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I know this isn't my place but the staff here are worried about you Senora is it okay for you to stay inside like this all day long huh sure you can't already be pregnant yet you've been eating and napping your days away it is true that I have been lazing.

Around lately but do I really look that purposeless not to mention Carousel has been needlessly diligent every morning so he makes me look Lazy by comparison I've lived a quiet life this time around that I've forgotten about I was always busy in my first life and.

The opinions of my staff mattered so little that I never gave them a second thought and in my second life I was so poor that I couldn't even afford staff but this life is different what I needed was their testimony after all I have to prepare for the beautiful dissolution of this marriage.

I didn't hear that your residence would be this small I should have mentioned it to you in advance your luggage is scheduled to arrive in five trips for now I've brought the things you value most missing ease so I'll just get these inside.

Raul there is no room inside pardon no that can't be I'm serious this place is barely housing carcel's things as is are you going to continue living in Cal Stella Raul originally he was my loyal servant whom I brought with me to the Palace to.

Use like a slave but now he is merely someone in my greatly reduced Social Circle in my first life he was an orphan on the street whom I saved on a whim and I had him work for me until my dying day but in this life I saved him as a calculated move believing that he might.

Come in handy someday but as it turned out he wasn't very useful at all as a result I brushed him aside but with his decent face and reasonable height he managed to become a footman at a young age Raul who was able to serve the Nobles directly learned their secrets and delivered them to me.

He nags other staff members to make sure I have everything I need between the ages of 16 and 20 when I was quietly wasting away from the memory of Emiliano and my baby he and Juana did everything in their power to keep me fed and alive how can you live in a place like this it's nice here I'm sure there are some.

Who dream of living in a place just like this you mean like me most certainly not missing ease I'm doing well here I don't believe you in my first life I used him like a slave I can't remember what became of him in my second life.

Now in this third life I've left him to be his own man and yet you never change Raul he still acts like a loyal dog waiting for his name to be called anyhow could you have a look at the luggage and select a few things you want to keep okay let's do that.

I see we have a guest when that fellow is around you act as if you're suddenly blind to everything else did the boy make a mistake the boy is that what you usually call him well that's what he is your employee Raul is in fact an employee but he's taken care of me since we were.

Children and he has always been loyal to explain how Raul served me with devotion and loyalty I'd first have to explain why such loyalty was necessary and describe just how broken I was before but that story isn't meant for carcel's ears you speak as if he's a puppy that you raised in your family home Raul a puppy.

Hardly well you do have a knack for treating men like dogs a rude dog a pretty dog a polo dog a promiscuous dog a dog that deserves to be punished maybe I did speak that way but it wasn't intentional say do you call all your prettiest and most loyal dogs by their names like Raul.

Balon he's an employee who's younger than me what do you expect me to bow down and call him Don Raul he isn't a dog so what is bothering you I'm annoyed I don't know why perhaps I just don't like today's guest guest he's a footman from valestana he.

Only came here to bring my belongings like I said he's in attendant for house valestina could it be that you're disappointed that I returned home so early today what do you mean I just feel like I interrupted your reunion it's true that he and I are very close.

The boy and wanna have always been quite protective of me I've seen Juana plenty of times but never him I doubt you'd remember him even if you had crossed paths likely because you didn't see him as disruptive enough to Warrant your attention Raul is surprising skilled smart and.

Sensitive to the needs of the noble class fine I get it he's amazing I'm saying that the best employees are the ones who are at least noticed by those of high stature since you brought him up would it be okay with you if I chatted with Raul a bit more after dinner.

Why are you asking for my permission because he's a man and you're my husband I have nothing to hide and Raul is merely an attendant in the house valastina but since we'll be meeting at such a late hour and you said you don't remember him I just like to be thorough you should keep that in mind going.

Forward as well I know he can't compare to me but his sophistication and good looks are things even the Nobles would likely consider advantageous but even with all those superb qualities combined the footmen won't be able to seduce Ennis.

Only cares about looks that is why she became Innes Escalante at the age of six she pointed her arrogant finger at me and from that moment on it was clear that she had unusually high standards with regard to looks she was determined to take the best looking man as her own our wedding night may have been her.

First but it didn't seem as though NS was ignorant of men at all despite the uncooperative act she put on there were some things she just couldn't hide after all that first night was very long I still feel so guilty that I haven't been able to approach the topic I wouldn't care if NS had 10 or 20 men.

In her past 10 would be better than one and 20 would be even better than 10. but one would be the worst number to think that it was one man who was able to bring down that wall I get excited being around her so how could I ever win against whom the footman he calls her with familiarity it must.

Have come from the long time they spent with each other meanwhile there was nothing about NS or me in those 17 years once brought out so many awful emotions in my dreams I had forgotten about them for a time but the miserable feelings are now coming back to me.

Despite whatever I feel NS is here with me and I know that her standard is me I know it but still oh no no senorita senorita the brush it did that not hurt I've only ever done hard labor before so I failed to control my strength what.

Should I do I imagine it must have hurt quite a lot my hair is still wet so I understand it will be hard to brush just take your time but what do I do about the brush it will come out I'll do it you should go rest I'm so sorry Miss.

Anise what happened that's what I'm wondering I told you to hire a maid I suppose I can still find one in Mendoza but we'll be in calzdala for a while I don't think there's any room left here to hire more people.

The servants and the gardeners are already taking up separate lodgings we could always let someone go and free up a room for the maid do you plan to start driving your own car then or perhaps well you get the servants to cook will you order the cook to mop the floor too.

Who would stay if we did that I can't give up the chef you've never been one to complain as long as there's meat on the table that's why the person cooking the meat is so important it's not like cooking vegetables wait that's what you call cooked the steak looked like it was still bleeding.

It's part of the technique you have to roast it just enough so that it's brown on the outside but still tender on the inside stay still you really should see yourself is the hair oil helping at all not really we really need to hire a maid or bring wanna here.

Wanna will be marrying in Perez she has a man with whom she's in love there then bring him here too you keep forgetting how small this place is I'm always so impressed by his face even when he does something ridiculous he manages to look cute rather than pathetic.

Then again I've always had a terrible eye for men in my first life I picked a filthy bastard who wasn't even husband material and in my second life I chose a poor orphan who was only a painter's assistant just as Oscar's status wasn't enough to make up for his deplorable lifestyle.

Emiliano's love and devotion weren't enough to make up for his miserable reality ah it's out as expected your skills are very good so where is my compensation compensation you need to see this too in s you need to see just how crazy you make.

Me feel you said it was my duty to take you and yours is to be taken and we're just doing what we're supposed to something must have gone wrong in his brain after that night otherwise he has truly lost it I just don't get it what is it about me that he's so excited.

About we've foregone the formalities we had to wear in Mendoza but I'm still wearing the same boring black outfits without any makeup is there something special about my current appearance that should excite a man in all this time I've yet to be swept away by him my cooperation thus far has been solely.

To Aid my own plan outwardly I am supposed to be behaving like a woman with long-held unrequited feelings for carousel I even acted as if I was desperate for this marriage to happen despite the fact that carcel was opposed I'm the woman with no Pride who married a man in a heartbeat despite how short.

Notice his proposal was for a woman like that this honeymoon should be a dream come true shouldn't it I'm sure sleeping with him every time he wanted was the right thing to do I just need to slowly decrease the frequency from now on the plan was for me to always demand that he sleep with me and for him to.

Refuse but I'm sure that's the direction our marriage is ultimately headed anyway carcel will eventually lose interest in me and any affection he might have for me and just like that our marriage will end in divorce then finally.

I will be able to obtain true freedom and with that my true death will be waiting for me at the end of this life we thank you for watching Remember to like And subscribe see you in the next video

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