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For two weeks now, I've been making a seriesof videos that allows me to delve heavily into the Scream franchise – to bring you guyssome of the removed, deleted, and alternate scenes that didn't manage to see the lightof day. Most of this information is taken from originalscripts, drafts and interviews with cast & crew who worked on the movie. You can check out my other videos from thisseries in this playlist, to help you guys navigate through the videos in episodic order. To make sure you don't miss out on this awesomeScream trivia though, be sure to hit subscribe and make sure you sign up for notifications,so you don't miss a single update.

Today, we're going to be taking a look atScream (2022), and spotlighting a HUGE change to the original script, that was completelyedited out of the movie. More specifically, we're going to be lookingat the original, brutal, planned death of Vince Schneider. His death was pretty quick in the movie wegot, but the original version actually played out entirely different AND there's one deletedline from the original draft, that explains in detail WHY Vince was killed. Before I go on with this, I just want to say… I found the Scream (2022) script to be somewhatof a slap in the face in many ways.

I've currently read through quite a few draftsfrom the different Scream entries overall, but 2022 is an interesting one because someelements are completely erased from the finished movie, but the reactions, and sometimes thedialogue from certain characters remains. Which makes my watch of the movie as it standsright now, quite frustrating as I'm not more aware of what certain characters were respondingto, as opposed to what we see on screen. An example of this, is the fact that in theoriginal draft, Tara and Amber were actually in a romantic relationship, and I truly thinkthis adds a better dynamic to the pairs on-screen chemistry. But there's a specific scene when the teensare in a bar, where in the version we have,.

Wes disagrees with Amber over her overprotectivenessof Tara. I'm going to play this brief moment here,so you guys can understand what I'm talking about. In the original draft however, Mindy actuallywas saying this line in response to the discovery that Tara dumped Wes for Amber. Amber was gloating that Tara needed no “persuasion”to dump Wes in favour of her, and thus the “if I can't have her, no one can” line. The original script is littered with theseplot elements that were removed, but the lines of dialogue were cut.

I'll cover this more extensively this week- but today, we're discussing Vince's death scene. This character was pretty bland for me, I'llbe honest. He didn't really add a whole lot to the story,expect for the reveal that he was related to Stu Macher. Which was sort of forgotten about the momentit was mentioned. His death was so quick in the movie, thatit barely left much of a imprint on my mind. However, the original version was more tense,more dark and far more memorable in my opinion. The entire sequence plays out more or lessthe same; but the difference here is that.

Ghostface seriously messes with Vince beforehe kills him. So, picture the bar scene taking place. Vince argues with Chad over Liv, he is eventuallythrown out…Let's take a look at the scene that follows. EXT. CORNER POCKET – CONTINUOUSVince stumbles to the side of the building and takes a leak on the wall. Part necessity, mostly spite. VINCEFuuuuuuck this barrrrrrrrrr!.

A shape passes behind him. Vince shakes it off, zips up and walks tohis pick-up. Gets in, angrily slams the door and revs hisengine. I/E. VINCE'S TRUCK/COUNTRY ROAD – LATER Vince speeds down a country road. A THWAPPING sound. The truck's pulling left. What the fuck? VINCEMotherfucker…

He pulls over. WIDE OPEN FIELDS on both sides of the road… EXT. COUNTRY ROAD – CONTINUOUSVince finds his right rear tire is FLAT. A KNIFE sticking out of it. Vince, livid VINCERiley, you piece of shit. Vince goes to the covered truck bed, aboutto open the tailgate when he pauses. Vince's an idiot, but even idiots know thatmasked killers jump out of things like truck.

Beds. He girds himself… pops the latch, opensthe gate… Nothing. He exhales. Takes out the spare and the jack. TIME CUT TO Vince as he raises the truck withthe jack. CRANK. CRANK. CRANK.

About to tackle the first lug nut when hehears it: DRIP. DRIP. DRIP…? Vince squats down. It's BRAKE FLUID leaking from a cut line. VINCE (CONT'D)FUCK! Vince retrieves his tool box from the bedand SHIMMIES UNDER THE TRUCK. Rummages for tape for an emergency temp fix… VINCE (CONT'D)So fucking dead.

Try and kill me? I will fuck you the fuck up. And then… FOOTSTEPS crunching gravel on the shoulderof the road. But from where? There haven't been any cars. Nothing but empty space for as far as theeye can see. VINCE (CONT'D)Who's there? Black, muddy boots appear in Vince's fieldof vision.

VINCE (CONT'D)You can fuck off, I got this! But the booted individual does not fuck off. Rather, the fringes of a Ghostface robe descendinto view. VINCE (CONT'D)I said- SHUNK. A butcher knife sinks into the flesh of Vince'sthigh! He screams and tucks his legs under the truck! VINCE (CONT'D)I'll fucking kill you, Riley! Vince scrabbles to the other side, startsto slide out – SLASH!.

A deep gash appears on his forearm. He yelps and retreats under the truck again. WHAM! The jack is kicked out and the truck bottomnearly smashes Vince's face in. VINCE (CONT'D)FUCK YOU!! Then… the engine starts. VINCE (CONT'D)No. No fucking way- Vince rolls out on the driver's side and rises,expecting to find his attacker in the driver's.

Seat…But GHOSTFACE is waiting in the bedof the truck! He BURIES HIS KNIFE in Vince's face and weSMASH TO: INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – NIGHTSam's eyes shoot open and she JOLTS AWAKE! I mean…this played out better right? His death was so quick in the movie we got. It was just a quick stab, and he was dead. I suppose, I took this as Ghostface takinghim out fast as the killer wasn't 100% sure they'd be able to tackle Vince with ease,considering he'd already shown he had a knife.

In the bar scene. He also seemed quite capable. But nevertheless, I actually do prefer thisversion we got in the original draft. The mental games that the killer plays onhim, and how he gradually turns it around to attack Vince in such a brutal way… Ijust felt this would have been awesome to see on screen, and I'm unsure why it was cut. So, another large aspect to add to this characterwas removed also. I've often wondered what the significanceof his death was. It's revealed that he was Leslie Macher'sson, but it wasn't exactly some that was explained.

In detail, or why the death was relevant toTHIS particular killing spree. Well, in the original draft, we get some insightinto this. So, remember that Amber and Richie were attemptingto frame Sam for the murders of this current killing spree. Meaning that everything they did was to makeit seem like she was responsible. During the revelation that Vince was LeslieMacher's son; the original draft had one throw-away line, which completely confirmed why he waskilled. Let's take a quick read… AMBERUm…

Vince is not unconnected… Everyone turns to Amber, who's staring ather phone. AMBER (CONT'D)I Googled him. His Mom is LeslieMacher, Stu Macher's sister. LIVWho's Stu Macher? MINDYBilly Loomis' accomplice, Liv, try and keep up. Liv shoots her the finger. SAMSo the first three attacks are all.

On people related to the originalkillers. It's almost like he'staking revenge against them- Fast forward here… MINDY(patronizing) Please, I think it's pretty clearwho the killer is at this point… SAMWho? MINDYYou. I mean, obviously. Sam blinks.

SAMExcuse me? MINDYYou're Billy Loomis's daughter! Who better to inherit the mantleand carry the series forward? You hurt Tara but don't kill her,which gives you a reason to come back to Woodsboro and go on yourrampage, getting revenge on the town for the death of your father. It makes perfect sense! So, very briefly – Vince was killed becauseRichie and Amber were attempting to make it seem like Sam had returned and was murderingthe people connected to her Father's original.

Spree as an act of revenge. It's completely crazy, but this wasn't explainedin detail on screen. There wasn't any major overshare on why Vincewas targeted. But Vince being Stu Macher's nephew, was possiblyone of the hugest additions to the body pile in this movie. It showed that Sam purposely targeted Vinceas a way of attacking the fact that Stu was Billy's accomplice. The fact that this is specifically statedin the original draft, actually allows me to appreciate this death so much more.

What do you guys think? Does this information change anything foryou guys? Share your opinions below – As usual, don'tforget to like, share and subscribe and look out for more great Scream content on the way.

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