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He said the gray building right? Hi! Today we recap the plot of2005 science fiction comedy The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Spoilers ahead. The movie begins with thesecond smartest animal on earth, making the decision to leavebefore its destruction. Since people constantly mistaketheir warnings for fancy gimmicks, their last communication is simply.

“So Long And Thanks For All the Fish.” We meet Arthur Dent, who wakes one morning to finda demolition crew at his home, Ready to make way for a bypass. Lying down infront of the bulldozer, Arthur's best friend Ford Prefect arriveswith a shopping cart full of beer. He tells Arthur that they need to leavesince his home is about to be destroyed, and Arthur simply assumes heis talking about the house. Ford offers his beer and peanuts to theconstruction crew to keep them distracted,.

And takes Arthur to a local pub. He explains that he is from another planet, reminding Arthur when they first met, he was trying to shake hands with a car. Arthur pulls out his phone andlooks at a photo of himself with a young woman named Tricia McMillan. They met at a party a while back and hit it off, until a funny-dressed man toldTrisha he was from another planet, and invited her to see his spaceship.

Ford buys a last round of drinksfor everyone, but declares that the world is ending in minutes. Arthur returns home to discover the constructioncrew has already demolished his home, and fails to noticeagiantcubed spaceship overhead. An alien identifies himself asJeltz of the planning council, and explains that plans for Earth'sdestruction have been on display for 50 years. He issues the command to commence destructionin order to make way for a hyperspace bypass. Ford grabs a towel from therubble and raises his thumb, transporting the two aboard the Vogon ship.

Ford gives Arthur his towel and tells him they are among the mostuseful tools a hitchhiker can have. He hands Arthur a copy ofthe movie title, a controversial book containing allknown information in the universe, anduses his towel to help send out an SOS. Meanwhile Arthur studies Vogons, a terribly structured and bureaucratic being, but not evil. The book also tells him.

That onno account should youallowa Vogon to read poetry to you since it's the third-worst in the galaxy. Ford inserts a yellow slug into Arthur's ear, which enables the host to comprehendany language they encounter. The Vogons discover Arthur and Ford, and take themin for interrogation. Jeltz reads them some of his poetry, which sends Ford into seizures, while leaving Arthur perplexed..

Arthur tries to charm Jeltz bytelling him that he enjoys it, but Ford and Arthur are sentenced to exile, and tossed into space. Another ship appears and snatches them up, transforming them between random objectsbefore reverting to their regular selves. The ship's computer tells Trishathat it'scollected two hitchhikers, and she notifies the ship's commanderZaphod Beeblebrox ofthe intruders. Marvin, a perpetually melancholyandroid due to his personality software, is reluctantly sent to collect them.

Don't talk to me about life. Zaphod recognizesFord as his half-brother, and explains that he isthe galaxy's new president, Though he abducted himself duringhis inauguration andstole the ship. Trisha appears and cheerfully greets Arthur. Trisha has changed her name to Trillian, and shows Arthur around the shipas Zaphod and Ford sharea drink, while two mice scurry away from her purse. A second head emerges from under Zaphod's primary,.

Yelling obscenities and slapping Arthuracross the face with a third arm. While Zaphodthreatens him with disembowelmentif he tells her what happened to Earth. Zaphod summons everyone to the viewingdeck and begins playing a recording, explaining that millions of years ago, two pan-dimensional entities Fook and Lunkwill, built a supercomputer called Deep Thoughttoanswer the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, which took 7.5 million years to process.

Deep Thought revealed the answer to be 42, since they never properlyasked the ultimate question, so Deep Thought built another supercomputerthat will provide the question. Zaphod says that it is his objectiveto uncover the ultimate question, and that he isusing the ship's ImprobabilityDrive to jump to randomtimesand places in search of the computer's planet. Zaphod activates the drive, and the spacecraft descends into improbability, arriving at its destination as a ball of yarn.

They arrive at planet Viltvodle VI, home of Zaphod's presidential rival Humma Kavula. The gang departs the spacecraftto find Kavula officiatinga mass, honoringa god thatsprang intoexistenceafter a huge sneeze. Bless you Kavula takes the groupto his office where he reveals that he is a creaturemade out of a torso walking on robotic legs with no real eyes. He informs Zaphod that he has thecoordinates to the planet he seeks,.

On the condition that hereturn with a rare gun for him, and to assure Zaphod's return, Kavula takes his second head. The party is suddenly ambushed by Vohgons, sent by Galactic Vice President QuestularRontok to save Zaphod from himself, and they capture Trillian. Ford assumes leadership becauseZaphodis functioning on half a brain, and isunable to thinkcoherently withoutlemon juice. They track the Vohgon fleet totheir homeworld of Vogosphere,.

And they all descendto theplanet's surface in a small pod. They land near theVohgon ship, and when approaching, begin to get smacked in thefaceby the local spade-like species, anytime they have a thought, so they make arun for it. Arthurburstsinto the Vohgonfacilitybrandishing Marvin's arm as a weapon, but the official just refersthem to robot repairs. Trillian discovers that Earth was destroyed,.

And that Zaphod approved the plans by accident. She is sentenced to death andhung over a cage to be eaten, only to be freed at the last seconddue to Zaphod's presidential approval. She shouts at Zaphod for signing the paperwork, and berates Arthur for not telling her sooner. Trillian and Arthur reconcilewhen they return to the ship, before the Improbability Drive istriggered by the two white mice. The spacecraft travels throughhyperspace until it reaches Magrathea, howeveran automated messageapologizes for the planet's closure.

Because they ignore it, the hologram informs them that two thermo-nuclear missileshave been sent to their location. The spacecraft begins toexecute evasive maneuvers, before Arthur hits the Improbability Drive. Instead of traveling across time and space, the missiles transform into a giantsperm whale and a bowl of petunias. Who am I? The unfortunate whale has littletime to think about what's going on,.

Before brutally colliding with Magrathea. The bowl of petunias justthinks to itself, “not again.” When the gang lands on the planet's surface, they uncover three portals with no indicationof which one transports them to Deep Thought. Trillian takes a leap of faith anddives into the first one active, followed by Zaphod and Ford. The gateway then closes, leaving Arthur stranded withonly Marvin for company. Zaphod Ford and Trillian discover thatthey've selected the correct gateway,.

And find a very bored Deep Thought watching TV. Zaphod asks if she's foundout the final question yet, but she says the computer she made for that wasdestroyed to make room for a hyperspace bypass. She then gives them the rifle demanded by Kavula. The Point-of-View Gun. Built by Deep Thought but commissioned by agroup of intergalactic furious housewives. Trillian shoots Zaphod with it, revealingto him everything from her point of view, before a door opens and the two mice emerge. A stranger appears to Arthur andreveals himself as Slartibartfast,.

Informing Arthur that hehas something to show him. A portal brings them to a loading baywhere Bart reveals that he is an engineer, and that his firm creates planets. He shows Arthur around the floor whereplanets including Earth Mk2 are being built. Arthur is taken to his home andfinds Ford, Trillian, and Zaphod all waiting for him inside with the mice. The mice give Arthur tea, and explain they were nearly 5billion years into their testing to find out the ultimate question,.

When Earth blew up. As a result they commissioned Earth2 in order to continue their trials, but they need Arthur's brain to finish it. The mice have drugged the tea, and strap Arthur down inorder to cut out his brain. Arthur begins to come up withquestions that have the answer 42, before coming up with one that the mice like. Not bad He begins to ask if Trillian is the girl for him,.

Saying yes and that he loves her. Perplexed by Arthur's love babble, the mice decide to take his brain anyway Arthur manages to get free in time, and crushes the mice, revealing their true appearance. Arthur finds that the Vogonshave surrounded his home, and they begin to fire upon him. Marvin insults the Vogons forbeing the worst shots in the galaxy,.

Before getting struck in the back of the head. He then rises and shoots thePoint-of-View gun at the Vogons, who all drop to the ground depressed. After the fight, Slarti appears. asking Arthur if there is anythinghe would like altered on new Earth. Arthur declines, and asks Trillianif she wants to go somewhere. With Ford recommending a goodrestaurant at the end of the Galaxy. The gang disembark, activatingthe Improbability Drive once more. And the movie ends.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxywas directed by Garth Jennings and based upon the book of thesame name by Douglas Adams. Starring Martin Freeman Sam Rockwell Mos Def Zooey Deschanel Bill Nighy Anna Chancellor and John Malkovich.

With voices of Stephen Fry Helen Mirren Thomas Lennon Richard Griffiths Ian McNeice Bill Bailey and Alan Rickman. The Bowl of Petunias is revealed in thenovels to be a creature named Agrajag, who is continuously killed byArthur Dent and reincarnated.

The names of all five books arementioned throughout the movie. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Life the Universe and Everything. and So Long and Thanks for All the Fish. With 'Mostly Harmless,' only appearing in the deleted scenes. Thank you for watching.

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