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You people To be admitted to the Tianxing Institute is already very remarkable. Coming to Tianxing Academy is naturally to learn martial arts what What trick did the teacher use this time? It's more powerful than the previous move Amazing I can hardly breathe due to the pressure on my chest. So.

I will continue to talk about the next course After a while you will know the reason for my transformation The body can actually grow dragon horns and dragon scales Martial arts are broad and profound From ancient times to the present After numerous evolutions In the end, there are only 3 strongest martial arts left they are Martial arts.

Dragon Heart everyone should be early I saw the changes in my body That's right, the teacher belongs to the dragon dancer so-called dragon dancer It means that there is dragon blood inheritance in the body After stimulating this dragon blood strengthen the body.

Possesses immense power think so this how can that be You are so powerful, the teacher is so strong teacher What a cool move you made just now can you teach us I didn't expect the teacher's strength to be so strong.

Hey, a bunch of weird kids Dragon Dance Yanwu New Dance three martial arts Probably the strongest is the Dragon Dancer. Hey Isn't this obvious? not hey isn't it.

Most dragon dancers but not the strongest The strongest is the dancer Master of Fire Power If close combat Yan dancers are not necessarily the opponents of dragon dancers of the same rank But Yan Dancer controls the power of fire Likely to cast a powerful hard spell Defeat several fellow Solitaire Dancers directly.

Oh it turned out to be like this Once you are chosen by the Flame Warrior even if you grow wings can't escape his control That's right If the dragon dancers were the strongest How could it be just a little teacher Looks like I'm still too young hey.

Misunderstood These two brats Hello, teacher i want to ask you something oh say it The teacher doesn't know the strength of the new dancer You are Ye Xinghe Institutional Tests for New Dancers The power of the stars cultivated by new dancers.

Has many unique functions Heal wounds and perform various physical skills, etc. Is that sexual substance strong? Can that was a long time ago ancient times Among the new warriors there are many strong ones You can even leave the stars behind Change fate against the sky.

However, due to the fact that many cultivation methods have not been passed down Among the new warriors Those who can cultivate to the realm of the Nine Heavens already less and less Ha ha I can't even reach the ninth heaven Aren't the new warriors just trash? Even the most physically fit martial artist not necessarily strong.

The most important thing is to work hard I'll go see how the aptitude test is going. you wait here for a while important is Do you work hard by yourself? Why is there still a test? Admission is not already tested Institutional tests are test properties talent is ability.

Day is the first day of school After that we will be in the same class Shakya some from the fief I don't care where you're from you need to understand From now on, I will have the final say on everything in this class. understand who is this.

So crazy Lie He is Liang Yu, son of the Dark Moon Family Darkmoon Family A super family second only to the main city mansion vast land Numerous affiliated families including my family my aunt.

Just die at their hands what's your name Ye Xinghe cut what You just talk to the master like this Even if you got into the Star Academy The Qing Dynasty and the family are still our vassals You people from Qing dynasty women's family.

Life after life, I've been a slave of my Dark Moon family who made you up Even if you come to Tianxin Academy you also need to understand I met the master just follow the rules Liang Yu don't go too far too much.

Teach an up and down house slave a lesson what is this even if you are their master You don't need to bully him here, do you? Ye Xinghe I didn't expect that there was a beautiful woman pleading for you Today is the first day of school why don't you kneel down Knock my head three times and I'll let it go.

If not A Little Qingyu Family I have a thousand ways to deal with you Hahahahahaha Why do you want to do it? you forgot your parents Are you a member of the clan? think about the consequences for them Ye Xinghe.

Are you expensive or not tutor is back what cut lucky you today Come back later and teach you slowly How is this going Daoist warrior I just fell by myself.

Wait for the test you guys get ready cut cartilage you forgot your parents Are you a member of the clan? think about the consequences for them you forgot your parents parents parents Are you a member of the clan?.

Think about the consequences for them Consequences Consequences Ok what where is this what there seems to be something in the lake what this is.

Draw black as Dan draw a circle love god anti-empty agreement world knows one thought god stone don't want what what.

What's wrong with this kid hey I think 80% of them are scared and stupid just now I'm dreaming But why is this dream so real Are you OK fine what it's fine.

We are all classmates and we need to take care of them in the future. you don't laugh at me Anyone can do it But what about the people behind us? I think compared to reporting on Liang Yu It takes more courage to swallow your anger You're amazing thanks My name is Lin Hong.

From Anyang Town Nice to meet you Ye Xinghe nice to meet you test started follow me children I'm the vice president of Tianxing Academy on every table here There are 7 pieces of Red Spirit Essence.

You have to use your mind to perceive them Those who perceive more than 2 pieces are qualified 3 is excellent Four is a genius Anyone who has sensed three You will have the opportunity to become a disciple of the instructor present They are the best tutors in the college lord let them begin yes.

Put your hand two inches above the red spirit spirit feel their presence wow three As expected of the son of the February family Really talented fourth God Five Red Spirit Essences The prostitute of the Tianheng family is indeed extraordinary.

The entire Tianzong City lasted nearly a hundred years There are very few who have this talent. it's our turn come on sharp Actually triggered 3 Humph what a waste Unexpectedly, not even a single red spirit essence was aroused. Ha ha ha ha.

I laughed so hard Ha ha ha ha Don't care what others say Feel the Ganoderma Chicken below with your heart This kid is talented what what just happened you don't know anything You have drawn 6 red spirit spirits.

6 Red Spirit Essences I end of test According to the usual practice, I first choose 3 disciples These three people are Ye Xinghe An Xueyun Liang Yu Hello, we will be the same door from now on please advise oh hello.

Don't think How about attracting 6 red spirits? I still have to speak with strength in the future How high can a light dancer be? The Chiling Scripture is related to a person's soul the stronger the soul The stronger the cultivation talent you have to keep in mind There are nine heavens in five realms.

One weight is more difficult than one weight But you don't have to worry Your tutor will teach you patiently Practice class starts tomorrow Congratulations to Vice President Xu This time recruited 3 talented disciples One of them even attracted 6 red spirit spirits Hey The next battle of the Tower of God.

Definitely be able to defeat Vice President He hit the ground running Hahaha It just attracted 6 red spirit essences How is his talent for cultivation? Let's see later. Ha ha ha ha You can rest assured to live here This is the arrangement of Vice President Xu Work hard in the future.

Don't embarrass Vice President Xu I will definitely work harder then do your best I go first Baicao Whale Astronomical Miscellany The Complete Book of Hanging Cloths ah ah going to be late sorry i got it.

It can't be like this in the future Good talent but not hard work can never grow Both An Xueyun and Liang Yu are already in the Second Heaven Realm And now you haven't even stepped into the threshold of the first layer of heaven You should catch up to be the master let's practice I will teach you how to condense the dantian first Sensing Qi in Dantian.

Close your eyes sinking dantian When do you feel a slight heat in the Dantian? Even if the first step is successful I seem to be feeling angry So fast Have you sensed a trace of It's like a heat wave the size of a real awn is surging Ok.

Yes Why is it real awn size What I sensed was clearly as thick as a thumb That's it You run this heat to the gate of life run down the spine to the top of the head Shenmen Then follow the front all the way down to Dantian This heat flow will become stronger and stronger.

A sunday about a quarter of an hour I will teach after 36 Sundays your next step Ah, this is the introductory formula for the cultivation of star warriors Star Martial Art Waiting for you to cultivate to the first level you can start following the method in this booklet Sensing the power of the stars.

This Martial Lord It's just the most basic practice method Almost every star warrior will start as a star warrior But after the third heaven realm will change to more advanced exercises the most basic Practice 5 ways What do you think is the most important? Liang Yu, you answer first.

The most important thing in practicing martial arts is naturally Qi Qi shape Baimai unlimited power Xinghe, what do you think? I think it's mood inside and outside world knows One Thought God Stone Qingming Dao of the Heart.

Xinghe said it well And the generalization of the state of mind is extremely profound in mood comprehension Xinghe has quite understood In the future, you must pay attention to the cultivation of the state of mind Martial arts passed down to the present There are thousands of Apart from the three most widely spread martial arts There are also some powerful martial arts heritages that should not be underestimated.

Ye Xinghe An Xueyun Liang Yu What is the ultimate ideal of the three of you practicing martial arts? Of course I practice martial arts for the purpose of becoming a Marquis and Prime Minister Become a pillar of the Great Zhou Empire I practice martial arts is for freedom travel between heaven and earth.

Travel the world And you I don't have any lofty ideals now Just want to make life better for my people Make the clansmen live better? This is also an ideal go home sweet heart According to the description in Xinwushenjue.

I should have stepped into the realm of the second heaven. But according to Vice President Xu It takes me more than ten days to step into the first heaven And it will take at least a few months to reach the second heaven How is this going I know you have practiced for 7 days Now I will teach you some martial arts An Xueyun, come out first Master.

Qinghe You haven't cultivated to the first level so far Just stand aside and continue to sense the Qi pulse. Hey Master and so on What's wrong Master, I seem to have cultivated to the first level. You have cultivated to the first level this.

It's impossible Do you think you have cultivated to the first level it's such a simple thing in your dantian Has a continuous stream of Qi formed? Seems like Xinghe Since you have cultivated to the first level Come and practice martial arts together.

I'll test it quietly later See how your strength has grown If you really cultivated to the first level The strength will be continuously enhanced yes You have to take the stake in front of you as your enemy Take a firm step right fist slightly cold.

Unleash all your strength Protect your fists with strength Then sink the dantian punch to heart Oh, it's time to flex your fists You have to feel the energy in the dantian is endless your strength not enough galaxy.

Master, I didn't do it on purpose This stake is fine keep practicing ah yes An Xueyun Liang Yu you continue to practice Xinghe, come with me Next I will teach you how to control your power Master, I have one thing I don't understand.

The qi sensed in the dantian Will it be the size of a needle tip? why do i feel angry About the size of a thumb Qi that can be sensed by Dantian Naturally, the thicker the better You now Should be at least at the peak of the First Layer Okay, let's continue to practice.

What Miss An, why are you here? Hey, shouldn't you call me Senior Sister An now? Oh Mrs. An please come in I don't know what Sister An wants to do with me. Hey Miss An, what are you doing? I just want to test your skills.

Hey hey what what how can you do this this There must be a misunderstanding I just invited you in I didn't expect you to sneak up on me suddenly.

I apologize to you Today is indeed my first move so it's my fault But you're not allowed to tell anyone about what happened just now We won't know anyone from now on What’s wrong with you sorry I hit too hard just now hurt badly.

I'll get you some medicine Ok I'll put it on for you i am a new dancer Practicing the power of the stars can help you heal what Ok your injury has healed.

What are you doing ah sorry I just want to see how the wound is doing you give me that potion then give me another dress of yours ah my clothes Come with me you go out.

I can't even go out in this dress Wait until later when there's no one outside I will go out quietly Ok Then I will practice with you for a while Big and turned into a holy holy unknowable god The way of martial arts is the way of heaven and earth.

From all things glory in all things Ha ha hey That girl in red standing with An Xueyun who is it Hey you don't know He is the granddaughter of the mayor Dean's disciple Xia Yuning.

Miss An Li Ning you are here Long time no see Xinghe haven't seen you for a long time what your hand is hurt Ha ha little injury no big deal.

Let me treat you galaxy later if not necessary not particularly close Don't just heal others as a new warrior It's right to help people heal if you don't listen to me Then we won't be friends anymore.

What Well, I won't treat people casually in the future. can you see the galaxy Ok what is that never mind what that is don't tell anyone else Just know that I won't hurt you Wow, Xinghe, you are amazing.

It's up to you if you get hurt next time In the future, ordinary minor injuries are not allowed to seek treatment from Xinghe It takes a lot of energy for Xinghe to heal people I lead your team Xia Yu Ning'an Xueyun Liang Yuye Xinghe Moyu Lin Hong Henry Zhang.

Heshan Wulong we go The place of trial we are going to is a plateau Surrounded by towering cliffs Only this plank road leads to the top I will go ahead first keep up with you Hey Xinghe, how is your cultivation now? I do not know either.

It should be the second day maybe triple heaven Three heavens, your cultivation speed is really fast I'm still a second heaven I don't know if it's the third heaven Anyway, I shouldn't be able to beat the triple sky Dragon Warrior and Flame Warrior that's not in a hurry New warriors have to wait until after the Eighth Heaven.

Will really become stronger what How did you know uh ha ha I found it by accident in an old book ah ancient book what ancient book can i have a look The ancient book has been burned.

Burned This is the place of trial What you are going to is the first trial area only a few hundred meters from here Those trapped inside are all first-tier wild birds and monsters Hey, what are those pillars for? That's a relic from the ancient times As for what are these pillars for? I am not sure as well.

I only know that these ancient columns are called star columns Many magical things left over from the ancient times People now don't know what it does These star pillars are like this The towers of Tongtian God distributed all over the world are like this The same is true for the Eternal Divine Art suspended in the sky These star pillars should be related to new warriors, right? what are you doing The slaves in the Shu land dare to stare at the master's family.

I really ate the gall of a leopard It seems that my brother has not taught enough Humph Master Liang Jian We are all students of Tianxin Academy Article 32 of Tianxin College As a student of Tianxin Academy regardless of origin all equal.

Master Liang Jian talks about family affairs all day long Overwhelm others with things really despicable I need you to teach me how to do things Who do you think you are get the hell out of me If Young Master Liang Jian is really capable Then challenge one-on-one one-on-one challenge.

So what what does my business have to do with you If you want to challenge It is also a challenge to Ye Xinghe as long as the family is not involved how about accepting the challenge Well, since Xinhe agrees Then we invite the whole class And the teachers as witnesses.

Liang Qian and Ye Xinhe challenged one-on-one no matter who wins Nothing to do with the family behind it click to the end hey I just seemed to memorize all his moves Could this be the same power as recorded in the book what ah hey.

You made me House slaves like you in Shu lifetime Only fit to live on the land we give you people like you Never have the qualifications to be strong go to hell A house slave is a house slave Weak as an ant.

Ha ha ha ha You domestic slaves of Shu life only deserves to live with us on the land provided to you people like you Never have the qualifications to be strong go to hell A house slave is a house slave Weak as an ant.

Ha ha ha ha break Wow good job Okay, don't watch anymore we go on Xinghe, you must be more careful in the future Liang Yu was staring at you just now You swept away the face of the Dark Moon Family.

He will never let it go Ok I know Brother Xinghe can I help you Brother Xinghe My name is Yin Lu Also a new warrior I can teach you something.

How do new warriors train? Oops Brother Xinghe My name is Zhang Ning I'm a new dancer too I also want to know how Brother Xinghe cultivates I do not know either Ye Xinghe come over Ah, wait.

Miss An We are learning martial arts from Senior Brother Xinghe It has nothing to do with me to teach you about martial arts. Ye Xinghe promised to do things for me before If you want to find him, you will be behind me. haha don't know What is Senior Sister An asking Senior Brother Xinghe to do? can i know I don't need to tell you.

Ok then Since Senior Sister An has something to do with Senior Brother Xinghe Then we won't fight with Senior Sister An i heard When Miss An was very young was betrothed to Kyoto by the family son of a family I don't know if this is true I don't care about my affairs.

Ye Xinghe come here Excuse me I have something to go Ninger us wait a minute Anyway, that An Xueyun is already engaged. Stay away from that Zhao Ning'er in the future he has a bad stomach you can't resist.

Ok Hey don't you doubt my words I know Senior Sister An must have said that for my consideration. I don't know what an world wants me to do My leg injury is still not healed When you have time, you help me heal leg injury.

Can't you ah of course on the continent we live on More than 90% of the area is a world where monsters are active Now you are facing only It's just the most basic monster in those dense jungles Those powerful monsters It's not what you can imagine.

So you must learn to face monsters Learn how to survive in the wild The next person whose name I read Follow the direction I specified to kill the monster The target wild bird in the southeast of Ye Xinghe River yes it's getting late Today's training is over Everyone went back to their tents to rest.

You promised me in the afternoon to heal me I don't know where Senior Sister An got hurt. I want you to help me heal the wound on my leg hmm leg injury Isn't it cured? Hurry up and heal me what How did Miss An get hurt?.

Wasn't it just an excuse to let you heal I cut it out with my own knife Nothing to do with you You just heal your wounds Ye Xinghe this guy All right then i'll go first Xinghe thank you besides.

Lin Hong why are you here? Murderous intent flashed in Lin Hong's eyes just now Why is it so murderous? what happened to him Hey come and see if you're welcome what of course welcome sit inside.

I just finished training haven't had time to clean up It's a bit messy, don't mind, wow It's so late and I'm still practicing No wonder your cultivation can progress so fast I have two star stones here give it to you It should be of some help to you Hey.

How can I accept such an expensive gift? I give you and you take it unless you don't consider me a friend Lin Hong Thank you brothers for not being so polite In fact, you and I are still quite sympathetic. Sympathy Oh, let's not say that some of these are gone. i got some more injuries.

Please help me heal All right wow that's amazing like i've never been hurt Xinghe, I plan to rest with you tonight, can I? certainly something went wrong what happened outside the galaxy I do not know either.

Let's go out and have a look Miss An, what happened? don't ask so much later if someone asks you you don't know anything follow me Oh, something happened to Xinghe Liang Jian is dead don't be dazed, let's go.

We have sent someone to notify the dean The dean should bring someone here this afternoon I didn't expect this lovelorn My brother will die here Ask some mentors to find the murderer revenge for my brother You can rest assured that we will find the murderer Thank you Master Zhuxian The conflict between my brother and Ye Xinghe.

Everybody knows If anyone has a motive to kill Then only Ye Xinghe is alone I think this time my brother's death definitely related to him He must have killed my brother I also ask the main line tutor to uphold justice for me Ok Liang Yu's analysis makes sense.

Liang Jian had conflicts with Ye Xinghe Ye Xinghe doesn't have enough motives to kill. Ok I think so too We all know that Ye Xinghe is stronger than Liang Jian Then we can boldly assume In order to prevent Liang Jian from taking revenge on his family, Ye Xinghe Attack and kill Liang Jian at night then avoid exposing.

Then disguised as the illusion of a monster attack Ok I think so too Ok So there is only one truth Don't spout blood It's all just your guesswork now No evidence How do you prove that Liang Jian was killed by Ye Xinghe?.

An Xueyun I said Ye Xinghe, what are you excited about? What evidence do you have to prove that Liang Jian It wasn't Ye Xinghe who killed him. Of course it can be proved hahaha can you prove Did it last night You are with Ye Xinghe not together.

I was indeed with Ye Xinghe last night so what hahahahahaha An Xueyun I didn't expect that you and Ye Xinghe really had an affair. You know my apprentice likes you So I asked him out here Then kill him with Ye Xinghe you I was with them last night too.

Do you want to say that I am also an adulterer? Since Yuning said so Let's not mention this matter for now But you still can't fully wash off dry cleaning Wait for the dean and the others to come Arbitration Liang Yu wants to find out the mood of the murderer we can understand But everything needs evidence.

We are currently unable to determine who killed Liang Jian But according to analysis Liang Jian must have been attacked to death by some kind of monster Killed by some kind of monster Then why did my brother Liang Jianzu walk so far at night? come here we don't know Let's wait until the dean and the others come to make a decision. judge by me.

This monster has at least the strength of the third heaven Next everyone be careful Maybe he'll come out and attack us again. Before, I suspected that Liang Yu did it. But Liang Yu's previous statement Now let me dismiss this doubt It's just that Liang Jian's death was really done by a monster? Don't panic too much Although this monster has strength above the third level.

But as long as you stay with your mentor Mentor will protect you why did you come back so soon Did you report the news to the dean? what do you mean the boards on the boardwalk we go back to I don't know who took it down. trestle broken That means we can't go back And there's a monster lurking in the dark.

Then everyone follow my orders We have a total of 6 tutors here Each instructor is responsible for 5-6 students you can choose who to be with Yuning, let me be with you I don't need to be with Xueyun let's bury it first We can't keep guarding the corpse these days If the corpse of classmate Liang Jian is spread in the wilderness.

His body will be eaten soon eat up correct If Liang Jian was indeed attacked by monsters So why is Liang Jian's body still there? not eaten Main teacher If my brother's body is buried Wouldn't it make it even more impossible to track down the murderer?.

So you are here to guard the corpse? I I obey the arrangement of the master teacher everyone go back and pack up It's not safe here anymore Xinghe, who do you think did this? I do not know either but definitely not a monster If a monster hunted and killed Liang Jian.

How could there be a dead body? I don't know who else Liang Jian offended Maybe it's for revenge if only revenge Then why did you tear down the plank road and not let us go back? It's also easy to understand If the trestle is destroyed Some clues left on the body won't be found.

Eventually buried deep what do you mean Will that person not make another move? that may not We only know that that person has a feud with Liang Jian I don't know if he has any grudges with other people. Will that person still make a move? if shot who will be next.

Well, no matter how much we discuss it, it won't help Let's practice hard Haotian star and the first division Tian Shapo ah ah What's wrong what's going on Oh, I'm at work everyone run Linghu is not here.

Did you take refuge? Everyone went to evacuate Xinghe let's go it's not safe here evacuate quickly Miss An, have you seen Lin Hong? Lin Hong is fine he sent me to you He ran to find Mo Yu.

Ah it's okay Xihe, who do you think did this? I do not know so many places to camp Teacher Chu Xian chose such an area just under a hillside We ended up being hit by falling boulders what a coincidence Do you think Mr. Chu Xian did it?.

Whether Xinghe is Mr. Chu or someone else Next, we must take care to protect ourselves Never trust anyone easily Ah Xinghe, look there Humph Sure enough, you two did it. Everything is up to you i'm going to kill you god kill.

This is impossible what kind of sorcery is this No matter what I say, you believe it or not But I still have to make it clear We didn't kill these three people if you want to fight then go ahead Humph Ridiculous.

Now steal and get you still want to argue you are too naive Li Ning Let's join forces and capture them both let them play tricks again These three people were not killed by the two of them Yuning, don't be fooled by the two of them. Just the two of them here at the same time.

It may not be too much of a coincidence Humph i have my own judgment Jia Yuning I will definitely make you regret it Boss, what shall we do? Hum away Yuning thank you for believing in me are we good sisters.

According to your observation What happened to the three dead bodies? look at the scars on them It feels like a monster did it again But I always feel that it doesn't make sense Whether it's a monster or not let's leave we stay here if more people come.

Might be misunderstood again I didn't expect there to be such a cave near here what a great place to hide I'm going to hunt some wild animals Otherwise we'll be starving tonight It's too dangerous for you to go out alone let's go together if i get into trouble i will call you guys Let's take a rest here.

Ok then be careful snow cloud Do you like Ye Xinghe a little bit? what did you say i just remind you whether it is better not be too affectionate Otherwise it will do you no good This is the spirit rabbit recorded in the book, right?.

Not only delicious And it has certain medicinal value I don't believe it i won't catch you what I see The speed has increased by more than 30% But want to turn it into a weapon Still need to spend some time thinking about it.

In addition to agility I seem to have only one means of attack Dragon dancers have powerful physical combat power Can fight with people Flame warriors have blades like red flames Ranged feats like Violent Fire But the new warriors have nothing I still remember Liang Jian's publication Then can we use the power of the stars?.

Evolve a long-range record like a flame warrior superior 1/2 less powerful than the Red Flame Blade Still need to practice to bring the power up This should be my original weapon Let's call him Star Rock Blade Who Could it be that I read it wrong Well, the workmanship is good.

Ye Xin and you are a new dancer, right? Since it's a new dancer Why are these spirit rabbits There is a trace of burning Could it be that you will show off your achievements in Yanwu? Yuning, are you still doubting Xinghe? Who said I doubted him Although his record is indeed a bit strange But I still think he didn't kill those people.

I'm just a little curious about his martial arts Especially in his previous life when he defeated Liang Yu I've never had a record like this before Ye Xinghe will finish eating, let's compete and see I want to know how strong you are Yuning, you are already in the realm of the fifth heaven But Galaxy is only three heavens at most Don't worry, it's just a discussion Don't you want to spar with me?.

This may improve your martial arts skills have certain benefits it is good Xihe Yuning is a dragon dancer His strength is far above that of ordinary five-layered heavenly powerhouses you have to be careful snow cloud You sold out your best friend so quickly is this really good.

Hey, I haven't been active for a long time this leather jacket on me made of black rubber soft and elastic No sword can break through And it will naturally remove some power Although I think it's a little cheap for you but there is no way I shot carefully.

It's really interesting But this level is not enough ah ah what record do you have Show them all to me Especially in your previous life when you defeated Liang Yu It's like the second eye of the world In this life, you can see through your opponent's moves Why do I feel Ye Xinghe's eyes.

Seems to see through everything just let me try What kind of feat did you perform? look red gangbang finally beat you My cultivation base is still far behind yours There has never been a third-level cultivation To be able to walk under my hand for such a long time.

Let's go back to the cave Now the enemy is in the dark and I am in the light An angry fire will give away our position But in case someone else starts a fire Isn't that Just leave them to their own devices stop talking rest early there may be danger around here.

So someone has to watch out for the hole I am in charge of the night watch sleep at ease what Why did it suddenly become cold If you don't light a fire at this temperature, you will freeze to death sooner or later. I don't know what happened to An Shijie and Xia Yuning what warm.

I am presumptuous I did not do it on purpose OK OK It's so cold, don't make noise The temperature in Sister An's cave is getting colder and colder I suggest we light the fire anyway Miss An Miss An No, it's frozen.

So cold Ye Xinghe, you are taking advantage of others Don't touch the snowman i just want Give him the power of the stars to keep him warm Senior Sister An is cold all over now If this continues, he will freeze to death. what about that Blame me if I started the fire.

It won't happen The coldest chill comes from inside the cave damn If I knew I shouldn't have stayed in this cave. what so cold sleepy don't fall asleep If you can't sleep, you won't wake up again.

How to do Even Xia Yuning from the Fifth Heaven couldn't resist the chill not good I can't bear it anymore go on like this we all have to die here can't believe it I haven't let the family To escape the fate of eternal imprisonment.

I can't just die here so warm want to get closer closer What's wrong with me I am still alive it's fine what ah hooligan.

I said big sister what happened yesterday was not my fault you call me big sister you mean i'm older than you what no matter what You are not allowed to tell Xueyun what happened this morning Otherwise, I will never let you go what are you guys saying.

What can't tell me ah nothing You almost passed out yesterday It's Xia Yuning who has been keeping you warm Yuning thank you Fortunately, it's dawn now the sun is out It's a disaster that we didn't freeze to death here but tonight.

Absolutely can't stay in this cave All the cold comes out of the cave It came from a cave, right? There seems to be something wrong with this stone wall Dragon's Fist This cave can go further This weapon is so powerful Next, let's see what's on the bottom of the altar. Han Xue Essence.

There are hundreds of pieces This Hanxue essence can be used to forge ice can also be used for training It can even be used to heal Invaluable Ye Xinghe, you finally came out what happened what happened Where did Xia Yuning go? Yuning, he just found a man in black.

Chased out let me stay here waiting for you He said he'd leave markers along the way let's follow the markers Man in black Could it be the culprit of this incident? let's go careful careful.

Hood It's you I didn't expect to be recognized by you Master Chuxian why are you doing this Hahaha a family girl like you you won't understand Your target is Xia Yuning.

Smart boy I didn't expect you to guess it so quickly Xia Yuning usually stays in City Blessing This trial is for us but a once in a lifetime opportunity Since your target is Yuning Then why kill so many innocent people innocent hahaha you say they are innocent.

Are you aristocratic families killing too few people? You are the first daughter of the Tianheng family Can grow with peace of mind But the women of our affiliated families Anyone who is beautiful will be taken away by the master and humiliated I want to ask you why why The war between us common people and the family already started Ye Xinghe, I know that you also bear a blood feud.

Your talent is very strong follow us join us We will make you a peerless powerhouse When the time comes, wait for you to return from practice You will have enough strength to step into the Pingan Yue family don't you want to Xinghe, don't be fooled by him this is not demagoguery.

You people of great families deserve to die by Why do you want people from our affiliated family to work for you? Ye Xinghe Don't you want to overthrow these great families? Let us control the entire Great Zhou Empire? Is it just these high-sounding words? You are no different from people from aristocratic families Ye Xinghe, listen to me.

You have a bright future don't go astray Don't sacrifice your life for the rich and powerful i won't die for anyone I follow only my heart Ann world let's go stop talking nonsense with him with your strength do you think you can leave.

I want to go, can you stop me? This Ye Xinghe's head Why can't you turn the corner? since you want to stop us then come on star together This kid seems to be capable of six enemies Ordinary weapons can't hit him at all Hong Gang.

Burst what You are so obsessed go to hell what how does it suit you I'm fine, the most urgent thing is to rescue Xia Yuning Humph It's too late for you to save Xia Yuning now.

Impossible i'm sure You arrested Xia Yuning not to kill him Instead, he used him to blackmail King Zhenbei you are their member I can trade them with you Ye Xinghe, you are really smart but Do you think taking me as a hostage can exchange for Xia Yuning Then you think too highly of me.

A nobody like me How can it be compared with the daughter of King Zhenbei? And now Xia Yuning says no must have become a prisoner Wu Chongtian's bloodthirsty ghost bear What happened I found Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun I'm about to take them to you But I didn't expect that student Ye Xinghe would suddenly attack me.

You spout blood Obviously you were the one who plotted against Yuning first Stop us from saving people and shut up Sure enough, it was a good thing you two dogs and men did. I saw them two dogs and men and women with my own eyes Killed 3 students Now they are still attacking the ancestor mentor And Yuning? What did you do to Yuning?.

Ye Xinghe An Xueyun I never thought you would dare to do such a thing I'm really ashamed of Vice President Xu a lesson for you I advise you to hurry up and tie your hands Xinghe is hurt now With the strength of me and Xinghe Unable to defeat two 5th Heaven level Mentors and those students.

But if you fight Yuning is in danger I'll know you two are no good A pair of dogs and men and women working together I want to see how your Tianheng family protects you With a marriage contract, he still seduces wild men outside shut up What's wrong.

You feel bad Haha, Ye Xinghe, Ye Xinghe No matter how talented you are But still a pariah at heart An Xueyun just ticked her little finger You're like a pug and you're going to work for him It seems that you are promising If I were you Already hit the head.

Enough An Xueyun Ye Xinghe Now you two are a major suspect obediently follow me back get angry I know you won't believe what I say But I don't need you to believe I, Ye Xinghe, stand here Now I want to take An Xueyun away.

Those who want to stop me go ahead ah so strong breath It seems that ambition and being able to defeat Chu Xian is not a fluke Ye Xinghe, are you really going to rebel? i have my reasons if anyone stops me Don't blame me for doing it we go.

Oh Yo damn let him run away if you want to go you can try Xie Qinghe can kill me I am the direct son of the Anyue family if you kill me.

The Anyue family will never let you go Qingyu Family's What do you want to do This palm is for Senior Sister An too much mouth This palm is for me and my family If you still dare to do things that I can't see Even if you have the Dark Moon family behind you I will do my best to kill you completely.

An world let's go Young Master Liang, what shall we do now? Let the family deal with that kid Ye Xinghe? deal with ass do you have a brain Ye Xinghe is the disciple of Vice President Xu if we kill him Can Vice President Xu let it go?.

If you continue to piss him off Wait for his cultivation base to continue to improve do you still want to live what should i do now Tell the dean to arrest them both No need if they killed those students before we all have to die here and When we fought Ye Xinghe An Xueyun just now.

Chu Xian ran away by Luan Ah, are you saying that Chu Xian did all of this? Ok purpose Xia Yuning Hey, I am the daughter of the Northern King Too bad if something happens to Xia Yuning we all suffer With my northern king's decision.

If Xia Yuning dies All of us have to be buried with us So we need to search for Xia Yuning immediately find him at all costs is it over then you are finally here Hey good people don't live long Disaster for a thousand years.

Ye Xinghe, you want me to die, don't you? You don't have to be responsible if I die, right? when did i say I'm in charge Talking is not talking Senior Sister An, let's join hands to kill this guy first. it is good How is this going It is the Summoning Art of the Bright Jade.

The one who summoned the ghost bear should be nearby Sister An, you stay here and take care of Xia Yuning I gonna go see all the efforts now Shame on me what a pity You came you know i will come of course i know you.

And watched you for a long time I have already investigated your life experience very clearly. Ye Xinghe, are you sure you want to fight against us? who are you Join us and you will know I am here now to invite you Invite you to join our organization I am not interested in your organization I'm here to warn you.

You are not allowed to hurt the people around me if not I will never let you go Ye Xinghe, don't you want to do it for your aunt? Did you avenge your people? more than a hundred years ago we formed our own organization Accepting geniuses among the children of the common people we need more people to join.

What is your surname Ye? Is your surname Gan? Are you willing to be a commoner all your life? Are you going to collude with them? To be the lackeys of these aristocratic families? I won't be their lackey won't be yours why i have my way my principles.

Although An Xueyun and Xia Yuning are children of aristocratic families But they didn't miss a thing Hey, what should be killed is still to be killed Who made them descendants of the family cut the weeds but not the roots Do you wait for them to come back for revenge later? what's the difference between you and them what do you think should be done Filial piety and enmity cannot be accomplished.

Could it be that the hatred of the Anyue family Don't you want to report? The enmity of the An Yue family will naturally be avenged but not in such a bloody way I am too weak now But when I cultivated to perfection When the world's strongest make them all look up I will use my power to completely subdue them use force to make them submit completely.

Interesting I'll be watching i want to see how on earth did you get them to submit And Xia Yuning, I am determined to win I advise you not to interfere the you now not yet my opponent Yuning how are you.

Fine just the two mentors Quickly finish applying the wound medicine and put on your clothes I remember sex warriors have the ability to heal I'm so hurt right now you're not going to do something I don't want to do such thankless things Don't worry about helping you heal your wounds still be dependent on you.

You are the daughter of King Zhenbei Nobility I, a commoner, can't climb high From now on, miss, please stay away from me. hello okay stop arguing Xinghe, hurry up and help Yuning heal Who cares that he helps me heal I've seen his injuries.

It's all flesh and blood no treatment And I don't want to serve you young ladies After escorting you back You go your way I walk my single-plank bridge I'm different from you after all I don't want to give to my family.

Cause trouble Ye Xinghe I don't care what your identity or background is i don't even care I also promise won't cause any trouble for your family I just hope when I go back Can we not become passers-by? Xinghe, do you know who the other party is?.

I don't know what the hell they are from I only know them It is an organization gathered by a group of geniuses from common people The purpose is to wipe out all the super families that man is strong I'm not his match and he said His purpose is to use you to blackmail the king.

I won't let him Successful Ye Xinghe Although I come from Zhenbei Palace but in my heart but didn't see any of you clearly It's useless for you to tell me these words I don't care what other people think i just want you to know don't think too much.

This time I will do my best to protect you After leaving the land of broken love You have nothing to do with me do you have anything Ye Xinghe, we wronged you We came here to protect the Princess But the princess has a problem Then we all have to be buried with the princess then you can stay, thank you.

What's your business We Philharmonic Receive annual tribute from affiliated families The Qingyu family pays about 600 catties of grain a year This year's annual harvest is not very good I will tell the family Let the Qingyu family exempt from this part of the attack Do you think this little gesture Can it make up for everything An Yu's family has done these years?.

No no no i didn't mean that I really don't have much say in the family So there's only so much I can do Humph Play it safe what a villain But it works for me I understand your idea I won't trouble you again from now on.

But if something happens to me I also need Liang Shao to help hey understand okay you go What did you talk to Liang Yu just now? I heard Xueyun say that before you came to save me Give Liang Yu a hard lesson That's right, a beating He must be scared.

So come to me now reconciliation I see what are you doing standing here sit down and eat some rabbit meat thanks Xinghe can take your shoulders temporarily Can I also borrow my sister? If there were no such family disputes.

I can always lean on so quietly don't care that would be nice What happened It's Linghong, they're here Xinghe long time no see I don't worry if you're fine Don't worry, we will die Even if something happens to you, we'll be fine.

Mo Yu You better stop talking Did you meet the men in black along the way? There is no man in black, what's the matter? All of this is caused by Teacher Chu Xian how so Xia Yuning Daughter of my Northern King no wonder.

Well, Mo Yu and I won't bother you anymore rest early hey-hey the barbecue is almost ready Ok really fragrant no one is allowed to eat Rabbit meat was drugged judge by smell.

Polycystis Ye Xinghe You don't mean to be scary, do you? We had a vigil all night last night These territories are alive and kicking when captured How could it be poisoned I do not know either Anyway, the rabbit meat has been poisoned if you don't believe me.

Can eat dry You said the rabbit meat was poisonous Then how can we eat? this simple All things in this world are interdependent As long as it is the area where dragon grass grows there must be black cloud grass Black Cloud Grass and Dulong Grass are both highly poisonous But mix the two together and eat.

Completely non-toxic Xinghe really has you this is nothing I just happened to see it in medical technology. galaxy Do you think the poisoning thing is a bit weird? what are you thinking I think this thing should be done by myself If outsiders.

Absolutely impossible to poison without anyone noticing heroes see alike I think so too do you have any suspects dare not say In my opinion, since someone wants to arrest Xia Operation Shouldn't just arrange for a tutor to come in? After all, it was King Zhenbei's daughter who was kidnapped Definitely not just this little bit of preparation.

Hey what are you going to do I majestic me too Then only I will go with you I'll watch from afar Well then you are not allowed to peek later you go I'm right next to you.

If something happens to you, just yell. You turn your head and don't peek Ok careful Ye Xinghe, you are taking advantage of me and Xueyun again What it is Killer A monster summoned by the sacrifice of the soul of the dead if i remember correctly.

The soul sacrifice of a strong Wu Chongtian Able to summon hidden assassins equivalent to Wu Chongtian's cultivation ah you mean the Mingyu with the souls of those two dead mentors Summoned the monster no we're not in camp right now in case someone raids Walk.

You are finally here Xinghe, go away leave us alone Shut up You have all seen the ability of the hidden killer Now there are two hidden assassins lurking around as long as i order i can kill anyone if you want them alive.

Then obediently tie your hands I'll give you 5 minutes to think about it but every minute I will kill a random person I'll kill everyone in 5 minutes I know your target is me let them go I will go with you nothing here.

I don't care what you think But I won't allow any of you to have an accident 1 minute is up wait for my order Yuning, you go deal with Chu Xian I'm going to deal with those two wild sand castles Xueyun, pay attention Always ready to display Yanwu fighter Once that Mingyu appears.

You hold him what do you think It's almost the second minute Humph kill them all kill first yeah It fits you, okay? help me.

Hold your breath This black smoke is poisonous It's a pity that Chu Xian ran away again In order to avoid being demolished I just have to let him go The timing just now is extremely favorable to them Why didn't that Mingyu person make a move? Could it be that the Mingyu is hiding among us Xinghe, what are you thinking when you frown?.

All right galaxy can i stay with you i'm afraid what Hey Ye Xinghe what should we do next just stay where you are I already know the identity of that Mingyu He hides among us.

I will stare at him Xinghe who is the Mingyu i can't say with his strength He could easily kill any of us So I hope he understands the identity of the Fool able to hide forever Since his strength is far higher than any of us why doesn't he do it.

I don't know his purpose Maybe his purpose is just to help Xia Yuning go rather than revealing You came i really don't want it to be you

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