The Avatar AFTER Korra Factual Leaked! (BREAKING NEWS)

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Today I have some huge news about the Avatarfranchise we now know that a new animated series is coming from Avatar Studios and the originalcreators of the show but what's more insane is that this series will follow the story of a brandnew Avatar the one after Cora and Aang so buckle up because the next Earth Avatar's Journey willbe set in the modern era I have a lot to say about this project including revealing the exactrelease date so if you're excited about this news the dudes have a favorite and press subscribelet's get into it for those who don't already know the Avatar franchise is in the middle ofplanning a huge comeback and we are still in the early stages of it but things are startingto heat up through various aptar news leaks and official announcements we know that at leastthree different animated movies are currently.

In development from Avatar Studios over the summerthe first movie was confirmed to be about Avatar Ang and his friends as young adults and in justthe past month we learned that the theatrical release date for that movie is set for October10th 2025. Avatar's creators Mike and Brian said that they wanted to bring back the four nationswith various animated movies and shows but we were never sure what the first show might be aboutthat changes with today's League because now we know that the franchise is planning on flyinginto the Future Past every known Avatar's era including those of both Aang and Cora this moveis unprecedented for a few reasons the first is that this new Earth Avatar series reportedlyalso be released on Paramount Plus in 2025 the same year as the adult and movie now I know thatAvatar Studios is betting big on the franchise but.

Producing two different Mainline projects backto back like this seemed pretty implausible to me like it's kind of unheard of for any Studiothat's not named Marvel at least that's what I initially thought but then I took a closer lookat Paramount and how they've been handling their other popular animated franchises what I foundshocked me because Paramount's released strategies for SpongeBob South Park and Beavis and Buttheadwere eerily reminiscent of the Avatar leaks we got today and I realized that by looking at the past Icould exclusively determine what the exact future release date of the series would be here's how Idid it at the end of 2020 Paramount released not one but two new South Park movies onto Paramountplus and then only 48 days later in February 2021 they released the 25th season of the adultanimated show now remember that number 48 days.

It's gonna be important later for those unfamiliarwith Beavis and Butthead it was an extremely popular 90s show that aired on MTV whateverthat is what's important though is that there hadn't been any new episodes of Beavis in over adecade and 2022 was the year of their return so you might be wondering how Paramount decided tobring back this beloved franchise while in June of this past summer they released a brand newBeavis and Butthead movie on the Paramount plus and then only 42 days later they dropped season9 the First new season of the show since 2011. 42 days remember that too in the case of SpongeBob anew movie hit theaters in August 2020 and a seven months later a new SpongeBob spin-off series hitParamount plus while this seems to break the trend that record turnover time between a new movie anda show it's important to note that Paramount plus.

Itself also launched on March 4th 2021 along withboth SpongeBob projects this sets the precedent of Paramount wanting to release a new series ontheir streaming service alongside a corresponding movie so that the franchise's overall presenceis larger across the platform before I tie all of this back to Avatar there is one more thing thatwe must briefly cover in Hollywood the theatrical release window refers to the amount of time thata movie is shown exclusively in theaters before heading to its respective streaming service thecurrent industry standard for this window is 45 days and Paramount to tears tour pretty closelyout of the 8 movies that Paramount released to theaters in 2022 and six of them landed on theParamount plus streaming service after exactly 46 days all of this industry background infowas important because the Avatar Aang movie is.

Releasing in theaters meaning that Paramounthas to abide by their exclusivity agreements the October 10 2025 release date for the adultand movie is set in stone that is the day that Paramount told their investors and is unlikely tomove unless another Global Health crisis happens using that date and everything we've learned aboutParamount's release strategy I can't guarantee that the Avatar Aang movie will hit ParamountPlus at the end of November 2025 but I can get even more specific than that and can confidentlynarrow down the exact day of the earth-binning Avatar's Premiere we know that the Aang moviewill be available for streaming during that week because the theatrical window 45 days will closeon November 24th 2025 from SpongeBob we know that Paramount likes dropping movies and new streamingshows on the same day so it follows that as soon.

As the Aang movie releases on Paramount plusthe Earth Avatar series will be right alongside it these are the most popular animated shows onParamount plus right now and they all premiered on Thursdays I guess that's just the designatedanimation day for the company so it wouldn't make sense for the next Avatar series to also bereleased on a Thursday specifically the 27th of November 2025 but this this is where there is aslight problem because that particular Thursday just so happens to land on Thanksgiving a nationalholiday in the United States I assumed that it'd be unlikely for Paramount to release a new show onthe actual holiday rather than a few days before especially for a show like avatar for the returnof their most critically acclaimed franchise but then I took another glance at past Trends andsaw that Paramount plus actually had a history.

Of successful Thanksgiving releases in 2021 atthe South Park movie premiered on Thanksgiving Day and in 2022 the same was true for the returnof the Criminal Minds franchise so with all that said I can exclusively confirm the animatedseries about the next Earth spinning Avatar will air on Thanksgiving Day November 27 2025 andgo ahead and quote me on that obviously this is speculation but with everything I've shown youI'm still about 97.24 confidence I would even bet that the ing movie has an end credits scenethat teases the next Avatar maybe they'll show core dying or probably just a straight up trailerbut regardless now that you know know when the show is coming out I'm gonna tell you what thestory will likely be about Avatar is a fantasy series and the more the four nations resemblesthe real world the less fancifully we'll feel.

With its 1920s New York aesthetic the legend ofcore was already pushing it and then the giant mech suit appearing the show's finale was a bittoo much even for me like as cool as it may sound I'm pretty sure no one actually wants to see aniPhone in the next Avatar story if nothing would kneecap this franchise faster than seeing thegang doing Tick-Tock dances or something like that luckily even if Corey does live to be over 100years old bringing the Earth Avatar series up to the present day I don't think the technologyin the new series will have much in common with ours in the real world War's show ended withher creating a new spirit portal and leaving it open allowing humans and Spirits to exploreeach other's worlds for the first time in 10 000 years this event put a dent in the Avataruniverse and definitely diverted technological.

Progression we already saw in the later seasons ofcore that the spirit world offers a new source of energy that can be exploited for technologicaladvancements whether they be for benevolent or malicious purposes for a series based on afuture Avatar I would guess the technology won't really resemble computers and iPads butinstead would still look pretty forward since their Advanced Tech would all leverage weirdSpirit World Magic like I have no idea what that version of the four nations would even looklike but I'm excited to see what Avatar Studios Cooks up as for what the next Avatar story willbe about I think the answer is pretty obvious core has lost connection to the Past Avatar livesabsolutely needs to be remitted imagine the plot involves the new earth-bending avatar having toJourney Through the spirit world re-establishing.

Connections with his past incarnations thatwould make for a solid first season and could be a strong launching point for the franchise atlarge I'll talk more about this in a future video but there's kind of a trend in the Avatar cyclewhere each Avatar inherits and ends up having to fix the greatest failure of their predecessor tooversimplify it Roku let the war happen so Aang had to end the war the air Nomads perished underAang's watch so core had to bring back the air Nomads and then core lost her Avatar connectionso the next Avatar will have to fix that in the most recent Avatar comic book that came outearlier this month Cora out of nowhere brings up her lost connection with her past livesso this issue is clearly top of mind for the creatives over at Avatar Studios but even if theydecide not to re-establish the connections which.

Would suck the fact that the next Avatar can onlytalk to core will undoubtedly play center apart in their story so we know the next app Avatar'sJourney will include the spirit world strange new technologies the Past after our lives and oh yeahAang's grandkids all avatars have to learn air bending and the only air bending Masters aroundare in tenzin's family Genora ikimilo and Rohan will definitely play a part in the next serieslikely as mentors for the next Avatar I also think that they'll be the main connective tissuefrom The Legend of Korra anchoring the audience within the changed World in that same comicthat came out earlier this month 4 out of the eight news stories were about nor iki or Milothere were just as many stories about Milo as the war about core herself and there literallywasn't a single mention of Mako or Berlin so.

Once again I think this makes it clear that angerguitar's lineage is top of mind for the franchise creators now I can't end this video without atleast mentioning the legend of Genji Genji was an extremely popular fan-made Avatar that offereda taste of what an avatar series after core might look like the quality of these series artwork andof their World building were absolutely incredible they got almost everything right the novel ideaof a sampling Avatar the 1960s aesthetic Aang's grandkids as mentors diverse unexplored culturesnew bending sub elements and a festering political conflict Genji was so good in fact that a ton ofpeople assumed it was an official continuation and even viewers who knew that it was fan madesecretly hoped that Avatar Studios might just buy Genji and make it Canon those dreams wereunfortunately short-lived because following.

This recent Avatar announcement the legend ofGenji team confirmed that they are ending their project after only releasing a few chapters yunjihad a lot of promise and a ton of momentum behind it this fan made series was so popular thateven the official Avatar YouTube channel was using Genji as a tag to boost their own videosthe Genji team knew what they were doing and they knew what the fans wanted I legitimatelyhope that Avatar Studios take some inspiration from Genji's story as they start finalizingthe world of the next earthbending Avatar

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  1. 6:24 “Nothing would kneecap this franchise sooner than seeing the Gaang doing tiktok dances”Proceeds to account for easy strategies to make the Gaang doing tiktok dances see suited for the next 34 seconds lol

  2. I'm unusual what the memoir's going to be about.Fancy with the customary it turned into generally the memoir of Aang studying easy strategies to be the Avatar and looking to reconcile that with what he's advise to create,for Korra is turned into more of an exploration of her as a particular person and the procedure of the avatar in the stylish day,You’ll be in a location to seem this when they enter the avatar articulate, Aang has far less management however unheard of more energy, however he didn't wish to enter it because he would lose management, except later in the series where he had more management over it,Korra had most though-provoking management however her avatar articulate is unheard of weaker, however she outlined herself as The Avatar in a world that didn't genuinely seem luxuriate in it most well-known one which unheard of, so if the enviornment didn't need an avatar then what turned into her procedure and who turned into she?So i'm unusual what they'll create for this contemporary series.

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