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 As the bandits made their way back to QingNiu Mountain with the grains, they encountered a group of people waiting for them. One of the individuals, armed with a spear,questioned Mao about what they were carrying. Mao explained that it was the food broughtback by Cheng Dalei. He recognized the man who was Huzi and expressed surprise that hewas still alive. Mao advised Huzi to seek forgiveness fromCheng Dalei, noting that he was known for his soft-heartedness and thought that theywould surely forgive him. Huzi, however, remained defiant, stating thathe had left when the food supply was cut off, and now that there was food in the village,he questioned Mao how Cheng Dalei would forgive.

Him. He believed that taking one or two bags ofgrain wouldn't make a significant difference. He demanded that Mao give him the grain. Frustrated, Mao refused to give in, assertingthat everyone needed to survive the winter, and he couldn't allow Huzi to take even agrain of rice. Growing desperate, Huzi argued that they wouldstarve if they didn't receive the food. Threatening to take it by force, he prepared to attack. In a swift and decisive move, Cheng Dalei,without hesitation, intervened, cutting down the individuals attempting to rob them.

Huzi's companions grew nervous, calling outhis name in alarm. Cheng Dalei, firm and resolute, demanded actionfrom his comrades. He ordered them to kill anyone who dared to rob them, showing no mercy. The bodies of four individuals lay on theground as evidence of his swift actions. Aware of the urgency to proceed, Cheng Daleiurged his group to move quickly, singling out Fei Bao and eliminating the remainingcompanions of Huzi, ensuring their safety. Fear points accumulated for Cheng Dalei asthe intense situation unfolded, causing a beep of fear points he achieved. Cheng Daleireceived 91135 fear points as of now. Gao, displaying his loyalty, warned anyoneelse who dared to step forward that they would.

Meet the same fate. After dozens of miles, they finally transportedall the food back to the village within a day. The people marveled at the sight of the abundanceof food. They expressed their joy, remarking that they had never seen so much grain intheir lives. Cheng Dalei called for everyone's attentionand declared that no one was allowed to touch the grain anymore. As the bandits celebrated outside, cookingand enjoying themselves, the people ate heartily and found happiness in their newfound abundance.Even the women were delighted with their current.

Circumstances. Cheng Dalei stood apart, observing his peopleas they enjoyed their meal and the company of one another. Sipping on his drink, he foundhimself approached by the system spirit, which materialized behind him. Suddenly, the system appeared and called ChengDalei, telling him that he seemed happy. While Cheng Dalei turned his gaze towards the systemspirit and invited the system to try their village cuisine, showing his hospitality. Curious about Cheng Dalei's chosen path, thesystem questioned why he hadn't seized the opportunity to dominate Qing Niu Mountain,as it was the fastest way that cost the least.

In response, Cheng Dalei emphasized that therewas always something to do, but for peace of mind, it was best not to dwell too muchon the future. The system spirit burst into laughter, expressingdelight at Cheng Dalei's wise words. It congratulated him for successfully completing his missionand assured him that he would receive his reward. Cheng Dalei received a Level 3 constructionblueprint for his village. As Cheng Dalei examined the new construction drawing he hadreceived, he thought to himself that, unlike the defensive drawings he had received previously,this one was a complete construction drawing. It included designs for various structuressuch as village walls, dwellings, a gathering.

Hall, a beacon, a fortress, a fortress bunker,an observation deck, a cavalry training ground, an infantry drill ground, and even a smallschoolyard. The drawing provided detailed specificationsfor materials and indicated a population of one thousand and a thousand acres of goodland. Cheng Dalei, trying to comprehend the scaleand requirements, wondered if he would need to purchase slaves once again to fulfill thepopulation requirement. As he pondered the requirements for the construction,Gao and White Wolf approached him. They knelt before him in a gesture of respect. Cheng Dalei looked at them with confusion,questioning what they were doing.

White Wolf told him that several of them haddiscussed it, while Gao spoke up, expressing their admiration for Cheng Dalei's righteousnessand stating that their lives now belonged to him. He mentioned that the people of Mount QingNiu would honor Cheng Dalei from that point forward. Confused by their intentions, Cheng Daleiquestioned whether they had tried to join the Toad Village. The system spirit reactedwith excitement upon hearing the news. Cheng Dalei suspected that the system mighthave interfered in some way, but the innocent-smiling system denied his suspicion.

In his thoughts, Cheng Dalei acknowledgedthe challenges of leading the five thousand mountain bandits, half of whom were old, weak,women, and children, with only around two thousand capable of fighting. He realized that feeding 5000 would not bean easy task, but with the village's upgrade and increased level, he would have the strengthto face formidable opponents like Hu Lei again. He contemplated whether he should take a stepforward and make a decision. Standing up from the kneeling bandits, ChengDalei raised his cup in acknowledgment of everyone's words, mentioning what the mostimportant thing was when doing business. He paused for a moment before speaking again.

With determination, Cheng Dalei emphasizedthe importance of righteousness, expressing his strong conviction on the matter. Cheng Dalei declared that from that day forward,they were a united family, assuring them that no one would go hungry as long as he had food. The bandits joined in the celebration, enthusiasticallycheering in agreement. As they gathered in the meeting room, a personcleared their throat and addressed the crowd, acknowledging their high regard for ChengDalei. They announced that Cheng Dalei reluctantlyassumed the position of leader as the Chief of Qing Niu Mountain.

They vowed to follow Cheng Dalei's command,willingly going west or east as instructed. A person emphasized that anyone who disobeyedCheng Dalei would also be disobeying him. Gao mentioned that they had many villagestogether and suggested asking their friend from the business world to give them a witness. Intrigued by the idea, Cheng Dalei asked whothe greenwood heroes were outside of Qing Niu Mountain. Gao mentioned Chief Du from the fallen leaves'city, but he's gone. Cheng Dalei cut him off, stating that he had the one who got rid ofhim and continued to ask about the available options.

Gao mentioned various individuals, includingZhou Gou and Zhou Shu, the solo travelers, the father and son from the Ma family involvedin fishing, and the formidable black whirlwind from Fuhu Mountain. Cheng Dalei questioned if the black whirlwindmentioned was Li Kui, but Gao clarified that his last name is Sun. Seemingly content with their current situation,Cheng Dalei made the decision not to invite any outside allies, so they just had to closetheir door and enjoy their little life there. Cheng Dalei, shifting the topic, informedGao that he wanted to discuss building a new village in a different location.

Gao expressed his concern, questioning theneed to tear down and rebuild, if that was really necessary, asking if their currentsituation was not doing well. White Wolf chimed in, suggesting that theycould all move to the Toad Village instead, while another person beside her noted thatthe Toad Village was too small. Cheng Dalei mentioned if everyone fought onlyfor themselves, stating that one would only lead to loss, but together as a united force,they could go far. He then instructed everyone to go back tomake the preparations while he personally went to assess the terrain for the new village.He entrusted someone with taking care of something. In the following days, Cheng Dalei, alongwith Lin Shao Yu and Xu Shenji, explored the.

Entirety of Qing Niu Mountain. Shenji asked Cheng Dalei what he was lookingfor, suggesting that Apricot Hill could be a good place. Cheng Dalei explained the specific criteriafor the new village location, emphasizing the need for water, defensibility, security,and convenient transportation. He also mentioned the importance of findingample agricultural fields, highlighting that the existing villages did not meet these requirements. Shenji expressed concern about the snowy conditionson the mountain and suggested going back. However, Cheng Dalei insisted on moving forward,stating that they were not going back but.

Rather heading forward. As they reached the cliff, Shenji's eyes widenedin awe, asking if that was the Bull's Horn Peak, as they continued their journey up thehill. Shenji remarked that it was not only the highestpoint in the range but also in the entire Qing Niu Mountains. Cheng Dalei signaled toproceed to check it out. The entire Qing Niu Mountain resembled a recliningbuffalo with its horns pointing east and its tail pointing west as a river slowly flowedpast the bull. Observing the surroundings, Shenji noted thatthe wind blew from the east, providing a refreshing breeze.

He mentioned that facing south towards thecapital with all four hooves in the water, one could enjoy the pleasant wind and freshair. Impressed by the scenic beauty of Mount QingNiu, Shenji expressed his admiration. Shao Yu, taken aback by Shenji's appreciationfor the landscape, voiced his surprise and questioned Shenji's sense of a good landscape. In response, Shenji humbly mentioned thathe had a bit of understanding. Cheng Dalei proudly declared that they hadfound the perfect location for their new village. He pointed to a gourd-shaped valley with awide plain in the middle and a river running through the mountains below, emphasizing thatwas where they were going.

Observing the landscape, Shenji remarked thatthe wind came from the east and the clouds appeared to look calm, giving the impressionthat they needed to be stirred to move. He agreed that it was indeed a favorable place. However, Shenji raised a concern, statingthat they couldn't build a village, which Cheng Dalei questioned him about. Shenji then pointed out that due to a currentdrought, there had not been much water in the river. He voiced his anticipation that the watersituation in the valley might change in the coming year, with the possibility of floodingduring the melting of snow and rainfall.

Cheng Dalei acknowledged the concern but assuredthat it could be addressed by digging a deeper river ditch to allow excess water to drainaway, forming a protective ditch outside the valley. They agreed to return and made the necessarypreparations to complete the construction before spring. As they returned to the village, the groupdiscussed the plan and construction was in full swing. First, they cut roads throughthe forest and created firebreaks. Then they threw fire into the valley, whichburned for ten days and ten nights, turning the forest into ashes.

The animals in the valley were franticallydriven out by smoking fire. Everyone waited at the entrance of the valley and actuallycaught a tiger. It was the first time Cheng Dalei had evertasted tiger meat. Enjoying, Gao suggested that Cheng Dalei shouldtry the tiger tail, claiming it to be a great tonic. Cheng Dalei reluctantly tasted it andagreed that it was not very tasty. In his thoughts, he found it awful and feltlike he was going to vomit. Huang SanYuan came in handy again at thistime, serving as the chief commander. Under his command, buildings were erected one afteranother: a medical center, a granary, an arsenal, and housing.

The materials needed were taken from housesof other villages, and when five thousand people worked on it, the project progressedvery quickly. The system seemed to have fallen asleep whenconstruction of the village began for another new evolution. In the blink of an eye, more than a monthhas now passed. The construction of the village was stopped by a cold snap. And Cheng Dalei’s fear points were goingup every day and it exceeded one hundred thousand that day. Cheng Dalei's thoughts urged to draw ten timesin a row with his accumulated one hundred.

Thousand fear points, feeling that it wouldsomehow complete his life. He checked his mission and muttered to summona character. As he summoned characters, accompanied bymultiple beeping sounds, he received a bad hunter, a normal ranger, another bad hunter,a normal farmer, and an excellent blacksmith. However, his face turned shocked and he felta sense of disappointment as the last character revealed itself. In his thoughts, Cheng Dalei stumbled uponthe concept of the guaranteed minimum. He regretted his decision and found the situationridiculous. Frustrated, Cheng Dalei couldn't contain himself.He let out a loud scream at the cliff, ridiculing.

The situation, and catching the attentionof Gao and Gao Fei Bao who were nearby. Gao, concerned, asked what was wrong withCheng Dalei. Gao Fei Bao, on the other hand, made a humorouscomment, asking if Cheng Dalei was constipated. On a peaceful day in the Toad village, a manapproached Cheng Dalei with news of a group of migrants who wanted to join their village. Cheng Dalei listened attentively and inquired,asking if there was a blacksmith among them. If so, he asked them to bring the blacksmithto him. Inside Cheng Dalei's room, he was immersedin reading numerous papers when another person approached him.

Looking up, Cheng Dalei acknowledged theirpresence. The person introduced herself as Zhu Yu, ablacksmith. She wondered what Cheng Dalei could possibly want from a blacksmith likeher. Cheng Dalei's thoughts raced as he realizedshe was a rare hidden NPC. Curiosity was piqued, he mentioned that heknew her master, blacksmith Niu from Majia Village. Zhu Yu expressed surprise, wanting to knowmore about her master. Cheng Dalei explained that he hadn't heardfrom the blacksmith and said that he had her master forge a weapon, just wanted to inquireabout it.

He placed his weapon on the table, statingthat he got the haunted axe by chance. He expressed his belief that the blacksmith whocould forge such a divine weapon must not be an ordinary person. Cheng Dalei expressed his uncertainty aboutwhether he would have the opportunity to meet the blacksmith in the future. Zhu Yu confirmed that the axe was indeed craftedby her master for the descendants of General Biao Qi but was lost after the owner was killedin an attack. She expressed her disbelief upon seeing theweapon. Intrigued, Cheng Dalei asked if the axe possessedany unusual attributes.

Zhu Yu explained that it combined specialmartial art techniques to unleash its true power; otherwise, it was just a heavy pieceof ordinary iron. Cheng Dalei reflected on how Hu Lei, who hadwielded the axe, couldn't match Zi Long's strength, and he himself was completely unableto use the skills of the axe. Changing the subject, Cheng Dalei presenteda sword to Zhu Yu and asked about its origin. Zhu Yu closely examined the weapon, notingthat it was not an ordinary weapon. She measured its unique features and identifiedit as a remarkable weapon, mentioning the starburst steel handle, calcined blade madefrom Tian Mountain iron, and the intricately designed scabbard with a cloud pattern. Sheconcluded that it was a truly good weapon.

Curious, Cheng Dalei asked Zhu Yu if she knewwho the sword belonged to or what it represented. In response to Cheng Dalei's question, ZhuYu stated that based on her observation, the sword resembled the common man's sword fromthe fourteen swords of Tian Mountain. However, she expressed surprise that it belonged tothe sixth prince and shouldn't have been lost there. She slightly opened the swords andcontinued her analysis, noting that while there were limitations compared to the swordof the son of heaven, it was rare to come across such an exact imitation. Intrigued, Zhu Yu expressed her uncertaintyabout how Cheng Dalei obtained the sword but reassured him that there shouldn't be anyproblem because not a lot of people knew about.

The sword. Interest grew as Cheng Dalei mentionedthe significance of the sword and the sixth prince. Cheng Dalei expressed his interestin showing Zhu Yu a design plan for a giant crossbow, asking her if she was able to replicateit. She was puzzled by his request, and he clarifiedthat he wanted her to build defense buildings and fortifications based on the blueprint.Zhu Yu assured Cheng Dalei that with a group of skilled craftsmen, it would not be muchof a problem. Cheng Dalei entrusted her and San Yuan with the responsibility of city fortifications;he then instructed San Yuan to accompany Zhu Yu to their new smithy. A few days later, in Tiger Village, ChengDalei was talking to Gao and Gao Fei Bao.

Curiosity piqued, Cheng Dalei asked them fortheir last names. They introduced themselves as Qi Deqiang and Qi Dedong, both from Youzhou,and respectfully bowed to Cheng Dalei. Cheng Dalei's thoughts wandered as he wondered whenGao Fei Hu was in charge of Qing Niu Mountain, asking when the young man became the new one. Deqiang explained that they were sent by theking of Youzhou to visit the heroes of Qing Niu Mountain. Cheng Dalei, trying to keepthe conversation light, asked if Deqiang's brother's name was Qi Delong. Surprised bythe accuracy of Cheng Dalei's guess, Deqiang inquired about Cheng Dalei's knowledge ofhis brother. Cheng Dalei chuckled and claimed it was a mere guess, expressing his admirationfor the renowned reputation of the king of.

Youzhou. Intrigued by their unexpected visit, he thenquestioned why the lord of Youzhou had thought of the mountain bandits this time. Deqiangexpressed his admiration for Cheng Dalei's modesty and emphasized that it was a greathonor for the lord to mention the heroes of Qing Niu Mountain. He revealed that the lord had personally writtena letter and instructed Deqiang to deliver it to the head of Mount Qing Niu. Deqiang then discussed the current threatposed by the ring tribe, who had been invading the borders, committing acts of pillaging,murder, and plunder, and had become increasingly.

Aggressive in recent years. He noted that they were wild but still peoplein their kingdom. Recognizing the skills and abilities of Cheng Dalei and his men, Deqiangsuggested that they join the military service to serve the country. In a serious tone, Cheng Dalei inquired aboutthe meaning behind the lord's intentions, looking for recruitment. Deqiang explained that despite the kingdom'sexistence for 120 years, the Ring tribe perceived them as weak and vulnerable. Cheng Dalei inwardly scoffed at the notionof them being held down and beaten for decades.

Deqiang's words highlighted the ninety thousandmiles of rivers and mountains, but all men should join the military and defend the countrywith their bodies. He then expressed that their lord exclusivelysought talented people to serve in high positions and reassured Cheng Dalei that if he acceptedthe recruitment, he would have the opportunity to become a general and lead future generations. Cheng Dalei pretended to be moved by Deqiang'swords and expressed his desire to protect the country. Deqiang, sensing Cheng Dalei's enthusiasm,questioned whether Cheng Dalei was indeed saying yes.

However, Cheng Dalei expressed his intentionto request time to discuss the matter with the other villagers. He assured the generalthat he would provide guidance to those who might not be well informed, offering goodadvice. Deqiang agreed, informing Cheng Dalei thatin ten days, all the heroes from the mountains in the YouZhou area would gather outside thecity at the FengYu Pavilion, and Cheng Dalei should attend. Showing a forced smile, Cheng Dalei expressedhis eagerness for the upcoming gathering. He then offered to see off General Qi, butthe general declined the offer, indicating that there was no need for any further trouble.

Cheng Dalei insisted on seeing off GeneralQi and his brother, emphasizing that it was a must for him. With Gao and Gao Fei Bao accompanying him,they escorted the Qi siblings out of the Flying Tiger village. As they departed, Cheng Dalei waved goodbyeto them, showing a friendly gesture. After a few minutes, Deqiang asked Dedongif they had still been watched from behind, to which Dedong confirmed. Deqiang then expressed his suspicion aboutCheng Dalei's mental state, questioning if he had been mentally ill.

As the shadows of the two siblings faded intothe distance, Cheng Dalei expressed disappointment as he lamented not having had the strengthto turn the situation around. Gao informed Cheng Dalei that Deqiang andDedong had gone, prompting Gao Fei Bao to question whether they should have acceptedthe recruitment, to which Cheng Dalei sighed heavily, stating that war had been imminent. Gao pondered the possibility of war with theRing tribe and questioned Liu's audacity to have initiated an attack after so many years. Correcting Gao's assumption, Cheng Dalei statedthat it had not been about fighting the Ring tribe, but rather about confronting BlackRock City.

Gao expressed curiosity about Black Rock City,prompting Cheng Dalei to explain its strategic importance. He emphasized that the Qing Niu Mountain hadbeen the only official road from YouZhou to Black Rock City, stating that in other placesthe geography had been extremely complex and not suitable for large marches. Cheng Dalei affirmed that if Liu had wantedto wage war on Black Rock City, he would have had to find a way to eliminate their presence. Gao Fei Bao repeated his earlier question,inquiring about their acceptance of the recruitment offer.

Cheng Dalei cursed and dismissed the ideaof accepting the recruitment, stating that it had been impossible in their lifetime. He believed that if they had been recruited,they would have been sent to fight Black Rock City, which would have only benefited YouZhou,likening it to a snipe and clam locked in a fight where the fisherman would have beenthe ultimate winner. Gao suggested not going to the meeting atFengyu Pavilion and outright rejecting the recruitment, but Cheng Dalei disagreed, sayingthat they should still attend the meeting at FengYu Pavilion. He saw it as an opportunity to observe othersin similar situations. He explained that if.

They had rejected the offer directly, theywould have become immediate targets. Cheng Dalei then tore apart the recruitmentpaper and scattered it in the wind. He expressed his concern about opposing the lord of YouZhou,emphasizing that they had still been in the process of recovering. As Cheng Dalei scattered all the torn paper,Gao asked about their next course of action, to which Cheng Dalei replied that they shouldfocus on their work and quickly build the village before spring. The scene transitioned to ten days later atFengYu Pavilion. In YouZhou City, inside the City Lord's palace,a man sat solemnly among the gravestones,.

Addressing his fallen comrades. He spoke to Han, expressing his sorrow overthe loss of their mutual friends who had all served in the same battalion. Reflecting on their past, he mentioned ChangFeng as the first to die, emphasizing their status as mere pawns at that time. Sighing, he mentioned that he had become ahigher-ranking officer and had more soldiers under his command, but fewer buddies aroundhim. The man also mentioned taking care of Luo'sson, acknowledging the son's lack of talent and arrogance but promising to raise him well.

He expressed playful comments to his fallencomrade, Han, stating that he had envied him for having the man's company in death andexpressing his sadness that if he passed away, no one would accompany him. With determination, he vowed to take the enemy'shead and pay homage to Han at their graves. As he drank a cup of wine and shattered it,he declared that he would join them one day, asking them to wait for him. The man was revealed as the Lord of YouZhou,named Longing, as he walked outside the gravestones solemnly. Deqiang informed Lord Longting thatthe message had been sent to gather the bandits in YouZhou City at the Rain and Wind Pavilion.

Deqiang expressed concern about acceptingthese troublemakers, fearing it would tarnish Lord Longting's reputation. Lord Longting dismissed the concern, statingthat even garbage could be useful if properly utilized. He acknowledged the rampant banditryin YouZhou and saw them as a means to sharpen his forces. He mentioned Qing Niu Mountain, but Deqiangcut his words before he could finish talking. Deqiang mentioned that he had been on QingNiu Mountain and told Lord Longting that Cheng Dalei, the current master, seemed willingto serve him. Lord Longting considered Cheng Dalei a wallflower,recognized his ability to get things done,.

And expressed that if he proved to be useful,he could be given a task. However, if the bandits failed to make anyprogress, Lord Longting instructed Deqiang to find a reason to eliminate them all. Lord Longting decided not to attend the Rainand Wind Pavilion personally and left the task to Deqiang. Deqiang, showing his loyalty, responded affirmativelyto Lord Longting's instructions, bowing in agreement. At that moment, a man suddenly arrived, callingLord Longting his adoptive father. He suggested wiping out the bandits instead of botheringwith them.

With clenched teeth, the man proposed takingfive hundred soldiers and horses to exterminate the bandits within a month to save Lord Longtingthe trouble. The man introduced himself as Luo Tie, YangLongting’s adopted son. However, Lord Longting ordered Delong to takeLuo Tie away and keep him away from the Rain and Wind Pavilion, to which Delong respondedattentively. Delong and Deqiang dragged Luo Tie away ashe desperately called out to his Lord Longting, wanting to prove himself. Somewhere in YouZhou City, two lifeless women'sbodies lay on the ground, and a masked person stood up to a woman who had been tied up,warning her not to scream and instructing.

Her to call her parents, with the intentionto kill them, relishing the idea of her sorrow. He spoke of his desire that if he went toYang’s place, he would become a general and marry numerous concubines. He paused for a minute, showing his evil eyesbefore emphasizing his intention to make that woman his first concubine. The masked man was introduced as Dan Fei andthen leaped away from the balcony, disappearing through the roof as he laughed maniacallywith evil and twisted delight. On the desolate Wild Man's Shore, a personspoke to Koji that his frostbite hadn’t healed yet. Concerned about the severity ofthe condition, which could ruin his legs.

The man mentioned a deal made half a monthago, where they had killed a woman and a child but allowed a man to escape, realizing thatthey could have earned more money for it. Despite their remorse, they acknowledged thatby joining Yang's recruitment, even if they suspected his evil intentions, at least theygot a bit to eat. Meanwhile, in the black bear village of FuhuMountain, a large man lay sleeping alongside a bear. Suddenly, he woke up and let out a wide yawn,perhaps indicating a sense of weariness or the need for rest. Somewhere in the eerie silence of an abandonedcemetery, setting the stage for a foreboding.

Atmosphere, with just a single message fromthe Lord of YouZhou, many demons in the forest of YouZhou woke up. In the midst of a snowy mountain landscape,the old man spoke, mentioning that the ninth day of the month was unfavorable for variousactivities, and he cautioned against traveling far, meeting with guests, and making any significantmoves. The kid stated that nothing seemed appropriateat the moment. He then asked the old man if they were still going to the Rain and WindPavilion. The old man responded with a cryptic answer,emphasizing the importance of various factors such as distance, heaven, destiny, and humansare important, stating that heaven was not.

Benevolent, and the path on his own feet hehad to walk himself. Interrupting the old man's train of thought,the kid expressed their concern about their current situation and mentioned that theyhadn't eaten anything for two days, which confirmed it. Continuing the conversation, the kid askedwhy the Lord of YouZhou had recruited the savages and bandits and chosen the rain andwind pavilion as the location. The old man admitted his lack of knowledgebut warned that they should remain cautious. He speculated that the lord might exploitthe recruitment as an opportunity to eliminate everyone.

The old man explained that the pavilion'sopenness provided little opportunity for an ambush, reflecting the Lord's desire to conveya sense of sincerity. The kid questioned whether they were goingto the pavilion to secure two days' worth of meals, prompting the old man to admit.He asked the kid what the most important thing in the world was. In response, the kid's answer was to act fast.The old man further asked about one of the 36 rules, and the kid answered that if allelse failed, they should retreat. Impressed by the child's cleverness, the oldman praised his quick thinking. With their discussion concluded, the old man determinedthat they should proceed.

The place was set in the rain and wind pavilion,where a gathering of all kinds of heroes from different places met in there.

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