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So, James Gunn just announced the lineup forChapter 1 of the new direction at DC Studios titled “Gods and Monsters.” Including anew Superman movie, a Booster Gold show, Supergirl, the Authority, Swamp Thing, and, getthis, come here I got a little rumor for you. I hear that they might be thinkingof making another Batman movie. This video is brought to you by SquareSpace Ok listen I know I'm like twoweeks late to this video and I really need a haircut, but I'm really tired ok. Overall, the lineup sounds really interesting. Ofcourse, we’ll see the new direction they go with with this Superman, from what we’re hearingI’m definitely interested in this idea of a.

Younger Clark Kent and that potential story. I’mso excited to see a Batman movie that will focus on the Bat Family, with The Brave and the Bold.The age difference between Superman and Batman is a little strange, since I’d prefer themcloser in age a bit more to have that sort of brotherly connection, but if they workit out right then things could still work. I’m hoping that with this rebootthey end up recasting the Flash, or at the very least will focus on adifferent Flash like Wally West, but I get that that’s not exactly something you wantto announce before the upcoming movies come out. I loved all of the announcements of moreobsure properties, like Creature Commandos, the Authority, Booster Gold,and, my most anticipated movie,.

Swamp Thing. The greater worldof DC is so vast and exciting, and has barely been touched in the movies, soI’m really excited for general audiences to get to know these characters more, in additionto seeing new sides of Batman and Superman. I’m still a bit confused as to the logistics ofthis reboot, though. We were led to believe that it would be a full, hard reboot of the universe,but at this time it seems more like a half reboot. For now it seems like some characters like ViolaDavis as Amanda Waller and Jason Momoa as Aquaman won’t be rebooted and will continue into the newuniverse after it’s reset with Flash. Personally, I’m a bit 50/50 on this. On one hand,I love Momoa’s Aquaman and Viola Davis is perfect as Waller, so I wouldn’twant to lose them, but on the other,.

For the sake of general audiences it might just becleaner to fully reset everything. But who knows, most general audiences don’t really know the dealwith the universe or really care, and maybe that Waller show will help iron out some of the kinksin the reboot and make things a little bit more clear. And you just know that Viola Davisis going to come in and get that paycheck. And speaking of getting that paycheck, thisvideo is brought to you by SquareSpace. From websites and online stores tomarketing tools and analytics, Squarespace is the all-in-one platform to build abeautiful online presence and run your business. Squarespace makes it easy for artistsand creators to monetize their content and expertise in a way that fitstheir brand. With Member Areas,.

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Go to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. And thanks toSquareSpace for sponsoring this video. If you ask me, I’ve personally been enjoyingthe majority of movies to come out of DC the past few years, with a few exceptions, becausethere was a big focus on creative freedom and making quality projects, as opposed to forcinga universe. Movies like *Birds of Prey*, *Shazam*, *The Batman*, have all beenreally fantastic, and I truly believe that Gunn’s *The Suicide Squad* is oneof the best comicbook movies ever made. And so when I heard they were going to streamlineeverything, I was a little bit concerned. Especially with the addition that animationand video games will also be part of this.

Universe consistently, and the live action actorstransfering to those mediums. I tend to prefer DC when there’s that creative room to breathe, andall of the disjointed projects like Doom Patrol, Sandman and The Batman, etc, all helped with that.I am really glad to see that a lot of stories will still be told under the “Elseworld” branding whichis something that DC should have been doing for years. But if the ending part of the announcementis led to be believed, then creative freedom and storytelling is still going to be a main priorityof this studio and that really excites me. The inspiration for this direction seems less likethe MCU, with its almost linear television style of stories between movies, and will be more likeStar Wars, with things connected by key events and people but mostly being their own thing. Ithink on paper that works really well and allows.

Characters the room to tell their stories,but Star Wars as a universe has the luxury of different time periods and a massive galaxy,as opposed to a lot of DC stories being set in modern day America. From this lineup, though,it seems like each property has that ability to stand on its own underneath the umbrellathat is DC Studios and I really like that. I’m super excited for the Lanterns show,I love Hal and John and am really excited to see their chemistry onscreen in thatTrue Detective style. It does, however, seem a little strange to me that thisshow is going to be taking place on Earth. If it is going to be Earth based, then I’dreally like to see them pull from the Denny O’Neil and Neil Adams “Green Lantern/Green Arrow”run which had Hal and Oliver Queen on a road trip.

Throughout America and helping people. Itwas the first appearance of John Stewart, so he could easily fit into that group. And no, I’m not just saying that because I want to seeGreen Arrow… but I do want to see Green Arrow. I know that this was just apiece of this first chapter, and so I’m hoping we get some more announcementsof movies starring some other lesser known but equally important DC characters. Characterslike Plastic Man, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter, and the most obscurecharacter of all… The Joker. That was a joke if you couldn't tell, Iwas being a little silly guy right there. There are huge massive sections of the universethat’s barely even been touched by the films,.

Some with huge brand appeallike Teen Titans and Static, that it would be insane to not try andget those projects truly off the ground. James Gunn, look, James Gunn please, I'll writeit for you. You don't even have to pay me, I'll do it. I'll write you a script, I can getyou the best Green Arrow script you've ever seen in your gosh darn life, I'm telling you I need it.I'm begging you, James look, James please. PLEA– But the big thing that really excited me the mostabout the announcement was the heavy emphasis on the comics and the direct inspiration that theseupcoming projects will take from those stories. **Superman: Legacy** is reportedly going to beinspired by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s “All Star Superman.” Not so much in the story,since All Star wouldn’t really work for a younger.

Superman, but with regards to its tone and itsdepiction of the character. All Star is one of the best comics ever made, I truly believethat it’s true literature and is worthy of being taught in schools, and is the perfectbasis in terms of tone for a Superman movie. **The Brave and the Bold** is goingto be inspired by Grant Morrison’s fantastic run on Batman. A good portionof their run has Dick Grayson as Batman, but a lot of it still features Bruce Wayne andis the perfect blend of fun camp and seriousness that I think the character really needed. Alot of people give Damian Wayne a bad rap, namely because he started out prettyunlikable and the animated movies have never done him much justice, but futureruns took that character and made him.

Grow and really turned him into somethingspecial and I’m excited to see that onscreen. **Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow** by TomKing and Bilquis Evely is a fantastic comic, mentioned by name by James Gunn in theannouncement, as it’s going to be adapted directly into a movie. I’m not sure how Ifeel on adapting that story directly for film, since a lot of King’s writing is pretty relianton being told through the medium of comics, but if they handle it withcare it could be fantastic. **Swamp Thing** is probably themovie I’m the most excited for though. He’s a great character withso much history and nuance to him, and honestly hasn’t really ever had a badcomic written about him, and the movie is.

Going to take inspiration from Alan Moore’sabsolutely legendary run on the character. What I’m trying to say, is thatthis upfront love and appreciation for the art of comicbooks is reallygreat to see, especially in a film industry where the medium tendsto get ignored or disrespected. It’s not really a secret that the comicbookindustry has been struggling as of late. Despite the massive superhero boom in film,namely with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that success hasn’t necessarilytranslated into comicbook sales, leading to a lot of comics feeling likethey have to play catch up with the movies, and even marketing the comics as somethingthat the movies will just adapt in the future.

For example, *Thor: Love and Thunder* reliedreally heavily on ideas and visuals from Jason Aaron’s run on *Thor* and *Mighty Thor*,such as the character of Gorr the God Butcher and Jane Foster as Thor. Both fantasticideas from that incredible run of comics, it's one of the best comics of the past decade,and yet in the official marketing for the movie, those books were almost entirely forgottenabout and seemingly tossed aside, especially when you look at howthe movie itself treated the ideas. In contrast, with the recent trailer for *Shazam:Fury of the Gods*, one thing that I really loved to see was that on the official versionon DC’s YouTube channel, the trailer ended with a slate of different comics that you couldread that were inspirations for the movie. Now,.

This is super small addition, it might nothave even been done by James Gunn or anybody, it might have just been the editor for theYouTube channel. But I do really appreciate this effort from Gunn to push comicsand their creators to the forefront. Now there’s still a concern regarding comiccreators and being properly compensated when their work is adapted, something Marvelhas come under fire for lately, but Gunn has been a big advocate for paying creators properlyand even included a cameo of John Ostrander in The Suicide Squad to make sure that he at leastgot paid royalties for that, and so I think it would be great if the same could be done foreverybody else who had their work adapted. Now all of this talk of comics mightseem like just studio press talk,.

But even just Gunn’s direct mentionof these books made a direct impact on their sales. Within just a few days of thelineup announcement, nearly all of the comics mentioned became completely sold out on massivestores like Amazon. To the point where books that were normally $30 were being scalped andsold for hundreds of dollars. Now, a big part of this is because of supply chain problems,DC has really struggled with trades lately, but still to see such a huge boom in the saleof comics based purely on just a movie lineup is a huge deal, and it could be the mark of amassive change for the industry for the better. Overall, this lineup and this announcement has mesuper excited. There are some concerns, of course, and with how many projects have been cancelledin the past, DC as a brand has to build up that.

Level of trust and respect to make me fully onboard with everything that’s happening, but as it stands right now with this new leadership, I’mincredibly excited for the future of DC studios. EXCEPT JAMES GUNN PLEASE GET ME A GOSH DARN GREENARROW MOVIE I'M BEGGING YOU I NEED IT PLEA– Thank you so much for watching everybody, if you liked this video be sure tohit the like button and subscribe.

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