The Horrible Fact About Luffy’s Instruments Fifth: 5 Need to-Know Facts

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Today I'm gonna be giving you the top and welcome back to Otaku Odyssey this is a show bringing you information about anime the anime is going to be debuting the episode in which we see Luffy's gear fifth transformation that is very very exciting you're excited.

Feel these nipples and of course as everyone knows on August 31st we will be getting the Netflix live action one piece television show so exciting time in the world right now exciting time starting off at No. 5.

The gum gum fruit does not exist the fruit that Shanks was actually protecting in the beginning of the series and the one that Luffy ate was the Hito Hito no Mi Model: Nika a mythicalZoan godfruit similar Sengoku's Buddha Fruit and it's a fruit that gives the user the ability to change reality in combat with their imagination.

And upon awakening gives them the physical attributes of sun God Nika also known as Joy Boy during the Egg Head Island arc Doctor Vegapunk confirms that the gum gum fruit does not exist in the Encyclopedia of Devil Fruits at all the world government knows all about this fruit and knows that it is extremely dangerous to their cause.

And so when Joy Boy died they made sure to find out where his fruit regrew and it tasked Cipher pol with retrieving and guarding it the world government then covering up its existence rewriting its properties and giving it its a fake name the Gomu Gomu no MI.

Until red haired Shanks attacked CP9 ship Mid transit and Lucky Roux found and stole it thieves! outlaws! at No. 3 the the Human Human Fruit Model Nika because it's Named for the purposes of the lore of one Piece silly name isn't it?.

In reality a better name for the Devil Fruit would be the Toon Toon Fruit he's a cartoon sailor This Fruit is a mythical zoan fruit that gives the user all of the abilities of the mythical Sun God Nika but more accurately it transforms the user into a 1920s rubber hose cartoon.

For example Steamboat Willie giving their bodies the complete properties of rubber look at me I'm all rubber and in combat giving them the ability to change themselves and bend reality into anything they can imagine we can't afford imagine so just imagine.

This is imagine abilities like this it's most commonly referred to as toon force giving the use of the ability to do anything that a cartoon can do he's like a cartoon character for example survival lethal damage and produce weapons.

Or any other items out of an infinite pocket dimension known as Hammer Space Hammer Time similar to Brook's Devil Fruit the Yomi Yomi no Mi in order to be awakened or fullyactivated.

It is required that the user of the human human fruit model Nika fully dies like deady dead dead during his fight with Kaidou Luffy was struck by Kaidou's most powerful ability Thunder Bellow bagua.

Due to not beingprepared for the attack and dropping his guard Luffy died because of this fortunately once he died his devil fruit the human human fruit model Nika finally awakened and he was resurrected in his gear 5th form.

Before we get to a number one fact about gear 5th it's a time for an ANIME THEORY it is my personal theory that one piece is the revelation that the entire one piece world is a work of fiction this world is a lie and I also believe that when a character in one Piece dies.

They discover this fact as well The idea is that when Luffy fully died he was able to see the story fromoutside of the story and realize that he was the main character and could do anything he wanted and that is why the human human fruit model Nika requires the user to die in order to awaken it.

Because they need to discover that they are all powerful and that nothing is real this also explains why Roger laughed at laugh tale naming it such because he was literally saying that this entire world was just a funny story and why he said that they were too early because he saw that Luffy.

Was the main character of the story and he also saw what he had to do in order to set all of the events in motion alright now time for the number one fact about gear 5th Luffy gear 5th Luffy is.

In Chapter 507 of one Piece Luffy tells Rayleigh that he believes that the Pirate King is the most free man on the sea and that he doesn't really want to conquer anything in chapter 1,061 upon arriving on Egghead Island Jewelry Bonney asked Luffy what kind of form gear 5th is.

And Luffy responds that it is the form in which he feels the most free and so in order to truly become the Pirate King the world has to view gear 5th Luffy as the most free although technically Luffy by his own definition.

Already considers himself the king of the Pirates and since he's strong enough that no one really wants to mess with him he is currently the most free man on the sea there you have it super excited for the anime.

Reveal of Gear fifth Luffy on August 6th I'm actually gonna start calling this August piece just because of all the one piece stuff coming up make sure to check out my main channel Afro X have a great day see you in the next video Afro x otaku.

Wearing specs and still no one suspects that I am Afro x

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