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Wow yay I am so glad job complete the film begins with Bowser's ship docking infront of the penguin Kingdom's King's Palace then Bowser warns the Penguins to comeout or perish to which they respond by fighting him with snowballs they accidentallykill one man with a catapult and an ice block the penguin King then tells Bowser that is just ataste of our Fury and asks if they would surrender Bowser Chuckles and declaresthat he does not surrender He commands his henchmen comic to use hismagic to teleport them away from the location Bowser proceeds to set the palace Ablazewhile Commack utilizes his powers to construct a staircase for Bowser as Bowser ascends thestairs he strikes a block unveiling a superstar.

With a triumphant tone Bowser proclaimsthat no one can stand in his way now in the next scene Mario and Luigiare seated in a pizza parlor called punch out pizza watching their Plumbing adthat they had invested all their money in meanwhile their former boss ForemanSpike appears and begins to mock them Spike holds a grudge against them for leavinghis company to start their own Plumbing firm he laughs taunting them and suggests that theyprobably haven't even received a single phone call Spike goes further referring to them as the stupidMario Brothers and attempts to throw his napkin at Luigi's face however Mario quickly interceptsthe napkin defending himself and his brother just then they receive a call from a couple inBrooklyn who are in need of a plumber however.

When they try to start their car it doesn't workso they decide to walk through a construction site upon reaching the destination they encounterthe couple's dog Francis who initially takes a liking to them but becomes unfriendly afterLuigi accidentally steps on Francis bone as a result they proceed to fix the leak in thehouse only to face a confrontation with Francis who fights them and damages the faucet when theyreturn home their own family even mocks them on the contrary their mother supports them when Marioinquires about his father's opinion he receives a harsh response being called crazy and told thatthe worst part is he's dragging your brother down with you upset Mario leaves the table andheads to his room to play Kid Icarus on his NES shortly after Luigi enters the room in consolesMario assuring him that he is not responsible for.

His brother's troubles meanwhile while watchingthe news Mario and Luigi learn about a problem with the Brooklyn water main motivated to takeaction they decide to address the issue themselves venturing into the sewers they inadvertentlystumble upon a concealed section and come across a warp pipe curiosity gets the better ofLuigi who enters the pipe and gets pulled inside determined to rescue his brother Mariofollows suit and enters the warp pipe after being pulled into the warp zone Mario findshimself in the Mushroom Kingdom where he comes across toad Mario describes the circumstances oftheir separation and Toad speculates that Luigi may have been sent to the dark lands a regionruled by Bowser toad assures Mario that Princess Peach the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom will beable to help them reunite so they decide to search.

For her meanwhile in the dark lands Luigi realizesthat Mario is nowhere to be found as he tries to make sense of the situation he is chased by drybones desperate to escape Luigi seeks Refuge by entering a nearby castle and quickly shutting thedoor behind him however his respite is short-lived as he is suddenly cornered by a group of shy guyswho apprehend him in the Mushroom Kingdom Mario and Toad embark on a journey traversing variousregions until they finally reach Peach's castle as they approach the grand entrance the guardsinformed them that Princess Peach is not present uttering The Familiar phrase your princessis in another Castle however toad manages to win the guards over by preparing some food forthem and they Grant Mario entry into the castle inside the castle one of Peach's councilmaninforms her in her royal chamber about Bowser's.

Imminent arrival in the Mushroom Kingdom howeverPeach reveals her plan to establish an alliance with the Kong Army from the jungle Kingdomdetermined to protect her kingdom Peach emerges from her chamber and encounters Mario who issurprised to see a human in the Mushroom Kingdom Mario shares with peach that his brother Luigiis currently in the dark lands prompting Peach to reveal her plan of heading to the JungleKingdom to forge an alliance that can help them defeat Bowser realizing their Mutualgoals Mario and Peach decide to join forces Peach offers Mario the opportunity toaccompany her on their Quest but she challenges him to complete a practice coursefirst Mario attempts the course multiple times and gets incredibly close to finishingit only to be thwarted by an obstacle.

Despite his inability to complete the course Peachdecides to let him join her reassuring him that her success was due to her familiarity with thejungle Kingdom from growing up there meanwhile in the dark lands Luigi finds himself riding ina hot air balloon on route to Bowser's Castle at Bowser's Castle Bowser breaks into a songexpressing his desire to marry Peach and conquer the world together however his song is interruptedby comic who delivers the news that Mario and Peach are on route to the Jungle Kingdom toestablish an alliance Bowser perceives Mario as a romantic rival for Peach's affections intensifyinghis determination to thwart their plans meanwhile Mario and Peach continue their journeyand eventually reach the fire flower field along the way they have traversed the challengingbomb OMB Battlefield the Arid desert Kingdom and.

Even ventured through Yoshi's Island as theyarrive at the vibrant fire flower field Peach activates the power of a fire Blossom using it tostart a cozy campfire in the midst of the flowers meanwhile Bowser is informed that the Koopa havecaptured Luigi and have brought him before him Bowser summons Luigi intending to interrogatehim about his presence in the dark lands Luigi initially hesitates to reveal Marioas his brother when questioned by Bowser but when Bowser becomes increasinglyagitated Luigi finally admits the truth Bowser then asks Luigi if princessesfind Mario attractive to which Luigi cheekily responds that only those withexcellent taste would see Mario's Beauty meanwhile Mario Peach and Toad reached the jungleKingdom and are given a tour around the city.

Before eventually arriving at cranky Kong's Palacehowever Cranky Kong refuses to form an alliance in response Mario informs Cranky Kong thatthey won't leave without the Kong Army support cranky Khan proposes a deal to Mario ifMario can defeat his son in a wrestling match in the great Ring of Kong Cranky Kongwill offer Mario the Kong Army as an ally although Peach expresses concern and believesthat participating in the wrestling match with Donkey Kong is a bad idea Mario remains determinedthe match commences and proves to be challenging at first however Mario recalls the lessons Peachtaught him about the power-ups and their potential during the match Mario stumbles upon a mushroombelieving it to be the Super mushroom however upon consuming it he realizes it is actuallya small mushroom causing him to shrink in size.

Undeterred Mario continues the fight and attemptsto use the fire flower power up only for Donkey Kong to blow it out rendering it useless howeverMario perseveres and eventually manages to obtain the cat bell power-up with Newfound abilitieshe overcomes Donkey Kong and emerges Victorious Peach expresses her admiration for Mario'sdetermination and resilience noting that he never gave up despite the challengeshe faced cranky Khan proposes that they make their return Journey via Rainbow Roada famous interdimensional pathway however Bowser becomes aware of their plan and ordershis army to intercept and halt their progress as Mario and Donkey Kong engage ina fierce battle they are eventually thrown off the track and find themselvesinside the Colossal body of a sea Beast.

Meanwhile the Kong Army faces defeat leavingonly Peach and Toad standing in a moment of leadership Peach instructs everyone to flee andtakes it upon herself to confront Bowser directly when Bowser arrives and makes a proposal ofmarriage to Peach she vehemently rejects him stating that she will never marry him enragedby her refusal Bowser commands comic to use his powers to torment Toad and to Peach's dismaycomic willingly complies with Bowser's orders after Mario and Donkey Kong managed to escapethe Sea Beast using a rocket from DK's cart toad presents Peach with a bouquet of flowerswith determination in her eyes Peach approaches Bowser only to discover a group of captives heldin a cage suspended above a perilous lake of lava Bowser Reveals His intention tosacrifice the hostages in Peach's honor.

However Justice comic is about to commencethe wedding ceremony Peach takes Swift action she knocks out comic and reveals anice flower hidden within her bouquet activating the power of the Ice Flower Peachfreezes Bowser preventing him from carrying out his malevolent plans and saving the captivesfrom being lowered into the dangerous lava below in their heroic efforts Mario and Donkey Kongsuccessfully complete their mission and rescue Luigi from captivity however their Triumphis short-lived as Bowser filled with rage and Desperation orders the launch of a destructiveBoomer Bill to obliterate the Mushroom Kingdom thinking quickly Mario manages to lure theBoomer bill into a warp pipe using a super Leaf preventing the catastrophic attackand saving their Homeland from destruction.

However during the chaos an unexpected eventoccurs causing everyone to be pulled into Brooklyn in Brooklyn Mario engages in a briefSkirmish with Bowser but he realizes that this may be his toughest challengeyet doubts begin to creep into his mind however witnessing the injuries sustained by hisfriends and seeing his advertisement for Punch Out Pizza on television Mario finds the courageand determination to confront Bowser once more with Newfound resolve Mario prepares himself forthe final showdown with Bowser knowing that he must give it his all to protect his friendsand restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom in a daring move Mario attempts tograb the Superstar from Bowser but Bowser counters with his fierybreath halting Mario's progress.

With Luigi's intervention Mario and Luigipress on determined to seize the Superstar although it initially appears that they wereengulfed by the Flames it is revealed that they managed to activate the Superstar at the verylast moment granting them temporary invincibility empowered by the Superstar they continue theirbattle against Bowser ultimately defeating him as the dust settles Mario and Luigi are celebratedas Heroes by their family Foreman Spike and even Francis Bowser on the other hand is dealt withusing a micro mushroom which shrinks him down and traps him in a bottle in the end it isrevealed that Mario and Luigi have decided to relocate to the Mushroom Kingdom their newhome embracing their new life they continue their adventures and defend their belovedKingdom alongside their friends and allies.

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