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Fortnite's the apocalypse chapter 96 is currentlyout and this was a really nice chapter it made me laugh I was hyped and I was kind of sad at theend but overall it was a really good chapter and I cannot wait to get into it before I dolet me just let you guys know that towards the end of the chapter you might notice some lessInked characters and panels with some details like not as clear as it was previously andthat's because an occupies had throat and neck issues over the last few weeks so thechapter is technically a bit unfinished so I just figured out something I should mention asit's probably going to be a bit of a shock to see that much of a difference so quickly but let'sjust get right into the video and hit that intro no.

Chapter 96 of Florence the apocalypse is titledbattle City and when I heard that I immediately thought of the battle City Arc of Yu-Gi-Oh butanyway so this chapter starts off directly from last week we're on isole and Jade are confrontedwith one of the two chaos assassins that basically Arthur sent after them she begins taunting themand then notices that Jade is looking at her and then she honestly thinks that he is staringat her body in a very indecent way he so they immediately thinking the worst at the secondbecause she can be kind of gullible at times but Jay just awkwardly just kind of inferiorlyjust says I was just looking at your weapon stop being such a self-conscious old hag it thenpoints out that she's using a long bone and it's a ranged weapon as long as they close thedistance then the arrows won't do any effect.

But then she basically says you thought that wasan arrow I shot as we know from the last chapter that what hit the wall was not an arrow but asnake it then immediately bites he saw they stye as I manages to throw it away and the slithersright back to Serenity I can't pronounce her name very well anyway she seems to be a Summonersimilar to Cheon on goes over to try attacker but then a bunch of owls end up attacking her alsoblocking her from attacking the enemy totally then looks down and there's a bunch of spidersand insects on the ground and then butterflies and other insects and animals show up around everyoneand she then explains their magical power lets her take control of all the small creatures withinher range called summon creature as we see a big image of like owls uh centipedes butterflieswasps where I can tell tarantulas all around.

Surrounding them and yeah that illustrationis kind of creepy and uncomfortable because who would want to be in that situation he's onlythen falls down stating that she's getting dizzy revealing of the snake was poisonous and so theyhave to get the nazians or Percival immediately so Jade being the absolute Chad that he trulyis picks up his soul day honors back so they can run and meet up with the rest ofthe group but as they start to run away the Assassin states that there's no way they'regoing to get away from her as these things share her senses her sight smell touch everythingsimilar where they hide she'll find them but then Jade smugly manages to outwit her sayingthat so you're saying if you can't see anything they'll lose their sense aside as well righthe then uses a magical power Darkness to encase.

Her head in a dark ball similar to what he didto Percival instead of the illness Arc getting rid of her sight as all she can see is just pureabsolute darkness and in doing so all the insects that she has control over begin to lose it asthey can't see as well since they share their senses with her as they run away he slowly thenbashes the ground with her mace encasing them with magical power even though the Assassin doesn'tknow where they're going she has a general idea of where they're running towards and since shedoesn't see the obvious trap in front of her she trips over the magical energy and activates hissoul days Lover's mind exploding which honestly is really good strategic way to deal with anopponent as she literally just hits random air is on the ground and if someone touches themthey'll explode or she can remotely explode.

Them we then cut over to percival's group asthey begin to fight macduff Donnie tries to use telekinesis but but then McDuff immediately goesnext to him grabs his arm and bends it backwards breaking it naziansten jumps forward tryingto stab McDuff but he swiftly and effortlessly evades his attacks he then grabs against by theface poking his hand in his eye which oh man that is brutal and then smashes nazian's head againstthe wall with immense force that is very brutal but this next part actually makes me laugh becauseimmediately Gian tries to attack him kill him his accident gets blocked by one hand and then he getskicked swiftly in the gut as he coughs off blood yeah baby that's what I've beenwaiting for that's what it's all about this is the one moment in thischapter where I truly laughed out loud.

But then as Cheon hits the ground macduff thenWitnesses percival's magical power as he envelops everyone in his hope magic restoring them all tofull health and even giving them a power boost McDuff realizes this and then he immediatelydashed across the walls appears behind Percival gets him in a choke hold and then aspersel triesto struggle he then snaps percival's neck with Percival dropping to the ground as Donny thenuses telekinesis and throws McDuff away now this Percival is dying for the second time in theseries so far and oh man I uh that that was brutal Nazi hands was blue but Percival oh man personalis way too precious for this world he does not deserve to die twice then again him dying toIronside the first time was actually the most brutal thing that has happened to him thisis a close second but man wow okay anyway so.

Donnie throws away McDuff getting him away fromhim as he goes over to check on Percival and as they realizes their sound is back they can speakagain and his powers basic ally sound Erasure which is good good for him perfect for assassinationsand makes sense why none of the festival goers managed to witness anything and even chillingsurprised that he managed to spot their healer and take him out immediately Donnie and naziansare trying to get personal to wake up but gion just looks at them coldly and just says give itup his neck is broken he's already dead with a panel of Percival with lifeless eyes as he is notresponding to any of their calls Donnie is just infuriated actually how can you talk about thatto a comrade as Shonda says all he did was calmly point out what I saw thousand States the obviousthat his personal magic that kept them all alive.

But you know says if you want to be sentimental bemy guest but in the end I'm just saying he was the kind of human who'd die in an alley like this ifhe hadn't been propped up as a night of a prophecy he would have lived longer infuriating nause andDani ending the chapter so oh man okay I have to say this yes chion is correct to try maintain acomp stance but he is not phased At All by the fact that Percival is dead we all know the manis kind of a bit of a sociopath in a Christian simp to a large degree if this was Tristan he'dbe freaking out but I am oh man why couldn't we just get a full like maybe like two pages ofjust cheat on getting his ass kicked instead of just one singular panel and that's not my issuehere but seriously with how he acts I just want the man to get his ass kicked more often anywaythat was the chapter Percival got killed for the.

Second time in the series for those very possiblethis is third if he did end up dying in chapter one like uh Ironside assumed but either way he'snot gonna stay dead for long it's probably billion dollar two three chapters because remember duringthe sastana arc when Percival died the first time it took about two chapters until he got reviveddue to the hope of his friends around him and I feel like they should just if they calm downthey'll remember that percival's power was hope and he died previously by multiple staffwounds his heart being basically destroyed by Ironside so if they just managed to get to on andthey can all just hope hope for Percival then he will be revived because I don't think Donnie andnazian's hope will be enough to revive her is very cold towards everybody despite him basicallybeing alive thanks to Percival not showing any.

Form of gratitude you know what I will make afull chion video within the next month or two because I really want to talk about this guyand my dislike him why everybody decides him but I gotta say I like this chapter it was quickagain nakaba had health problems so not too much happened in this chapter which is why we wentthrough it very quickly but everything seems to be going fairly poorly for our group ANS group had toflee and right now percival's group has Percival dead and the enemy was thrown away only for thisguy is probably gonna find another opening to try and take them down now that they're all in thisarray over what happened to Percival landslan and Gawain are still at the end so I have no idea whatthey're gonna do if they're like sitting this Arc out or something's gonna happen and we still haveto check back in with Tristan because his last.

Chapter he was basically being thrown to and fromthe ground with a bunching of ability like a yo-yo getting punched endlessly so I'm curiously whathappens with Tristan because he's definitely going to get out of the situation I'm just curiousto see how because he might be pulling back I'm not entirely sure because he's not the typeof guy that just killed first ask questions later either way this chapter focused on the fight withthe last two assassins and I liked their abilities McDuff is literally just a sound just straightup assassin taking out all sound making it very difficult for anybody to detect them especiallysince that barriers up more or less kind of negating automatical powers or just encasing inerasing magical detection or whatever then you have Sorak chick I can't pronounce her name theK the female chaos assassin with their animal.

Charming ability basically summoning animalsto do her dirty work it's a very interesting circumstantial abilities which are actually allvery perfect for assassination so I'm curious to see how they're going to get out of thisespecially with Tristan preoccupied and they don't really have anybody to heal their woundsright now so yeah overall this chapter was really quick it was very short I like the conversationit sucks that Percival had to die again but you have to bring up tension right now and Ifeel like what knock was going for for this Arc is actually building up the side characters to dotheir own thing go Wayne are kind of out of this thing right now possibly going to show up towardsthe end Tristan's off doing something else which was initially what Lancel I was seemingly supposedto do and right now our main group is fighting.

Against two assassins that landslop was initiallygoing to take down himself so yeah we'll have to see how this plays out I feel like we're gonnahave to see how everyone deals with the Assassins maybe they'll swap opponents for all we knowthat's something that's gonna be very interesting but leave your thoughts and opinions in thecomment section down below with your thoughts on the chapter and what things can happen next whatdo you think of first of all dying again did you all basically laugh have the biggest screen onyour face when Shion basically got a near death blow in one hit in this one chapter and how do youthink this whole situation is going to be resolved and when do you think perhaps Tristan will takeout his opponent and help everyone out or do you think Gawain and Lance I wound up finding a way tobasically enter being in this whole fight without.

Done I hope you guys enjoyed this relativelyshort review because again short condensed chapter not too much else to really discuss butI hope you all enjoyed so like And subscribe to the channel for more fortnite's content I plan todo a lot more videos and shorts as well so look forward to all that and with all that saidand done I hope you all have an awesome day

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