The Mermaid and The Richest Man Chapter 36 English Sub

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Was it you who played the piano last night it's not me it's my friend uh Ang want to Humble himself she Kepler law profileand did not come today if you like my video don't forget to like comment and subscribe thank youwhy is there this little White Lotus everywhere the all men are you can play the piano too comeup and play it first and I will listen carefully this old man deliberately wanted to slap me in theface in the public this is chapter 36 the title is kid you are in love last night I just sent outmy feelings and did not compost the music but okay he's single sit down and this time she isto play piano yes sing one started by taking a deep breath and started playing the piano with hiscurling figures this music sounds very touching to.

The fans wow it sounds good it is indeed betterquality than xian's new song full of emotions it is indeed a pizza perfect Mr groupand it's really makes a difference bisai and after a while what happened to xiaanyangpass out is acting safdar National Treasure and the paparaji were busytaking the purpose is all right it's okay just brighten ah hello Mr gowhat's your name NC say ah me my name is there is no such person as uacc at all teacher teacher how did you see it not onlydo I see that you make friends out of nothing I also found out that you are in love kid whatI'm done the old men say that's when you have.

Someone you like yesterday there was a sad songbut today is a full of sweet and sour love many story happened to the children this night yesyes is remembering the good times she had with yeah and she played the piano do very good youwake me up that is a big cancer at another place arrive at the hotel at thesame time as me yesterday according to your description the boss must beenough then I thought Massachusetts still have feelings for each other so I will feel it alittle bit too messy park the car and get out Master Ching is angry now Master Ching I waswrong never there again he left him in the jungle I'm really wrong why do many people think I like you love mermaids so much there are mermaidseverywhere in your life and the only mermaid in.

The world is so everyone thinks hi everyoneif you like my video don't forget to like comment and subscribe thank you happy watchingis it so auspicious but the mermaid in my heart from beginning to end only you little you I didn'texpect to live again and I still can't avoid you you win but I believe Master Ching youdon't like me you sing Paul love mermaid massaging have you know Missy fora long time and still like her not now dislike looks like doesn't say the sameas his her just threatened they are arrived now at Jun Ching's house and I see some bring agood news Master Ching something went wrong look surprised no missier by was taken away what happened justnow the national Trestle committee contacted.

Me to say that missier was taken todrink tea by them National Treasure committee they took away sing Kong could itbe thanks for watching see you next video bye

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