The CIS Droid Navy’s Lethal Flaw – Star Wars #Shorts

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Why did the Separatists need tactical droids? Initially, the CIS droid army relied on aCentral Control Computer to coordinate their battle droid squads, but this turned out tobe a major weakness. And they quickly discovered that B1 battledroids, while effective against civilians, were no match for trained soldiers. After the Battle of Naboo, the B1s were upgradedto be independent thinkers. However, cost-cutting measures led to a severedrop in performance as regular maintenance and updates were skipped. Baktoid Combat Automata, the manufacturersof the Sepratist’s droid armies, then deployed.

Tactical droids that were specifically designedto plan battle strategies and better coordinate troops on the battlefield. The early days of the war saw the use of T-seriesdroids, but later, the Separatists deployed the ST-series with higher intelligence andbetter tactical analysis, mimicking the military structure of their organic opponents.

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