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Friends, as we saw in the last episode, Purple tells that she is a fairy and that the monsters are under control. Till then these people are not going to keep quiet and by the way I know that if we do n't leave the city soon then it is going to be a tawa by the way I know that you want to go too but you are hesitating can I know why so then that She starts telling him all her things that whatever was left and also telling that these people are not safe here because there are some shameless people here who are sure to come to find them and will kill them too. He controls daemons but why those people do not harm you, she tells that it is very simple thing because look at the end, then those people are human beings, why am I not controlling them and how many people.

In one team? Can control at once and their mind is empty anyway so I give them food and in return those people help me then that pinch rings and prisoner that you all can come here I am shown that many people have come there as long as these people are ready to corporate with us then Till I don't have any problem Purple Carry is anyway no problem I am very ashamed that I am doing less with these people ok let's go from here now but what about wait for me The company has come till now, let them go, she says do you have companies too, if they are, then they will be as smart and handsome as you, till then we are shown that the sort comes running and it is done that the master is yours. Both of those people have come and lightning was about to fall on both of them and then in the next day we are shown that all the people have come together.

. I kept it inside myself, she carries purple, both of them know that illusion is very dangerous, still you are our Would you like to come with us, those people say that we want to come, she is further telling about the lotion that it is an illusion that can appear anytime and anywhere and that illusion seems so much like reality that it It is really happening with you but it is not really happening, here his pal is read by a very powerful and master if you both ever feel that you both are in trouble or you are not able to face that trouble. If you can go and hide quietly ji han or else I will come to help you guys and then this girl is asking what is your name anyway because no one is saying your name here Orange Kaa toh ho jaana tha, she starts laughing.

And says that my name is Linga, it is not a very difficult name, I am not as good as them, I have just come here to practice, in fact I am dependent on these people. She used to be of Purple, earlier I was just like you, I too was not a complete fairy, means keep practicing, then I became a good fairy, then all that people start talking like this for a while where purple carries i can't believe such a big general of very land mr ji han you still remember me you remember a little cutie like me He will also live for so many years, although I didn't even remember earlier, but later I remembered that you always used to submit an application form to temple lap every month, he always wanted to be with me and still wants to fight with me He is following me in this birth. Now Shayari was shy after hearing this and said, 'I will forgive her. I.

Was young at that time, that's why my mind was not working and she used to write letters every month. Gian says that I If I wanted, I could have sent you out of Fairyland too, but I know why I did not send because I had lack of supporters, so I could not send, otherwise I would have sent, but I still remember a line written in it, Han and then read that line. I had heard that the bird is flying in the sky, the water is running on the ground, the mountains are the planets, there are too many planets in my eyes. It's fashion, I don't want to go to war, but I still don't understand one thing, why this lipstick was used on every letter, this lip mark and this doesn't make me feel good, she was thinking, I felt I was afraid that he would not read the letter, so I used to put my mark on it again and again so that he would open it and read it, then this whole topic.

Changes it and was saying that you came to this world and did not meet people, why did you make this child your disciple? Look this is not a matter between the disciple and the master at all it is just a coincidence Purple tells Orange that your master is too much party so I should cover him Arya so that he can go and finish off the monsters no problem I I will keep a Shari Mani for you guys where your relationship will be better than before what was that thank you very much the gate to go to another place is open Gyan says I will go first but he stops Lets try and gives him a flower he says this flower for what she says hey you forgot if you put this flower on your bike it will make your motel seal disappear and no one will even know He says ok, that was the point, I had completely forgotten about it, thank him, what.

Does Purple say to her? F is very happy to hear that now he has reached inside where he is seeing a useless illusion, here we are being shown his illusion in a battered way, he is no one else, this little tot is Jiangi, what is happening? master now come back when are you going to go again master what happens don't you worry there is still a lot left for me to go and then he gives him a pendant master ji tells us I have bought this chat pendant from the world Polished by the most craftsman and made it according to your pattern, if you put yourself in it , then you will become very powerful and you can slowly practice with it and this is your power . Will also help in increasing your man so that you will not be able to finish your man soon and you will become more powerful than before. He is very happy to receive the gift and he must.

Have liked that pendant very much. Master says this. Actually it was your first gift, isn't it the first time someone has given you a gift, they are thinking He looks very happy on the outside but he is also very calm on the inside . But some rascal children have already come, and the master has cheated you, just show us also, only then the light shines there again and the knowledge that he had already brought in his human form, he knows something about his pendant. Says that I am not going to give anything but those children are very scoundrels, they are saying whether you will quietly give it to us or not or we will teach you a lesson in a good way, it comes and directly on the face of Gyan. Hits with a powerful punch, you start to believe us, but by then his sight.

Is gone, after that they start playing catch with his pendant, even Gian Shahkar is not able to stop them , Jiang goes to stop him. It would have been that give me back that pendant, the master has given it to me, that child throws away the pendant and what was it, people, you My useless saperendant , by the way, Vicky cares about this useless pendant, if that pendant was weak, it breaks when it hits the ground, and Gian feels very sad. Jung uses a spell that makes all those children fly in the air . and it hurts a lot but still they don't kill me otherwise you would have so much courage you tried to attack the ferry line's disciplus just pups now your game ends here see we lock you up Will give in the snow and it is exactly the same, they go to the prison and cat him where he is alone, but then the master comes there.

And takes care of him. I came to know that they have locked you here, I have tears in my eyes, he was saying that the pregnant woman you gave me broke from me . it is vertically broken and you know very well what that means, as long as Gian has been living in front of Hey go all these chhalao nothing is going to effect we are shown that there is a huge track in front of Gyan and there is a lot of icy air also going on Young takes out his sword and what happens You have done this very shameful act you used master to pick me up I am not going to leave you that dragon comes to attack but its The sword is split once and the dragon is split into two pieces and here Gian has killed the trickster.

Just tell in the comments how many more stars out of five stars are you going to give to Gian's childhood cat form? See you all in the next episode till then bye

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