The Flash – Reputable Trailer

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Tell me something you can go anywhere another timeline Another Universe so why do you want to stay and fight to save this one this is the world where my mom lives I'm not gonna lose her again.

Time has a pattern that it can't help reliving different people different worlds drawn to each other like magnets it's my face so my face if you were to go into the past you have no idea what the consequences.

Can be Bruce I could fix things you could also destroy everything just kept me happening really broke the universe inside we've been waiting for you I created a world with no metahumans and now there's no one to defend us want some help.

You're you are yeah I'm Batman if I can't undo what I did if I can't get back there might not be a future what's the plate Batman what do we do we try not to die it's not Clark.

My name is Cara I I'm more Barry Barry what are you doing our kids are gonna want to see this

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