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In the beginning of the episode, we are shown beautiful feet, as I told you, but these beautiful feet are the same small lap and they are circles, this water is so pure that it detoxifies inside the body as much as your inside. Makes it clears your skin because don't know which wonderful natural chemicals are filled inside it and then after that those people are praising orange and say that we have come to know that if it Time you had not pushed him the girl then that demand would have killed her you only your divine you can see this then he is telling all the things to orange see this happened like this then he is saying lap that I think That girl is mentally and physically very tired because she has been sleeping since one day and one night, she has not woken up yet , here Lebu is also hugging her that she has come, her formation is very dangerous. In a.

Way, it is a blessing too, but if seen on the other hand, it can also be seen as Miss Fortune . I survived but next time we have to be a little careful because these demons are using different taxes to do us and in future we will have to be a little more careful, by then they have left. ula wala song lady ka rahi tha ki mujhe wo ladki hai ki i like that girl she has good aptitude she is born with divine ice and at the same time she can sing some pulse so i feel like we can take advantage of this opportunity Should pick up and bring another good recruit in our Beru because his talent is very good, by the way, you also have a lot of knowledge of necklace blue color thinking that no one else except me can see that he is normal She is not a girl at all , she is a demo, let's go, this is also a good thing and I also saw that juice with her, which is.

Available only once in thousands of years, well, I should keep this thing to myself, at least You will get to know who is the one among these demons who is selling the medicine as well as who is the mastermind of this whole game. Yes, it is our concern that if we get some land here, one or two acres, then it is going to be much better than Fairy Land anyway, and if it is a university, then that universe has been fully nourished and now there There is not much to do, it is talking about some other universe which is very complicated, so you people do not know about it, this will be better for your mind and for me, what orange Hey, I always wanted to ask you guys, what are these 8 choices of the world, and what are these hit choices, then we are told about 8 choices, which means which hair makes you happy.

, it would have been different. From which everyone gets happiness, some get it from him, some get it, some get it by drawing, some get it by taking some precious thing means buying it, and then something is different in its own way, then all the same. He is telling about at choice means it is such happiness that if anyone gets it then it happens, does not take the name of money but And then the one who is orange is asking carefully that which one is yours, in which one you get more pleasure, he tells that I am not a human being, I am a cat and I do not have human feeling at all. Billo doesn't have any feeling so I don't know which one is this story goes thousands of years back where we are shown to mountain goat that you are some of my companies you have saved your life so why are you following me Now he is in the form of a bill, he.

Is of no use, the master tells him that you care for others, you want to be friends with me, but you do not show them, you just keep walking behind them, hitting like a ghost. You must be a very strange bill and then they belong to the master. God has saved your life and healed your wants, that means he has done justice to you, so do you want to tell your life by becoming a bill like this? How about if I made you into a poem, it would be better for you Will remain, then you will be able to reduce more, then he moves his hand forward, lap says do you want to give me hi-fi and then we are shown that for the first time hi-fi happens between the two, now again A has been done in the sim present where Ji Han has been thinking that this is all for now and will be continued again later, he seems to be leaving but suddenly.

A lot of blood starts falling from his mouth and immediately he comes running to him and wondering what happened to you, suddenly he was thinking that it seems that there is internal energy, he is suddenly out of control. They are saying that Immortal seems to be doing its bit because it is planted by Heaven's Empire, so it is so difficult to defeat it, you cannot remove it so easily, they are now beginning to understand Jiang a little more and have knowledge. By thinking about this, these people come to know that Gian is not that much of a bad person, but still he had killed the mountain lap, so they are asking why did you really do this, after that we got a little motel seal. It is told that it is made from a different combination of dragon's candle and its breath , which seals the mana inside your body, does not allow the internal energy to come out.

, and when that internal A lot of energy gets collected at one place, so it will spread its flow with you just like it happened with the symbol. He has used up all his mana and the more he uses mana, the more internal energy it has, it will fire back twice as much, that is, the more mana he uses, the more damage will be done to the organs and then the game of knowledge will end . There is a way by which we can unlock this seal. Goad says han there is not an easy way to break this seal then I am going to need some special and rare materials. He tells which material then starts saying orange. I will find it tell me where can I get it he starts telling look as you know this seal is made of tracking candle and many different varieties so it is impossible to find it in heaven and earth is you can't find it there at all.

And it is very difficult for you to go there in the rest of the place it is difficult for everyone and asking is there any other way talking about fuja flower Till then the lady comes out from there and she would have been taking out her necklace. You people are talking about fuja flower means it can happen then goad starts saying no no no it is an ancient flower and it is very rare and it is very difficult to find it, you give us this plastic necklace of yours Why are you showing it by going out, there is a lot of difference between the land and the sky in this and that flower, but there are long laps, they have understood this necklace that it is not a plastic at all, it is a very rare treasure, which is known as Fairyland. There is a lot of finance, it has been inserted inside it so that its energy can be restored and it can continue for thousands of years, I do not understand why I did not pay attention to it earlier.

, I did not even know how this could happen. The lady starts telling that this necklace was given to her by her senior and said that if you find someone who can open this necklace, then you must give it to him, but then he kept spending time like this and many years have passed till now he has There is no record of what happened to this necklace, what was going to happen, so they carried this necklace with them. I thought it better to wear it around my neck and then today is not the day when there is going to be a shortage of this necklace, although she also does not know much about this necklace, she thought that it is just such a treasure and They are doing nothing that it is a very strange thing that you have been passed in the magic world and they have passed you. No one can break it now that Ebin has come to know that it is a fuja flower so this matter.

Will be even more than before and opening this necklace is also a huge task because there is a magic refined in immortal treasure finance So if you want to open it then you will have to drop a blood from your finger trip but that blood should also be something special not just like that and also there are some other different things like many different- Different thing like he man's man should remain clean and there is different thing it doesn't mean that you went like normal you just put your finger on it and R blood gira deiye hai khul jayega fun e jayega happy ending ho gaya had it been orange, where would we find this special person whose blood is special, he has some desires inside him and as soon as that blood falls on his pendant , whatever means retirement It remains, it will be completed, by the way, watch the next episode of it, you will know exactly why Jaan had killed his master, by the way, tell me that you.

People are having fun with it, isn't it going to be more fun, then see you in the next episode, till then

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