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As we saw in the last episode, the master of knowledge, he has kept a big secret hidden inside him and Gian is not fully aware of it, but later on he will come to know about all these things. Then with this confidence let's start this new episode of ours. In the beginning of the episode we are shown Gian wields his sword for the first time and the laps are very happy to see this sword because it is the first time when laps must have seen its sword the name of this sword is jinsing and it is a very powerful sword when for the first time this heaven and earth fell then sneaking was taken as my master man ji han's thought that i have seen you for the last 500 years I have n't seen you since I miss you so much and seeing this word is a special kind of sword he was thinking I think he will still do a trick he catches it uses power then we.

See that the sort has flashed happens and the sword has become alive now, he thinks that I have to commit a theft and This chutney is not going to be easy at all so I want to tell you that aaj tumhara hum kar lo but she doesn't give award she goes and directly shows a moustache of lap It is a very funny taste here and here it is getting angry it says I told you to relax not all these jokes for fun then after a while we are shown the sword goes into its statement Hai is resting where Gian says that he is sorry even though my sword has super natural powers but still his mind is like a child and he is saying that now you have fuja So your body has got more power than before that's why use your human a little.

Carefully, Ji Han says don't worry at all, be relaxed, everything is under my control, that's a little too much to stay calm. You have to jump and jump, but don't worry at all, you have everything under control and there will be no such mess again. Till then we are shown that there is a movement in the nearby pond and then a man kept coming out of it. Look, I thought where is this demonic energy coming from but here I Got some more here so these little models and look this human being is here as well as the craziest of them all that sticky BJP badge he's got here with the Seal of Immortality on it Along with him, his entire army would have also come there and he would have been teasing Gian, here he would have been teasing with the orange cord, what happened after all, as if these two have met, why has the atmosphere completely changed, only then they.

Are telling the lap to Orange. That this person is his name and he used to be Gyan's subordinate but here why he got into trouble after the accident and he took advantage of his trouble and replaced Gian, now he is the deputy minister there i.e. A minister of war is a model, in real he has become what Orange says, it means it is clear that he is a villain because he Betrayed your friend and then it gets deeper that why are you guys seeing me in such pieces especially that both of you are living in the human world but never do your duty properly . I know how many disasters are happening because of you, but Chotu doesn't like it at all, then the fan says, okay, you need proof that I have been truthful or not , then he would have taken out a big map and put it in All the cities are shown here, there are total.

481 cities in this whole world and out of which 300 cities were attacked by monsters and all those masters created a lot of havoc. I don't know how many masters from the demon world have come to the human world, and what are you doing sitting here, are you playing here, but they say to Chhotu, if we have magic If it was open, there would be no need for you to come here, we alone finish all those masters and The situation is not like this at all, you are wasting your time by coming here, do n't understand, don't teach me what to do, the fan gets angry, why do you have so much courage, you will teach me what to do and what not to do. Must do Look I am his backbone I have to keep all the accounts that who went who survived please no matter how many people in the world died because of this.

I don't care about anything but humans should not come over me and you talk a lot, it seems necessary to give you punishment because you are not doing your duty properly . Then the debate starts between these two that it seems you have forgotten what we were taught there. When this fan is getting very angry, then he takes out his sin, which means he takes out his original power. He comes out and keeps saying that I am not going to leave you, I will lift your head, then no one is going to escape. No one will survive from here Chhotu goes to the court he is going to use this technique he calls Gian a trash but he is going to use a huge technique Directly to feather Fan's straight Jean.

They are moving towards but Gian has no idea, he uses a super technique , after seeing which he I wonder how he is able to use this technique because it was very powerful, it seems that the time has come to show you who is the most powerful . Yes , this is a very powerful technique, in which there is a lot of mana and you have a seal of motility, you cannot do this, is this all fake, this is all a show, but he attacks again and this is a direct attack. It happens that the fan feels that it is too loud, a little too much power has gone to you, you have started considering yourself too big, it seems that you have forgotten who I am and anyway what are you showing yourself Here among mortals you are ignoring everyone you can kill immortals as well as.

Living beings so I don't care who stays alive and who gets killed and you are called minister of and You don't deserve this friend was trying to run away but how was he going to let Jiya run away so easily Uses it and burns it, he was trying to escape by becoming the world, after that when he fills it here, then by shaking it, everything that he has is coming out and what was he doing in all these years I have collected many valuable things, there are many rare things there, but I just pick up a pen, what does it come to me that I want this and whatever is similar, you share it among yourself, both of them and at the forefront Because they are also aware of the same and who are the things that Chhotu and Chhotu are doing. It seems that the friend's liver is very weak. I think he.

Used to take pills every day. If he can maintain his inner cultivation, then only then I wonder how he will live . Just in one go, he was brought back to his original form. Orange would have got a bid, means he would have got a seed . That is if that seat turns blue it means he is alive, turns gray it means he is dead but can't ask for a wish and green cardination too It may not happen but if it turns red, that means it has been successfully purchased and it will also have successfully free internet. Wouldn't you like to see it? Till then all the soldiers come there, they bow down in front of Gian and are saluting him, why are you doing all this ? He has done very bad things because he had become a minister and because.

Of that this world had to travel a lot and now these soldiers cannot see that the human world is theirs and they have to travel all three, that's why these people leave heaven for you. Yang says but I am a criminal if you do less with me then you will become everyone's enemy . Whether you are our leader or not, no matter who is our enemy , we will always stand with you. And if you don't trust us, we can show you even by shedding our blood. They all take out their small knives and are ready to die inside themselves, but are concerned that you have no reason to do all this. There is no need because the one who wants to support me does not need to shed his blood to prove whether he is loyal or not.

No, he is working, it means that we can join you, now we will live, a new liter of people has been formed and he is working with them to do something, now what is he doing, it is up to you The episode will not be known by walking, ok from all of you in the next episode till then bye

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