The Easy Insanity of Titan Powers (Assault on Titan)

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Controversial stuff aside Attack on Titan is one of the most highly regarded anime in recent years renowned for its impressive World building engaging character writing and intriguing story but today none of that matters because I want to talk about an aspect of Attack on Titan that is actually very underrated and that is its power system.

When talking about great Power Systems you'll see talk about nen or Alchemy nowadays cursed energy from Jujutsu kaisen has a pretty good reputation as well Titan Shifters aren't even a part of the conversation and I get why that is because when you think of what a power system is supposed to do generally the answer people come to is that it.

Lets a writer make great fights or write interesting Powers at least if you're watching a battle Shonen that is almost always the main purpose but that's not really true the point of a power system is the same as any other part of a story it allows the story to work the mark of a great power system is that the story it's in only works with that power.

System I talked about this briefly in a recent video but the reason Full Metal Alchemist power system is so great is that it can achieve that without being contrived the beginning and ending of FMA only work because of how this power system is intricately designed the magic of a magic system is more than just allowing for combat it is a part of the.

Lives of those who can use it and thus it informs both character and story and in this way the Titan shifter system or the paths of Attack on Titan is one of the most intricately and well-designed Power Systems I have ever seen and this is for a couple major reasons the first is that it's designed to be a mystery it may be hard to remember now but there.

Was a time when the biggest appeal of the series was its mystery all we knew was that Titans were a thing and then a really big one showed up for some reason as well as his armored buddy over here and they messed everything up also Aaron's basement is important for some reason and then suddenly another weird Titan shows up and it's Aaron.

Practically back from the dead really begging the question what is going on this reveal is so good because it immediately makes anyone paying attention reach the conclusion that the armored and colossal Titans are also like Aaron people that can turn into Titans and to this further sets up going into the female Titan Arc because now we.

Have a basis for understanding that this power exists so it sets up the mystery of who the female Titan is which okay easyama kinda drops the ball on that part because it's so obviously Annie but that's besides the point what's so smart about this is that this wouldn't work with most Power Systems in most series this kind of plot wouldn't be possible.

Because a power system is normally designed to be accessible this is for a lot of reasons but it's a very deliberate choice that wouldn't work here by Design at most nine people can B Titan Shifters so even if we don't know that at the time the plot line of finding who the Titan Shifters are bears weight because it's an extremely rare.

Ability from this point on everything about this power system which we later learned has to do with something called the paths is designed to be a mystery to unravel that only furthers the mystery like just how someone becomes a Titan shifter okay so when you have a Titan shifter someone else can be turned into a normal Titan and if that pure Titan uh.

Consumes the Titan shifter then they gain that Titan ability and this is treated as a major reveal except it isn't just a reveal because that immediately begs the question of who Aaron got his power from it really is unfortunate though how you get that power I'm sure Aaron would have been much happier eating a snack box from.

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Opportunity they'll have to stick to military rations and the occasional Titan shifter and once someone does become a Titan shifter they gain a host of powers and while how the power system is presented is designed for the mystery of the story it goes much deeper than that which brings us to point number two because everything about this power.

System is designed with plot and narrative in mind calling that unique might sound weird but let me give an example take nen from Hunter Hunter every nen user designs their own ability based on their talents the main character gone freaks bases his ability on rock paper scissors he can punch hard to a cutting attack or do an energy.

Blast you can replace this ability with just about any other powerful energy attack and the story will probably work mostly the same nen's strength as a power system is it allows an ability to perfectly reflect the character like with gone's childish nature the same goes for the Restriction aspect of nen a nen user can play some kind of.

Restrictive condition on their power to make it stronger in some other way this is used very effectively for the plot but its grander purpose is building characters showing what they are willing to sacrifice for their goals the Titan shifter system is the diametric opposite of that approach like yes the Armored Titan is a great fit for Reiner as a.

Character but that sort of thought process isn't at the core of its design philosophy like let me ask you a question why does the Colossal Titan exist well that'so birdhold has a means of busting Down the Walls thus making the story of Attack on Titan even possible the reason the paths work the way they do with memory transference is.

So that information that the characters need to move the story forward can be given to them and this mindset culminates into the creation of the attack Titan the attack Titan's ability to see future memories is insane and great for Aaron his character writing but it all built towards this one moment the reveal just the reveal of this power.

Will likely go down in history as one of the best plot twists in all of anime I mean I remember when this chapter came out people were speculating at the foreshadowing going into the attention to detail this ability is intricately designed specifically to make this moment happen it doesn't really matter all that much in combat it's all about.

Moving the plots and characters forward into the next part of the story Titan powers are pure plot devices and I mean that in a totally positive way the story cannot work unless these Powers work exactly how they do and it really shows what isayama's mindset was when constructing the lore and Supernatural elements of This World by looking at the.

Design philosophy of a power system that Supernatural element it reveals the broader philosophy of the writer since that element has no basis in reality and is entirely constructed in Attack on Titan case it shows how incredible isayama is at building a plot a very complicated web of events that all mostly make sense because everything is.

Designed to fit in a certain way and that is the sheer underrated Brilliance of Attack on Titan's power system I don't know what isiamo is cooking with that whole Consciousness transfer thing though that was just kind of stupid anyway that's the video if you want more stuff like that do be sure to like And subscribe and comment your thoughts as.

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  1. One extra thing is how humans don't luxuriate in a vitality system of their possess. All of them exercise the same ODM equipment and teach spears yet the battles are intense and relaxing.That presentations that you don't should give every personality a functionality of his possess to assemble fights inviting.

  2. I belief this vitality system used to be frigid, then I learned about Ultraman and mecha anime, and it gave me a complete varied appreciation of it. Ultraman is a are living motion particular effects expose known as Tokusatsu, and it comprises a accepted human becoming a giant known as Ultraman to combat off in opposition to (alien) invaders. Sound acquainted? It takes that conception from Ultraman, and puts that staunch into a military drama based fully mostly off prejudice, which sounds enjoy Gundam or Muv Luv, nonetheless slightly than mechs, its kaiju. I catch that the modifications made to Ultraman formula to assemble it progress the memoir of Assault on Titan is wise, as it takes vogue conventions and makes it its possess.

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