The Enact Of The Owl Dwelling On LGBTQ Illustration In Future Disney Channel Sequence!

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The full leak of the episode for the future will cause some issues for lgbtq plus representation in any Disney Channel show moving forward as you all know the owl house was already canceled ages ago and according to Dana one of the business People Who oversee what fits the Disney brand decided that the owl house was not a good fit for the.

Brand one of the reasons was because the audience of the Owl House leaned a little older than they would have liked so essentially it was canceled for not fitting the Disney branding and was perhaps considered more mature because the majority of Watchers were over a certain age range they wanted their show to appeal to they allowed for a new and.

Final season with three more episodes so that the show could quickly be brought to a finish and there were speculations that the actual reason why they ended the show was because of the highly inclusive lgbtq plus themes and Dana said she was not going to assume bad faith against the people she worked with regarding that topic she didn't fully.

Come out and say that the lgbtq plus themes in the show were one of the reasons for the cancellation but instead she said she didn't want to assume anything bad about the people she worked with which seems to me like the identities and relationships of the characters in the show could still have been a big reason for its cancellation.

Dana expressed the difficulties Disney have faced when airing the show in a few countries and some other countries actually blocked the show altogether Hungary and the Czech Republic blocked the show up until June 2022 and other countries took a different stance when releasing the owl house instead of fully blocking it some countries censored the.

Lgbtq plus content it contained such as scenes with Willow's parents Gilbert and Harvey who are a gay male couple and scenes with loose and Amity sharing any form of a kiss this most likely contributed to the reason why Disney canceled the show they would not have wanted to deal with the ongoing issues of airing the show all around the world.

And of course with countries who choose to block the show completely Disney would be missing out on a large audience this could make them reluctant to create spin-off series or graphic novels of the owl house and it would deter them from taking on future anime to Children's and family shows that include queer representation even in countries where.

The show is allowed to fully air uncensored there are still anti-lgbtq plus parents who would not allow their kids to watch the show so again Disney would be missing out on an audience of kids whose parents have a negative view of the lgbtq plus community and refuse to let their kids enjoy the owl house we have seen similar backlash for the sorts.

Of themes the owl house has in the most recent Disney and Pixar movies such as light year and Strange World they received unfair criticism for queer representation these movies have struggled to have any type of success at box office even light year which had the legacy of the Toy Story franchise behind it and was the origin story of the Toy.

Story Buzz Lightyear was bomb rated and condemned by anti-lgbtq plus parents even though it was a highly anticipated movie Disney get ridiculed for including lgbtq plus themes and their box office revenues and online ratings plummet when they do these issues might make Disney rethink whether to include these kinds of themes in that future series and.

Feature films now with the latest episode of The Owl House fully leaking online and the controversy around this it casts a more negative light on the show and means that when Disney Channel's official YouTube as the episode they will probably receive less views as many people have watched the full episodes League to avoid spoilers.

Amphibia was another show with queer representation whose final episode of season 2 got leaked so Disney is seeing a pattern that their most popular shows are the ones that include diverse characters that represent groups of people that are usually underrepresented in animation and these shows are the ones most likely to get blocked or.

Censored in countries and leaked online which ultimately affects the amount of money and organic reach Disney can get when each episode of the show releases these points create further reasoning for Disney to doubt the production of any future Outhouse spin-offs on new original animated shows with lgbtq plus rep the episodes we are getting of the.

Owl House have already been cut short with Seasons worth of content being flushed down into three episodes and with one of these leaking especially the second to last ever episode really puts a bit of taste to the end of the show there has not been any confirmation of spin-offs or graphic novels or any further Owl House content for that.

Matter with the newest leak on top of the lgbtq plus backlash Disney are already receiving and the difficulties they are facing with airing such projects around the world it is now less likely that anything like that can be negotiated what do you guys think about the League's effect on the potential of any our house spin-offs or new animated.

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  1. Tbh I don’t judge it must be the determination of every and every nation to accept LGTBQ honest accurate to air a point out, so what if it doesn’t air in some nations extra plot to support combating for it and pushing the boom material forward. It’s sad that Disneys greed takes president over a fleshy 3rd season of a point out.

  2. I support in mind myself straight, so I don’t care about the LGBTQ in finding in reveals love these. I honest accurate peep them because of the I love them. And Disney shouldn’t want to extinguish honest accurate as a consequence of numerous nations censoring them or banning them. It’s no longer top seemingly for fogeys love us who love this point out. Now no longer all americans can also even be delighted. And obvious, this point out is seemingly to be extra weak than Disney’s most well liked reveals, nonetheless that is what makes it sizable. I don’t possess cable, nonetheless I am hoping to peep it on DisneyNow. I didn’t peep the leak. As noteworthy as I will also need wished to, I’m ready so I will also even be respective in direction of Dana and the crew.

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