The Gorosei are the Planets, which invent Luffy & Imu Sama this…

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The hidden truth about the Gora say emu Sama Sun God and Poseidon has been revealed in the recent chapters of the one piece and as the one piece is in its final Saga many more Mysteries are going to be revealed soon and in this video we are going to talk all about this hidden truth which will also help us to understand more about the one piece.

World however I request all of you to watch this video till the end as we know the gorasai are known to be an incredibly high power in the world of one piece to the common people of the one-piece world the gaurus say are the highest known Authority as they are the highest ranking of the celestial Dragons Who basically control the entire world.

And how it is run however we now know that there is an even higher authority who rules as the king of the world and this person is known by the name of IMU emu's Authority supersedes that of even the Gora say and they serve this mysterious person as seen over the course of the reverie and the arcs that followed the five Elders hold tremendous.

Importance in one piece and the fact that one of them has now entered The Fray and descended upon the blue sea just goes to show that one piece is truly in its final Saga and tackling the most important of the events with the reveal of the name of one of the five Elders revealed as Jay Garcia Saturn in the recent chapters it has now been.

Established that the Gora say have a deep connection to the planets of the real world as evident from the name the most important bit about the gorosei is actually present in their name itself gorosei literally translates to five Elder stars or five Elder planets given that one of them is named Saturn it can now be assumed that the other four are.

Named after planets as well it is a known fact that the people of the one-piece world live on planet Earth and so it is most likely not included among the gorasay which would mean the remaining of the elders will most likely be named Mercury Venus Mars and Jupiter with Saturn who was recently revealed being the fifth and final Elder Star in.

Ancient times only five planets were believed to be observable from Earth and these planets were thought to be revolving around planet Earth itself if the Goro say are the five planets then the one they worship would be the Earth and in this case that would be the Sovereign of the world a Moon Earth represents mother nature and what's.

Interesting is the fact that if the word emu is spelled backwards it literally translates to Mother C in Japanese mother C is The Reincarnation of nature itself and as recently mentioned by Dr vegapan hates those who have consumed devil fruits since they go against the natural order of things this is why they end up sinking into the ocean this.

Clearly implies that odor-based the power of the world government on this Olden model that was once followed in the real world as well emu is Mother Nature or planet Earth while the five Elders are the five planets orbiting around it this also ties directly into the struggle for power between the ancient Kingdom and the 20 Kings what's.

Even more shocking is the fact that one piece's connection to these celestial bodies had already been drawn long ago we knew quite a while ago that the races of shandya burger and skypier come directly from the Moon after running out of resources they descended to the Earth and decided to settle there initially only the skypians and the Birkins lived.

On the sky Islands while the shandians lived on the blue sea however thanks to the knock-up stream they were knocked into the sky as well more importantly it was recently revealed that Luffy is none other than the Sun God himself this is especially interesting when compared to the deity that the gorosei currently worship and that is the earth in ancient.

Times it was believed that the Earth was at the center and these five geocentric bodies revolved around it however it was then later found out that the sun is actually at the center of the universe with all the planets revolving around it what's more the three ancient weapons that were created by the people of the ancient Kingdom also draw connections to.

The planets Uranus the only one of the ancient weapons to not have been revealed yet holds the name of a planet meanwhile Poseidon or Neptune is yet another power that we already know is an ancient weapon in the one-piece World finally pluton draws a connection to Pluto the last planet and the solar system all of these planets actually.

Revolve around the sun meaning Luffy being the Sun God needs to dismantle the current system and replace it with the new and the actual order this will only happen when Luffy who is the Sun God will bring about a dawn that will Enlighten the entire world the final war in one piece is fast approaching and it's time for us to get excited with.

Reveals such as this we can rest assured that one piece will never cease to be fascinating and that's it for today I hope you all enjoy this video and I also asked you to subscribe to help us it will also help us to grow more and if you like please subscribe

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