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As we saw in the last episode that if you accept these soldiers then you will become the enemy of Fairy World and then you will have no other option but to kill them. No problem, soldier says sir, I have to tell you something very important, he says yes, tell me, soldier tells like this, right now there is a very tense atmosphere going on in the whole world, but there is a city whose name is Hai Refuge City where more than 100 people are disappearing every day and nowadays the danger has increased so much that no one dares to go out of the house, there have been some more mysterious and powerful monsters. In the city and even with the strength of the fan, those people are not lost, that means they are very powerful and we have.

To save Riffa city in one way or the other, the character will turn into soil, even he sent a lot of soldiers. But unfortunatly none of them survived and came back there to us . Jhe realizes that he has killed a lot of monsters and a lot of people in the city and takes out his special magic brush and thinks that it's okay if that's the case, then I'm in Ripu City. I will go where he becomes only and you all of you all of you will go to Yuvan city and see what is going on there. Chotu says okay then me and the lady will go to another city . Took its name Lady Care because first of all I have to inform my department about her and she also goes to go with Chhotu Goad . You have already left, so let's go on your way, but Orange's head.

Is that wait, I will also go with you, whether you take a fat one and you have not yet fully controlled your powers. Got it if you go there then your life may be in danger you wait for me here he says but but my father is still alive and The last time he disappeared, he was completely happy. The last time, as you know, when he was 7 years old, his father went on a business trip, and then he disappeared. Nothing was ever heard of him, and then Since then he goes to Hoon city every year to see if he can find his father or if something happens, but till date he has not found his father and this incident that is happening with all the people may be because of me. Father how was some connection orange kya tha if you don't take me with you I will go there alone but I am worried that monsters have taken over the city that means from outside.

There are no human beings at all a can ok you can walk he starts flying and what is it okay if you can catch me you can walk with us it is also shown here he grabs a sword and what is it exactly Take it easy, you can't go so fast, Chhotu Goad was telling you, look, if you want to fly, you have to climb up to the top of the sky first, how the witch who is shown and She is sitting on a magical broom, so she can't sit on this short, that's why I am standing on it because I have to go. It is also shown in the next scene that he has reached the refugee city, he has been sitting quietly for a long time, then his sword Carries that Master , why are you sitting here for so long, I am getting very bored, I am not enjoying, he was thinking that anyway it has been 500 years, so I am concentrating on my cultivation. But it is really very.

Annoying that he is doing illness in front of me, he has forgotten his master setup that I am directly connected to your spirit, so I can hear whatever you are thinking or feeling. He says just wait for a while then we are shown that sword suddenly changed into human form and he becomes very happy what do you think master see I have come in my human form now it will be a lot of fun Many congratulations to you for this, and I was thinking that now the trouble has increased even more. For my life, I am worried that if you had come in human form after a long time, then I would have done the best that let me come after doing the investigation and you wait for me here for the time being, when everyone else will come, then you will come with them. Joining and then going to me is simple, but she starts saying that no, I will stay here and wait for her.

I am also not going to do it, I will also go with you. When he starts leaving, she holds his leg and wonders whether I will go with Master, then Jaan says to me, would you like to become a sword again, then she sits down. And she gets very angry, after that she doesn't say anything, I start to know, in the next scene it is shown that he has reached inside the city and what was he doing, coming inside the city was not that much difficult and this You can see the torch in its hand, it does small facts , only then we are shown that there are some humans too, they are not normal humans, they live in a different way, like you eat food, these people are insects. eat what you see above and they have a different species, then now Jiang has come to know that Song has trapped all of them in his net and all the people of this city These people try to come inside,.

They beat them a lot, that's why no one wants to come inside the city, these people look normal , but they live and eat and drink everything. different he was saying that i know this situation is a bit different and i have to deal with it because if i finish all these daemons will come to know that i have been here and they will be alert that's it I want them to come to me, well, I will not kill them all at once, I will kill them one by one, so that they are comfortable and then they use their powers, then you know what would have happened, in the next scene we are shown that He was sitting on the roof of a building and was talking. If you want to stay alive, you have to get out. These are all normal people who are there to eat food and take all the necessary things. They have come out for this and in this it is seen a different person who was looking something special, he.

Is passing through all the people very comfortably and even we are shown that he has instinct cops. It also happens that it is kept filled in such a small bag, which means that whoever knows that there is a monster around , he was going to give it to them so that those people kill him. No, a different scene goes on here, in the next scene we are shown that he has already entered a shop in human form and what is he doing, I want that. She says sir, what are you doing, I don't understand anything. It is not coming that I want that, then he starts saying, oh man, where have you gone, well, listen, I want two lollipops, and then we are shown a small child here, that child is his brother and she was saying that What are you doing here, the child starts telling that this brother had said that he will bring me to you. Purple is in attack mode and is asking who are you and what do you want to do with my brother, but He is taking off.

His height comfortably and was saying that I have fixed it to play your brother and will you try to take revenge on me instead of thanking me, he is his own, he has to get down and shows his full face to Purple now. Purple is looking at her brother, she is deeply saddened, he is really well, in fact this child is not his own brother, this girl would have adopted him. But this child has a very rare type of disease, which is also called crops poison, but from what we know, he was very intelligent, he refined some exayar, refined the same old thing and then gave it to him and now This child has been cured, if I had not found out about it at the right time that this child has this disease, then it would have been very difficult to save his life . You go to the fairy world with grass and keep coming, actually.

There is no punishment route for you and why do you keep coming to this lower real again and again, I want to know what is your relationship with the monsters here Purple It is told that when it was human, it used to be a lot of people to become a fairy, which means that everyone thinks that angels do very well, but when it became it, it was known that they are not so good as angels, and at the moment a few decades It hasn't been like that at all since Very Land isn't quite the Fairyland it used to be. Earlier it used to happen, then we are told about it that even when it came to the human world, there were monsters here, but this city was not in such a condition at all and when it came to this world for the first time. She found this child lying alone because someone had abandoned her, she wanted to live this life in the human world because Fairy Land.

You already know that it was getting ruined slowly, so it wanted that why both the fairies and demons cannot live together like human fairies and demons, why three cannot live in one place , then now the scene A is done in the present and further it is telling us that why it gives the corps to the demands, what you must give to the instinct, so that the demons do not interfere in its work, nor in its life. Let it be easy here but now those masters are not at all like before those monsters have become more dreaded than before and they want to kill whoever comes in front of them now why want to kill gas this story is a different mode So now you will know this in the next episode then see you in the next episode till then bye

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