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Thousand Sunny the technology of the GownCannon is like a baby when compared to that of the ancient Kingdom's technology Frankieis sad because vegapunk laughed at the ship's strongest weapon with vegapunk's help ThousandSunny undergone a rather major upgrade in its strength this is further improved usingcertain aspect from pluton's blueprint it is said if a certain unknown fuel or energysource can be used instead Thousand Sunny might even be able to obliterate a small islandTony Tony Chopper finally awakens correctly Ushop fully Masters observation haki all seraphimsnone will be able to use haki also towards the end of the one piece Luffy finally experiencesswimming for the very first time in his life oh he still ends up drowning LOL the voiceof all things the ancient robots are connected.

Guided to all the people that carries thesame blood as the direct descendants of the people from the ancient Kingdom it seems tohave something to do with what is now known as lineage Factor and vice versa this is whydifferent people objects can sometimes find other people objects that are related to himselfherself itself this is why the ancient robot went to Marriott 200 years ago this is alsowhy Luffy so easily finds the ancient robot this is also why in major events around theworld people somehow appear at the right time this is also why Dragon appeared to save Luffyback at loketown this is known as the voice of all things short and maybe not that interestingspoiler Sanji is next to awaken conquerors haki on a separate note since mads is thecover page for chapter 1070.

I'll reveal something that mads did the Madscientists clone many things tashigi is cloned from kuwina with the knowledge of shimotsukikoshiru tashigi is taken away from koshiru somewhat willingly so that she tashigi hasa chance to live the way she kuina always wanted the Sun the goodbyes and the strawhat long ago when sailors set off into the unknown to explore Uncharted territories theyalways wave back to the families they leave behind at Port of their home Islands slowlyas the Ship Sails father and father their home Island becomes smaller and smaller disappearinginto the horizon what is left is just the image of the big Sun at the far Horizon guidingthe sailors into the unknowns with its bright sunlight many years later towards the endof the ancient war as diras and his friends.

Set sail away from their fragmented Homelanddiras pointed out look at the sun setting down tonight when the Sun rises again fromthe sea this is when all of us will be back together again families Friends food lotsof laughter and drinks doesn't the sun on the surface of the sea look just like thisstraw hat that I'm holding since then the straw hat symbolizes the coming of the DawnWhen the Dawn comes around again that Millennium old dream will come true laughtail and Goldie Roger upon setting footon the lost island of laughtail or what's left of the ancient Kingdom among many thingsthat they saw one of the things is an ancient his story of the ancient Kingdom from thebirth of the civilization there the people.

Living there the struggles they faced thenew technologies discovered and the fall of the civilization all these are stored in anancient snail but is a robotic one at the end of the recording as Roger is about towalk away the recording lit up again it is the last message recorded by diras diras isdirectly talking to Roger he spoke of his tales during his travels and the friends hemade diras also spoke of destiny fate and dreams that connect people across time aslong as there are people who seeks Freedom as long as there are people who are enslavedthere will be things and people who will be connected linked towards the end of the recordingRoger laughed however as he sailed away later he mentioned to his crew that he is also filledwith regrets because he is unable to see a.

World where freedom is the norm he wishedthat he could have lived during joyboy's time than shared a sake or two with him diras alsomentioned a boy from the future a boy carrying a straw hat representing the coming of theDawn he will be the one carrying all the weight of everyone across the Thousand Years andsaving everyone from those who represent the opposite of what Freedom truly is with thisin mind Roger lit up the fire of Desire at his execution red legs F and queen the plaguenote that this backstory will most likely not be shown in anime or Manga for those whocan't remember who they are zeph now resides in East blue barity while Queen resides inGrand line and is an idiot they are brothers who grew estranged from each other due todifferences in values with the most prominent.

Difference being that Queen attacks womenwithout any qualms their mum's death played a part in them separating from each otherduring their teenage years anyhow this is the origin of how and why zeff never hit awoman and thereafter passed this value to Sanji the Fishman Island the sea Forest joyboy'spromise the tree of Eve and the end of all devil fruits 900 years ago before the destructionof the ancient Kingdom as well as before the great flood see part 7 the sea level was drasticallylower Fishman Island the sea Forest the sea forest was originally a land forest 900 yearsago due to the flooding sea level Rose drastically and consumed the hull of the land that isnow known as Fishman Island Joy Boys promise the promise made by Joy boy was not to bringthe whole Fishman Island up 10 000 feet above.

To the Sun the promise was to destroy thered line and bring the water level down back to the original level so that the sun directlyShines on the people who dwells at the Fishman Island however without the right people andright items diras was not able to do so this is one of the biggest regrets he holds inhis heart for which he apologized to the Poseidon agashi approximately 800 plus years ago thetree of Eve the tree of Eve was not originally that tall however in the centuries being buriedunder the sea it has never die however it continuously seek the sunlight and over nearlya thousand years of seeking the Sun the tree of Eve has grown ever so tall the end of alldevil fruits at the end of one piece there will no longer be any devil fruits power thereason for devil fruit uses becoming a hammer.

And sinking whenever they touch the sea isnot because Mother Nature hates them Edith what I mean is that the true reason is notas simple as because Mother Nature hates devil fruits as per what VP said or because of Anyrandom anime Logic the true reason is because of the Eternal yearning of the fruits wantingto return back to the original soil land that is thousands of feets below the currency levelall fruit users have an innate yearning to go back to where they are born an innate intuitionthat has been lost to time note the leaker excludes talking about the Noah claiming ifthey did they would essentially be writing the whole ending of One Piece Marshall D teachand Monkey D Luffy Blackbeard's Awakening will not involve absorbing other people'sdevil fruit Powers into his own for his own.

Usage Blackbeard's ability to use more thanone devil fruit power is due to him having more than one heart and blood circulatorysystem each system does not commingle with the other Luffy will pull Blackbeard intoa Dreamland in which both of them will fight in the land of dreams the battle will endwith Blackbeard falling asleep forever Luffy is the one who will all devil fruit PowersBack To Nature thereby ceasing all devil fruits forever

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