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 Gao Fei Hu got scared and asked his villagemaster if he heard that because they were coming to kill them. He went on to say that they needed to go backto the village and prepare to escape. Suddenly, Cheng Dalei ran towards the ringswith his axe and yelled at the bandits of the Northern Rings, for the Great Cheng wasthere, come fast and die on his axe. This shocked and scared his team while theirjaws dropped because of their village master. The ring guards were alerted and questionedwho it was and demanded to show himself while Cheng Dalei sprinted swiftly and yelled atthe scum of the rings to prepare to die. They pointed their spears for the enemy attack.

However, the rings guard’s heads were choppedoff, knocking out their teeth, and slashing through their bodies. Qin Man told his team not to stand there andgo help their village master. Shortly after that, they sprinted with their weapons inhand, and some yelled to kill them all. The ring guard yelled for enemy attack andordered a signal to the camp. Suddenly, a firework appeared in the nightsky while the ring guards were killed, and a buzzing sound was heard, which scared theToad bandits. The Ring tribes quickly swarmed outside theircamp and repeatedly yelled for an enemy attack. They rode their horses and carried their weapons.

Cheng Dalei screamed and told everyone thatthe wind was tight and tearing, which means that the momentum was not right and immediatelywithdrew. The bandits rode their horses away from thering tribe while Gao Fei Hu asked what the hell he was up to. Cheng Dalei responded by running for theirlife. If he was too slow, he would be shot by arrows of the rings. Someone notified Cheng Dalei that their horseswere too fast and that they almost caught them, which he assured them not to worry,leading them to the main path as he everything prepared on the main path.

Cheng Dalei smiled as he told them to followhim and avoided the roadblocks. Liao Jia and Liao Yi erected roadblocks, rocks, large logs,and dug deep and shallow river ditches on the official road. The rings were blockedby large logs where they suddenly stopped chasing them. His fellow ring member toldTuo Man that he didn’t have a good feeling with so many obstacles in the way, to whichTuo Man replied that they were just a few mountain bandits. Since they killed theirbrother, they couldn’t just let them escape. Gao Fei Hu looked back and told his villagemaster that they did not seem to be able to catch up with them. He suggested they escapewhile they still could and hurried back to the village. However, Cheng Dalei fiercelyshouted and told the rings that he was the.

Lord of the Fallen Leaf City, the Ranger Generalof the Qin Niu Mountain trap battalion, and the holder of the Lord’s seal of Youzhou.He also called them dog bandits of the Northern Rings, coming fast and dying on his axe. Thismade their jaws drop in shock toad bandits and questioned what Cheng Dalei was doing.Gao Fei Hu scolded him that they would have given up chasing them but he roared back.Cheng Dalei laughed while his fellow bandit questioned him if he wanted the whole villageto go down with him. They headed back to the village as the rings were coming to attackthem. It was still dark, and they arrived at the village and quickly opened the gate,repeatedly. The gate opened and they went inside swiftly. While the bandits on the topof the gate wondered what was behind them.

When the village master was back. They werestunned for a short while and suddenly realized it was the rings. A bandit screamed that therings were attacking them. While someone shouted that the rings wereattacking them. The bandit complained about how they couldescape, that they were finished, they felt totally awful, and turned to their villagemaster who was eager to seek death when they should have run for their lives, while ChengDalei remained silent. Gao Fei Hu confronted Cheng Dalei that hewouldn't escape, he wasted time and brought the ring there purposely to drag them to deathwith him. Su Ying thought of Cheng Dalei as she watchedand stood on the side.

Suddenly, Cheng Dalei smiled and laughed loudly. He answered them that they were right; henever wanted to escape. Cheng Dalei went on to say that fleeing, fleeingto where, like a dog turning its back on the enemy, and questioning whether they couldreally escape. He took his sword and pointed at the rings,and shamed his people for being afraid before they even fought. Now that the rings arrived, this place alreadybecome a desperate situation. There was no way back, and he no choice but to lay downtheir lives and fight. The bandits kept saying that their escapewas no longer possible but depending on it.

Was. Someone questioned that their opponents werethe rings, and only 2,000 people of them could fight. They asked if they could defend againstthem. Cheng Dalei confidently replied that there were only a few thousand pursuers andwhat was there to be afraid of. Cheng Dalei reminded Gao Fei Hu that he didn'tsay the rings were invincible and today he would kill them to show him. A thousand ring members on horseback rodeand aimed to attack. Cheng Dalei called for blacksmith Zhu andordered her heavy crossbowmen to push up the heavy crossbows, to which she agreed immediately.

As the rings approached near the Toad Village,Cheng Dalei commanded teams of five, all on his signal. He told them not to be nervous and to behaveas they would in normal training. The shield bearers went right for cover, adjustedthe angle, and let them come closer. The horses moved quickly while Tuo Man alertedhis people that they some people up there ready for firing arrows, and that the trapbattalion would break down the door with him and kill them all. The ring's men shot their arrows simultaneously,aimed at the top gate while they came near the gate.

Cheng Dalei commanded the shield troops tothe front; as a result, they were able to block the arrows successfully. He directed them to aim the lights of thefire below and spread the heavy crossbows. Cheng Dalei called for team one to get readyand released. In the darkness, it was completely impossibleto see the real shape of the village from a few hundred meters away. When they arrived at the gates, they saw thehigh wall, which was difficult to overcome. Tuo Man thought in his head it was a trap. And there were still crossbow arrows thatcut through the night sky.

Tuo Man was hit right into his chest and screamedwith fear in his eyes. A lot of the ring members were hit, bloodbegan to splash, and they lost their balance and fell from their horses. Cheng Dalei commanded his team to load thecrossbow and called the stone throwing team two to get ready. Cheng Dalei shouted for release, where a stone,several stones, flew at the rings and heavy bang was heard as soon as it reached untothem, some were able to dodge, however, some didn't. The rings repeatedly yelled to pull back becauseit was a trap, repeatedly.

Another one yelled to hold formation and returnto camp for support. The hastily retreating cavalry joined thecharging cavalry like a great wave. People rolled back and forth, and there wasno telling how many people and horses perished from the trampling in the darkness. The rings repeatedly alerted his fellow troopsto retreat. They fell back quickly while heavy and largestones flew and still aimed at them. Gao Fei Hu was shocked when he saw the ringswere knocked back by this. Cheng Dalei responded where he said everyday that the rings were invincible, that they were strong and the courage of a million men.

Everyone the same opinions, that was why therings could break Youzhou in a day and the Black Rock City in half a day and beratedthem; they were bound by fear even before the battle started. Cheng Dalei furiously told them now that heshown them. The rings were not three-headed, they no sixarms and were invulnerable to swords and spears, they were not monsters, they were also bornfrom the parents, and raised by mother and father, and they were just as human as them. They screamed when they were in pain, theywere afraid to die, and they could be defeated when they were overwhelmed by enemies, andnow the heavy crossbow team continued until.

They were out of range or they ran out ofarrows. The bandit’s courage and morale were lifted,as they were eager to fight and get in line. While Cheng Dalei gazed at the fleeing menof the ring tribes, his fellow bandits argued about who was shooting arrows. Cheng Dalei stood at the top of their stonewalls, ordered his people that they were out of range and did not waste crossbow arrows. He said that there were only remnants of woundedsoldiers below, and he called for the good men of Toadstool to get ready with him asthey would rush out and kill those animals quickly.

Cheng Dalei raised his swords while his peoplecheered for him. Their gate was opened and they rushed outon their horseback for an attack. Two thousand men from the mountain fortressrushed out to kill the fleeing rings, while the remnants of the ring’s tribe were onlytwo or three hundred people, and the men and horses were exhausted. Besides, they injuries;they simply could not offer effective resistance. Cheng Dalei was not in a hurry to kill thembut only wanted to slowly exhaust the physical strength of the survivors. Eventually, the survivors were driven intoa ravine by Cheng Dalei’s deliberate pursuit. This was like a bag.

The hundred Liu family elites that Lin Shaoyuled were the last rope to close this bag, and he alerted his troops that they were coming. Lin Shaoyu said that the leopard wolf wasin the bag and struck. Overnight, seven hundred and twenty ring membersdied at the city gates, and the three hundred survivors were annihilated at the Qin NiuMountain pass. From the Toad Village, several people were killed, dozens were seriouslywounded, and more than a hundred were lightly wounded. Morning came at the Qin Niu Mountain. Somewhere at the white tents of the Ring Tribecamp, someone thought in his head that there.

Were only a dozen people who should have beenkilled by now, but kept wondering why there was no news even after sunrise. These people from the kingdom were easy tokill. Could it be that they come across a village in the mountains and started lootingagain, or did Tuo Man get ambushed and they were dead? It was Chi Mei, and someone on horseback arrivedat his tent to report. At sunset, the Northern Ring Tribe set outfrom their camp and sent troops to the Qin Niu Mountain. The battle's aftermath, including a fieldcovered with blood and bodies, was a disaster.

In front of the Toad Village. The toad bandits pulled the bodies and buriedthem. As they draped a white cloth over their faces,they placed the dead in a carriage. While Cheng Dalei stood by himself atop theirgate, the sun was going to set. He didn't say anything as he stared down atthe bloody bodies lying on the ground. After continuing to gaze at the bodies, ChengDalei closed his eyes. A voice emerged and told him that he foughta beautiful battle today. Cheng Dalei replied that it was not bad andthat today was just the beginning. It was the system and referred to him as ayoung man, and it was a long time.

Cheng Dalei told her that she was not outfor so long. If it was not for the raffle machine, he would have thought she disappearedwhile the system teased him if he missed her. It was a year since Cheng Dalei entered thisworld, and he always wanted to ask her this question; he told the system. Because of her existence, he couldn’t helpbut think that this world was actually just a game. The information of the people on Qin Niu Mountain,he could read it whenever he wanted, just like a game NPC. Their character biographies, skills, and evensome personal data could appear, but later,.

He found that there were many people whosedata he couldn’t check. Like Li Xingya, the fortune teller old man,even Hulle. He could only see that he was a member of the Ring Tribe. Cheng Dalei went on to say that the system’sability to view NPCs was not powerful, and some people deliberately disguised themselvesbecause he could not see through them. As he learned more about this world, his imageand the system’s presence were incompatible with this world. The world is real, the system was more likea fusion of Cheng Dalei’s memories, a poor imitation of the system in his mind than thesystem stream novel.

Although the system very little authorityin the world they were in, trembling with fear using cheats and exploiting a bug, therewards granted would also not exceed the limits of the era either. Since he came to this world, he wanted tolive and understand things clearly. Cheng Dalei questioned the system whethershe was a ghost, God, or demon, if she chosen him, but what she wanted him to do. The system responded that her real name wasHeart, and her birth seemed to be related to his soul. She explained that when she first woken upas a system elf, she was just stupid and ignorant.

She only known that as soon as she was born,she was given the permission to manage the system. With that, she could give a mission,operate a raffle machine, and even improve the system’s functions, offering unlimitedpossibilities. The system added that it was a divine thingwith strange abilities, enough to change the world. Even though she hadn't actually knownwhat it was, it left Cheng Dalei confused. The system added that Cheng Dalei carriedmemories of things that this world did not currently have, and she was born because ofit. She guided him along the way. The system winked at Cheng Dalei and saidthat perhaps they wouldn’t know the answer until they got to the end of the road.

Cheng Dalei was disappointed that the systemwas acting like a Riddler again and asked for more useful information. The system sighedas she replied that she could only answer a limited number of questions because shedidn't know much about these things. Perhaps the raffle machine knew more than she did. Cheng Dalei said that maybe when he was transported,both of them was merged by accident. At that time, a beauty caught his sight, and he wantedto make her his own. When he seen treasure, he wanted to steal it. He continued to say that when facing a thousandsoldiers of Black Rock City, he hadn't hesitated to kill, becoming greedy and cold-blooded.Some part of his real personality was disappearing.

Slowly, and even to the point that he neededto release Lu Heng, who slaughtered a village. When he was a guy who just been transported,when he gained the awareness to kill a person, furthermore this abnormal possessiveness. He lived a good life and questioned why hewas transported and why the system shouldn't have been hers. The system sighed and placed her hand nearCheng Dalei’s face. Suddenly, the system flicked her finger onhis forehead and called Cheng Dalei an idiot. The system explained that he was fusing withhis dumbass and that was his newbie protection period.

She added that he just been a newbie who notexperienced life and death. She only thrown him directly into the battlefield to gainexperience. She was afraid that it would only take a few more days before he went mad. The system added that when Cheng Dalei justarrived in this world, the system amplified his desire, so that he got the motivationto adjust in this world. She temporarily protected him from the fear of death, so that he wasnot afraid in front of the enemy. He was able to hold his weapon steadily, and he was notsoft-hearted towards the enemy until he adapted to this world. The system furiously stated that she givenhim a strong heart, yet he was not satisfied.

She complained that the hosts were reallygetting worse and worse at serving. She told him that he was transported becausehe stayed up late and died due to lack of sleep. Do not become a victim of delusional disorderevery day. Cheng Dalei was stunned and unable to speak. He realized that he stayed up late and diedsuddenly, while the system called him stupid and asked if he had any other questions. Cheng Dalei sighed as he replied that he hadone more question. He asked how long the newbie protection lasted,to which the system responded that it didn't.

Last long. After a thousand Black Rock Citysoldiers began to disappear, the system questioned why he asked. Cheng Dalei answered both Su Ying and LiuZheng. He knew they feelings for him, but when he came to this world, he always feltdetached from it. He always thought he liked Su Ying becauseof the system’s influence on him, and he did not know whether that feeling in his heartwas real or not. He always felt that just because he wanted to complete the task, thesystem sent him to pursue Su Ying, and he felt like he lost some value. The system replied that the newbie protectionwas long gone and asked himself whether it.

Was true that he feelings for her, while ChengDalei said that he should take into consideration that they were both sociable. The system suggested he go chase her. Thistime there was no pressure from the mistress of the fort mission. He should go and proposeto her. However, Cheng Dalei hesitated because the Ring Tribe could invade anytime. The system replied to hurry up. If he waslate, he wouldn't have a chance, while Cheng Dalei could only agree. Meanwhile, the system labeled him as a retardedguy. Later that night at the Toad Village, someoneknocked on a door. It was Cheng Dalei, and.

Xiao Ye opened the door when he asked if MissYing was asleep. Xiao Ye replied that she was about to rest. Xiao Ye invited him tocome in. Su Ying was sitting on her bed and asked ChengDalei why he was still there at such a late hour, worried that something happened. ChengDalei was biting his lip and responded that he would like to talk to her about something.He told Xiao Ye to go out for a moment and referred to her as a little butterfly. However,Xiao Ye questioned his village master and asked what he wanted to do. Suddenly, littleXiao Ye was carefully thrown out by Cheng Dalei. She looked back and was annoyed. Shepeered near the closed window in hopes of listening to what he to say.

The candle was lit in the room, where Su Yingasked how long it would be before the ring would attack them. Cheng Dalei replied inabout two or three days because the marching speed of the rings was fast. Su Ying askedwhat he wanted to talk about. Cheng Dalei blushed when he slowly asked if she wantedto marry him now. Su Ying's face turned red and she questioned the timing. Cheng Daleireplied that he knew this was very abrupt, and he didn't have a gift or a ceremony oranything. But if she waited until after the war and he proposed to her, it would feelstrange, like he was planting a flag. So, Cheng Dalei asked her again if it wasbetter to be early rather than later, and if she would marry him. Su Ying was silent,and Cheng Dalei kept saying that if she did.

Not want to, he suggested they could slowlydevelop feelings for each other. She replied for him to relax a little and asked him ifhe was too nervous for his own good. Cheng Dalei was speechless as he looked away. Hereplied not to take his words seriously, slowly turned around, and said that she should restearly. He was near the door and added that after this battle, they did not even knowwhether they would live or die. Su Ying called Cheng Dalei, which stoppedhim from leaving the room. She stood up, responding that she thought she was already his whileher face was blushing. They kissed in the candlelit room. When she lost her virginity,he fell in love with her. She sensed that the gentleman was not blushing and turnedto him with a hug. Suddenly, the light went.

Out. This made Xiao Ye wonder as she continuedto peek into the room. Their act of love burst out little red hearts in the air. When XiaoYe heard what was happening. Cheng Dalei and Su Ying continued making love,which resulted in more little red hearts bursting in the room. Xiao Ye was startled when she suddenly realizedthey were making love. She walked away; it was too sudden and shewas worried about Su Ying because she was an absolute blockhead when it came to this.She should have asked his mother to show her those position pictures first, and Xiao Yewas not sure if there were any herbs in the village that strengthened the body.

The system was sitting on the roof, gazingat the stars and moon, and uttered that it was hard for her to say anything while shewas enjoying a few moments of wind and rain. She was surprised and smiled when she receiveda notification ding that they were rewarded with half a day of rain and wind. Meanwhile, at the Black Rock City, someonewas announcing that anyone who did not arrive within 10 drum beats would be executed. They were in formation while their divisionwas being called group by group, signifying their presence. Someone called the attention of all NorthernRingers.

It was Chi Mei leading them and commandingthem to go as he led the way. They started their journey in the Qin NiuMountain. While they marched on the roads of the mountain,Lin Shaoyu, covered in a makeshift grass suit, was observing them from the top of a mountainedge. He continued to observe them and estimatedabout 10,000 men, heavy cavalry, light cavalry, foot soldiers, prisoners, provisions, andtheir path. Shortly after that, he hurriedly headed outbecause he needed to notify his village master. Lin Shaoyu stood alongside a tree on BullhornMountain, still wearing his grass suit. The tree began to make a harsh rasping sound.

Lin Shaoyu was shaking the tree, sending asignal to the Toad Village. The second master noticed that the tree ontop of Bullhorn Peak was moving, which meant Lin Shaoyu was giving the signal. The second master, reading the signals, toldhis fellow bandits to notify the village master because the rings were coming from the north. The morning came at Qin Niu Mountain. A few thousand Northern Rings marched. Meanwhile, Cheng Dalei and his troops lurkedin the distant bushes. He said that their speed slowed down a lot; however, Gao FeiHu added that those ravines and wooden barriers.

Wouldn't hold them for long. Cheng Dalei responded that they would escapeonce they shot some arrows. They wouldn’t be able to chase them once they got deep intothe mountains. He raised his hand and called his troops'attention to ready their bows and arrows. Cheng Dalei fiercely screamed for a release. Some of the members of the Ring Tribe andhorses were hit and lost their balance. Chi Mei furiously alerted his people thatthere was an ambush and to watch out for hidden archers. He commanded the longsword group to go afterand kill them.

Cheng Dalei, leading his troops, ran deepinto the mountain and told them to keep up with him. All of his troops followed their village masterinto the mountains. The mountain became silent. A Ring member reported to the prince thatthey couldn’t find them after they vanished into the woods, and the forest was too dense.This shocked Chi Mei that they lost them. Chi Mei ordered the scout to explore the roadahead and reminded them to pay attention to the surroundings. With the geographical advantage, Cheng Daleikept setting traps on the road, and the enemy.

Was greatly slowed down. Finally, at dusk three days later, the Ringarmy arrived outside the Toad Village. Chi Mei was holding a map and thought in hismind that he finally found it. The river crossed between both Bullhorn peaks,and behind the peaks lay what he was looking for. Chi Mei wondered how it could become a citywhen it was a densely wooded valley. He kept wondering whose army was stationedhere, and if it was possible that they were the ones who attacked them a few days ago. He brushed it off, just broke down the gate,slaughtered the whole city, and they would.

Have what was buried there. Chi Mei calledfor all his troops and they obeyed his order. He shouted to kill and attack the city. The Rings ran towards the city with theirweapons, barriers, and ladders. Cheng Dalei was informed that they were comingso fast; they did not even have to rest and set up a camp. He commanded his people to get ready becauseit was an all-out war. The Ring's troops were organized and preparedto go up in one go. The battle began, and the Rings were climbingon their ladders while arrows and stones flew everywhere.

The bandits were steadfast in holding theirpositions and getting them down. However, they were shocked when the Ringstribe began throwing large stones. The bandits were alerted to watch out. However,a flaming blast struck once along with the rocks, and as a result, some of them flewback. Qin Man called Zhang Fei to come with himto block the defense line that was broken. The Ring managed to climb up and kill whilethe front-line bandits were struggling and calling for support. Zilong was called outto stop them. Zilong responded that he understood whilehis brother laughed. The Ring members who managed to climb realizedthat it was a dead end but got slain on the.

Spot. They successfully blocked the Rings and confidentlytold them to not even think about coming up. Little Wolf was slaying and slashing Ringswith his sword. A massive wooden pointy log was seen withthe Rings as they continued to charge. The attack came like an ocean wave as theRings tried to break the city gate. One wave went down with a loud bang. The bandits poured oil when the one came upagain. They ignited with fire, as a result, the Ringmembers on the ladder were burning alive. They continued banging the city wall likewaves splashed, while some Ring members complained.

It was so hot. The first attack made by the Ring Tribe beganat dusk. At three o’clock, the Ring troops retreated. When the attack failed, Chi Mei took advantageof the night to set up camp three miles away from the Toad Village.

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