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Spider-Man dies in such a heroic way that you'll probably be crying by the end of this video Peter Benjamin Parker is and has always been one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Pantheon of Heroes Spidey is without a doubt one of the finest and most successful young superheroes with his sarcastic quips and Plucky can do.

Attitude which makes the friendly neighborhood wall crawler not only popular amongst comic book fans but among his many prodigious peers as well so in the year 2000 when Marvel debuted their Ultimate Universe the prospect of seeing another young teenage Peter Parker rise to prominence as a spectacular Spider-Man was thrilling to.

All a fresh new universe to be filled with familiar faces and novel storylines an easily digestible introduction to the idea of parallel universes existing in step with one another but while the original Peter Parker continued to flip around New York City well into his adulthood the juvenile Ultimate Universe is Peter Parker was swinging not towards.

Triumph but tragedy so get the tissues ready because this is the story of how Spider-Man finally met his heartbreak looking end 1. Peter's final days just days before his untimely end Peter was surprised at home by his closest friends and family to celebrate his 16th birthday party still in high school and living with Aunt May both Peter's.

Friends from school and his Newfound superheroing attend to show Peter just how much they care for and appreciated him it was a fun-filled and joyous night for all particularly Peter who finally got up the courage to ask Mary Jane to take him back I love you he told her once they were finally alone blurting the words out suddenly almost as if by.

Accident all this crazy we've been through this year I see you none of it matters Peter told MJ softly she responded with trademark MJ bluntness you got me back the two sealed the rekindling of their relationship with a kiss and for once things seemed to be turning up for the mild-mannered Peter Parker little did they know this would.

Be one of the last kisses the couple would ever share meanwhile in the high security Shield prison at the triskelian the mutated part-time Goblin Norman Osborne remains under the lock and key of the U.S government and though his body is suspended in his cell his brain thinks freely of all the ways he hopes to one day kill his imprisoner.

Spider-Man evidently Shield heavily underestimated Osborne as soon after he awakens he quickly regains his Goblin powers and proceeds to bust out of the prison as though it were made of paper during his escape the goblin spares no expense as he rips and bursts through the walls built to contain it but it seems Freedom isn't the only thing on.

Gabi's mind with frightening efficiency he proceeds to break out the other antagonists of the wall crawler being held by Shield by Osborne's hand super villains Electro Craven Sandman Doc Ock and the vulture are all free of their respective cells within minutes with his Newfound Sinister Six assembled Norman and his new super squad commandeer.

Helicopter taking to the skies though there are noticeable differences between these villains and their Prime Marvel Universe counterparts in general their powers work fairly similarly with the notable exception of the goblin himself the one thing all these criminals do share with their more famous counterparts is a deep burning hatred.

For Peter Benjamin Parker for foiling their plans and Landing them in prison once grounded and confident that they've managed to give their pursuers a slip the six super villains regroup and start to discuss their plans on the news the vulture notices some sort of superhuman Civil War is broken out on one of the bridges of New York giving their prison.

Break a much needed smoke screen it's God's work the fanatical Norman Osborne tells his compatriots he wants us to Smite our enemies so we don't repeat our mistakes he wants us to kill Peter Parker Osborne manages to convince his recently formed group of six I'll save one I know that look Dr Octopus tells Norman you have revenge in your eyes.

I'm I'm just not there that's not where my head is at I want to get back to my work this refusal to go along with his plan doesn't sit well with Norman who promptly transforms into his Goblin form and smacks Octavius off the building a fight of Epic Proportions ensues as the goblin faces the octopus and now off.

Puts up a brave defense eventually Osborne finds his opening pummeling his giant flaming fists again and again into doc Ox feeble frame outright killing his rival and leaving no question as to what the Sinister six's next moves would be as news breaks of the villains Escape MJ calls Peter in a panic but even as she does Peter Witnesses a massive explosion.

On the George Washington Bridge torn between which of these two disasters to respond to First Peter chooses his family he rushes home and informs Aunt man Gwen Stacy to flee from their home as fast as possible his family out of immediate danger Spidey heads back into The Fray and try to track down the murderous missing malcotense intent on.

Killing him however as he swings through the chaos of the Civil War raging around him he he spots The Punisher training his crosshairs at the back of Captain America no Peter Whispers as he dashes Across The Burning Bridge and just as The Punisher squeezes his trigger finger and the bullet explodes from his Barrel Spider-Man tackles cap to the ground the.

Bullet intended for the Star-Spangled Sentinel whizzes past Steve Rogers skull and carves itself directly into Peter's back nearly missing his spine and bursting out the other side in a splatter of blood looking back there's no question that Peter's choice to intervene in this key climatic moment of the Civil War by Saving Cap's life would.

Later cost him his own in the sprawling emotional and brutal fight in which Spidey would soon find himself a bullet wound of such magnitude certainly would have meant the difference between life and death but the punisher's bullet would be just the first of many injuries our young wall crawling hero would sustain on this his final night on earth.

Brace yourselves because the next chapter of her tale may not be so easy to watch but it's much easier to watch plot armor comics when you subscribed to the Channel with notifications on two Spider-Man's final battle as Peter slowly but surely bled out on the bridge the group of villains intent on murdering the young man finally reached.

The Parker residence there they found not their intended target but two other teenage superheroes Peter had asked to keep watch over his house for the night when the near dwells arrived they were met with a combined force of Iceman and the Human Torch both of whom burst into action at the sight of the terrible troop Mount Spidey has shared varying.

Levels of closeness with these two Heroes at different times in his life and to be sure Peter Johnny and Bobby have shared some close calls together within the prime Marvel Universe but in the Ultimate Universe the three truly grew up alongside one another creating Bonds in their youth that in the prime Universe wouldn't truly form until they.

Were much older for this reason the ultimate universe may have seen the closest these three teenagers have ever bonded a friendship that culminated in the harrowing attack on the Parker's house that one fateful night Johnny storm in trademark fashion wasted no time in quickly taking the fight to the meanest mug he could see the Green.

Goblin himself though Johnny fared impressively against Osborne one means San way from Sandman extinguished the torch's flames and rendered him incapacitated this left Iceman who bravely jumped into the fight until Electro managed to catch a mid-slide with a sizzling shot blast it was then after both Johnny and Bobby had been.

Sadly defeated that Pete arrived maskless and still gripping his blood-soaked ribs Spider-Man instinctively whipped the vulture's face and hurled him far through the night sky making quick work of at least one of the five villains that had come to dispatch him weekly through baited breath Peter turned back to his enemies and managed.

Who's next while Goblin was still laying out from his battle against a torch Peter somehow found the strength to stand against three of his fiercest Rogues all on his own while the whole neighborhood watched Spider-Man stared down Sandman Electro and Craven the hunter get him Sandman cried as the three barreled down on Pete.

Reflexively with proportional speed of a spider Pete knocked out a fire hydrant and directed The outpour toward the three oncoming attackers elektra's Powers kicked up a current through the Deluge that electrocuted his allies and sent all three spasming to the ground but spidey's moment of Victory wouldn't last long before he had a moment to.

Himself Sandman was back nearly suffocating Pete in a landslide of sand and dirt and as soon as Spidey removed himself from that battle the vulture came screaming back into the fight carpet bombing Peter and forcing him to take the brunt of the hits so as to save the civilian onlookers after this Spidey took a number of subsequent hits that.

Sent him reeling down the street losing copious amounts of blood from his bullet wound with each successive smack as Peter lay near death on the ground Elektra stepped up to take the final blow himself elf I want to see his face when it happens he said I want to see it downed bloodied and barely conscious Peter replied Electro I always meant to.

Tell you you are my greatest adversary and it was an honor to battle you oh wait that wasn't you I barely even gave you a second thought but even as Electro Drew back to send a final charring bolt at the boy a bullet ripped through the electrified criminal's chest with two more following up in quick.

Succession the overcharged explosion that followed elektra's meltdown took out all three of the surrounding villains seemingly ending the fight when the dust settled and Peter looked up to see who had saved his life Aunt May stood before him holding a Smoking Gun the two embraced Peter barely holding on to Consciousness after losing so much.

Blood and being pummeled within an inch of his life but just as the quiet settled and both aunt and nephew thought the danger had come to a close the Green Goblin Rose to stand over them hate radiating from his blood red eyes grabbing both may and Gwen and leaping away from the Goblins blow Peter barely managed to get everyone out from under.

Osborne's fist in time after screaming at his aunt and his ex-girlfriend to run far away Spidey let back into The Fray and clocked the goblin Square on the jaw Gabby careen to the ground as Pete desperate for any sort of help at this point woke up Johnny Storm the Human Torch once more flew into battle against the goblin but something was different.

This time the goblin seemed ready for Johnny's second full frontal assault and the Torches hits didn't seem to have the same effect they did during their first encounter every iota of flame Johnny poured into Osborne somehow only seemed to make the goblin stronger angrier Norman absorbed the energy being funneled toward him until the torch.

Simply ran out of gas after Johnny fell the goblin once more turned to stand over Peter overcharged with energy and crackling with his Newfound power tactfully Peter deployed evasive maneuvers hiding amongst the wreckage and jumping out at Norman driving a mailbox hard into the back of Gabby's head even though he'd gotten the drop on.

The demon Peter's offensive wasn't nearly enough to down the terrible Titan as Spidey kneeled in the dirt the Green Goblins stood once more and continued marching towards his prey intent on taking Peter's life but just when all looked hopeless Mary Jane seemingly saved the day as she drove a truck directly into Norman as he stood over.

Peter the vehicle hit with a devastating impact and sent Osborne reeling after Peter helped MJ from the total truck the two embraced and shared what would be their final kiss Pete then walked up to Osborne who was already recuperating from the crash lifting the truck above his head Peter finally yelled shut up as he brought the entire van down twice on.

Top of Osborne's scaly head finally it seemed the villains had been heartily defeated but even as Spidey took to look over at Mary Jane the truck he had used to take down the goblin exploded with massive Force the force of the blast sent Pete Head Over Heels through the air skidding to a stop nearby once his body had come to a stop it was clear.

That Peter Parker no longer even had the strength to sit up as his friends and family surrounded him tears streaming down their faces Peter looked up at his Aunt May and whispered weakly it's okay I did it don't you see it's okay I did it I couldn't save him Uncle Ben I couldn't save him.

No matter what I did but I saved you did it it did and with those final heartbreaking words Peter Parker The Amazing Spider-Man breathed his last three a new spider Rises the ramifications of a 16 year old Peter Parker's death within the Ultimate.

Universe are wide sprawling and complex for one as Peter had just recently been considered for a spot on the Avengers he had just begun to break into the ultimate universe's superhuman community at large making connections and forging friendships that would have served him well as he grew into adulthood but with his premature death the lives of Iron.

Man Captain America Black Widow and many others involved in the Superhuman Civil War would never be the same for some this tragic moment would simply be another reminder of the inherent dangers of bringing children into a life of vigilantism for in their eyes this young man represented the best of them they saw it as their duty to raise the Next.

Generation to do better than the last and considering that the Civil War raging through New York had directly contributed to this Brave teenager's death that failure weighed heavily on the shoulders of those involved in this way the death of Spider-Man reverberated out across the ultimate intelligence community and made the universe much.

More cautious considerate and far less careless a change in tone that would be keenly felt when the eventual destruction of the Ultimate Universe came with the secret Wars event but that's a story for another time however the largest and most impactful consequence of Peter's death has nothing to do with the internal workings of the.

Ultimate Universe indeed the character that found his footing in the wake of Peter's death would not only change his own universe but would change the history of Marvel Comics as we know it we're of course talking about the one and only Miles Morales though he's now solidified his spot alongside Peter as a Spider-Man in his own right it was.

Peter's absence in the ultimate universe that provided the original Proving Ground for Marvel to debut their newest Spidey miles and Peter can clearly operate alongside each other with no friction or contradiction whatsoever as movies TV shows and plenty of comics have since shown us but when miles originally took the stage it was in a.

World without Peter Parker a world that had just lost its Spider-Man in fact when Miles Morales was first bitten by the spider that gave him his powers he eventually found himself Three Star Wars lies in two of Peter Parker's closest allies Aunt May Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy these three women working together helped lead miles as he was still just.

Starting out on his journey to become the Spider-Man we all know and love today there's certainly a touching heartache to this connection between miles and Peter's found family for the mark that Peter left on the world was so strong and so powerful that it reached across the chasm of his death to help the next young wall crawler as he was.

Just starting out on his journey in the form of two of those closest to him in this way it felt as though Peter's Legacy was not just those of heroic actions which he accomplished in his life though Miles Morales now exists in the prime Marvel Universe working alongside the still-breathing Peter Parker there it would be a mistake to.

Forget the sacrifice and guidance that the Ultimate Universe is Peter Parker gave in helping miles become the Spider-Man he is today thanks for watching I've been Alexandra macedo have an awesome day

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