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The first episode of “The Owl House” is… prettystrange. Obviously this is in retrospect and a result of what I like to call “Season 1 StrideSeeking”, where basically A LOT of different shows’ season 1’s are vastly different to therest of it, mainly due to the show attempting to find its pacing, experimenting with what works anddoesn’t work and presumably getting more funding and attention as it grows. The Owl House is aperfect example of this, but I digress. We start the show with a little “Good Witch Azura”book report, told from the perspective of Luz. The “Eat this sucka!” bit was kind of funny and,at least to me, set the tone of this show as a not-so-serious one. Ohhh boy was I wrong.We cut to Luz in the principal's office, and find out that she is in troublefor bringing live snakes to her school.

For a book report, along with bringinglive.. Fireworks?? LUZ WHAT THE HE- Also what kind of snakes did Luz bring?They couldn’t have been poisonous, as the principal gets attacked by one,but Camilla, who is a veterinarian, doesn’t react, meaning that it probably wasn’tharmful. So WHY ARE THEY SO AGGRESSIVE? We see a compilation of all the previoustimes Luz got in trouble, and while I can see the first two times being problematic,what exactly is the deal with Luz playing with her eyelids? Isn’t she like 14 or something?It’s everyone else that’s the problem! Camilla, who is Luz’s mother, tells Luz that sheneeds to attend a “Reality Check Summer Camp”, and I find it a bit interesting how Luzexclaims “No more weirdness!” . Nobody.

Ever explicitly said it was weird, somaybe she thinks that she is weird? We see Luz standing outside her home, waitingto go to summer camp. She looks very dejected, and one might think it is because she is beingsent to summer camp, but there might be more to it than that. A bit of a “spoiler”, for those whohaven’t seen Season 3, but in “Thanks to Them”, it is shown that Luz really tried her best withher book report, and seeing how her teachers and mother reacted may have started the whole “I amthe problem” arc that Luz goes through. Camilla then mentions the pros of summercamp, which include balancing checkbooks and appreciating public radio. This was prettyfunny, but Luz retorts that she doesn’t like those and instead likes editing anime clips andreads books with convoluted backstories..

Ughhh.. I really don’t like this part.One thing this episode suffers from is how it tries to take itself seriously, but alsoattempts to be “funny” and “relatable”. This conversation is the last time Luz talks with hermother in person for MONTHS, and in hindsight, should have been emotional or personal. But theattempts to be quirky and relatable are thrown in, and kinda ruins the moment. Camilla also justroasts Luz with the fact that she has no real friends, and then Luz puts a PERFECTLY GOOD BOOKinto the trash. AGAIN, in season 3, it is shown that this book was given to her BY HER DECEASEDFATHER, and she THROWS IT IN THE TRASH. Personally, I would have made it so Camillatells Luz that she needs to be quote unquote “normal” and Luz exclaims that she istrying but no one “understands” her,.

Referencing her true desire.. Luz would thenget upset and run into the woods where she loses Camilla and enters the cabin, only to find herselfin the Boiling Isles. Just my two cents. I LOVE the initial depiction of the BoilingIsles and how Luz thinks it is H E double hockey stick itself. Fun fact, the Demon Realmwas initially going to be a representation of the “bad place” itself! It’s a bit of a shame theshow couldn’t explore more of it but eh. I also like how Eda is initially representedas a filthy capitlist as she states that Luz is more valuable alive than dead AND thefact that she could have easily allowed Luz to go back to the human realm, butmakes her do her bidding instead. We are formally introduced to theBoiling Isles and visit The Owl House,.

And – OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT. We are also introduced to the best character in the show.. HOOTY! And Iwill fight anyone who says otherwi-. Ok seriously, do you now understand what I meanby “Season 1 Stride Seeking” now? This is never brought up again alongside whatever this is. We are then introduced to everyone’s favorite gremlin.. King! I love King’s reaction to Luz. It is honestly what I imagine pets thinkwhen a random person picks them up. Now you see this part? This is a valid timefor humor! The show has just introduced new characters and is setting up for the rest ofthe episode! Eda picking up Luz and Luz clawing at King is so freakin funny and this whole bitnever fails to get a chuckle out of me. .

Eda then explains the “situation” theyare in, as well as throws in a little bit of casual blackmailing. The three go to the Conformatorium, and we get what is perhaps thesingle greatest line ever spoken. (slippery line)A plan is made and we get yet another great scene. (Show scene) Now the Conformatorium sequence was.. A sequence.I would’ve liked for it to have been taken a little bit more seriously, considering what comeslater in the episode. The whole “being thrown in because you don’t fit” plot felt really forced.And Instead of “writing fan-fictions about food”, maybe have them be peaceful protestors or evenperhaps just remove the “prison” vibe and make.

It an insane asylum or something to really drivein how the Warden thinks of these people. Speaking of Warden Wrath, I love hisentrance and his menacing voice. But, he very clearly looks at Luz and King, andproceeds to do absolutely nothing. Like, he is the warden! If there is someone who shouldknow the prisoners, it should be him! And speaking of prisoners, is it Casual Friday or something?Why is everyone dressed in their Sunday best? Tinella Nose was great, but didn’t the Wardenjust smash the Luz’s gates in? How is the thing still able to open?Anyway, Now this next part is another goodexample of “forced humor”. We just got introduced to the antagonist,tension is high and what we get is. .

(nerd arms)Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem, as it is common forhumor to follow a tense situation. But then, we get hit with this emotional punch. Like, do you see the emotional whiplash going on here? We went from tense and serious villainentrance to, haha funny, relatable moment, to I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do tosave you and you’ll probably die alone. Also why does Luz insist on using the word“weirdo” to describe everyone? I feel that “weirdo” has a negative connotation to it, andjust because you might think you are a weirdo Luz, doesn’t mean you can label others as weirdos! And again, using the word weirdo is so jarring, like this is supposed to be an emotional moment!Why not use the term “different” or even just say,.

“Why can’t people be themselves?” And whyam I getting so worked up over this! The “Burger Queen” reveal was pretty funny,and I like how Eda is so confident in herself that she sent Luz and King alonein a freaking maximum security prison. The emotional bit about Eda and King beingtogether was also very well done, and serves as a great moment in Eda’s character arc. But then Eda loses her head.. Literally and while I love everyone’s reactions,The episode once again does a 180, and turns a potentially really cool risingaction scene into a “haha funny moment!” Now, this is much more opinionated. But, Imaginethe conversation if this was serious. We could have had hints and foreshadowing to Belosand the Day of Unity. Wrath could have said.

Something like, “The emperor would be pleased tosee you” or “Still running wild with your magic, eh?”, obviously referencing wild magic. I like the little reference with “Expecto” and Wrath chasing them wasreally nicely animated. I also like how Luz only opened the threejail cells, meaning that she either left everyone else, or that there were onlythree people in the entire Conformatorium, and I don’t know which is funnier. Wrath taking off his mask was AMAZING, albeit a little anticlimactic, I feel that he should havetaken it off in the room after Luz knocked him out and escaped, in like a fit of rage. The whole “we belong here” moment again felt a little forced, but I can’t really think ofa work around besides replacing it entirely..

Maybe instead of that, they could have beensneaking away, but then Luz rallies them to stand up against the warden once and for all.Now the line, “Nobody should be punished for who they are” is perfect and while it is thecentral theme of the episode, it could have done so much better in expressing it.Then, I’m sorry to say, but the climax of the episode with the group taking down Wrath isjust completely ruined for me when the line (“fan-fiction”) is uttered. I can see itbeing appealing to some people, but to me, it just felt really… cringeworthy. I feel thatthis would have been a perfect time to repeat the core theme and say something like “Not everyoneis the same, and that’s what makes us unique” before Luz freaking blows up Wrath. The ending was actually pretty emotional. I.

Love how Luz gave King the little crown and Eda’sexpression when Luz says that was the most fun she ever had, as if her life wasn’t in mortal perilthe whole time. My only gripe is that Luz seemed really angry at the thought of going to camp,which isn’t really in her character. Instead, she could have looked at the camp brochure, showreluctance to going back to the human realm, and feebly say that maybe she could learn athing or two in the Boiling Isles instead. And Finally, I find it really weird howLuz just assumes that the camp didn’t contact Camilla saying that she neverarrived. She is obviously very lucky that Vee went in her place, but still. One last really minor thing I want to say, is that the outro would make absolutelyno sense to anyone watching the show for.

The first time. Who are these people? Whereis Luz? If it were up to me, instead of the normal outro for the first episode, I would havejust used the backdrop of The Owl House at night as it is actually really nice to look at.So all in all, this was unfortunately a “below average” episode for me and it is really hard toimagine that this show eventually turns into the masterpiece that is season 2. In my opinion,this episode could have done a much better job of setting its first impression, consideringit was already planned for the show to take a darker turn. But for what it's worth, it nicelyintroduces the main characters, as well as does a decent job of setting up the storylinefor the show. It also has a few emotional and actually funny moments here and there.And with that, we get a beautiful shot of.

The Owl House against the night sky andthat will be al- OK WHAT THE ACTUAL FU-

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  1. i checked out the fundamental episode, but it became once irregular so i dropped it, then i heard that season 2 became once correct and checked out the next episode, which became once furthermore uncommon and dropped it again.But then beautiful arround the fundamental episode of season 3 launched, i bought spammed with YT compilations from the justify, watched a few and finally sat by untill the episode where willow is launched, that's where i felt the justify took on a tough identity, and that i binged the rest a few days after s3e2 launched.

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