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One piece's recent chapter focused quite heavily on the Revolutionary Army specifically the chapter covered the events of the reverie through sabo's eyes as he led an attack on the holy land of marijua when Sabo attacked the Holy Land we were treated to an incredible display of both combat and bravery the chapter was intense and it.

Also revealed some key bits of information to us and introduced them to some new and intriguing characters the holy nights are few of such characters and it appears that they are going to be pivotal in the story moving forward well who are the holy nights the holy nights were introduced to us first shortly after the wanu country Arc it was none.

Other than Fleet Admiral sakazuki who mentioned them to us for the very first time according to him the holy nights were in charge of dealing with the aftermath of the events of the reverie this included the chaos caused by the Revolutionary Army as well as the issue caused by Saint neosh God striking Saint Charles when he tried to capture.

Princess shirahoshi by the looks of it the holy nights appear to be quite skilled and they hold judicial power in the Holy Land from what has been mentioned to us so far they come into play when there is a disagreement between the celestial dragons as well which just goes to show that their importance is of the highest order.

However the holy nights might be more than just that based on what was revealed in one piece chapter 1083. in the previous chapter of One Piece it was revealed that Dragon had begun his war and sabo's invasion of the reverie was the first step there Sabo had to accomplish three objectives with the Revolutionary Army commanders and they.

Managed to successfully complete all of the given tasks not only did they manage to free the former slaves including Kumar but they also destroyed the hoof of the Celestial Dragon which is a symbol of power in the Holy Land most importantly they destroyed the food storage of the celestial dragons at marijua this is extremely important as.

Ivankov later mentioned that the Revolutionary Army is currently actively destroying all the food vessels being taken to marijuana as such the holy land is currently Under Siege this appears to be a tactic to not just starve them but also call them out into war on the Open Seas instead of where they are at their strongest according to Dragon the static.

Will call forth the holy nights and they will come out with Fury for the Revolutionary Army so how strong are the gods Knights while we did not get a glimpse of these powerful warriors the silhouette certainly did appear and by the looks of it they appear to be nine in numbers so far they are clearly people with great combat abilities as.

Nearly all of them seem to be carrying weapons in the silhouette their strength is acknowledged by Dragon himself Dragon mentioned that the real war will begin when the Holy nights start moving which means that they are actually quite powerful this also means that the holy nights at the very least are above the level of the cipher Paul and that makes.

Things all the more interesting just based on their name it appears that the holy nights are the personal Fighters that the celestial dragons have at their disposal given that they have authority over the disputes between Celestial dragons it is possible that the holy nights themselves are Celestial dragons so far we have seen very limited.

Celestial dragons with fighting abilities however the holy nights might be the ones who do their fighting for them and given that they are the most important people in the one piece World it makes sense why they never appeared until this point in the story by seeking out the holy nights the Revolutionary Army will engage in direct combat with.

Them and thus kick start the final war of One Piece the holy nights also seem to be drawing a parallel to God's Army which was led by none other than Anil as we know Anil called himself God and he had his own Army of priests in which there were four extra powerful priests to work under him the holy nights might be loyal to the celestial dragons.

Specifically emu in a similar way if immo is the highest Authority and the gorose say follow him the holy nights might be the next best power that the world government has within their ranks for now the holy nights will surely be looking for Sabo as he was the one responsible for all the major incidents that took place during the reverie in.

The upcoming chapters we will likely get to see more of the Holy nights and that is certainly something that everyone is looking forward to already and that is all for today I hope you all enjoy this video and I also asked you to subscribe to help us it will also help us to grow more and if you like please subscribe

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