Thế Giới Hoàn Mỹ Tập 106 – Thuyết Minh Vietsub | 完美世界 第106集

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Hello. Hello everyone, I'm back with 5 Minute Review. At the end of episode 105, after returning to Thach Thon, seeing Tieu Hong and Mao Cau full of injuries lying motionless, Thach Hao was extremely sad. At this moment. Here, every happy memory between him and the other two came rushing back. Then, facing the sky, Thach Hao immediately shouted extremely dreary sounds. However, as soon as Thach Hao shouted, below, Tieu Hong and Mao Cau suddenly turned over and then whispered. : Who's lying there. At this moment, Thach Hao was bewildered, so these two guys were still alive, which made him extremely happy. Meanwhile, in another place, Ngan Duc – who of Thien Quoc, after knowing that Thach Hao had taken the lives of the three gods very quickly, he went to search for him. As for Thach Hao, after using divine translation to cure the other two little guys, he was also right. was immediately told a good news by the two of them. It was during the time he was fighting the three gods, the two of them went to the Thach Quoc to rescue and accidentally encountered a god of Ning Kinmen. Therefore, a meeting war broke out. And thanks to the ancient gas of Thach Thon, the two of them also took the life of the other god. However, the two of them were also seriously injured, and it took a long time to fully recover. Currently, it is impossible to continue fighting. And at the same time, in a far place, after going to an ancient altar, Ngan Wing could not find Thach Hao there, so he left immediately. Because of that, staying at Bo Thien Cac, the name Ngan Duc quickly appeared and waited for Thach Hao there. Therefore, the news was also immediately transmitted to Thach Hao.Knowing this news, Thach Hao was extremely angry. And very quickly, after using the royal stone block inlaid on the immortal gold body armor to help it evolve, he said goodbye to everyone and left to find Ngan Wing to fight a battle. And very quickly, after Thach When Hao arrived, he immediately faced Ngan Wing. At this moment, after experiencing a period of martial arts, Thach Hao understood that this guy was very smart, so he wanted to lure him away like the previous three. Moreover, because the other guy threatened the safety of Bo Thien C ac, so, Thach Hao decided to risk his life and fight to death with Ngan Wing. And very quickly, from where Thach Hao was. Standing, the immortal gold armor immediately covered his body. Following that, inside Thach Hao's body, a burning fire like burning divine fire appeared immediately. Witnessing the story This, Ngan Duc is quite interested. Holding the blood sword in his hand, he immediately rushed towards Thach Hao. And facing it, in Thach Hao's hand, the ancient sword emitting a brilliant golden color also appeared in his hand and then caught the blood sword. of Ngan Wing.The war broke out, in midair, two swords one yellow and one red constantly collided, causing the gas to fly everywhere. However, in the end, the other guy was still too strong. Therefore, after a few attacks, he succeeded in tying up Thach Hao. At this point, Thach Hao could only struggle. Life and death are near, he can't do anything. However, at the same time, inside the ancient sword in his hand, an old phantom, as soon as it appeared, radiated aura that broke the bonds on Thach Hao's body. At this time, witnessing The present Ghost Family, Thach Hao was extremely surprised. However, he very quickly knelt down to salute. As for the Ghost Family, after telling Thach Hao about his enmity with the Kingdom of Heaven, he also immediately collected the Ancient Sword in Thach Hao's hand. Then, when the sword arrived. hand, deep silver for a while, the atmosphere on his body also radiated extremely strongly. Then, after a period of martial arts, holding a sword in his hand, he immediately hit Ngan Wing in front. Therefore, in front of that violent momentum, the blood sword in his hand was also very quick to respond to this attack. In the moment of impact, each explosion also exploded. The two long swords continued to draw and continuously hit their opponents. At this point, it can be said that the battle between the two is extremely terrible, even if it is just a ray of spirit, but the Devil. Gia is still very strong. However, after a while of fighting, the sword in Ngan Wing's hand suddenly disappeared. After that, it turned into a gray color and covered the body of the Demon Family. Therefore, at this time, the Demon Family was bound by it inside. Nearby, witnessing this, very quickly, Thach Hao immediately moved to help. Following that, very quickly, from where Thach Hao was standing, the treasure magic was immediately performed. Taking him as the center , a giant eagle immediately appeared and hit Ngan Wing. In the moment of impact, an explosion also exploded, Ngan Wing was also sent flying backwards. Taking that opportunity, the sword In the hands of the Ghost Family, he broke the bondage and then headed towards the Silver Wing to attack. At this time, Thach Hao and the Ghost Family joined forces, the two of them coordinated extremely well. In just a moment, each powerful attack was hit. On the other side, facing two people joining forces, Ngan Wing quickly had to resist with all his strength. It can be said that the current war is becoming more and more intense. At this point, the end of episode 106 is the perfect world. Good bye and see you again.

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