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“It may not hit others, but to those it'llhit—it'll hit, deeply.” That was something I've heard not too longago, and it stuck with me since. For me, it begets the question: “how deepcan it possibly get?” How deep of a lesson, can actually bring aboutmuch of an impact towards our lives? Life is like a rock. It rolls downhill, collecting no moss as longas it doesn't stop—but there was something else that wasn't mentioned in the proverb…that, the deeper it goes, the more it's plunged into the abyss. Dark, and cramped.

It gets worse, and you couldn't just go backfrom it. What if I tell you that this, recreation oflife's stages of grief—actually delivers a sense of hopefulness in what seems to bea situation full with hopelessness? A light that permeates all with a story oftwo ambitious children going down a treacherous journey they can never revert from. In a melancholic way of “show, don't tell,”Made in Abyss encapsulates the greatest essence of these two going down deeper into the unknown… the deeper they go, the deeper the story becomes. Yeah, and that's just the FIRST season.

The second season picked off right after themovie, and since that is the one that came out in 2020, we'll be focusing mostly on it. When it comes to critiques, a lot of peoplewould say that the worldbuilding stands above all in the show. While I may agree, the consensus that theanime's world is built upon a good foundation and set of concepts is only applicable inthe first season. The one it was all established in. We were introduced and have been mesmerizedto the monsters, the scenery, and the unique relics of the abyss.

Season 2, however, didn't focus much on this—so,while the anime in its entirety is marveling in worldbuilding, the second season takesa step back and immerses you into the world it has already shown from the start, buildsupon it—and absolutely takes your breath away. Time, and time again. The exact way it reels you in, is also theexact way it keeps you tucked in. What, do I mean by this? Well, it's obvious… the ideas and the story transpired in thistale is also one of its superb ways of doing.

That, but from the unique and detailed world,to the little small, intricate details in every crevice, and the picturesque ambiencein many scenes that showcase the six's layer frightening yet beautiful landscapes… sends down shivers and a sense of warmth,a sense of adventure that's overflowing with curiosity of what everything waiting deepbelow all of this is also going to look like. Whether it be facts or fantasy logic aboutsome weird-looking monster being a malformed person, still harboring so many personalitytraits, or the system in the village on about trading or the food looking so otherworldly—thereis almost infinite things to appreciate about this anime's creativity in visualizing a true,horrific and immersive fantasy setting.

Season one had a pretty rough start but oncethey started descending, everything changed. The way they mesmerized the different layerswith contrasting colors and atmospheres were amazing. This is without first mentioning its otherbrilliant prospects… The well-planned tale conveyed through itselaborate plot, animation and expressions—alongside its raw and unfiltered, brutal imagery ofDETAILED mutilated corpses… worms eating through decaying flesh… children dying and deforming into monsters…and, sadly enough, more to boot. Even killing a random monster and openingup its guts to prepare for cooking was SUPER.

Detailed and although it grossed me out, thatsort of horrific imagery was one of if not the most Made in Abyss thing ever. If, that made any kind of sense… But regardless of that, I don't wish to reinforceto the people watching this the same misconception a lot have garnered from this show. People who only see Made in Abyss as depressingare missing half of it. Even as the series gets darker and all themore twisted—Riko, Reg, and Nanachi's descent down into the Abyss sheds more rays of hopeand light upon their triumphs, upon their discoveries, and adventures.

No matter the dispute, or the hurdle, theywill continue to have that light growing brighter, and brighter as they go down into the deepand painful darkness. Even with everything they've lost and sufferedthrough, there's still so much they've gained and continue to gain—friends they wouldhave never met, secrets they would have never uncovered, relics and treasure they wouldnever have picked up if they hadn't gone into the Abyss… they were all part of the experience. A fantasy that scares you without fail, butenvelops you in warmth that cannot be deciphered into words. It makes you want to scream out, cry, andjump in absolute joy.

This anime that's delivering a myriad of emotionsin flying colors incorporates its message very beautifully in any moment that it can. So, what does that have to do with the characters? Out of all of them, I liked Faputa and Vuekothe most. They're great characters that each have theirown motives, reasons, and sad tales of how they come to be. Their backstory made me feel all sorts ofthings I just simply cannot and won't put into words. You just HAVE to experience it to know.

They made me cry, smile, despair, and feelsomewhat happy. Although it's the end of the line for someof the characters introduced this season or from the start of the series, their torchwill only continue to be carried by Riko and everyone else. Down, and down, into the abyss. There were many amazing candidates this yearfor the best of 2022, like Bocchi The Rock, Mob Psycho 100, Ousama Rankings, and helleven Chainsaw Man. But to me, Made in Abyss' second season containsideas and imagery that can disturb so many to their very core.

It's not a show I would openly agree to recommend,different from Chainsaw Man and Mob Psycho, but one I might think for another second ortwo before saying “yeah, nooo.. maybe this isn't for them,” not because of its brutaland hard-edged gore and violence, but because of how hauntingly beautiful it can get. It's easy for you to go in this wild rideof feels, and just go away feeling like you've just watched a gorefest that does it for thesake of it, without truly understanding its essence. It's not something you go into to be entertained,but down a psychological horror that tears you apart inside out as an experience thatyou just can't fathom.

Despite how far they've come, and how hopelessit becomes; it's still a show that not only continues to depress you, but gives you…a reason to keep on going, with soundtracks that's just phenomenal. I might not be original for sharing the sameopinion as Gigguk, but that doesn't matter… Whether it's Chainsaw Man, Mob, or even Bocchi…to me, Made in Abyss, for all its terror, is not only the deepest anime of 2022. But, literally, the best of 2022. Thank you for watching.

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