The cunning and sneaky goblin specializes in taking pictures human girls to breed the next technology.

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This group of low-level demon goblins specializes in capturing beautiful human women. Since there are no female goblins among their kind. So they can mate with any female creature. And the ones born are also goblins. But they only like human beauty. They subject their captured beauties to torture to the point of use for reproduction. Due to their short gestation period, they reproduce quickly. A captured human beauty can give birth to an army of thousands in a week. To eliminate these evil creatures.

Yuri joined the Frontier Adventurers Guild as an adventurer. And joined a team of newcomers. To crush Goblin The team believes that goblins are the weakest of all the monsters. They can easily destroy them As they joked along the way, they didn't even realize the potential crisis. At that moment, Yuri sensed something strange and stopped in her tracks. She alerted the magician nearby. At that moment, a group of goblins surrounded the two who were lagging behind.

In desperation, the magician recited a magic spell and released a rocket. Instantly killing a Goblin. Just as she was about to recite the spell again. The wand was taken away by the goblins. The magician was also knocked to the ground by them. One of the goblins raised its dagger. It thrust it directly into the Magician's abdomen. The two of them heard the sound and quickly ran back to offer support. The boy fought with the goblins using his sword.

Yuri took advantage of the opportunity to cast a healing spell. But there were too many goblins. Unfortunately, the boy was stabbed by a knife. The boy's sword was so long that it hit the rock. The next moment, he was surrounded by goblins and killed. The female boxer and Yuri were stunned instantly. She tells Yuri to take the wounded Magician and go first. She charged forward to fight the Goblin. She was in the middle of a moment.

A giant Goblin appeared and grabbed her foot. She was picked up and slapped against the rock wall. At that moment, the goblins all surrounded her. Take off the female boxer's clothes completely They did something indescribable to her Yuri was stunned. With the wizard, she ran away in a hurry. The Goblin who followed her. Hit Yuri in the shoulder with an arrow.

And started tormenting the magician. Yuri has been scared pissed at this point And Goblin, who was smelling the odor. laughed at her. Just when she was desperate There was a light in the distance. A man in armor slowly approached her. In just a matter of seconds, he killed all the Goblins in front of her. The man was a silver level adventurer.

Despite being a senior adventurer. But he was only interested in killing goblins. Yuri was very lucky to have met him. The man pulls out a bottle of antidote and asks Yuri to drink it. But Yuri wanted him to save her companion first. At this point, the magician is already deeply poisoned. The antidote was no longer effective. After drinking the antidote, Yuri decided to accompany the man. To eliminate the goblins together.

Under man's command Yuri cast a holy light spell to illuminate the path ahead. The man killed the giant Goblin in one swift motion. and set fire to the Goblin Cave. The Goblin is finally defeated. The two men rescued the humiliated female boxer. But seeing the remaining Goblin pups. Yuri tried to beg him to spare them. Goblins reproduce so quickly that they must all be killed.

When they grow up, they will seek revenge on humans. And hurt innocent people again. With a hissing sound. The men's mission to kill the Goblin is complete. At the guild, Yuri met the man who saved him by chance. And decided to join his team to destroy Goblin from now on They called him the Goblin Slayer. When he was a child, he hid in the dark compartment. He witnessed his elder sister being tortured to death by the Goblin.

From that point on, he saw goblins as his mortal enemy. Even though he was a silver level adventurer He would only undertake the task of hunting goblins. Overwhelmed by hatred, he hunted the Goblin every day. A strange trio visited the adventurers' guild one day. They came looking for the Goblin Slayer. They requested his assistance in destroying the Demon King's army. But he said He had no interest in missions other than Goblin's.

The elf archer was angry and ready to teach him a lesson. The fate of the world was at stake. But Goblin Slayer did not care. His companion, sitting on the sidelines, quickly stopped the elf archer. and told him that the number of goblins in the land of the Foresters has been increasing recently. Goblin kings have emerged. A quest that is equivalent to a platinum level adventurer. Goblin Slayer was energized by the news. He asked them for a map and intended to go alone.

However, the group decided to follow suit. Yuri noticed that Goblin Slayer had a new team. Yuri felt useless, so she became depressed. An enthusiastic older sister came to offer comfort to her. The older sister said that she should make her own decision. Don't worry about what others think. With the guidance of the older sister. Yuri finally gained the courage to ask to join the Goblin Slayer team. In the end, Yuri joined the team as she had desired.

As they chatted, they became friends. An elf archer took advantage of the opportunity to open the scroll. The Goblin Slayer prevented her just in time. Because if he untied it, The spell inside will be triggered The spell can only be used once. So it is very valuable. Not to mention that Goblin Slayer didn't have any trust in anyone. He was worried that someone would leak the spell to the Goblin.

At this point, the old dwarf is wondering where the goblins came from. Everyone has their own opinions. Goblin Slayer believes that goblins come from the green moon in the sky. The moon is a barren place with only rocks. So these goblins are very eager and envious of something other than rocks. That's why they came to Earth. But that's just a legend. After resting, the group arrived at Goblin's lair. The Goblin guarding the entrance was feeling drowsy.

At that moment, an elf archer sent a flying arrow. It hit the enemy right in the head. Without the guards, the group started. An attack on the Goblin's lair. Interestingly, there is no totem here. That means there is no Goblin shaman present. At that moment, the elf shooter in front of them stumbled upon the trap. Goblin was attempting to To create a trap to confuse humans.

But goblins don't make traps. If there's no goblin shaman here. Then there must be other commanders behind them. He saw the fork in the road in front of him. The old dwarf decided to take a left. But Goblin Slayer led the group to the right. Although they were confused, they went ahead. At that moment, a foul odor wafted from the front. Goblin Slayer was the first to break through the wooden door.

There were a large number of bodies and remains inside the house. Goblin Slaye held up a torch and found an elf maiden. The maiden was covered in blood and stench. At that moment, Goblin Slaye raised his sword and rushed towards the maiden. Suddenly, a Goblin appeared from the side. He killed him with a single blow. The crowd successfully rescued the maiden. The lizardmen then summoned the dragon tooth soldiers and sent the girl out. Goblin Slaye found a map in the girl's backpack.

It depicts the ruins of the temple. As expected, Goblin Slaye chose the correct left path. The group followed the map to the main hall. In the center of the hall, there were a large number of Goblins sleeping. The old dwarf sprays wine from above and casts a dream spell. On the other hand, Yuri cast a spell of silence. The combination of these two spells can put the goblins to sleep. If they don't make a noise, they won't cause any commotion. Then, the three of them killed all the Goblins.

Thinking about what happened to the girl from his own race. “The Elven archer frantically stabbed the Goblins in front of her with a knife until they died.She wanted to express her anger. Suddenly, the inner chamber of the Great Hall was shaken by the aftershocks. A giant ogre emerged. Seeing that it was not Goblin, Goblin Slaye instantly lost interest But the ogre thought he was underestimating him. Grabbed a mallet and smashed it at him. Watch Goblin Slaye dodge. Instantly cast a spell.

A giant fireball appeared in the ogre's hand. Just as the crowd was dodging it. Yuri cast a magic shield to deflect the fireball's attack. With her magic depleted, she tumbled to the ground. After Goblin Slaye confirmed that Yuri was okay. immediately fought with the ogre. Due to the Ogre's large size, no one's attacks had any effect. At that moment, Goblin Slayer severed the Ogre's leg with one stroke, but its wound quickly healed, the Ogre punched him onto a stone column. Yuri immediately went to treat Goblin Slaye.

At that moment, he was somewhat unconscious. After drinking Yuri's potion, he immediately regained his strength. He pulled out his magic scrolls in his bag and walked towards the ogre. Observing the tired crowd. The ogre summoned another fireball and prepared to launch the final attack. The next second, the Goblin Slaye opened the scroll. The ogre was instantly torn apart. It turned out that Goblin Slayer used a teleportation scroll to connect a magic scroll to the ocean floor.

The super high water pressure at the bottom of the sea erupted like a blade, directly cutting off the Ogre. At that moment, Yuri remembered what her older sister had said. She helped Goblin Slayer create a strange magic scroll that was primarily used for escape, but he actually used it as a secret weapon. Goblin Slaye walked towards the ogre with disdain. Sword Maiden, the second-ranked gold adventurer in the Adventurers' Union, once saved the world by defeating a Demon King, However, after defeating the Demon King, she was ambushed and captured by Goblins, They brutally tortured her for three days and nights,.

Leaving her blind, Although she was eventually rescued, the memories of the incident still haunt her, Now, as the ruler of the Water City, Sword Maiden faces a Goblin invasion, Due to her past trauma, she cannot face the Goblins herself and enlists the help of Goblin Slayer, As communal creatures, the Goblins have likely infiltrated the Water City on a large scale, possibly hiding underground in the ancient ruins beneath the.

City, Since Goblins are the lowest-level demons, the town will not send an army to fight them, Thus, the burden of saving the city's inhabitants falls on Goblin Slayer and his team, As Goblin Slayer and his team ventured through the underground ruins, they encountered numerous Goblins, confirming that the Goblins' nest was located there, With Goblin Slayer's leadership, they swiftly took care of the Goblins that stood before them, Suddenly, Elf Archer heard a strange noise from above, and the team immediately prepared for battle, There's a boat coming out of the water up ahead,.

And it's carrying Goblin,, Upon the Goblin captain's command, countless sharp swords were launched at the team, YuriYuri quickly cast a magic shield to defend them, Goblin Slayer then threw his dagger, killing the Goblin captain instantly, AThe moment the magic shield was lifted, Goblin Slayer threw his own secret blend of pepper, choking the Goblins on board and causing them to explode in agony, Taking advantage of the situation, Goblin Slayer and Lizardman jumped aboard the ship and quickly hunted down the remaining Goblins, Elf Archer provided cover from above, and when she was in danger, Yuri cast another magic shield to protect her, Meanwhile,.

Dwarf's magic was ready, and He told Goblin, Slayer and Lizardman to get off the boat,, Dwarf then released his magic, which transformed into a giant boulder in mid-air, crushing and sinking the ship and drowning all the Goblins on board, After the battle, Yuri suggested they rest, but Goblin Slayer insisted they leave immediately, The commotion would have surely alerted other creatures in the area, As he finished speaking, a giant swamp dragon suddenly burst out of the water and swallowed a Goblin whole, They had to quickly retreat since they were no match for such a massive creature, Dwarf teased Lizardman for being related to the swamp dragon, but Lizardman revealed that the dragon was known for eating.

Its own kind, Just then, Elf Archer noticed Goblins up ahead, and Goblin Slayer came up with a plan, The Goblins became excited when they saw a light ahead, thinking it was a human woman, But to their terror, the swamp dragon appeared in front of them, scaring them, It turned out to be Yuri's doing, She used a holy light spell on the swamp dragon's tail to attract the Goblins, Although Goblins are not very intelligent, they have strong learning abilities and can quickly learn how to use tools if someone teaches them, Goblin Slayer, however, did not give them that chance, He knew that Goblins were cowardly and would not come back if they knew there was a swamp dragon in the area,.

It was clear that a higher-level monster was commanding the Goblins, They were able to operate a ship and fight well, indicating that they were well-trained, Luckily, Yuri and the swamp dragon helped them escape from the situation, This time, the Goblin Slayer was well-prepared, He bought a canary from the market, a bird that can detect poisonous gases and alert them with its chirping, This was to prevent any surprise attacks from the Goblins,.

As they ventured deep into the ruins, they discovered a large door up ahead, Without wasting any time, Goblin Slayer kicked it open, revealing a knight who was bound and helpless, Yuri wanted to help him, but Goblin Slayer stopped her and revealed that the knight was nothing more than a decoy, In the knight's place stood a skeleton, Suddenly, the door behind them closed silently,.

Trapping them in a Goblin trap, The canary started chirping, and the Goblins released poisonous gas into the room, They were now in a dire situation with no escape and the threat of being poisoned, Thankfully, Goblin Slayer had prepared some charcoal, which they wrapped in cloth and used to cover their mouths and noses, filtering out some of the gas, He also gave some lime and volcanic soil to Dwarf, who mixed them together and used magic to dry the mixture, They used it to seal the door and prevent any more gas from entering the room,.

They knew they couldn't stay in the room for long, Once the gas dissipated, a swarm of Goblins would surely rush in, Lizardman summoned his Dragon-Tooth Warriors, and Yuri cast a magic shield to protect them from attacks, They were prepared for whatever was to come, The Goblins broke through the door, their numbers reaching into the thousands, The sound of their footsteps alone was enough to strike fear into the hearts of Goblin Slayer and his companions, Goblin Slayer threw his knife, but to no avail, The Goblin that stood before them was not like the others, It was a Goblin King, with superior intelligence and incredible strength, The battle was intense, with Goblin Slayer and Lizardman leading the charge, Dwarf and Elf Archer attacking from afar, and Yuri casting spells to protect them, But there were simply too many Goblins,.

Yuri's magic shield was the only thing keeping them alive, but even she was struggling to keep up with the constant attacks, Goblin Slayer knew they couldn't keep fighting like this, They needed to take down the Goblin King, the source of the Goblins' strength, But the King was too powerful, blocking their attacks and using its strength to throw Goblin Slayer out of the way, Yuri rushed to his side, but he was badly injured and on the brink of death, Yuri was on the brink of collapse, She could no longer maintain her magic shield,.

And the Goblins were closing in, Elf Archer was being overpowered by a group of Goblins, while Dwarf and Lizardman were unable to break free from their grasp The Goblin King approached Yuri with malice, and she was so terrified that she wet herself andcried uncontrollably as the Goblin bit into her flesh, Goblin Slayer could do nothing but listen to the cries of his comrades as they were attacked by the Goblins, All he saw were the ugly faces of his enemies,.

But then something changed within Goblin Slayer, Memories of past encounters with the Goblins filled his mind, fueling his hatred and anger, With every ounce of strength he had left, he stood up and picked up a strand of hair from the ground, Yuri saw the Goblin Slayer awake, a spark of life returning to his eyes, The Goblin Slayer strangled the Goblin King with his hair, the lack of air making the king flail wildly, But the Goblin Slayer held on tighter, even if he coughed up blood, he refused to let go, He was fighting now purely on sheer willpower, he must kill the Goblin King,.

He couldn't bear to watch his comrades die in front of him any longer, Then he punched King Goblin in the eye, And he was thrown to the ground by inertia, But even then, he stood up again with his strong will, The surrounding goblins were frightened into stillness, And the severely wounded Goblin King chose to retreat, Facing the bloodthirsty Goblin Slayer, the Goblins could only turn and run, Though the Goblin Slayer wanted to pursue, he collapsed helplessly, Luckily, the Elf Archer was there to support him,.

Even heavily injured, he still cared for his teammates, Seeing that they were all safe, the Goblin Slayer finally collapsed due to his heavy injuries, When he awoke, He found himself within the confines of a temple. His battered armor seemed to be filled with stories. At this moment, Sword Maiden walked in. She spoke of a legend of a miraculous magic, A spell cast through the purity of a maiden that could heal those on the brink of death. Evidently, Yuri performed this wondrous magic in order to save Goblin Slayer.

Sword Maiden was unable to use this magic, Because of the vile acts committed against her by goblins in the past. That past experience had left her unable to forget for a long time. At this moment, she desired someone she could rely on, But Goblin Slayer showed no signs of feelings. Because in his eyes, there was only hatred for goblins. Feeling helpless, Sword Maiden could only turn around and leave. At this time, Yuri woke up and shyly turned her body away. But Goblin Slayer's emotional intelligence was too low,.

He just stood up, put on his helmet, and prepared to leave. At this time, his teammates also rushed over. Upon learning that Goblin Slayer's injuries had healed, The team planned to once again enter the ancient ruins to slay the goblins. Because their mission was still not complete. The Goblin Slayer team embarked on another journey, and the ugly, big-eyed monster in front of them was the legendary creature of chaos, The Eye of the Beholder However, it is under the protection of a deity and its formidable strength cannot be underestimated It seemed that The Eye of the Beholder was guarding something of utmost importance within the room, The team.

Gathered outside the door, strategizing their plan of attack, They knew that as long as the Eye Monster didn't lay eyes on them, they would be safe, However, if it caught sight of them, it would instantly kill its target, As the group struggled to come up with a plan, Goblin Slayer had an idea, He had Elf Archer act as bait to draw the Eye Monster's attention, while Dwarf cast a sleep spell to limit the monster's abilities, Then, Goblin Slayer opened a bag filled with dust, which he released in large quantities, Just as Dwarf's sleep magic was about to wear off, Elf Archer quickly fired an arrow that hit the Eye Monster.

, Meanwhile, Lizardman summoned his dragon tooth soldiers to charge forward and distract the monster, Finally, YuriYuri unleashed a holy light spell, The startled Eye Monster immediately launched a laser attack, which triggered a dust explosion, When the smoke cleared, the Eye Monster had lost all signs of life, And just like that, the powerful creature known as the Eye of the Beholder was easily dealt with by Goblin Slayer's cunning plan, But the question remained: why did the Eye Monster have to guard the mirror so closely? Yuri was curious and walked up to the mirror, touching it with her finger, The mirror immediately reacted, and inside, they saw scenes from the life of the goblins, It was easy to guess that this was their lair, and the wooden ship they had seen before was built here, Someone was planning all of this, using the magic mirror to constantly transport goblins and having the Eye Monster protect it, Their goal was to conquer the city, The immediate task at hand was to dismantle the mirror and destroy their transmission channel,.

Just then, Elf Archer heard the sound of goblin footsteps coming from the ground, There was no doubt that the goblins were coming to take the mirror, The five-person team could only resist as much as they could, Elf Archer first took care of the charging goblins in the front, However, there were too many goblins, and the team's output could not keep up with their speed, The Goblin King, who had lost an eye, also returned to the fight, Seeing the situation, Goblin Slayer had to charge forward into battle, At that moment, Lizardman and Yuri successfully dismantled the mirror, Goblin Slayer saw the opportunity, and had Yuri unleash a holy light, The five-person team successfully escaped, and the goblin's secret base was destroyed, Once again, they had thwarted the monsters' plot Sword Maiden is the second strongest adventurer in the world, but her past experiences have left her extremely traumatized.

And unable to fully recover, Every night, she dreams of those events and struggles to fall asleep, let alone fight Goblins, Now, she's tasked with protecting the city and its people from monster attacks, but no one knows about her inner turmoil, The prolonged suppression has pushed her to the brink of collapse, and she wants everyone to understand her pain and the evil of the Goblins, Intentionally leaving the magic mirror with teleportation.

Capabilities under the city, she allows a large number of goblins to come through and harm humans, causing many innocent civilians to be sacrificed, Fortunately, Goblin Slayer and his team successfully found the location of the magic mirror and eliminated all the goblins in the ruins, Being experienced in battle, Goblin Slayer immediately noticed that someone had deliberately set up the mirror, When he returns to the palace, he directly questions Sword Maiden about whether she placed the magic mirror there intentionally, but he does not blame her,.

Because he grew up witnessing Goblin's cruelty, So he understood Sword Maiden very well, When Sword Maiden asks if he will come to see her again in the future, Goblin Slayer says he will not, Nevertheless, he added that if Goblins showed up, she could summon him, and he would take care of them, After all, he was the Goblin Slayer, Goblin Slayer, having completed his mission in the Water City,.

Went to check his sister Akari's farm for any Goblin tracks, as he usually did, However, in the next moment, his worst fears were realized as countless Goblin footprints appeared on the ground, He immediately went to find Akari and advised her to leave the area quickly, But much to his surprise, Akari decided to fight alongside Goblin Slayer, She didn't want him to be homeless again, so even though Goblin Slayer knew she was being stubborn, he ultimately agreed to her choice.

Continuing on, Goblin Slayer went to the Adventurer's Guild for help, He went straight to Spearman Warrior and told all the adventurers present that Goblins would invade the area that night, However, the adventurers didn't take him seriously, thinking that Goblins were weak and not worth their time, It wasn't until Goblin Slayer revealed that the leader was the Goblin King that the adventurers' faces changed, They knew that the Goblin King could rival even Platinum-ranked adventurers, meaning that Goblin Slayer alone couldn't defeat him, Goblin Slayer asked for their help, but the adventurers still didn't think it was worth their time, Spearman Warrior even claimed to be a Mithril-ranked adventurer and demanded a written commission from the.

Adventurer's Guild before he would assist, Other adventurers followed suit, and even Goblin Slayer accepted their demands, Then he said he was willing to give everything, even his own life Eventually, Spearman Warrior was moved by Goblin Slayer's sincerity and He said he would buy him a drink after the job was done, , The other adventurers were also moved by Goblin Slayer's actions and expressed their willingness to help, The guild manager then issued a commission, offering a gold coin as a reward for every Goblin killed,.

Everyone was excited, and the mission to hunt the Goblins officially began, On the other side, in the Goblin camp, a few Goblins detected the human movement and immediately reported it to the Goblin King, The Goblin King was prepared and ordered an attack, Hearing the distant sounds, the adventurers on the farm quickly prepared for battle, As the Goblin warriors advanced, a shield-wielding Goblin suddenly collapsed in front of them, It turned out that it was the Dwarf and the Witch who.

Had cast spells on them, The battle began, and the Goblin archers and shamans were shot down by arrows, The time had come for the adventurers to make their entrance, The Holy Knight wielded a large sword and cut down Goblins one by one, while the other adventurers were not far behind, The Spearman Warrior easily took out the surrounding Goblins with his long spear, In response to this situation, the Goblin King issued orders again and mobilized the Goblin.

Wolf cavalry, intending to use a surprise attack to end the battle quickly, However, this was all within the adventurers' expectations, The next second, the adventurers raised sharpened giant wooden stakes and disposed of the Goblin cavalry, which had fallen into their trap, However,.

This was all part of Goblin Slayer's tactical plan, When the Goblin King learned that his cavalry had been wiped out by the human army, he became furious and ordered his Goblin general to join the battle, At this point, the people still didn't know that a great danger was approaching, as they were still chasing smaller Goblins, But when they turned around,.

They saw their companion being slaughtered by the Goblin general, and they were immediately frightened, Hearing the screams not far away, they knew that something was wrong, When they turned around, they saw numerous giant Goblins, The battle was about to begin, As the Goblin King realized that the odds were against him, he abandoned his tribe and began to flee for his life. However, Goblin Slayer had been waiting for him and immediately charged towards the King. Their weapons clashed violently in the air, but with his morale low,.

The Goblin King was quickly wounded by Goblin Slayer's sword, causing his crown to fall to the ground. However, the Goblin King was much stronger than Goblin Slayer, and as their duel continued, Goblin Slayer began to fall behind. After being knocked down once again, Goblin Slayer was unable to stand up. The Goblin King laughed and started to crush Goblin Slayer's.

Head underfoot. But just as he was about to finish him off, two invisible walls blocked his attack. Yuri had arrived and cast a magic shield to protect Goblin Slayer. It turned out that this was all part of Goblin Slayer's plan. Yuri's holy barrier spell continued to crush the Goblin King, causing him to become increasingly pained and even beg for mercy.

The young priestess remembered what Goblin Slayer had said before: only dead Goblins are truly safe. This time, she didn't hesitate to act. She continued to use her magic to crush the Goblin King until he died. On the other side, the Spearman Warrior and the Paladin fought like gods possessed, easily killing even the Giant Goblin General. The large-scale battle between humans and Goblins had come to an end. Until dawn, all of the Goblins had been slain, and Yuri had brought Goblin Slayer to join everyone else. The adventurers returned to the tavern to celebrate and enjoy the large sum of rewards they had earned. Each adventurer basked in the joy of their victory. At this moment,.

Yuri asked the question that had been weighing on her mind. What did Goblin Slayer look like under his helmet? Upon her strong request, Goblin Slayer finally took off his helmet, and everyone gathered around to see his true appearance. However, this anime never revealed what he looked like. This anime is called Goblin Slayer and is a must-watch for fans of dark fantasy and action genres The first season of this anime has ended.

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