The Lifetime of the Creator of Attack on Titan【Hajime Isayama】

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In this issue, we will introduce the backgroundof Isayama Sensei, the author of Attack on Titan. Isayama Sensei continued to serialize Attackon Titan for about 11 and a half years. What was your life like before you becamea manga artist and serialized Attack on Titan? There is also the conflict during the serializationof Attack on Titan and life after the completion of the series, so I hope you will see it throughto the end. Isayama Sensei was born on August 29, Light1986, the son of a plum farmer in Hita City, Oita Prefecture. Hita City is a town surrounded by nature,but it is also surrounded by mountains, which.

Is said to foreshadow the wall of Attack onTitan. In fact, in an interview, he said, “I wantto get out of the countryside; there are Titans in the society outside the wall. I have to fight those Titans,” so he deliversa brilliant foreshadowing.  Also, he has been drawing manga since he was a child, which shows that he loved manga fromthe very beginning. As an elementary school student, Isayama Senseiwas not good at both studying and athletics.  Although drawing was the only thing he liked to do, he did not take it seriously becausehe thought he was more talented at drawing.

Than others.  Nevertheless, he kept his dream of becoming a manga artist alive.  He also seemed to like grotesque things and filled his textbooks and notebooks with doodles. Attack on Titan also has many grotesque expressions,which seems to have reflected Isayama Sensei's intentions.  Isayama Sensei, who thought he was different, was always making people laugh and jokingaround to be a mood maker so that his friends.

Around him would not realize what he was doing.  He joined a soccer club, despite the fact that he was not very good at sports. Of course, he couldn't keep up with the others,so he played the role of an unmotivated child so as not to cause trouble.  And in his elementary school graduation book, he says that his friends wrote things like,”I don't know what you are thinking,” and “The way you are smiling is creepy. Most of the information about Isayama Senseiduring his middle school years was not clear.

 In his graduation book, the only one that was known, he apparently wrote, “My dreamfor the future is cellophane tape, and if I were to be reincarnated, I would be a mammal. Isayama Sensei, who was 16 years old at thetime, was hooked after watching a martial arts match in which Bob Sapp competed.  I then entered a comic book for the first time in my life for an award, but unfortunatelydid not win.  I don't know what the manga I submitted at this time was about, but perhaps the key isthat I was into martial arts.

 Incidentally, Isayama Sensei himself was very confident about his first manga, and whenhe learned that it did not win the award, he despaired and thought for a while thatthe manuscript had not arrived due to a postal accident.  Also, at this time, his father sees the manuscript he has been secretly working on and tellshim, “You'll never be a cartoonist.”  Isayama Sensei described the situation at that time as “I was just embarrassed and stiff,unable to say anything back.  Unable to give up on his dream, Isayama Sensei.

Attended Kyushu Designer Gakuin, a technicalcollege in Fukuoka.  His father was against it, so he lied and went to school, saying he wanted to be a furnitureand appliance designer.  However, the parents were notified by the school and were instantly exposed.  Isayama Sensei himself was aware that he had been exposed, but was unable to say so himself.  However, Isayama Sensei, who absolutely could not give up on his dream, says that althoughhe was aware of his poor drawing skills, he.

Rarely practiced drawing because he thoughtit was enough if the content was interesting.  So while the other students were practicing their drawings, he was solemnly contemplatingthe structure of the comic strip. As a result of his dedicated thinking aboutthe structure, he completed the prototype of “Man vs. Titan,” the prototype of Attackon Titan. He then brings his work to JUMP, but is kickedout by the editor, who says, “Bring me JUMP, not manga. Not wanting to lose his own flavor, IsayamaSensei decided to bring his work to SHONEN MAGAZINE.

It was during this encounter with ShintaroKawakubo, who would become his Editor in Charge, that his destiny would change drastically. Mr. Kawakubo runs a Twitter page under thename of his editor-in-charge, Bakku, and is now even the head of the Bessatsu SHONEN MAGAZINEteam. Also, Mr. Kawakubo praised Mr. Isayama Sensei'sless-than-confident drawing ability, saying, “His drawings have power. Incidentally, Mr. Kawakubo had only been withthe company for one month when he discovered Isayama Sensei's talent. Attack on Titan went on to receive an honorablemention in the “Magazine Grand Prix,” and.

When Isayama Sensei received a phone callinforming him of the honorable mention, he shouted “yay!” over the pedestrian bridge. He also used the prize money he received fromwinning an honorable mention in the Magazine Grand Prix to move to Tokyo. Since Isayama Sensei and Mr. Kawakubo livedfar from each other, they basically held meetings over the phone, but one day they were surprisedto learn that Isayama Sensei had suddenly moved to Tokyo. Mr. Isayama Sensei improved his drawing skillsthrough training in “page-by-page description,”.

As instructed by Mr. Kawakubo. After improving his drawing skills, IsayamaSensei won a special newcomer manga award for “HEARTBREAKONE” and made his debut. Later, as he worked as an assistant, he saysthat his feeling that it did not matter if his drawings were poor as long as the storywas interesting gradually changed to a feeling that every time he did something, he wouldadd to the teacher's workload. Finally, Isayama Sensei was approached aboutserializing his work. Isayama Sensei took three works to the editorialoffice, including Attack on Titan, but it was Attack on Titan that was chosen.

In addition, he says that in the pre-serializationconception, the only thing that had been established was “the identity of Titans is human,” sovarious settings were added and gradually the worldview gradually became the one wesee today. In 2009, at the age of 23, Isayama Senseifinally started the serialization of “Attack on Titan” in Bessatsu SHONEN MAGAZINE. Although Isayama Sensei drew his manga withunique expressions that no one else would use, he was able to convey what he wantedto express, so it was published as it was. Later, the shocking development of the maincharacter being eaten in the second volume caused a sensation and became the talk ofthe town.

He has also been researching feedback andreactions to himself online since the beginning of the series. In a thread about the identity of the FemaleTitan, there appeared a sleuth who had figured out the identity of the Female Titan as wellas the fact that Reiner was a spy. So insightful was his work that one theoryis that Isayama Sensei himself may have left a hint. It also seems that Moblit, Hans's close associate,was named after the reader's reaction. However, Isayama Sensei, who saw what readersthought of his work on a daily basis, was conflicted, wondering if he was drawing tothe readers' liking.

Troubled, Isayama Sensei asked, “Should Idraw it the way the readers want it?” he asks on the Internet, but after receiving manycomments that “that's not what they want,” he decides to draw it the way he wants todraw it. Also, two years after the serialization, atthe age of 25, he would win the 35th Kodansha Manga Award for Juvenile Division. In 2013, the year he turned 27, an anime adaptationof Attack on Titan was finally decided. When the manga was first serialized, IsayamaSensei's drawing ability was also controversial, but the anime adaptation overcame this weakness,and the already popular Attack on Titan became even more popular.

The momentum of the project also led to thedecision to make a movie, which was controversial, but was successfully made into a film. Isayama Sensei shared his impressions aboutthe movie, saying, “I was very excited by the power and loveliness of the Titans. Many people came forward to give their opinionsabout the story of the movie Attack on Titan. However, he said that the setting for themovie was originally a story that Isayama Sensei had in mind for professionals to create. With these visualizations, Attack on Titanbecame popular overseas as well. November 18, 2018, Isayama Sensei was to appearon a Japanese TV program called JOUNETSU TAIRIKU,.

And he returned to his hometown of Hita City,Oita Prefecture, to be interviewed with his parents At the time, the final panel of Attack onTitan, which was first shown on JOUNETSU TAIRIKU, attracted a great deal of attention. The serialization reached its conclusion onApril 9, 2021, and the book on June 9, 2021. Isayama Sensei accomplished the serializationof the series for about 11 and a half years with almost no breaks in publication. The end of Attack on Titan was shocking andvery interesting, but at the same time it was sad that Attack on Titan was over.

The total number of copies sold has surpassed100 million, making it a very popular manga in Japan and around the world. In addition, Isayama Sensei himself has saidthis about his serialization of Attack on Titan. “After reading the whole story once, I wantedthe reader to feel different connotations in the same scene when they read it a secondtime.” The story of Attack on Titan starts out fromEren's point of view, but if you read it again after the series ends, you will see it froma different perspective. He also said that at first he didn't drawEren as himself, but gradually he came to.

Realize that it was him. Eren continued to lead a free life withoutanyone taking orders from anyone, but Isayama Sensei, who went through with what he wantedto do even if he was denied, is also similar to Eren. By the way, if he were to draw his next cartoon,he would like to draw a “black comedy. Even though it is a comedy, I feel that thereis a lot of foreshadowing scattered throughout, since it is Isayama Sensei's thing. In this article, we introduced the life ofIsayama Sensei, the author of Attack on Titan. Stay tuned as I continue to make more mangaand anime videos!.

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