to the Liu family. The system chimed, praising their victory.

Back on the Thousand Boat, Yuyang Tower, GengXinghe was deeply engrossed in playing his instrument, absorbing the enchantingvibrations it emitted. Suddenly, his concentration was shattered as his manapproached him. The man stuttered as he conveyed a piece of news from the sea. Xinghe,surprised by the sudden interruption, asked about the status of the second boss and if he hadcompleted all the tasks that he had instructed. The man's response was filled with distress. Herevealed that their mission had ended in failure, resulting in the death of overfifty members of their group, including the second boss. Theshocking revelation caused Xinghe to break a string on his instrument. Unable tocomprehend, he exclaimed his disbelief aloud.

Seeking to make sense of the situation,Xinghe questioned how their two hundred men could have lost to a group of only fifty, led by adrunkard. He yelled at his man, demanding answers. Nervous, the man explained that the peoplewho escaped back reported that the opponents from Toad Village, particularly Toad Hill,had fought unexpectedly hard against them. Xinghe's eyes filled with tears of disbelief ashe listened to the man's words. Xinghe muttered to himself about Toad Village whilefurrowing his brow in deep thought. Back at the ocean, White Wolf informed ChengDalei that the sails were being repaired and they would be ready to set sail in halfan hour. She went on to share news about the capture of the enemy's main ship byZi Long and Zhang Fei. They were in the.

Process of transferring the captured goods,which included some gold and silver scraps. Notably, the main catch includedforeign female slaves intended for delivery to influential figures in the capital. White Wolf then asked Cheng Dalei abouttheir plans for the group of female slaves. Cheng Dalei deliberated on the matter, statingthat they weren't sure if there were people from Skull Island among the captive slaves andnoting that they didn't have time to save people. He proposed two choices: leavingthem on the ship or killing them all. Expressing her objection, White Wolf, beinga woman herself, couldn't fathom the thought of letting the girls die. However, Cheng Daleiemphasized the significance of their mission,.

Which involved carrying life-saving foodfor 5000 people in Qing Niu Mountain, and if something happened, it would resultin the loss of more than just a few lives. Overwhelmed by the weight of the situation, White Wolf found herself at a lossfor words, unsure of how to respond. Cheng Dalei contemplatedthe actions of Skull Island, recognizing their cunning tactics ashe considered the rescue of the group. He thought of the potential consequences,which might have been another ambush, and that would have led to theirdestruction if they hadn't taken care of those people. He recognizedit as purely the trolley problem.

Understanding the gravity of the situation,White Wolf proposed a compromise. She offered to watch over the captives and suggestednot letting them out of the cabin, stating that if there were a problem,Cheng Dalei could blame her for it. Reluctantly accepting her proposal, ChengDalei agreed to assign additional guards and promised the captives their freedom oncetheir journey was complete. White Wolf, relieved, expressed her agreement. After a couple of hours, one of ChengDalei's men approached him with news of the ship's repair. Cheng Daleithen commanded that they set sail. However, the return tripdidn't go smoothly. On the way,.

They kept encountering alleged victimswho had planned robberies on small boats. Halfway there, they foundthemselves in the middle of a storm, and although they eventually weatheredit safely, they lost two days in vain. As they battled the storm, panic setin among the crew. Cheng Dalei ordered the sails to be lowered. Shenji,panicking, expressed his fear, screaming that they were going to die,while Xaio Ye sought help from Su Ying. After enduring the hardships,the way there took five days, and because of the headwind,the way back was longer. Finally, twenty days later,.

The ship docked at an abandoned dockoutside Fallen Leaf City in the night. Having arrived at their destination,Cheng Dalei instructed Zhang Fei and Gao Fei Bao to return to the village andcall for someone to pick up the grain. As the night fell, Cheng Dalei found solaceby a bonfire, resting against a tree. Su Ying approached him, and as her footstepsmade a sound, Cheng Dalei became alert. Cheng Dalei questioned her why she was outside in such chilly weather. Su Ying respondedthat she had come to keep him company. As Cheng Dalei noticed Su Ying wearingstockings, he remarked that stockings looked good on Su Ying, but he recalledher previous reluctance to wear them.

Su Ying responded by saying that ithad been simply too cold and wearing stockings had helped to keep the coldout, while seductively brushing her hair. Feeling the chill in the air,Cheng Dalei commented on the cold weather while both he and Su Yingsat near the bonfire, seeking warmth. Su Ying agreed as she alsosat down to warm herself. Then, Su Ying turned her gazetowards Cheng Dalei and remarked that he hadn't closed his eyesfor a long time in those days. Cheng Dalei expressed his concernsto Su Ying about the dire situation caused by the drought in YouZhou,spanning thousands of kilometers.

He emphasized the gravity of the food shortage,stating that if they were to leave the two big loads of food on the ship and someone discoveredit, the consequences would be unimaginable. Explaining that his original plan had allowedfor only fifteen days, as the villages would have sufficed only for so long. However,the journey had taken a month to come back. Cheng Dalei further described theworsening conditions as they moved further north from prosperous YangZhou, withthe fleeing victims already in QingZhou. He mentioned how desperate some people had become, even resorting to trading theirteenage daughters for a bucket of rice. Expressed his distress, stating thatpeople were dying everywhere and he.

Was uncertain about the current situation in themountains and whether they could still hold out. Cheng Dalei questioned how muchlonger it would last and how many people had to die. At that moment, Su Yingreached out and held Cheng Dalei's hands, offering comfort to the tension he was feeling. Su Ying advised Cheng Dalei to takea breath and reassured him that he had already done his job enough, andthey couldn't help the whole world, stating that it was goodto have a clear conscience. She reminded him to stop pushing himself too hard. Then, Su Ying smiled at him,asking if it was still cold.

Cheng Dalei hesitated but calmly remarked that her hands were actually colder.Feeling sad, she pouted in response. Cheng Dalei gently suggestedthat she should go back, as he needed to concentrate.Su Ying reluctantly agreed. After a while, Cheng Dalei's peoplealerted him to the arrival of someone. The sound of rushing horses filled the air. Gao,accompanied by a group of people, approached Cheng Dalei. They screamed, calling Cheng Daleithe village master, and bowed before him. Cheng Dalei cautioned them not to attractunwanted attention and hungry wolves nearby. Gao expressed his gratitude towardsCheng Dalei for his kindness and.

Pledged that his life now belonged to Cheng Dalei. Cheng Dalei brushed off the gratitude forthe moment and inquired about Gao's injuries, asking if something had happened in the village. Gao sighed heavily and decided to share therecent events with Cheng Dalei. He revealed that three days ago, Yu Qiu Ran had gathered agroup of around two hundred people to withdraw. However, before their departure, Yu QiuRan attempted to take the remaining food supplies with him. Gao stated that he wasa little hurt when he argued with Qiu Ran. Eventually, Qiu Ran realized the futilityof his plan but took advantage of the chaos to set fire to the remaining grainbefore fleeing with a group of people.

The granary had been burned, leavingthe mountain with no food. He shared his fear that if Cheng Dalei had not returned, the consequences would have been even moresevere, gritting his teeth in frustration. Cheng Dalei sighed in frustration, finding thebehavior of these military strategists ungrateful, wondering if their excessive bookknowledge had made them stupid. Then, Cheng Dalei reassured Gao, urginghim not to be saddened by the situation. He emphasized that the time to get even wouldcome when the opportunity presented itself. Gao responded that he was too hungry to feel sad anymore and asked Cheng Daleihow much food he had brought back.

Cheng Dalei, rubbing his head due to a headache, simply responded that he had broughtfive hundred thousand pounds. Gao, overwhelmed with disbelief, questionedwhether Cheng Dalei was joking or not. Irritable, Cheng Dalei respondedthat he had no time to fool around, explaining that two ships had transported it. Overwhelmed by the news, Gao couldn't contain his excitement and screamed that Cheng Dalei hadindeed brought a million pounds of grains. However, Cheng Dalei cautionedagainst celebrating just yet, emphasizing the importance of safelytransporting the food back to the mountain.

With enthusiasm, Gao reassured ChengDalei that he would personally carry the grain back to the mountain,even if it meant shouldering the load himself to ensure not a singlegrain would be dropped on the ground. After that moment, the bandits swiftlybegan unloading the grains from the ship, aware of the urgency to transportthem back to the fortress before dawn. The urgency stemmed from the potentialconsequences if the news leaked. Thousands of people and hundreds of horseswere on the way from Qing Niu Mountain, and yet they had to go backand forth at least twice. As long as you could breathe, you neededthe wood to be made into sleds on the spot,.

When the horses could no longer pull it along. The old, the weak, the women, andthe children, people the horses, they all carried and pulled, but eachperson seemed to have inexhaustible power, they started immediately aftertaking the hundred-pound bags. There was occasional laughter duringthe busy work. Even children had to carry a bag of grain and rice on their shoulders. In a line stretching several hundred meters, they formed a lifeline, a symbol ofcontinuous hope as it slowly dawned.

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