The Marketing Enact of Oshi No Ko: A Success or Failure

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Has the marketing strategy of Oshi no Ko worked? Have you probably seen many advertisements for the anime at the Shibuya Crossing? or the art giveaway of Oshi no Ko on Twitter? It's been a calculated marketing strategy by the production team of the anime. The first episode of Oshi no Ko lasted for around 90 minutes long.

As for that matter, the episode contained the entire first volume of the manga. Some people, who have read the manga, were anticipating the release of the anime. Not only that, but the manga author Aka Akasaka has publicized Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Both anime and manga series have received huge ratings from their fans. It also received good ratings from Kaguya-sama on MyAnimeList and AniList.

So it was unsurprising that there was a heavy heavy promotional release of Oshi no Ko in Japanand overseas. Now, let's discuss some examples of advertisements of Oshi no Ko. The timeline of the marketing strategy may vary over time, whether that took place before or during the production of the anime. An example of its promotion is the release of extravagant video clips and advertisement in Japan.

We can see a lot of photos and videos that are associated with Oshi no Ko. Whether that was being viewed at the popular destination of the Shibuya Crossing. Another example was the sweepstake release of the Shikishi artboard sponsored by Anime Trending on Twitter They were releasing two Shikishi artboards to the winners of the giveaway contest. All they had to do was to retweet.

That Twitter post and follow the giveaway holder of the Twitter account. We can say that there were around 13,400+ users who retweeted that post. Let alone about the people who did follow the Twitter account. Last but not at least they also released the announcement for theofficial license figurines of Ai Hoshino from Good Smile Company For those who don't know of their business, the company is responsible for.

Manufacturing high-end figurines in anime, video games, and others. I believe they released their advertisements online after the official TVrelease of the first episode of Oshi no Ko [1st episode]. I'm highly aware that there are other companieshave also advertised Oshi no Ko such as Panasonic and there might be other companies that also helpthe promotion of the anime itself. In conclusion, I believe that the marketing strategy of Oshi no Ko works. As for the concern of engagement among the people who have watched the anime I've noticed that the global rating of Oshi no Ko is high. In MyAnimeList, it got around 9.13+ ratings out of more than a hundred thousand users who had watched the anime. As of 5/5/23, the scoring system of Oshi no Ko is 9.07 [MAL].

In AniList, it received 89% of its rating out of tens of thousands of users tallied for the anime. As of 5/5/23, the scoring system of Oshi no Ko is still 89% [AniList] What are your thoughts about the popularity of Oshi no Ko? Do you think the marketing release of Oshi No Ko influenced the engagement of the metrics for the people? Or was it something else other than marketing? If you are interested in this video please hit the bell button and subscribe to my YouTube channel for new updates and notifications.

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