The Mammoth Mario Bros. Film Thunder – 3.9.2023 (Last Trailer)

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[cheery synth music] [music ends] [cheery synth music returns][speaking in Japanese][translator] -Hello, everyone! I'm Shigeru Miyamotofrom Nintendo. Today, I'm excitedfor you all to seethe third and final trailer forThe Super Mario Brothers Movie. By the way,do you know what March 10th is? If you write out the datein English, it looks like this. OK, do you see it?.

It can be read as “MARIO”. That's why many fanscall it the Day of Mario, otherwise known as Mario Day. We thought this daywould be perfectfor releasing the final trailer, so that's why we chose itthis time around. Due to time differences,it's the day beforein some regions, but I hope you'll enjoy itall the same. On this special day,I'm joined once againby Chris Meledandri. Hello, Chris-san!.

[Chris Meledandri]-Thank you, Miyamoto-san. After six years of work, Nintendo and Illuminationhave finally wrappedpost-production onThe Super Mario Brothers Movie. Now, nearly 600 peopleworked on this film, from our animators in Franceto the Nintendo team in Japan, and our Illumination teamhere in the United States. And it pushed the technicaland artistic capabilitiesof our studio to new heights. Anyone from anywhere at any age.

Can find something to lovein this film. But I know the peoplewatching this Directare gonna love it the most. After the trailer,I've asked our directors Aaron Horvathand Michael Jelenicto share a few insights, so please stick around for that. But first, let's say helloto our cast. [everyone]-Hey Nintendo Direct! [Charlie Day] -Happy Mario Day!It's exciting to be herewith you all to celebrate the Mario Brothers.[Chris Pratt] -And don't forgetLuigi is a Mario Brother too.

So, don't be afraid to celebratethe green man if you choose to. -I really appreciateyou saying that! -Well, that's whaton-screen brothers are for. [Seth Rogan] -And if you chooseto celebrate Donkey Kong,that is also acceptable. [Keegan-Michael Key] -Or Toad.-Yeah, well no, it's Mario Day,not DK Day. -So let me get this straight.It's OK to celebrate Luigion Mario Day but not DK or Toad? -It's Mario Day! You know,Luigi's a Mario Brother, so… -I don't know Charlie,it feels a little bit unfair. -Ah, come on!Can Luigi get some shinejust once, you know?.

Back me up here, Chris! Right?-I'm gonna stay out of this. Uh, let's go to Anya and Jack! [Anya Taylor-Joy]-Hello again Nintendo Direct.[Jack Black] -Anya and I are here togetherto prove that, despiteour on-screen differences, we're actuallytotally cool in real life.-Yeah, absolutely. We're so cool, in fact,that Anya has agreed to officially proclaim this dayas Bowser Day 2023. That's right,Mario Day is canceled.You're welcome. -Um, I never agreed to that.

-Could we cut that partwhere she disagrees? -Please, don't cut that part. -Come on. Bowser Day!It's awesome! [translator]-Alright everyone, relax! Let's agree that Mario Dayis for everyone. This is the first timeCharlie-san and Keegan-san have appearedin a Nintendo Direct, and their performancesof Luigi and Toad are perfect. OK!Let's press the START Buttonon the final trailer!.

[music ends] [mysterious orchestral music] [Luigi yelling] -Where am I? [Luma giggles] -Oooh, fresh meat for the grinder! [Penguin King]-Pay him no heed.He is cute but he is, [cuckoo whistle]-There's gotta bea way outta here. -There's no escape.The only hope is thesweet relief of death. [music pauses][everyone]-Whoa! -Oh, you've got to be kidding me!

[Luma giggles].

[epic orchestral music] -My army! Koopas! Goombas! Whatever those things are! [music pauses]-Aw… [epic orchestral music returns]-We will destroythe Mushroom Kingdom! [Bowser's army cheers] -Bowser is coming. -I'm not afraid..

I'll do anything for my brother. -We're going to save him. -Yah![cheery synth jingle] [Donkey Kong]-Yes! Fire!-Ha-ha! [music intensifies]-You asked for it!-This is fun! -Here… we…[music pauses] go!-Attack! [epic music returns][character yelling].

-Let's end this![music building] [Mario yelling] [music pauses][Mario fighting sounds] [intense epic music returns] -Ha-ha! [music ends] [cheery synth music returns][translator]-What did you all think? Today, we'll also hearfrom Aaron and Michael, the directors of this movie.

Aaron-san! Michael-san! [both]-Hello Nintendo Direct! [Aaron Horvath]-I'm Aaron Horvath. [Michael Jelenic]-And I'm Michael Jelenic.And we're honored to be the directors ofThe Super Mario Brothers Movie. We wanted to take a secondto talk about that Rainbow Roadfootage you just saw. -In Mario Kart, Rainbow Roadisn't just beautiful to look at; it's also one of the least forgiving courses in the game. [Aaron Horvath] -As superfans of the Mario universe, we wanted to recreate.

that same sense of danger and epic scale on the big screen. -We also brought in artistswho specialize in vehicle design and worked closely with the team at Nintendo to create some new karts that felt organic to the Jungle Kingdom while still inspiredby the iconic game designs. -Our passionate artistsoutdid themselvesin the execution. [Michael Jelenic] -We improved our lighting and rendering technology to elevate this movie beyond anything Illumination has ever done. -We're excitedfor how this came out.

And can't wait for youto experience it in theatersApril 5th. -Back to you, Miyamoto-san! [translator]-Thank you Aaron-sanand Michael-san! As Chris-san confirmed earlier, post-production is finally done,and the movie is complete! It releases next month,and currently, it's being localizedfor different countries. Some regions have alreadystarted selling advance tickets. I hope you'llgo to a movie theaterwith family and friends.

And cheer for Mario's team. For those in the US,I have one more thing to share. For Mario Day,we recreated the bootsthat Mario wears in the movie. They'll be displayedat Nintendo New Yorkstarting March 10th, so if you have a chanceto stop by, please dotake a look at them! Please look forward toThe Super Mario Brothers Movie!

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