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Yo what's going on guys today I'm gonna betalking about some good upcoming anime that you guys should be watching for a few of these Ihave been waiting years for them to get a anime announcement and for one of them I thought myHope was over win that Manga ended but here we are it got a anime announcement and a trailerfor it looks amazing and I really cannot wait to share it with you guys because if you are athigh lover like myself you really are going to love that anime announcement but without furtherdelay let's get right into this countdown if you are a fan of do you love your mom and her two-timemulti-target attack you are going to love this anime it's basically the same premise except youare replacing a op mother with a op sister this anime looks really good I really love the trailerfor this it has a lot of ara aras and the ecchi i.

This looks like it's going to be really good Ihad read a bit of the manga because of the slow translation I put off reading for a while and justas I was about to pick it back up it got a anime so I'm going to watch the anime first thengo back and read the Manga but from what I read from the manga this is going to be a reallynice niche field series that I always love so you have similar taste to me more than likely you aregoing to really enjoy this series Undead unlock is a series that I have had on my to read list fora long time and as soon as I was about to start reading this series it got a anime announcementjust like the previous series on this list but with this series I know nothing about it I knowit's a shiny jump series and from what everyone is telling me about this series is a reallygood series that is going to really blow up.

When that anime is released and just judging fromthe trailer is looks like it's going to be a good anime but I have to say this in some scenes theanimation is a bit choppy but I'm hoping that that's just because this is a trailer Temple wasa manga I always knew was going to get a anime it was just only a matter of time the manga forit is fire I love a good harem manga and Temple is just that the trailer for it looks amazing thewaifus look cute as heck and I really cannot wait for this series to air now the legendary hero isdead is a series I think I already put you guys on I already showed each other for it once but Ijust had to do it again a new trailer just aired for it and my excitement for it has reached a newpoint like I said in the intro this series is made for people who love thick thighs this is a animefor the thick thighs cult this is a series that is.

Going to start off silly like konosuba but as itgoes all they're gonna get a lot of depth you're gonna truly feel sorry for some characters andyou are going to quickly realize that this anime is more than its jokes and big thighs if donecorrectly this to be one of the top five anime to come out this year in my opinion but that'sjust my opinion but anyways that'll be all guys on the screen right now there should be two videosthat you guys should like please go watch them and leave a like and comment on your way out andalways remember I love you my little weeblitz

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