The Darkish Envoy will defend peace between the human and demon worlds in opposition to the demons!

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A beautiful woman was grooming herself in front of the mirror but there seems to be a human corpse lying next to her kanako enters the tavern lobby after finishing her makeup and runs into Taki who was betting with the bartender kanaka went up to him and exchanged a few pleasantries Taki has like this kanako for a long time today kanako.

Finally agreed to go out with Taki on the way Taki was glad that today was his lucky day he won a bet with the bartender and the goddess he loves is now with him they arrive at kanako's apartment but Taki feels that kanaka was different from usual today kanako takes the initiative to seduce him which puts Taki's doubts to rest after their.

Physiology lesson kanako suddenly opens her eyes and turns her hands into sharp claws she puts Taki in a direct show called Taki struggles to break free from kanako spawns kanako turns directly into an 8-cloth spider kanako said that his purpose had been achieved along the wall directly fled this is a world where people and demons coexist both sides.

Have agreed to live together in peace but there are always demons who want to upset this balance Taki is an electrical salesman on the surface the real identity is a Dark Guardian and cannot go from the bar is the messenger responsible for communicating with both sides obviously the messenger has been killed Taki's Leader found him it was.

The day when the agreement was to be signed the messenger was suddenly killed they had to find another person to agree with he arranged for Taki to pick up the new contact at the airport Maidu Taki arrived at the airport as promise as expected the demons were there seeing that there was no room for negotiation Taki took action he was able to handle.

It easily at first thank you but then someone suddenly grabbed Taki from behind several bone spikes suddenly emerged from his body Taki was able to break free them but suddenly he was bound the other Demon's body was slowly approaching Taki.

he tried to break free but to no avail in the nick of time a distant voice interrupted the advancing demons with a flash of red light the woman split the demon in two at that moment Taki also Broke Free from his restraints he was about to shoot the demon when the.

Woman killed it with a single move the woman's name was Maki and like Taki she was also a Dark Guardian she is here to help Taki protect his contact Myriad just a short time ago humans and demons were about to sign a new peace agreement but the messenger was suddenly killed they had no choice but to call on Maya do as a contact to facilitate the.

Meeting Taki and Maki were in charge of my auto security they didn't expect the Demonic radicals to blow up the flight just as they were getting frustrated Myriad appeared beside them he knew someone would stop him so he changed the flight but may art was an old pervert he comes up and tries to take advantage of Maki Maki who was also a demon didn't.

Like him and went up to him and slapped him in the face they took mayork to a secluded Hotel May Art who was unwilling to be lonely wanted to go outside to have fun they would not have agreed lead after Taki calmed him down a few times he came downstairs to rest the hotel owner had nothing better to do than defying Taki they played chess at that.

Moment the House suddenly shook violently it turned out that the devil had destroyed the protective cover of the house the glass in the house slowly cracked they took out their weapons and prepared to fight but the demon came out from behind them and easily evaded the attack of both of them foreign.

with a roar they were seriously injured and unconscious the demon broke straight into my Art's room Maki attacked directly the man ducked aside and took off his glasses it turned out that the two knew each other the man's name was Gene and he was a radical among demons Maki couldn't care less her job is to.

Keep May Art safe Maki is the first to attack but isn't a match for Gene thank you she was tied up and thrown onto a side bed Jean has confessed his love to Maki many times but has been rejected he decided to force his hand this time he then NADA Maki Maki tried to resist but she couldn't fight Gene when Jin's guard.

Was down maki's hair suddenly wrapped around him Gene reacts and tries to fight back but Taki who has come to his senses kills him with a single shot after taking care of the devil Taki went to the bathroom to check on mayarch and found that he had already escaped the window this old pervert is a real pain in the ass May Art was enjoying his bath.

And style unexpectedly the next moment he was suddenly sucked into a woman's body lust indeed has no good results inside May Art was caught in the devil's trap in the nick of time Taki and Maki arrived just in time Maki directly forced the woman into a corner when Taki rescued Meyer he chilled the demon directly but Meyer was poisoned they.

Rushed to take him to the car for treatment at that moment the demon came after them and caught them and demonic boundary Maki decided to let Taki watch May Art she went to break the Demon's boundary herself unexpectedly A bug flew out of my Art's Body while the two were surprised it burrowed into maki's body soon after the bug suddenly became a.

Python wrapped around maki's body Maki uses her last bit of strength to break the boundary she told Taki to take Mayar to heal first Taki saw this and had to take mayork to the Dark Guardians Treatment Center first luckily myart's body is relatively solid after the treatment he was no longer seriously hurt at this time the guards outside the.

Door reported that the treatment center had been surrounded by the spiritual power of the Demon World the treatment center has a special boundary so the Demon World can't break in for now tati came outside to check the situation but then the demon released a scene of Maki being tortured this is a trap Maki sacrificed herself to complete her.

Mission Taki couldn't just sit back and watch mayor came to his senses at that moment he advised Taki to think about the bigger picture Taki scolded him for treating his rescuer like this he then drove straight to the Demon's base he arrived at the base and found Maki being tortured at that moment a demon in red comes to Taki and charms him into a.

Dream state Taki barely got his weapon out of his arms and killed the demon with one shot then several Men In Black came down from the sky but they were all taken care of by Taki one by one foreign unexpectedly the demon remains that were killed to flow and slowly merge into the body of the leader a few moments later.

The demon leader turned into a stone figure with spikes Taki saw the situation and fired two shots but they did not cause any damage to him at that moment the tentacles of the tree branches suddenly reached out from the wall and bound Taki tightly the demon saw the moment and pin Taki to the wall just when the demon thought he was.

Winning lightning suddenly appeared around him the lightning bolt shattered maki's chains the powerful energy also caused cracks to appear in the Demon's body Taki took the opportunity to break free seeing the scene the devil still wants to die struggling a spike stabbed a Taki Taki dodged the spike and finished the demon with a single shot.

Maki who had sobered up treated Taki's wound they took the opportunity to talk about their past after they left kanako quietly appeared so the demon is still alive kanako said that the unique DNA was found in Taki's body fluids they have a bigger plan on the way back Maki changed her costume the original clothes were in tatters Taki looks at Maki and.

Slowly develops some feelings for her they went back to the headquarters and got serious criticism from the leader May Art was also talking about sarcasm in a fit of anger the leader fired Taki Taki didn't say anything and turned around to leave in the car Maki tried apologizing to Taki but Taki stopped him with the music playing Maki slowly.

Looked at Taki foreign suddenly appeared in the back and broke the harmony it turns out May Art still prefers them to be his bodyguards he wanted Taki to take him for a little fun before signing the agreement the righteous Taki refused him outright May Art had to follow Taki's advice and go.

Back to the hotel when the car reaches a tunnel a spider's thread suddenly appears on the glass kanako suddenly attacked them dozens of spider threads hang the car directly Taki got up to fight but got wrapped up in the spider threads at the moment of Crisis Maki stands in front of Taki kanako Tangled the two together and kept playing with.

Them usually such a villain will end up in Failure as expected the mysterious lightning reappears and kills kanako by following the spider silk Maki and Taki are seriously injured in loose Consciousness when they wake up they find they have been taken to a church after a few life and death experiences their relationship heats up they have a.

Vivid physics lesson after the passion Maki sheds Tears like a human Taki reassured her that at least we had survived at that moment Maki suddenly sensed the presence of a demon nearby the statue behind her slowly cracks the door opens and May Art slowly walks in they looked at may art with confused faces several tentacles suddenly flew.

Out from the statue of the church mayor came to the statue in a Flash he urged the two to sign a peace agreement he explained everything to them it turns out that they are not protecting May Art but may art is protecting them the important factor affecting the peace between human and Demon worlds is the inability of humans and demons to merge.

Perfectly after both sides worked hard scientists finally researched the DNA that could make the two merge Taki and Maki are the ones chosen by the two sides Taki was Furious to learn this news the final demon showed up at that moment mayor came to the roof to confront the demon the Demon's Shadow suddenly extended to his feet his body.

Slowly sank mayart fell into a boundary before he could react the Demon's tentacles pierced his body Taki also came to the roof to help but fell fell into the Demon's trap in the nick of time May Art grabbed the Demon's body from the Shadows he summoned a lightning bolt to help Taki out then he jumped onto the Demon's body a powerful.

Electric current fell from the sky foreign summoned the Thunderbolt that had been protecting Taki just when they thought they had taken care of the demon the remaining arm of the demon started to regenerate the successive battles had consumed most of my Art's power just when they were at their wit's end Maki.

Appeared behind the demon Marie's bodies seemed to have undergone some mutation she took out the regenerating demon with one blow the DNA in their bodies has perfectly combined Maki gained a new power from then on they lived happy lives.

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