The Evolution of Red Hood’s Streak in the DC Universe

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Though the acid disfigured him, unlike hisstandard counterpart, he didn't go insane but instead continued the persona to stopthe syndicate. When his team was captured, he used a device called the phase oscillatorto send his calling card to a different Earth, in hopes of finding allies. When Batman respondsdisguised as Owlman, Red Hood is captured, and Cyclone interrogates him later. As he then guidesBatman to his location, to free him and the other heroes, they assemble for a final battle againstthe syndicate, where the heroes emerge victorious. Whoever he is, I hope my counterparton your world will have a chance to repay you. Somehow that seems unlikely. Oh andexpect an owl man-shaped package momentarily. Batman under the Red Hood.Five years after Jason's death,.

A new vigilante calling himself Red Hoodemerges in Gotham to take over Black Mask's territory. After he reminds Batmanof his first failure, creating the Joker, Batman and Nightwing chase him toinvestigate and realize he's well-trained; where Batman later discovers that Jason's alivebecause Ra's Al Ghul resurrected him. Elsewhere, as Red Hood has continuously interfered withhis operations, making him desperate, Black Mask hires the Joker to eliminate him. However,when Joker changes the plan, Red Hood confronts and kidnaps him. After torturing Joker, ashe did with him, he battles Batman in an epic battle of skills, all leading to his plannedendgame with the three of them. He reveals he's angry because Batman let the Joker live,so he gives him a choice, kill the Joker now,.

Or he'll kill him, though Batman refuses, so hesets off a bomb and escapes after it explodes. Black mask it's just a part of the plan. You'rebecoming a crime Lord. Yes. You can't stop crime; that's what you never understood. Youwant to rule them by fear but what do you do with the ones who aren't afraid. I'mdoing what you won't. I'm taking them out Gotham. Now, Red Hood doesn't appear in thetraditional sense, as a gang member brings a red mask to a robbery, making him seeminvincible, and because he was spontaneous, the media dubs them the red hood gang. As themask symbolizes the leader and gives confidence, gang members kill the previous owner for it.The last guy was overconfident, resulting in the death of the red hood gang. Then in season3, Butch Gilzean secretly reforms the gang,.

Who wears customized masks and crashes thepenguin's press conference to break his mother's statue. As Penguin is Butch's boss, before hecan uncover the truth, Butch kills the entire gang to appear as a hero, though, Nygma sets himup to reveal that he's the Red Hood Gang's leader. It's the hood. It's good luck I'mtelling you. I feel like a totally different person with it on. Sit downwill you? We need to go over tomorrow's score. This sets us apart. It's a piece ofcloth, two holes cut out of. It's a symbol Batman The Killing Joke. In the filmadapted from the well-beloved comic, the flashbacks reveal Red Hood and the origin ofthe Joker. While struggling to make money as a comedian to support his wife and unborn child,he agrees to help break into his old workplace,.

Ace Chemicals. They reveal he'll wear the red hoodmask to ensure he isn't connected to the robbery, but while his wife dies in an accident,leaving no motivation, they force him to continue. So, he dresses up in atux with the red cape and mask, but when they break in, security spots them,and they run. As he's confronted by Batman, in fear, he trips on his cape and falls intoa vat of chemicals, transforming him. After emerging and removing the red hood mask,he's driven insane and becomes the Joker. That's the Red Hood's mask. Smarten up wise guy; there ain't no red hood. Just a bunchof guys like yourself and a mask. Right, the most valued member of the crew,he gets to wear it no questions asked.

The Lego Batman movie. Making his Legodebut, he has several cameos as one of Batman's rogues' gallery. While the Joker alreadyexists, and it's unlikely that he's Jason Todd, it's assumed that he's a normal person,adopting the identity of the Red Hood gang's leader. He's usually in the background but ismainly seen helping Joker take over Gotham, being forced to surrender with the othervillains, wearing an orange jumpsuit in Arkham, helping Batman stop Joker's army fromthe Phantom Zone, connecting to force Gotham back together, and celebratingwith everyone when they're victorious. Batman Ninja. In the anime-styled film,Gorilla Grodd activates his quake engine, transporting everyone at Arkham Asylum to feudalJapan. When Batman arrives two years later,.

He learns that the batfamily also made the timejump and that Red Hood is currently doing recon. When he locates the Joker and Harley Quinnas farmers who have lost their memories, he attacks them for what he did to him and believesthey're faking it, until Batman intervenes. He was right to assume the worst, as when their memoriesreturn because of a plant, Joker creates a super mech by merging other ones, while the batfamilyfights supervillains. After Red Hood defeats Deathstroke and Batman defeats Joker, theyuse the quake engine to return to the present. You think I'm that stupid? Do you expect me tobelieve the Joker has taken up farming? Honey. You two Harley Quinn. Oh my love oh mylove I don't know why. I owe you this. Lego Batman Family Matters. After leavingthe cave because Batman treated him unfairly,.

Instead of Jason dying, he adopts the RedHood persona many years later and teams up with Two-Face. He then lures the batfamily andsends them to defuse fake bombs across Gotham, but later kidnaps them for an endgamewith Batman. After revealing he's Jason, he also reveals that he wanted revengeon Batman for kicking him out and not caring. However, when he realizes he's wrongabout Batman, Two-Face double-crosses him and uses the artificial intelligence Brother Eyeto take over Gotham. While the batfamily attack his OMAC drones and Batman faces Two-Face,Red Hood focuses on stopping Brother Eye. He's just as human as you and me. He likes totalk a good game but Bruce is so busy with his mission that he's forgotten to care for thosearound him. Heck he just told Alfred to close.

His family business with no thought asto what that would mean for the city. Teen Titans Go. In the rebooted series,5 seasons into the show, Joker's Red Hood makes a brief cameo when discussing originstories. Upon witnessing Billy Batson's transformation into Shazam, the teentitans, fascinated with his powers, interrupt him when he battles Mister Mind.Believing that he has a tragic origin story, Robin asks Shazam how he gothis powers and gives examples of accidents that transformed people.While listing some, he briefly mentions radiation and Red Hood, who fell into a vatof chemicals, transforming him into the Joker. You're like a like a Christmas miracle..

It's too good to be true. He probably has asuper tragic origin story. How'd you become a superhero? Radiation, accident at the chemicalplant? A mighty wizard gave me superpowers. Young Justice. Now appearing in the hit animatedseries, we know that Jason Todd died sometime before season 2 after seeing his holographicmemorial in mount justice and the Watchtower. However, in season 3, on infinity island, thehome of Ra's Al Ghul, he returns from the dead dressed as a Red Hooded ninja who obeys his everycommand. When Nightwing and his team invade the island to extract their team, he engages themin combat until Ra's lets them leave freely. While his memories gradually return, hecame back in season 4, though his character arc wasn't developed as he had a minor role,appearing whenever Ra's or his follower Sensei.

Showed up. Maybe we would have had somethingif the series returned for a fifth season. Grayson. Ah, your memories'finally returning excellent Batman death in the family. In the interactivefilm, viewers can alter the outcome of Robin's death shown in Under the Red Hood. If viewersselect the option that Robin dies, in the aftermath of the original film, Bruce talkswith Clark about what transpired 5 years after Jason's death. Now if viewers choose theoption, Batman saves Robin, Bruce dies instead, but Jason remains conflicted because he's fullof rage and Bruce asked him not to kill. So, he then adopts the Joker's former identity toget his attention, and after a fight with him, viewers have to choose whether to spare or killhim. Afterwards, he learns Talia resurrected.

Batman, to which viewers choose again,whether to battle Batman for death or life. I knew there was a joke under that hood butI never saw this punchline coming. You gave up the gimmicks he gave you and nowyou're the spitting energy of me. I took your gimmicks to draw you out and takeyou down for what you did to me and to him. Titans. Now ending with his final appearance,scarecrow's anti-fear gas and Jason's past trauma cause him to die at the hands of theJoker. All according to Scarecrow's plan, he resurrects Jason with a lazarus pit andmanipulates him with a drug. As Jason joins Crane as his enforcer, he becomes Gotham's newvigilante, Red Hood. However, he begins to kill, starting with the lieutenants of mob bosses,to convince them to partner with him. Later,.

He betrays the Titans, going as far askilling Hank and continually battling Nightwing. Eventually, Jason comes to his sensesand teams up to stop Crane, but later leaves to run solo. He then briefly returns in season4, where he trains Tim to be the next Robin Bruce always told me you were betterthan me with the toys. Jason? In living colour. I got a new name now bro. You'llbe hearing a lot around here. Red Hood. Now with the end of his evolutiontill he makes another appearance, comment down below which versionof Red Hood was your favourite, but make sure to drop a like, subscribe,and follow me on Instagram for updates, and until next time, thanks for watchingand I'll see you guys in the next evolution.

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