The Boys meme compilation 😂 The boys | Anime humorous moments in hindi | Anime thug existence in hindi #4

I've told you countless times before, But while I'm out, you must never venture into the city. Yeah, I won't. Right. Mash, you're such a good,amenable son. Now, I'll be on my way. Be safe. Sorry, Dad. Hmm. I saw him running towards him screaming,.

A few frights ago. What's this ? Hey, you got it wrong. I got what wrong ? I know what you're thinking but I don't belong to them. You're lying. No, no, no. Don't be a dumb-Look at me ! I don't need to. With that bald head, there's no denying it.

No Look ! It's me. Me ! You know, the guy who's a hero for fun- Never heard of you. Oh, I see… Boss Jirocho is an important person ! By rights, he shouldn't bow his head like Ninja like you ! Even if he did bow his head, I'd flatly refuse to escort a guy like you Oh yeah?!.

Need a lift. why did you say that ? because now you were going on foot that's why. But still I didn't ask you for a lift, did I? Oh Yes i must be mistaken. I've never seen anyone use a magic wand like that before. Threaten my family again… and I'll kill you.

How can you possibly keep up with me ? Can I go home ? What did you say ? Wind blade kick ! Checkmate. Sorry !

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