The Accurate Energy of Excessive Stats.#anime #animeshorts #shorts

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As Ark and Ariane arrive in the land ofelves, they encounter the Elder, who happens to be Ariane's father. Along with meeting hermother, they find that the problems they face are escalating rapidly. Consequently, Ariane andher father depart for Maple, the Elven capital, to address these challenges. Ariane's mother,however, consistently defeats Ark in combat, leading him to realize that his high stats aloneare insufficient against skilled opponents. This realization serves as an eye-opener forArk, highlighting the importance of skill and experience in utilizing his abilitieseffectively against formidable adversaries. Furthermore, Ariane's father officially designatesArk as her protector and expresses genuine intent to aid him in curing his curse. The Elder revealsthe existence of a magical pool that might hold.

The key to healing Ark's affliction. However,in order to reach it, Ark must venture into the territory of the Dragonlords and confront the mostdangerous dragons in the world. This daunting task lies ahead of him as he prepares to embark ona perilous journey towards the potential cure.

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