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As in the beginning of the episode, it is shown that both of them are talking happily , then the girl says that it has been a long time, we have not met each other, we have to admit that so many years have passed. But you are still a model of a model, she is able to become a model, she is saying motu word and also that you are very old fashioned, she gets angry and says I told you earlier also that I like this. Do not say at all and I am not fashion, you are old fashion and here it is deeper than your friend that go and see the one who is injured and thinking that the humans and humans are more than 100 years comfortably And they are living peacefully with each other but now it seems that trouble is about to come again, is it a test or someone is deliberately provoking them , the scene changes, here we are shown the knowledge which is being practiced. Is doing and.

After practicing for 3 hours, he has been able to teach only two skills, which is a bit boring, but it is being guessed that That means something very stormy is going to happen soon. In the second scene, Pinky is shown who is checking her man and there is a demon mark around her neck. In fact, all the incidents that happened recently These demon marks have been found in some of the people, this demon mark is very strange, it tries to get out the devil inside the person or else it opens a gate, due to which other devils flare up. and come out but the most strange thing in this is that the person on whom this mark is applied, his life is not in danger, he is surviving and this case has never come before you, but most The good thing for now is that it is absolutely safe and after 10 minutes it will regain consciousness.

And it will start living its normal life again as it used to live before, only then Lady Carrie happens, this is a very good thing, don't take it And they say that this is your 10th case, don't they say that this is not our tenth case, still there are many cases of children, Motu and what If there is no danger to the lives of humans, then don't you think that this is a prank by some master ? Why is he trying to kill someone, she also asks Pinky in vain if there is any way to break this dark spell, she tells that no, there is no solution as of now, because never before today. No one had seen such a thing, now the investigation is not completely cleared, because all the samples come to us, she says okay, you.

Take the physical appearance of this person and then send it to someone so that he can follow me. Do it and then whatever report you get, give it to me on time . Yes , whenever I meet him , I get very angry. Had he been from Patalkot, at present, that plate would have been very important for us. It is more important and that model will help us in this and when our time will come, then these people will not be able to offer us at all or they will not be able to become, in fact both of them are offered again and again because even after being adopted, these people are models I mean, we can go, it is not a motel, so these people want to get her a plate so that these people can become a model, why do you worry because the possibility has increased even more, in the next scene we see that she is not sleeping the way orange What is going on and he is thinking that I.

Am not able to sleep, today I am not even sure that whatever happened to me this morning is true, but all the evidences and proofs that I have got According to the calculations, Immortals and Demons are real and this Mortal and Demon World also exist. He takes out his mobile and is looking at his eye because still those people have left that divine power near his eye. He is remembering what those people had told him, they had given him a small pot and were saying that you Put a little blood of your opponent and one of his hair inside it so that his soul will burn and then I give 41st put it in 40 so that your soul will be sealed in it forever and when you control his body then You can call him back to the plate and as soon as that plate becomes equal then you take it and.

Give it to us can you do this Orange says it means I don't have to do much I have to put a hair of Hong Kong's body and some blood inside this spot so that I will display it but if I don't do it then if I agree then goad starts telling him that when you are 7 years old then your father He disappeared suddenly, since then there is no news of him and then later when you were 16 years old, your mother also passed away due to illness. Your mother's last wish was that she could see your father and that's why In the hope that you are looking for your father, I know that right now, in the last few years, you are going to many events, going to the organization, going to another city, just in the hope that you will find something about your father. Get the clue but till date you haven't got anything, Orange gets very angry after hearing this and he says you are a lap.

, does it mean what do you think of yourself that you can tell people's secrets like this. Ho and what did you say in the last lap very peace market and they are talking about listen to me properly We make a deal that you bring us that plate and in return I will give you all the information you can about your father. The scene comes back to the present where he is looking at his family photo which was taken many years ago, then he spots it out and the talisman is already available, just now Bill's hair. And his blood is needed, he can go directly and break it like this or if he does something then his hair will fall, but the part of the one who is going to take his blood is a bit difficult, he secretly kills his bill i.e. Gian. I was watching.

And thinking that what is the way that I can get his blood, now the idea comes in my mind that I will take him to the hospital on the pretext of blood test and then I will get his blood from there. After a while we see that he gets ready and what is he saying Gungun dear Gungun let's get up let us get the blood test done Let's go to the hospital, it's time, but Gian has come to know in the lab that something is definitely wrong and here he was nervous and why are you looking at me like this, let's go By the way, I am about to checkup your whole body, but that cat suddenly speaks, due to which I am very surprised to hear and what is happening, how can this happen, he talked to me, I know that he is fat, so it is a matter It would be easy for him to do it, but how did he talk to me all of a sudden, he seems to have forgotten that he has a divine.

Eye, by which he can talk to all the Masters and Immortals, then we are shown that very fast The light starts flashing and as soon as the light goes out Gungun is in his real phone i.e. in the form of Gyan he says to me do you want to take me to get my blood test done and he is thinking that As the lap told me, it is happening exactly the same way, it goes away and it happens, look, if you want to go alone, you can go. Te ho I'm not going to go with you But if you want I can go with you If you don't want then no problem I'll stay at home You go Gyan uses his power and his pont is out From now on I was afraid that now its game is over or it is with me , I have never seen you all day, today you disappeared from morning and look, you have.

Three real lives as well as this dangerous dark magical weapon. let's get out temple lap the best for you this is the best for you stop even using you guys i know you 've been following me for a long time you two get out now he starts getting light from the spot and then we It is shown that laps have also been done there, they are saying from young that you should have died in the helmet punishment you should have got, but you were lucky that you survived there and not only this, your There's also a hidden treasure, and I'm afraid you're going to mess with it, so I I want you to give that thing back to me , friends, here I have only three questions from you, the first question is whether Gian will give him the plate to the word, the second is this knowledge will kill both of them and the third is whether these two Dosti.

Kar lega aapko batana hai ki ye kya karna hai van tu ya three comment karenge aur baas hamara episode This is where it ends if you like the video subscribe the channel thank you very much for watching the video see you again in the next episode

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