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Without armor protection Kill in one shot Do it ! Sudden The killer feels a lot of pressure A scion of established nobility, and then the undersecretary's son from Bureau of magic. All the bigwigs of society, so to speak. Maintenance of wands and reviewing of grimoires. They're devoting themselves to the exam.

It's only proper to have ambitious candidates for a school as prestigious as ours. Because of all the poison in his body. he couldn't stop the bleeding with his breathing in time I see So, I must be hallucinating Inosuke stuck on the ceiling above me. hey don't worry Let's ignore that prank call and keep going ! I wouldn't advise it. Each of the seven wonders is unbeatable in their own territory.

For me, that's the bathroom. But if you want to see what happens when you leave the path and make her angry, I won't stop you. Who are you ? I am Guy Leaf Village Smartest and Most Dangerous Taijutsu Sensei You are taijutsu sensei.

Where did you cut this bowl from ? You are deemed a pro and will get paid from donations collected by the Association. All heroes in the public eye are registered, professional heroes. You may be doing plenty of hero work, but self-proclaimed heroes are really just weir… dos… …weirdos spouting nonsense viewed with suspicion”. I am overseeing today's entrance examination.

My name is Claude lucci. The pleasure's all mine. C-Claude Lucci ! This year's seventh best up-and-coming mage ! He's said to have mastered countless advanced spells despite his youth ! How exhilarating. Praise and worship me even more ! It must've been hot coming out of the fire like that. I see…

I suppose it must be that they felt no need to go through the trouble of interviewing you. Master ? Yeah, after all… I'm just a class C hero with a score of 71 points. Impossibe ! So I mistakenly thought the top half of the “C” was part of an “S” Stop analyzing it !

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