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Sadly, we won’t be having any new episodesexcept “Paris Special” until 2025 and even though it’s been only a while thatthe finale of season 5 was premiered, a lot of theories about season 6 are spreading theentire social medias right now. Funny enough there are some crazy ones thatI couldn’t believe once I read them and in this video we’re going to be talkingabout them. We’re starting with the funniest one tome. Chloe’s death. We know that in episode 23, Revolution, Chloewent too far and tried to conquer whole Paris by using the power of miraculous.

Because of her, the identity of Ladybug andCat Noir almost got revealed. However, Ladybug and Cat Noir unlocked a newavailability which is unlimited power, they managed to save the day once again. Seeing what her daughter caused, Audrey decidedto send Chloe back to New York. We saw the scene where Chloe was on planeand calling Marinette. So according to some rumors on the internet. Audrey decided to throw Chloe out of the planeor Chloe had fallen into the sky by mistake. …. Hilarious. There’s actually a community on the internetthat still believes to this information.

Lila’s Plan: We know Lila is a trash person. She’s a sneaky liar who uses every chanceto manipulate people. She is hungry to attention. Though we know the motivation behind her actsafter Ladybug’s expose of Lila in front of Adrien and Marinette’s clear feelingstowards her, we still didn’t know why Lila decided to come to Marinette’s school. According to some fans we also have answerfor that. Back in time, in Paris, when Sabine did alittle travel to her land, China, Tom cheated on Sabine with an Italian woman.

However, he didn’t take the responsibilityfor the baby and Lila’s mom got in depression. She left her in child protection agency andLila grew up as adopted. Also she never had the attention she wantedwhile growing up. This is the reason why she always comes upwith lies to have attention from others. When she grew up, she found her mom and thenher real dad, who is Tom. With her stepmother, they moved to Paris. Ugh. Kwamis are going to be humans and they aregoing to be friend with Marinette and Adrien: In episode “Dearest Family” we saw theone of the kwamis, Tikki, transforming into.

A human shaped figure when she lost her mindand created a giant lucky charm. And after this episode, in the finale, wesaw Plagg and Tikki’s transforming into giant creatures. So now fans think that kwamis can transforminto human and act like friends of the characters. However, of course, these are not true. Kwamis are divine, spirit-like beings thatembody abstract concepts or emotions like love, beauty, creation, and mathematics. Their essence is intrinsically tied to thesecosmic principles, setting them apart from physical, biological entities like humans.

Unlike their cousins, the Renlings, who embodyhuman values and thus have a more direct connection to human existence, Kwamis are associatedwith more abstract and universal notions. Kwamis were initially imperceptible to regular,tangible life forms, including humans. It was only when a Chinese mage created theMiraculouses that they gained the ability to manifest in a physical form. However, this physical form is still contingentupon the possession of their respective Miraculous by an owner. They don't naturally possess a physical form;rather, the Miraculouses act as a conduit for them to interact with the material world.

This implies that their true nature is notcorporeal, and therefore, a transformation into a human form would be incompatible withtheir spiritual essence. Finally, their main role is to assist andempower their Miraculous holders, not to become like them. They've formed bonds with humans, true, butthose relationships are built on the premise of them being distinct, otherworldly entitiesgranting powers, not on them becoming human themselves. Emily is the grand daughter of Marianne Lenoir: We saw Marianne Fu in season 3 and 4.

She’s a minor character. She’s the old comrade and lover of MasterFu Marianne is very brave and thinks of others before herself. During World War II, she stayed in Paris evenwhen it was dangerous. She helped the resistance, and this gave Futime to run away with the Miracle Box. Many years later, she hid so that Hawk Mothcouldn't find Fu through her. She is a hero who always tries to do what'sbest for everyone. So back in the past, fans claimed that Emilycould be the grand daughter of Marianne Lenoir. Because they both share the similar qualifications.

They both have gray hair, green eyes and lightskin. But this theory can’t be true at all, Firstof all, Marianne should’ve known that her granddaughter was infertile. So she would known that they used peacockmiraculous and created Adrien. It’s just wrong from the beginning. Furthermore, Marianne doesn’t seem to bewealthy unlike the parents of Amelie and Emily. So this doesn’t make sense at all. Zoe is the daughter of Gabriel Agreste: Before the peacock miraculous was found, Audreyand Andre couldn’t have children together.

Because Andre was infertile. Audrey got bored of this situation and couldn’tstand that she can’t make children. So she cheated her husband in New York, withGabriel Agreste. But Gabriel understood her mistake and toldAudrey to make Zoe stay in New York otherwise Emily could suspect some things since sheknew that Andre had been infertile. However, Emily understood what they had done. She also knew the damage of the peacock miraculous,so she used it on purpose to not see the cheating of her husband and wanted to leave this worldby bringing a child. Adrien’s going to be the next HawkMoth:.

Thought Marinette thinks Gabriel’s secretis safe with him, Cerise knows everything about Gabriel Agreste. Her primary goal is to make Marinette’slife a chaos and nightmare. Not only that, she also hates Ladybug! In order to expose everything in front ofAdrien, just like Ladybug did in episode Volpina, she will tell all the truth. Adrien, who feels betrayed after the truthwill choose to be on the dark side. But only with a difference. As a Cat Noir she will defeat Cerise and thenhe’s going to be the next HawkMoth, in order.

To bring his mom and dad back. Based on Adrien's character traits, it's unlikelyhe would misuse the Miraculouses for personal gain, such as bringing his parents back. He's portrayed as kind-hearted, morally upright,and deeply responsible, particularly in his role as Cat Noir. Even though he has emotional vulnerabilities,especially related to his family, he's shown the ability to manage his feelings and avoidimpulsive actions that could harm others. So the possibility of this situation is almostimpossible. Emily and Nathali are couple right now:.

After Gabriel uses the Ladybug and Cat Miraculousto command Tikki and Plagg into unveiling their true forms and merging to form Gimmi,the Kwami of Reality, he has his wish granted. Following a ritual in which Gabriel instructsGimmi to read both his heart for his wish and his soul for his intended sacrifice, herelinquishes the Miraculouses and the wedding rings, finally reuniting with Emilie. Adrien is later roused from his slumber bya kiss from Marinette, and his bodyguard offers beverages to either Emilie, Amelie, or Nathalie. As I said, I don’t believe that this womanis Emlie. For me, there’s no way.

There are some people in the community thinkingthat these women are Emilie and Nathalie. Not only that, they think now Emily and Nathalieare official couple after Gabriel’s death. Okay guys, my video was up to here. Internet is a weird place. You don’t know what you will come acrosswhen you scroll down. In this video I wanted to show you some crazytheories for season 6. I hope you enjoy this video. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel,like the video and comment your ideas down belo.

See you at the next video. Bye!

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