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In the Chen residence, the crippled Chen Songis on his bed. Doctor Liu was checking his pulse. Chen Xiang, the Chen family’s patriarch,inquired about Chen Song’s condition. Dr. Liu informed him that the broken bonesin Chen Song’s arms had connected, and he just needed to recuperate for several months. Still, Chen Song should not do martial artsafter recovering. Chen Feng couldn’t accept that his brotherhad become a cripple. Dr. Liu explained to them that the meridiansin both of Chen Song’s arms were destroyed, so being able to move them normally is alreadya blessing.

And for him to use martial arts again, hemust find the blood jade severance grass to reshape his meridians. However, spiritual medicines like that arerare and priceless. Chen Feng could only curse Ye Xuan for beingruthless. However, Chen Xiang told Chen Feng not tolose hope since the Lianyun Eighteen Mountains contain many spiritual medicines. He then instructed him to quickly go to theLianyun eighteen mountains to find the blood jade severance grass. Still, he reminded him not to go deep intothe inner layer.

Without hesitation, Chen Feng agreed. Chen Xiang then instructed Chen You to gowith someone and catch Ye Xuan and specifically instructed him to bring him alive so he couldtorture him. Chen You grinned and muttered it’s abouttime to teach that bastard a lesson. After a moment, the people dispersed and immediatelyprepared for the task given to them. When Chen Xiang was the only one left in theroom, he said it looked like it was time to talk to the Wu family, and the Ye family hadto disappear. On the outskirts of Lianyun eighteen mountains,Ye Xuan was walking in the woods when a giant boar appeared behind him.

When the boar started to charge at him, henoticed the movement behind him. He turned his head and immediately backflippedto dodge the boar’s charge. Meanwhile, in the drunken immortal residence,Liu’er looked out of the window of their rented building, waiting for her young masterto come back safely. Before Ye Xuan left, she tried to go withhim. Still, Ye Xuan told her that since he hadrecovered his martial ability, he would find a way to improve his martial arts quickly. It would be inconvenient if she tagged along. Ye Xuan was worried that the Chen family wouldcome for revenge since he crippled Chen Song;.

He was afraid that it would implicate Liu’er,so he instructed Liu’er not to go out for the next few days. Liu’er assured him that she would take careof herself. On the outskirts of Lianyun eighteen mountains,the birds in the trees flew away after being disturbed by the boar’s actions. Ye Xuan landed after the backflip, relievedhe could dodge fast enough. The Boar is a second-grade demonic beast greenboar. It charged at Ye Xuan once again. He was delighted that the boar charged again;he planned to try something out on the boar.

When the boar was close enough, he side-steppedthe boar’s charge and grabbed its mane with his left hand. He swung his right hand to prepare for a punch,his hand glowed, and then he punched the green boar’s head. The green boar coughed blood and died. He just entered the mountain, and there’salready a second-grade beast. Ye Xuan decided to be more careful. He believes a third-grade beast shouldn’tbe a big problem since he quickly dealt with a second-grade beast.

He was about to walk away but suddenly stopped. He wondered if he could use the devouringsystem to devour the corpse since the system should be able to consume all things. Since he wouldn’t get a stomachache anyway,he decided to just do it, and it wouldn't hurt to try. He moved closer to the corpse, opened hismouth, and posed like he was about to eat. The devouring system was activated, and thegreen boar’s corpse became smaller and smaller until it was devoured. A screen appeared, saying it devoured thecorpse of a second-grade demonic beast, a.

Green boar, with spiritual power plus twenty. Ye Xuan was cheerful; he had determined thatthe system didn’t deceive him. If he goes on a rampage, he can also improvehis cultivation. Moments later, noises of beasts escaped themountain. Ye Xuan was punching, kicking, and blastingbeasts which he devoured afterward. Second-grade demonic beast, black leopard. Spiritual power plus twenty. Third-grade demonic beast, Fanged wolf. Spiritual power plus thirty.

Third-grade demonic beast, Patterned bird. Spiritual power plus thirty. Later that day, the full moon replaced thesun. In front of a campfire, a large piece of meatis still being cooked as Ye Xuan sits, leaning against a demonic beast while eating meatand looking at the devouring system screen. There are ten grades of martial arts. One stage will increase Ye Xuan’s strengthby one hundred jin plus the power of the open-back fist. He now has the power of six hundred jin inone punch.

Killing demonic beasts below the fourth gradeis no longer challenging for him. Ye Xuan decided to hunt fourth-grade beastswhen the sun rose. He thinks that being on top of a tree is safer. He put out the fire and jumped towards a branchof a tall tree He decided to rest for the night, using aleaf to cover his face. At that moment, the leaves of a tree moved,and something slithered on the ground. Ye Xuan woke up and noticed the movements. He then smiled and guessed that a big guywas coming. Chapter 6.

On the outskirts of Lianyun eighteen mountains,where fireflies lit up the darkness of the night, Ye Xuan stood on a tree’s branch. He noticed that something was heading in hisdirection. When he saw what was heading in his direction,he was astonished. What he saw was a third-grade white phosphoruspython. He wasn’t astounded because it was a third-gradedemonic beast, but because of its size. The third-grade white phosphorus python hesaw was too giant for a normal one. Ye Xuan didn’t mind the abnormality anddecided to devour it since it came right to him.

He summoned devouring space and pulled a swordout of it. The devouring space is the best; it is muchmore helpful than a stupid universe bag and a must for plundering. Ye Xuan jumped from the tree and swung hissword toward the python’s body. He was able to hit his mark but couldn’tcut through it in one strike. The python was about to bite him, but he couldstep back fast enough. Suddenly, blood leaked out of the python’swound. Ye Xuan thought it would attack him, but hewas surprised when the python slithered away. He noticed the python had black lines on itsscales, slightly different from typical white.

Phosphorus pythons. He speculated that the python he encounteredwas a demonic beast that had mutated into a fourth-grade white phosphorus python aftereating some heavenly treasures. He got excited at the thought of devouringsuch a demonic beast. Without any delay, he started to track thepython’s whereabouts. Following the python’s tracks, he arrivedIn front of a cave’s entrance. He couldn’t keep himself from grinning,thinking that there was a chance that the heavenly treasure that caused it to mutatewas inside that cave. Ye Xuan confidently entered the cave.

He kept turning his head, seemingly lookingfor the python or treasures. He then exclaimed when he noticed pink crystalsin the middle of a rock area surrounded by a pool of water. He was under the impression that those pinkcrystals were responsible for the white phosphorus python’s mutation. Ye Xuan thinks it must be good to mutate athird-grade demonic beast into a fourth-grade demonic one. He used the stones that protruded from thewater’s surface as stepping stones to the rock area where the pink crystals were situated.

Afterward, Ye Xuan landed near the pink crystals. He hoped that he could get devouring pointsfrom the pink crystals. When he grabbed the giant pink crystal, bubblesappeared from the water’s surface behind him. A white phosphorus python’s head protruded. It immediately attempted to eat Ye Xuan, buthe could narrowly dodge the attack. The snake’s head struck the ground. He noticed that the python that attacked himhad a golden line and was about the same size as the one he had encountered earlier.

Ye Xuan was dumbfounded to see the python’sbody struggling to free its head from being buried. Another python appeared behind him, but itwas a python with a black line. Once again, he was attacked but was able tododge. Ye Xuan was in a tight situation. Whether he lives or not depends on the pinkcrystal that he was able to grab. He immediately opened his mouth and devouredthe pink crystal. Written in the devouring system screen are;one hundred percent, devoured one obsidian essence ore, spiritual power plus one thousand,devouring points plus six.

Ye Xuan broke through to the middle stageof fifth-grade martial arts. Chapter 7 Ye Xuan rejoiced after finally obtaining devouringpoints. He broke through to the middle stage of fifth-grademartial arts. He noticed the python with black lines slitheraggressively toward him. Ye Xuan immediately removed his blade fromthe devouring space; he was confident that he could kill the black-lined python sincehe broke through the fifth-grade martial arts middle stage. He slashed at the python’s body, and hisblade cut through it and sliced it in two.

The gold-lined python was finally able tofree its head. It got furious after seeing the black-linedpython’s corpse and then went on a rampage. Ye Xuan dodged its attack and used the openingto slash his sword toward the gold-lined python’s head. But he was shocked that the blade didn’teven scratch its scale. He couldn’t believe that even though hewas in the middle stage of the fifth grade of martial arts, he still couldn’t breakits defenses. Ye Xuan ran and dodged desperately. He didn't know what to do.

He thinks it’s a pity that the originalowner of his current body doesn’t know sword techniques. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so troublesomefor him. Ye Xuan suddenly remembered that he had justobtained some devouring points, so he decided to go to the system to exchange for techniqueshe could use to defeat the python. While running and dodging the python’s attacks,he instructed the devouring system to open the martial arts library and look for fifth-grademartial arts. A list of martial arts suddenly appeared. His choices were the Gale sword technique,tiger fist, falling goose kick, golden finger,.

Black sand palm, and sand diagram blade technique. He chose the gale sword technique. The exchange cost Ye Xuan one devouring point. He smiled confidently. He was eying the gold-lined python, waitingfor the perfect time to attack. Ye Xuan suddenly jumped and slashed his swordtoward the python’s body. His attack wounded it. He felt mysterious, but after the exchange,he immediately grasped the essence of the martial art.

When he saw the white phosphorus python preparingto attack him, he grinned at it and slashed at its body countless times. Moments later, the gold-lined python was lyingon the floor. Near it is Ye Xuan, sweating and breathingheavily. He was exhausted after repeatedly using thefifth-grade martial arts; gale sword technique. With his cultivation of fifth grade, his spiritualpower will soon be exhausted after releasing the sword energy a few more times. He’s determined not to extend the battleany longer. Right then, the gold-lined python got up andopened its mouth.

Ye Xuan gathered all of his spiritual powerinto his right hand. He waited, then sidestepped the gold-linedpython’s attack. Afterward, he used that opening to swing hissword and cut it into two. He sat down hard on the floor and releaseda long sigh of relief. The gold-lined python may only be in the fifthgrade, but its strength is comparable to a sixth-grade demonic beast. If it weren’t for the change in the fifth-grademartial arts, he might have died there that day. After catching his breath, he exchanged forthe devouring hand.

Three devouring points were deducted and exchangedfor it. Ye Xuan effortlessly devoured the gold-linedpython. He gained three hundred spiritual powers afterdevouring it. He was satisfied that he would no longer usehis mouth to devour things. It should be almost dawn since he’s beenfighting there for a while. He wanted to leave as early as he could. He devoured the fourth-grade mutated demonicbeast, white phosphorus python, from which he gained one hundred spiritual powers.’ After devouring everything he could, he wentout of the cave.

Chapter 8 When Ye Xuan left the cave, the sun’s lightwas already peeking through the clouds. Tall trees bathed in the sun’s light. Even though he’s only been in the mountainsfor a day, Ye Xuan’s cultivation has already risen in massive amounts. But the most important thing that he obtainedwas devouring points. He confirmed that his previous analysis wascorrect. Only precious items like heavenly materialsand treasures can give him devouring points. He decided to return as fast as possible tonot worry Liu’er, who was waiting for him.

In the drunken immortal residence. Ye Xuan was walking towards the Lianyun EighteenMountains’ exit when he suddenly heard some movements behind him. He immediately turned around and pulled hissword out of the devouring space. A white leopard came out of the bush and leapedtowards him, so he bent backward to dodge the attack. While the white leopard jumped over him, henoticed a collar with crystals on its neck. He identified the leopard as a fourth-grade,chasing wind leopard. To find a crystal stone worth one millionon a beast’s neck, he smiled and got excited.

He started chasing the leopard, but it suddenlyhid and vanished. Ye Xuan was looking for it when he heard aman’s voice. He asked a little girl to give him the bloodstonechopping grass; otherwise, he wouldn’t be polite. He moved closer to the people talking andwas shocked to see Chen Feng threatening someone. In front of him is a white girl wearing ahat with a veil. The girl talked back and dared Chen Feng tosee if he had the skill to back up his words. Chen Feng called the girl ignorant, then tookout his sword and leaped toward the girl. As he slashed his sword, the girl quicklystepped back.

Simultaneously, a white aura gathered towardsher right palm, seemingly preparing to counterattack. Chen Feng snorted as he curled his left fist,a lilac-colored aura gathered towards it. The girl attacked Chen Feng with her palm,which Chen Feng easily blocked with his fist. She used her palm to strike Chen Feng again,and he used his left fist in response. As the palm and the fist collided, the lilacaura in Chen Feng’s fist diffused. The girl was caught off-guard, and she wasoverwhelmed by Chen Feng. The impact blew her away, and her hat wasremoved. She couldn’t stand anymore and just curledher body in pain. Her clothes got ragged, and bruises coveredher whole body.

Ye Xuan saw the girl’s face and recognizedher. She’s Xue Qingqing, the daughter of XueHai, the wealthiest man in Wanjin city and the childhood friend of the original Ye Xuan. Chen Feng was about to finish Xue Qingqingoff with his sword, but Ye Xuan immediately grabbed a twig, threw it towards the blade,and blocked it, saving her life. Chen Feng asked aloud who dared to interrupthim. Ye Xuan walked out of the shadows, sayingthere was no limit to what the Chen family could do and that he could even be so crueltowards a weak lady. Both Xue Qingqing and Chen Feng exclaimed.

Chen Feng asked Ye Xuan if he’s been followinghim. Ye Xuan called Chen Feng an idiot and toldhim no one had the time to follow him. He then ignored Chen Feng, who was annoyed,and asked Xue Qingqing if she was injured, her reason for coming to the Lianyun EighteenMountains, and where her father and guards were. Xue Qingqing answered she was okay. She then told Ye Xuan that he was only atthe early stage of fourth-grade martial arts. On the other hand, Chen Feng is in the earlystage of fifth-grade martial arts, so even with the two of them together, they won’tbe able to beat Chen Feng.

She convinced Ye Xuan to run away quicklywhile she stopped Chen Feng for him. Ye Xuan was surprised that she still foughtChen Feng despite knowing those things, so she reasoned that she didn’t realize untilthey exchanged blows. He tapped her head and revealed he was nolonger in the early stage of fourth-grade martial arts. Xue Qingqing’s face lit up as she guessedthat Ye Xuan had broken through the fifth-grade martial arts. She then grabbed Ye Xuan’s left arm, movedit between her chest, and praised him, causing him to blush.

Afterward, Xue Qingqing childishly told YeXuan to teach Chen Feng a lesson, so Chen Feng got even more annoyed. Right then, Ye Xuan asked her to stay there,and he’ll kill Chen Feng for her. Chen Feng smiled, saying he didn't use hisfull strength the last time they fought. Now he'll let Ye Xuan taste the Chen Family'sthunderstorm sword technique, vowing to avenge his brother's broken arm by killing him. Ye Xuan pulled out his sword from the devouringspace and confidently challenged Chen Feng, saying he'd like to see him try. Chen Feng exclaimed, and he had mistaken devouringspace for a dimension ring.

He got excited, thinking he could have thedimension ring after killing Ye Xuan. He swung his sword and leaped to launch anattack. Ye Xuan defended, and their clash started. Chapter 9Birds were once again disturbed from their rest and forced to fly away from the trees. Chen Feng and Ye Xuan clashed swords. Ye Xuan released a sword aura. Chen Feng was shocked but managed to dodgethe attack. He was pushed back.

At this moment, he couldn’t believe thatYe Xuan’s realm was higher than his. Ye Xuan took the opportunity to anger ChenFeng and thanked his brother. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have obtained sucha big harvest. Chen Feng said he should have cut Ye Xuan’shead that day. Ye Xuan replied it was already too late forregrets, and he’ll kill him in three moves to show his gratitude. Chen Feng got annoyed by Ye Xuan’s arroganceand leaped toward him using the thunderstorm sword technique. Ye Xuan became solemn, swung his sword, andused the cutting gale technique.

The two techniques clashed. The impact of the clash was so significantthat it can be seen from far away. Dust filled the whole area. When the dust thinned out, Ye Xuan was revealed,unscathed. He mocked the Chen family’s thunderstormsword technique, saying it’s nothing special. Chen Feng desperately asked Ye Xuan what martialarts he had learned and how he could easily block his fully powered thunderstorm sword. Ye Xuan mockingly answered it is a fifth-grademartial art, Gale Blade, and even asked Chen Feng if he wanted to learn the technique.

He promised to teach Chen Feng if he kneeledand begged. Chen Feng was speechless as things had becomedifficult for him. He wondered where Ye Xuan learned a fifth-grademartial art, as he would lose if he continued to fight. Ye Xuan realized kneeling and begging mightbe too hard, so he suggested that calling him daddy is okay too. To survive, Chen Feng can only use Xue Qingqingas a hostage. He immediately ran toward Xue Qingqing, makingthem both shocked. Ye Xuan ran instantly while exchanging forfifth-grade martial arts, rushing steps.

Rushing steps were successfully exchanged,and one devouring point was deducted. At this moment, Chen Feng was already nearXue Qingqing’s position. She couldn’t react and run. Right then, Ye Xuan rushed toward Chen Fengand immediately slashed his sword, separating Chen Feng’s body in half. But he was able to aim his sword toward XueQingqing’s face. Because of the force, the sword kept goingtoward her. Ye Xuan turned around and straight away dovetoward her chest, forcing her down and away from the sword’s harm.

They both fell to the ground. Xue Qingqing was embarrassed seeing Ye Xuanbury his face in her chest. She immediately asked him to get up. Ye Xuan reasoned that his legs slipped. A moment later, blood came out of his nosewhen he thought of how pleasant her smell was. Chapter 10 On the Lianyun Eighteen Mountains outskirts,Xue Qingqing took a bottle from her chest. She tossed the bottle towards Ye Xuan, sayingshe would have died if he hadn’t appeared.

Ye Xuan was puzzled. When he caught the bottle, he saw a plantstored within it. He asked Xue Qingqing if she wanted to givethat to him. He guessed that it was a priceless elixirin the market called bloodstone chopping grass. Xue Qingqing said that that piece of brokengrass wasn’t more valuable than her. Her father is the wealthiest man in wanjincity, and that elixir is nothing to her. Ye Xuan accepted the gift and acted as ifto put it into his pocket, but he hid the bloodstone-chopping grass in the devouringspace. After securing the bloodstone chopping grass,he asked Xue Qingqing why she came to Lianyun.

Eighteen mountains. Xue Qingqing explained that she wanted togo to the rift cloud sect, but her father did not allow her, so she ran out alone andgot lost. Ye Xuan said that she was lucky that she methim and told her that they should go back to Lianyun City first. He promised to treat her to a meal at thedrunken immortal residence since she and Liu'er hadn’t seen each other for more than a year. He wants them to get together. Xue Qingqing expressed that it was perfectsince she was hungry and wanted to eat a whole.

Crispy lotus seed fish. They left the Lianyun eighteen mountains togetherand arrived at the Lianyun City’s gate. A man was running towards them, saying itwas good that he had finally found Ye Xuan. He asked Ye Xuan to follow him to Ye's residencebecause Liu’er was injured. Ye Xuan asked the man who injured Liu’er. The man told him that the person who injuredLiu’er was someone from the Chen Family. The man explained that Chen You brought peopleto catch Ye Xuan but couldn’t find him, so they took it to Liu’er. After the news of his crippling Chen Songwas sent to the Ye family, the patriarch immediately.

Took action to get Liu’er back. But, unfortunately, it was too late. Ye Xuan desperately asked the man about Liu’er’scurrent condition. The man informed him that the doctor saidthat Liu’er’s body had been destroyed by the fierce thunder qi. He’s afraid that Liu’er won’t be ableto survive the night. After hearing the man’s words, Yu Xuan raninstantly toward the Ye family’s mansion. To do that kind of difficult thing to an averageperson, he regretted that he underestimated how vicious people in that world are.

When Ye Xuan arrived at the Ye family’sback hall, he instructed the woman taking care of Liu’er to leave. He ensured the woman had left before movingclose to Liu’er. Liu’er had a severe expression, sweatingheavily, and ecchymosis was all over her face. Ye Xuan requested an exchange for the elixirhundred flowers of dew. The exchange was successful. One devouring point was deducted for the hundredflowers dew. He immediately removed the bottle’s cap,assisted Liu’er to sit, and helped her drink the hundred flowers dew.

Hundred of flower dew can dissolve externalspiritual qi, toxins, and other bodily abnormalities. Relieves pain and heals wounds quickly. It is only effective for people with martialarts below the ninth level. Ye Xuan laid Liu’er back on her bed. He could see Liu’er’s expression at ease,and the ecchymosis and sweat healed and vanished. When Liu’er’s complexion became normal,Ye Xuan sighed in relief. He was glad he could get a few points in theLianyun Mountains. When he left the room, he saw the patriarchand elders waiting for him. The patriarch asked about Liu’er’s condition.

Ye Xuan informed him that he had already givenher an elixir he had obtained from the Lianyun Eighteen Mountains. He told him that she’ll be fine after wakingup. The patriarch was relieved; he felt happyseeing that Ye Xuan didn’t just recover his cultivation but had also improved. Ye Xuan proudly said he had broken throughto the middle stage of fifth-level martial arts. The patriarch guessed that he had gotten alot of opportunities in the Lianyun Eighteen mountains.

One of the elders said that they regrettedforcing him to turn his pills that day, he wouldn’t have left the Ye family in anger,and Liu’er wouldn’t have gotten hurt. The patriarch apologized and hoped that YeXuan would go back to the Ye family and forget about any previous grievances. Ye Xuan expressed that he never blamed theelders or sect. He said that he understood that they are alsodedicated to the development of the Ye family. He admitted that he didn’t know anythingbefore and said he would leave the Ye family angrily. He thought that with the system activated,he needed a lot of resources.

Although he could level up quickly in Lianyuneighteen mountains, it wasn’t as good as the family's support. He added that the blood of the Ye Family flowsin him, and till death, he is still a member of the Ye family. He thinks agreeing with them is good sincethe sect elders have become submissive. The elders and patriarch rejoiced. They praised Ye Xuan for being sensible andfor not disputing their words. But their happy faces turned into confusedfaces when Ye Xuan said he had two conditions. The patriarch said they’re willing to doanything as long as he’s ready to return.

Ye Xuan grinned and said he wanted the Chenfamily to disappear from Lianyun city.

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