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Shadow in eminence was a hard watch for me. Ilove isekai but this one wasn't really trying to be an isekai. Not in the traditional wayanyway. This is satire for Isekai but not like Konosuba , this Satre leans into all the Clichesof an isekai power fantasy. This is well refined isekai on par with The Misfit of the DemonKing Academy; it is overproof Isekai. I won't be making a review or talking too much about themain character Cid Kagenou because Gigguck and AniNews respectively have you covered in thoseareas. What interested me most is actually the gear that Cid and his shadow garden use. Leaninginto the satire of every single isekai involving slime as the entry level monsters. The eminence inShadow found a way to involve slime by making it an amazing multi-tool. Early in his reincarnationCid figures out how to extract slime jelly from.

Defeated slimes. The slime jelly conducts magicand can be manipulated to achieve various outcomes by the user. It's basically like vibranium andis a huge part of why Cid and Shadow Garden are so overpowered. Hey everyone, welcometo aniprop, let's talk about slime. So what exactly is the slime bodysuit?It is high level equipment that cid Kagenou created as a pre-pubescentboy following his reincarnation. It is now the standard gear of himself and hisShadow Garden. The suit and its application is fully customizable. We see this with the shadowgarden members as there is a significant amount of variance in their aesthetic. Cid created theslime suits using the slime jelly he extracted from dead slimes as well as proprietaryEquipment enhancement magic. As seen in.

The anime the equipment is used for both offenceand defence. It works as high spec armour but we can also see that Cid when operating as Shadowfashions the slime into a sword for fencing. The slime suit can also separate sectionsto be launched as spikes at an enemy. Shadow garden also uses the slime for espionage.The slime can be moulded around the person's body to completely change their appearance and evenenhance certain aspects of the body. The slime was not always as refined as we see in the laterstages of the anime. The slime started out as just black slime covering the body. Through expertiseCid was able to manipulate the slime into the body suits we see. The slime can be compressedsuch that it occupies a very small volume of space. That means that Shadow garden members canwalk around with the slime at all times. .

For all its strength, the slime does have onecritical weakness. It requires a constant flow of the user’s conducted magic to maintain its shape.If for whatever reason the wielder is unable to provide the magic input. The slime loses itspreferred shape and returns to its liquid form. It is shown in the anime that by policy theShadow Garden members do not wear clothes beneath the slime so when they are unable tooutput their magic, this shounen becomes an ecchi if you know what i mean. This happensquite often but somehow for the benefit of the viewer the infinite genius of Cid Kagenou isunable to solve this very real problem. This anime isn't very unique in any way,as an isekai we have seen the overpowered fantasy harem before. But this imagining ofhow to incorporate the weakest monsters into.

The narrative of the anime really caughtmy eye. I too would like a slime wearing harem. Anyway Thanks for watching today .Please like and subscribe and see you later.

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