The low-level monster goblin makes a speciality of capturing human girls to breed the next era.

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This group of low-level demon goblins specializes in capturing beautiful human women. Since there are no female goblins among their kind. So they can mate with any female creature. And the ones born are also goblins. But they only like human beauty. They subject their captured beauties to torture to the point of use for reproduction. Due to their short gestation period, they reproduce quickly. A captured human beauty can give birth to an army of thousands in a week. To eliminate these evil creatures.

Yuri joined the Frontier Adventurers Guild as an adventurer. And joined a team of newcomers. To crush Goblin The team believes that goblins are the weakest of all the monsters. They can easily destroy them As they joked along the way, they didn't even realize the potential crisis. At that moment, Yuri sensed something strange and stopped in her tracks. She alerted the magician nearby. At that moment, a group of goblins surrounded the two who were lagging behind.

In desperation, the magician recited a magic spell and released a rocket. Instantly killing a Goblin. Just as she was about to recite the spell again. The wand was taken away by the goblins. The magician was also knocked to the ground by them. One of the goblins raised its dagger. It thrust it directly into the Magician's abdomen. The two of them heard the sound and quickly ran back to offer support. The boy fought with the goblins using his sword.

Yuri took advantage of the opportunity to cast a healing spell. But there were too many goblins. Unfortunately, the boy was stabbed by a knife. The boy's sword was so long that it hit the rock. The next moment, he was surrounded by goblins and killed. The female boxer and Yuri were stunned instantly. She tells Yuri to take the wounded Magician and go first. She charged forward to fight the Goblin. She was in the middle of a moment.

A giant Goblin appeared and grabbed her foot. She was picked up and slapped against the rock wall. At that moment, the goblins all surrounded her. Take off the female boxer's clothes completely They did something indescribable to her Yuri was stunned. With the wizard, she ran away in a hurry. The Goblin who followed her. Hit Yuri in the shoulder with an arrow.

And started tormenting the magician. Yuri has been scared pissed at this point And Goblin, who was smelling the odor. laughed at her. Just when she was desperate There was a light in the distance. A man in armor slowly approached her. In just a matter of seconds, he killed all the Goblins in front of her. The man was a silver level adventurer.

Despite being a senior adventurer. But he was only interested in killing goblins. Yuri was very lucky to have met him. The man pulls out a bottle of antidote and asks Yuri to drink it. But Yuri wanted him to save her companion first. At this point, the magician is already deeply poisoned. The antidote was no longer effective. After drinking the antidote, Yuri decided to accompany the man. To eliminate the goblins together.

Under man's command Yuri cast a holy light spell to illuminate the path ahead. The man killed the giant Goblin in one swift motion. and set fire to the Goblin Cave. The Goblin is finally defeated. The two men rescued the humiliated female boxer. But seeing the remaining Goblin pups. Yuri tried to beg him to spare them. Goblins reproduce so quickly that they must all be killed.

When they grow up, they will seek revenge on humans. And hurt innocent people again. With a hissing sound. The men's mission to kill the Goblin is complete. At the guild, Yuri met the man who saved him by chance. And decided to join his team to destroy Goblin from now on They called him the Goblin Slayer. When he was a child, he hid in the dark compartment. He witnessed his elder sister being tortured to death by the Goblin.

From that point on, he saw goblins as his mortal enemy. Even though he was a silver level adventurer He would only undertake the task of hunting goblins. Overwhelmed by hatred, he hunted the Goblin every day. A strange trio visited the adventurers' guild one day. They came looking for the Goblin Slayer. They requested his assistance in destroying the Demon King's army. But he said He had no interest in missions other than Goblin's.

The elf archer was angry and ready to teach him a lesson. The fate of the world was at stake. But Goblin Slayer did not care. His companion, sitting on the sidelines, quickly stopped the elf archer. and told him that the number of goblins in the land of the Foresters has been increasing recently. Goblin kings have emerged. A quest that is equivalent to a platinum level adventurer. Goblin Slayer was energized by the news. He asked them for a map and intended to go alone.

However, the group decided to follow suit. Yuri noticed that Goblin Slayer had a new team. Yuri felt useless, so she became depressed. An enthusiastic older sister came to offer comfort to her. The older sister said that she should make her own decision. Don't worry about what others think. With the guidance of the older sister. Yuri finally gained the courage to ask to join the Goblin Slayer team. In the end, Yuri joined the team as she had desired.

As they chatted, they became friends. An elf archer took advantage of the opportunity to open the scroll. The Goblin Slayer prevented her just in time. Because if he untied it, The spell inside will be triggered The spell can only be used once. So it is very valuable. Not to mention that Goblin Slayer didn't have any trust in anyone. He was worried that someone would leak the spell to the Goblin.

At this point, the old dwarf is wondering where the goblins came from. Everyone has their own opinions. Goblin Slayer believes that goblins come from the green moon in the sky. The moon is a barren place with only rocks. So these goblins are very eager and envious of something other than rocks. That's why they came to Earth. But that's just a legend. After resting, the group arrived at Goblin's lair. The Goblin guarding the entrance was feeling drowsy.

At that moment, an elf archer sent a flying arrow. It hit the enemy right in the head. Without the guards, the group started. An attack on the Goblin's lair. Interestingly, there is no totem here. That means there is no Goblin shaman present. At that moment, the elf shooter in front of them stumbled upon the trap. Goblin was attempting to To create a trap to confuse humans.

But goblins don't make traps. If there's no goblin shaman here. Then there must be other commanders behind them. He saw the fork in the road in front of him. The old dwarf decided to take a left. But Goblin Slayer led the group to the right. Although they were confused, they went ahead. At that moment, a foul odor wafted from the front. Goblin Slayer was the first to break through the wooden door.

There were a large number of bodies and remains inside the house. Goblin Slaye held up a torch and found an elf maiden. The maiden was covered in blood and stench. At that moment, Goblin Slaye raised his sword and rushed towards the maiden. Suddenly, a Goblin appeared from the side. He killed him with a single blow. The crowd successfully rescued the maiden. The lizardmen then summoned the dragon tooth soldiers and sent the girl out. Goblin Slaye found a map in the girl's backpack.

It depicts the ruins of the temple. As expected, Goblin Slaye chose the correct left path. The group followed the map to the main hall. In the center of the hall, there were a large number of Goblins sleeping. The old dwarf sprays wine from above and casts a dream spell. On the other hand, Yuri cast a spell of silence. The combination of these two spells can put the goblins to sleep. If they don't make a noise, they won't cause any commotion. Then, the three of them killed all the Goblins.

Thinking about what happened to the girl from his own race. “The Elven archer frantically stabbed the Goblins in front of her with a knife until they died.She wanted to express her anger. Suddenly, the inner chamber of the Great Hall was shaken by the aftershocks. A giant ogre emerged. Seeing that it was not Goblin, Goblin Slaye instantly lost interest But the ogre thought he was underestimating him. Grabbed a mallet and smashed it at him. Watch Goblin Slaye dodge. Instantly cast a spell.

A giant fireball appeared in the ogre's hand. Just as the crowd was dodging it. Yuri cast a magic shield to deflect the fireball's attack. With her magic depleted, she tumbled to the ground. After Goblin Slaye confirmed that Yuri was okay. immediately fought with the ogre. Due to the Ogre's large size, no one's attacks had any effect. At that moment, Goblin Slayer severed the Ogre's leg with one stroke, but its wound quickly healed, the Ogre punched him onto a stone column. Yuri immediately went to treat Goblin Slaye.

At that moment, he was somewhat unconscious. After drinking Yuri's potion, he immediately regained his strength. He pulled out his magic scrolls in his bag and walked towards the ogre. Observing the tired crowd. The ogre summoned another fireball and prepared to launch the final attack. The next second, the Goblin Slaye opened the scroll. The ogre was instantly torn apart. It turned out that Goblin Slayer used a teleportation scroll to connect a magic scroll to the ocean floor.

The super high water pressure at the bottom of the sea erupted like a blade, directly cutting off the Ogre. At that moment, Yuri remembered what her older sister had said. She helped Goblin Slayer create a strange magic scroll that was primarily used for escape, but he actually used it as a secret weapon. Goblin Slaye walked towards the ogre with disdain.

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