The princess gave delivery to a edifying insect, which ended in the demise of her complete family.

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The beautiful princess, after ten months of pregnancy, Gave birth to a giant insect. The father, not bearing to see his daughter upset, Finally agreed to raise the giant insect. Yet not long after, The princess began to emit a poisonous aura, Slaughtering everyone around her, Even her deeply loving parents were not spared. Following that, countless giant insects rained down from the sky,.

Throwing the world into chaos. It wasn't until over a hundred years later, That an organization called Mushibugyo appeared, They roamed far and wide, slaying the colossal insects to safeguard humanity and thus restoring order to the shattered world. The white sticky substance left on the ground, what exactly is it? Just moments ago, an innocent girl was unexpectedly abducted by a gigantic spider. The spider bound her in a sticky web, preparing to lay its eggs inside her body. As far as she could see, she was surrounded by bodies that had been sucked dry by it. Who could come to her rescue in this secluded wooden house?.

And so, our story begins. Jinbei, a young boy, ventures out from his village. He faces countless challenges as he makes his way to the city. His purpose is to join the legendary Mushibugyo organization. In this unfamiliar city, Jinbei is completely lost and bewildered. Luckily, he encounters a kind-hearted girl named Haru. This girl, with two cotton balls pinned to her chest, not only treats him to delicious skewers of meat but also guides him to the Mushibugyo organization. Suddenly, a chilling scream pierced the sky. Jinbei dropped his backpack and ran towards the source of the sound.

In the dimly lit alley, he saw a gigantic spider, measuring around ten meters, devouring a human. Fear filled Jinbei's face, but the drive of justice propelled his body forward. However, he was forcefully thrown back by a tremendous force. The giant spider had already eaten its fill and turned away Jinbei got up and tried to chase after him But at that moment, Kotori hurriedly called out to him. he said that members of the Mushibugyo organization would take over the upcoming task. And he was Kotori,the head of the Mushibugyo organization's supervisory team Jinbei quickly introduced himself.

It turns out that the invitation from the Mushibugyo organization was extended to his father, who was a master swordsman. However, during their mission to protect the lord, they faced a colossal spider. Jinbei stood in front of the young lord, despite being terrified deep inside, he did not back down. Although his father managed to kill the giant spider in time, the young lord, a useless individual, wet his pants out of fear. To save face, the lord decided to punish Jinbei. But his father took all the blame upon himself. As a result, his father disabled his own left leg, putting an end to his warrior's career. Thus, Jinbei decided to join the Mushibugyo organization in place of his father, to restore the honor of their family. Just then, another piercing scream echoed through the air.

It was the voice of Haru, whom Jinbei had just met. Jinbei dashed forward as if possessed. The members of the Mushibugyo organization also hurriedly followed. But all that remained on the ground was a pool of white sticky fluid. Inside the dilapidated cottage, Haru woke up and witnessed the horrifying scene around her. She let out a heart-wrenching scream, Desperately struggling to escape from this place. At the critical moment,.

A young boy stood before Haru like a war god, It was Jinbei who arrived just in time. Jinbei exerted all his strength this time, Swiftly maneuvering behind the creature with his agility, And then, with a single strike, he eliminated it. Just as Jinbei thought the crisis was averted, Countless giant insects began to frenziedly stir on the ceiling, This terrifying sight caused Haru to despair once again. One by one, these spiders descended to the ground,.

Suddenly spewing countless strands of web, Locking Jinbei's blade tightly in place. In the next second, these spiders pounced on him like mad. At that moment, the wall suddenly exploded, As the smoke cleared, Three distinctly different warriors slowly revealed themselves, They were members of the Mushibugyo. The girl in yellow attire soared into the air, Instantly throwing countless bombs,.

Her name was Hibachi, a female ninja. And the man wielding dual swords was named Koikawa, They called him the Ninety-Nine Chop, a name that symbolized his immense power. And this timid little child, Named Tenma, Turned out to be a Yin-Yang Master with vast supernatural abilities. The arrival of the three Instantly eradicated the giant insects inside and outside the house. But they had no idea.

That another giant insect descended from above, Sending Jinbei's body flying with a powerful blow, Then it changed direction, Its sharp teeth aimed directly for Haru. Jinbei was paralyzed from the impact, Helplessly listening to the girl's piercing screams. But he didn't want to give up like this, Because his father once told him, As warriors, it was their duty to dispel the unease in people's hearts.

At that moment, Jinbei seemed to transform into a war god, Once again standing in front of the girl, And astonishingly, Jinbei forced the giant insect to retreat step by step. Kotori, who had just arrived, was amazed by the power he unleashed. Then, Jinbei raised his sword, Propelling the enormous creature into the air, And in the instant he landed, He completely annihilated the giant insect. But the crisis seemed far from over.

At that moment, the ceiling suddenly burst open, creating a gaping hole. A massive shadow descended upon them, Revealing a gigantic spider ten times larger than the previous ones. By this time, Jinbei had exhausted all his strength and couldn't fight anymore, But he still refused to abandon Haru and escape alone. Just then, a dazzling light filled the entire room, Within the blinding radiance, Mugai, the strongest combatant in Mushibugyo, made his appearance. Before Jinbei could even react,.

Mugai had already pierced through the body of the giant spider with a single strike. In that moment, Jinbei became a devoted fan of Mugai, And his several acts of risking his life to protect Haru Had successfully captured her heart. Kotori also acknowledged Jinbei's strength And officially invited him to join Mushibugyo. Hibachi, who woke up from the nightmare, As She took off his robe and prepared to change her clothes. Just as the newly joined Jinbei finished his morning training and came to report to the seniors' room.

By the time Hibachi realized what was happening, Jinbei had already vanished without a trace. During the morning meeting, Kotori received reports from residents That there were giant insects causing trouble in nearby villages again. he arranged for all the members of Mushibugyo to mobilize and search. Jinbei was eager to participate in this mission, However, Kotori instructed him to learn from the seniors and not engage in combat. Because Jinbei's own strength was currently too weak, And in the past year, none of the newcomers who joined Mushibugyo survived for more than 10 days.

Mushibugyo didn't have the energy to recruit new members anymore, So Jinbei was forbidden from participating in battles for a month. However, this time, he and Hibachi were assigned to the same group. Hibachi was also a fan of Mugai, And she kept talking about how much she admired him throughout the journey. It turned out that Hibachi was invited to join Mushibugyo a year ago, But on her first mission, she almost got eaten by a giant insect. Fortunately, Mugai appeared just in time and saved her. Since then, Hibachi had become a devoted fan of Mugai.

At this moment, a scream interrupted their conversation, Hibachi followed the direction pointed by the villagers, And she saw the bodies of several villagers lying by the riverbank. In the next second, A gigantic dragonfly appeared in the sky above them. Hibachi asked Jinbei to take the villagers to safety, While she prepared to eliminate the giant insect alone. The giant dragonfly also noticed their presence, Hibachi seized the opportunity and leaped onto the dragonfly's head,.

Throwing the explosives in her hand, causing a violent explosion. But after a thick smoke cleared, the giant dragonfly remained unharmed, And its speed rendered Hibachi's explosives ineffective. In an attempt to avoid the impact, Hibachi accidentally fell into the water. Enraged, the giant dragonfly opened its mouth and attacked again. At the critical moment, a figure suddenly descended with great force, It was Jinbei, who had arrived after ensuring the safety of the villagers. The two of them started to cooperate and rushed towards the incoming dragonfly. With their combined attack,.

The giant dragonfly was quickly defeated. Early in the morning, Jinbei slashed at the boulder as usual. As he did every day, he trained his swordsmanship and increased his strength. At that time, Koikawa, a drunkard, was passing by. In a daze, he bumped into the boulder. So, he drew his katana. And instantly shattered the giant rock into countless small pieces. The split surfaces of the shattered stones were as smooth as a mirror, all done with his broken and worn-out blade. Poor Hibachi was about to express her displeasure towards Koikawa when Jinbei's eagerness to become his apprentice took precedence.

Afterward, Jinbei and Koikawa walked through the streets, but the residents there harbored deep hatred towards Koikawa. However, Koikawa remained indifferent and accustomed to such treatment. During Koikawa's childhood, he inherited his mother's gentle and kind nature, The gentle and kind Koikawa was often beaten by his father, and his mother would also suffer beatings while trying to protect him. One night, Koikawa witnessed his mother lying in a pool of blood, with his father standing nearby, holding a blood-stained sword. From that moment on, anyone who interfered with his pursuit of his father was killed. In the end, 99 people were killed. That's why the residents hated him so much. .However, on this particular night, Koikawa stood alone outside a house filled with corpses, holding a blood-stained blade—a sight that made Jinbei unable to believe his eyes upon his arrival.

Subsequently, Koikawa was imprisoned in a dungeon. Jinbei, unable to believe that Koikawa could commit such acts, sought out Kotori at Mushibugyo for more information. Unfortunately, Koikawa was still locked up and hadn't provided any explanation as to why he was present at the crime scene. They had no way to save him. Driven by anger, Jinbei decided to secretly infiltrate the dungeon and rescue Koikawa. He couldn't believe that Koikawa would be a murderer. Only by finding the real culprit could they prove Koikawa's innocence. However, they didn't get far before they were surrounded by a group of constables. Jinbei immediately stood in front of Koikawa, attempting to defend him.

Just then, one of the constables suddenly collapsed, and a giant praying mantis appeared behind them. Jinbei quickly tried to evacuate the crowd, and Koikawa prepared to fulfill his duty and slay the monstrous insect before them. However, the constables who had seemingly left earlier suddenly reappeared. Knowing that they couldn't defeat Koikawa in a fair fight, they chose to launch a surprise attack. These constables had always wanted revenge for their fallen comrades. As Koikawa, consumed by anger, was about to kill them, Jinbei once again stood in his way. At that moment, the giant mantis lunged towards them. Thankfully, Koikawa reacted swiftly and severed one of its arms. Jinbei took the opportunity to inform everyone present that Koikawa's blade now existed solely to protect humanity.

After being sliced into 108 pieces, the giant mantis revealed countless gold coins. It turned out that the giant mantis was the true culprit behind the killings. But why did Koikawa appear at the crime scene? As it happened, Koikawa had always been afraid of dogs. However, while drunk, he accidentally stepped on a dog's tail, and in order to escape its pursuit, he ended up at the crime scene Koikawa thought no one would believe such a stupid reason. but to his surprise, Jinbei wholeheartedly believed him. a giant rhinoceros beetle, Threatens to destroy the city.

Yet the residents show no signs of panic, Instead, they gather in the back mountains to celebrate with a feast, Because they know their town's guardian deity, Lord Mugai, as always, Will eliminate all giant insects that harm humans. But Jinbei, who knows nothing about this, Is still preparing for tonight's summer festival fireworks. However, in the courtyard, A white-haired girl catches his attention.

Jinbei, who's always friendly, immediately goes up to greet the girl, And enthusiastically invites her to watch the fireworks tonight. But the girl says she can't leave the Mushibugyo headquarters, So Jinbei decides to take her to a place where they can see the fireworks. On the other side, Hibachi is watching Mugai's battle from a hot air balloon, Watching as the giant rhinoceros beetle flaps its wings, Creating gusts of wind that push Mugai back. Mugai swings his great sword, creating a barrier around him, Effectively blocking the rhinoceros beetle's wind.

He then swings his sword forcefully, And leaps onto its blade, Using the momentum to charge towards the rhinoceros beetle. Once close, he leaps again, Pulling up the 108-meter long sword, And spins around on the beetle's horn, Astonishingly cutting off the miles-long giant horn. Mugai slowly walks to the side of the massive horn,Then thrusts his great sword upward, Transforming it into a miles-long machete.

Next, Mugai chants a spell, And the miles-long sword instantly cleaves the giant rhinoceros beetle in half. Once again, the town regains its tranquility. The evening fireworks display proceeded as planned, and Jinbei fulfilled his promise by taking the girl to the observation tower to enjoy the spectacle. As the girl observed the dreamy young man before her, who spoke of his aspirations, a subtle glimmer appeared in her otherwise calm eyes She then removed a bell from her head and presented it as a reward to Jinbei for bringing her to witness the fireworks. Just as Jinbei was about to express his gratitude, the girl vanished without a trace. In the conference room of the Mushibugyo organization, all the high-ranking members were gathered for a meeting,.

They were kneeling before the white-haired girl who accompanied Jinbei to see the fireworks. And she is the leader of the Mushibugyo organization, Naija-sama. Every summer, Naija secluded herself on Hachijojima Island for intensive training. But this year, the Insect Hunting Organization, which is in opposition to the Mushibugyo Organization. Discovered Naija's place of training. Their sole objective was to eliminate Naija. To protect Naija, the Mushibugyo organization dispatched all its members to Hachijojima Island. However, along the way, a man wielding a sickle suddenly appeared. He soared into the air and unleashed a series of consecutive slashes, instantly tearing the large ship apart.

Surprisingly, this man's strength rivaled that of Mugai. Upon learning that he was a member of the Insect Hunting organization, Koikawa rushed forward ahead of Mugai, seeking revenge he had long desired against the Insect Hunting organization, as his mother's death was closely tied to them. However, this man had only one goal: to trap all the members of the Mushibugyo organization. As the firebombs formed a ring of flames, only Hibachi, utilizing a paraglided managed to escape with Jinbei. But this man, who could match Mugai's strength, proved far superior to Koikawa.

With the cannons on the ship still intact, multiple cannons fired simultaneously, reducing the formidable man to near death. In the end, Koikawa delivered the final blow, slaying him with a single stroke of his sword. On the other side, on Hachijojima Island, the members of Insect Hunting were closing in on Naija's training grounds. Sensing the impending danger, Naija removed her gloves and waved her small hand in the air. Thick toxic fog spread from the center of the area, enveloping its surroundings. The Insect Hunting members noticed the abnormality in the forest but continued forward after ingesting antidotes. Meanwhile, Jinbei and Hibachi had already arrived in the skies above Hachijojima Island. However, as they approached the island's center, the Insect Hunting members spotted the two. Their glider was instantly pierced, causing Jinbei to lose balance and fall directly into Naija's secluded training area.

Naively, Jinbei mistook Naija for the leader's maid. Just then, the wall was suddenly breached, and a man wielding a blade charged straight towards Naija. The massive sword came crashing down, but Naija emerged unscathed. Her toxic gas was capable of corroding even metal. On the other side, Hibachi is fighting with a member of Insect Hunting. Meanwhile, the Mushibugyo members who had landed on the island were ambushed by Insect Hunting members. Mugai, who had entered the central forest earlier, was intercepted. To everyone's surprise, the Insect Hunting member who intercepted Mugai, Gai Bone, uttered unexpected words. It turned out that Mugai was the former leader of the Insect Hunting organization.

This revelation instantly drove Koikawa, who had just arrived, into a frenzy. His sworn enemy, whom he had been searching for all these years, was right beside him. Consumed by hatred, Koikawa swung his sword directly at Mugai. He didn't want to believe that the murderer of his mother was his longtime comrade. However, Mugai remained silent, offering no resistance. Faced with Koikawa's anger, Mugai surprisingly released his weapon and gave up the fight. Koikawa couldn't bear to kill him. He decided to trust Mugai for the time being On the other side, facing the encirclement of three skilled Insect Hunting members, Naija had no choice but to unleash her Calamity Poisonous Body.

However, every time she released her toxic gas, Jinbei would approach her. Because her poison was a wide-range attack that did not discriminate between friend and foe, Jinbei's seemingly protective actions always interrupted her offensive maneuvers. Moreover, Jinbei remained unharmed throughout. And Jinbei never takes any damage, was enough to make Naija suspect that Jinbei was a spy sent by Insect Hunting to restrain her. Just as this thought crossed Naija's mind, Jinbei suffered a devastating blow. With blood flowing from his mouth, Jinbei once again stood in front of her. At this point, the Insect Hunting members obviously don't want to waste any more time. They decided to finish this obstacle first. Due to the difference in strength, Jinbei couldn't even dodge before the spear pierced through his body.

He was then blasted into a state of utter devastation. However, even in such a battered state, Jinbei still wanted to protect Naija's safety. Witnessing this scene, an unprecedented change occurred within Naija, who had lived for hundreds of years. Just as the leader of Insect Hunting was about to take action again, Naija's hair gradually turned black, and a lethal toxic fog emanated from her body. Then, a beam of black light shot up into the sky, and a pair of gigantic butterfly wings slowly unfurled amidst the astonished gazes of the onlookers. Naija transformed into the embodiment of the Calamity Poisonous Body, a black phoenix butterfly. Not only did she possess an undying body, but her power also made the Insect Hunting members wary. As Naija confronted her enemies, a member of Insect Hunting below had already set up a large crossbow. In the next second, the bolt tore through the air and headed straight for Naija.

However, upon contact with the toxic fog barrier, the bolt gradually melted away, while its red arrowhead slowly pierced through Naija's body. Subsequently, Naija seemed to be sealed, and the black phoenix butterfly gradually disintegrated, returning to its original form. It turned out that the leader of Insect Hunting knew that unless Naija's undying ability was sealed, they would never be able to kill her completely. Thus, at the expense of many years, they had crafted this weapon capable of sealing Naija's power, using the bones of over 670 different giant insects. Now powerless, she was nothing but a frail hundred-year-old girl. Just as the Insect Hunting leader was preparing to kill Naija, the tide of battle once again shifted. It was Mugai, the strongest fighter of Mushibugyo, who arrived on the scene.

Despite facing six opponents alone, he stood undefeated. And Naija and Jinbei are saved by their companions who have just arrived. As they watched their prey about to escape, the leader of Insect Hunting quickly assigned three members to continue the pursuit. However, at that moment, Koikawa stepped forward and blocked one of them. The person standing before him was the very murderer who had taken his mother's life. Filled with fury, Koikawa unsheathed his sword and charged at his enemy. To his surprise, his opponent's weapon shattered Koikawa's blade with ease. But he didn't panic. He swiftly drew the three swords hanging from his waist and spun them in a rapid whirl before him.

Without holding back, Koikawa unleashed his full strength in his attack, causing both weapons to shatter. However, Koikawa still had one last blade left. With thoughts of his mother and the years of remorse he had carried, he struck down the masked man without hesitation. Meanwhile, the members of Mushibugyo covered the unconscious Jinbei and Naija as they made their escape. However, the pursuing Insect Hunting members caught up with them. A heavy hammer blow cracks the mountain. Mushibugyo can only scatter and run away from the firepower. Naija couldn't bear to leave Jinbei alone. But little did Naija know that at that very moment, Jinbei had transformed into a sinister figure, consumed by evil.

However, they were quickly caught up by members of Insect Hunting as soon as they left the forest, At this moment, Naija, who had lost her abilities, was already filled with despair, But then, something unexpected happened, The previously unconscious Jinbei suddenly punched away the monk, His appearance underwent a dramatic transformation, and his speed was astonishing, He swiftly defeated the monk and muttered about wanting more enemies, heading towards the outskirts of the forest, On another battlefield, the members of the Mushibugyo organization were engaged in a fierce battle, The Insect Hunting members were relentlessly firing at the cornered trio from Mushibugyo, However, when the smoke cleared, the three of them miraculously emerged unscathed,.

It was because the white-haired Jinbei had entered the battlefield, shielding them from all the bullets, But unexpectedly, Jinbei slowly turned around, raising his long sword and striking at his teammates, Not only Naija, who had just arrived, but even Hibachi realized that this altered state of Jinbei had lost his sanity, However, Jinbei seemed more interested in the slightly stronger Insect Hunting members, His hair behind him instantly transformed into a gigantic claw, gripping the necks of the three individuals, Jinbei's aura erupted completely, emitting an endless evil presence that caused the mountains to gradually crumble, The three Insect Hunting members were ruthlessly slammed into the ground, instantly losing all combat ability, In that moment, Jinbei's mind was consumed by a single thought: to eliminate everyone, Under the influence of this malevolence, his giant hand transformed into a large spiked ball, shooting out countless white spikes and launching a wide-ranging indiscriminate attack,.

Meanwhile, in the distance, Naija, despite her weakened state, slowly approached, Unexpectedly, she was caught by the Insect Hunting members who were dodging the spikes, , However, at that moment, her bell suddenly fell, producing a clear sound that surprisingly awakened Jinbei's sanity, Just as Naija was about to be impaled, the opponent's hand was severed, It was Jinbei, who had regained his senses, saving her just in time, However, after recovering his sanity, his memories seemed to still linger on the battle on the island, The next moment, he collapsed due to exhaustion, unable to continue, Witnessing the heavy casualties on their side, the leader of the Insect Hunting organization immediately ordered a retreat, At this moment, Naija noticed a single white hair stuck in Jinbei's teeth, It turned out that she accidentally ingested her hair when she was carrying him,.

In the city, the big cotton ball girl, Haru, has been captured by a giant bug again, The giant mantis in front of her raised a large blade, ready to strike poor Haru, However, at this critical moment, Jinbei appeared and rescued Haru, saving her from harm, Not long ago, the members of the Mushibugyo team had concluded the battle on Hachijo Island, but upon their return to the city, they discovered that it had been overrun by giant insects, Jinbei quickly disembarked and saved Haru, Suddenly, a loud noise came from the other side of the town, When the group rushed over, they saw a small mountain made up of giant insect corpses, and standing at the summit was a man with a deformed leg, This man was none other than Jinbei's father, Genjuro, The father and son had a heartwarming reunion after being separated for a long time, After the battle on Hachijo Island, Jinbei realized his own weakness,.

Following his father's advice, he decided to accompany him on a journey of training, The next morning, the two set off, traveling far and wide, and then pushing themselves through various challenges, Genjuro eventually decided to teach Jinbei his self-created sword technique, This technique was the culmination of Genjuro's lifelong effort, capable of cutting through water with a single swing, Later, Jinbei accompanied his father to a volcano, There, Genjuro raised his long sword and struck down with a unique effect that resembled a hammer's impact, despite holding a long sword in his hand, After Genjuro left that spot, the once calm volcano began spewing lava, Jinbei's task was to deliver a strike of equal power, using the force to block the volcanic vent and he had only three days to accomplish it, With no food or drink, Jinbei immersed himself in training, dedicating himself entirely,.

Until the arrival of the third day, the lava was on the brink of eruption, and Jinbei had only one opportunity left, He closed his eyes, focused his energy, and felt the flow of the lava, Then, with a powerful strike, Jinbei exerted all his strength and miraculously stopped the lava from gushing out, However, the lava that had already flowed out was dealt with by his father, It was supposed to be the second sword technique that Genjuro was about to teach Jinbei, But Kotori's authorized vacation was over, And a new enemy is coming to the city where the Mushibugyo organization is located,.

A Bugman disguised in human skin was openly devouring people on the streets, leaving a trail of corpses in its wake, By the time the constables realized and arrived, the entire street was devoid of survivors, Bugman was even seen drinking the blood from the ground Despite the barrage of cannon fire from the city defenses, they could only shatter Bugman's mask, At that moment, Yumehisa learned that Bugman had come to the city to find and kill Jinbei, Just as Yumehisa was about to be killed, Jinbei, who had returned from his training, arrived in time and deflected Bugman's claws, Jinbei's strength had multiplied several times since his training, The powerful Bugman lost the battle, In the end, Jinbei cleaved Bugman in half with a single strike, However, a terrifying thing occurred—the severed halves of Bugman's body started wriggling,.

Before long, the two halves transformed into two separate Bugmen, Every time Jinbei struck them down, Bugman would split again, As Bugman's clones multiplied, Jinbei realized that he would surely perish if this continued, Just as things seemed dire, a powerful explosion shattered the Bugmen surrounding Jinbei, It was Hibachi and the three of them who came back from vacation But they didn't know the enemy's situation After a fierce battle, the situation became even worse The Bugmen swarmed them from all directions, In that moment, Jinbei noticed some lifeless Bugman bodies around him, all with fatal head wounds,.

Jinbei thought of the new skill he just learned, He immediately asked his teammates to attract all the Bugmans to him At this moment, all the Bugmans were lured to one point by the three of them And Jinbei used the sword technique taught by his father A silver radiance shot up into the sky, obliterating all the Bugmen, leaving behind a massive crater and countless Bugmen corpses, A remote village A big hand grabbed the villagers in front of him and put them in the palm of his hand, Then it clasped its hands together Instantly turning the villagers into sandwich cookies.

The owner of this hand is one of the Ten Elite Insects of Sanada, Along with him, his brother is also ravaging the human race, The Ten Elite Insects of Sanada were ordered by their leader to slaughter villages, The humans they killed were already piling up, The earth is red with blood, The news of Bugman's return spread to the main city on the following day, causing widespread panic, Once, a single Bugman was enough to decimate an entire town, Now, with the mobilization of The Ten Elite Insects of Sanada, they brought forth an apocalyptic disaster, Naija's powers have been sealed, but the lord of the city has to lie about it to keep his troops calm,.

To lift the seal, they needed to find The Well of Eternity, The next day, Naija embarked on a secret journey to Kishu City in search of The Well of Eternity, To maintain a low profile, Naija only brought two companions: the skilled swordmaster Tadao and Jinbei, However, upon their arrival at Kishu City, they were halted at the city gates, Even when Tadao revealed their identities, they received the answer that it was a personal order from the city lord, The group immediately realized that something must have gone awry within the city, After gathering information, they learned that a few days prior, Survives, leading The Ten Elite Insects of Sanada and a massive army of giant bugs, had seized control of the city,.

They forced the city lord to construct a large ship capable of carrying a thousand people, Helpless, Jinbei and his companions had to conceal themselves in the forest until nightfall, However, instead of finding safety, they encountered Bugmen from The Ten Elite Insects of Sanada, So Jinbei told Tadao to take Naija and leave first, He stayed behind to fight with Bugman Confronted with the Bugman's three tentacles, Jinbei devised a daring plan, He used his sword to deflect two of the tentacles and bit down on the remaining one to prevent the Bugman from evading, Then, he closed in, enduring Bugman's attacks, and struck the Bugman's forehead with his sword, The powerful impact sent Bugman flying hundreds of meters away,.

After observing the lack of reaction from Bugman, Jinbei caught up with Naija, and the two entered the city gate together, However, Bugman was not dead and reported the incident to their leader, Survives, Upon learning that Jinbei and Naija had entered Kishu City, Survives threatened the city lord to issue a warrant for their arrest, To intimidate the citizens, Survives commanded two gigantic Bugmen to carry mountains of human corpses, If they disobeyed his orders, That's what will happen to them.

Hibachi's sister observed everything happening within the city and quickly sent a message via a carrier bird to Hibachi, who was far away at the Mushibugyo headquarters, Shortly after, Jinbei and his companions' wanted posters were plastered throughout the streets and alleys of Kishu City The entire city's residents began hunting them down, even children wielding weapons meant for killing, Witnessing the fear in the children's eyes, Jinbei's heart immediately softened However, in order to gather information about Bugman, the three of them ultimately chose to relinquish their weapons and allow the villagers to deal with them, Meanwhile, The news of the fall of Kishu City had reached Mushibugyo's headquarters , and Kotori immediately organized a rescue mission to Kishu City.

Hibachi, however, has arrived early at the residence of the lord of the mountain county to gather intelligence, At this moment, Jinbei, who managed to escape the local residents' pursuit, brandishes his sword and lunges towards Hibachi, Seeing Jinbei, Hibachi is relieved and blushes with embarrassment, But Jinbei mistakes Hibachi for Bugman in disguise and mercilessly swings his blade, The fiery Hibachi is now infuriated beyond measure, And so, the members of the Mushibugyo organization are reunited, In the meantime, inside Kishu City, the citizens are working tirelessly to complete the massive ship, Because Survives promised that once the ship is finished, all the Bugmen will leave, But can he really be trusted to keep his word? Shortly after, Tadao devises a battle plan, and Hibachi goes to confirm the entry route into the city,.

The others scatter to seek powerful reinforcements, Tomorrow, they will infiltrate Kishu City and rescue the trapped civilians, As night falls, the large ship is completed, The lord of the city approaches, hoping to persuade Survives to board the ship and leave, But he's not that easy to get rid of He was going to lead his men to eat all the people in the city, The lord of the city has no choice but to unleash all his fighting strength and engage in a desperate fight, However, the guards are no match for the Bugmen and are slaughtered before they can even make a move, The next day, everyone is gathered, and Survives leads the way as the giant insects prepare to feast,.

In their moment of despair, the Mushibugyo organization arrives just in time, They effortlessly slay the ordinary Bugmen, igniting a spark of hope in the hearts of the people, The leader of the Bugmen clearly didn't take them seriously, He continues to order his followers to feast on humans, But Jinbei's provocative words And that really pissed off the survives He commands the Ten Elite Insects to deal with them, Then, with a flick of his hand, he destroys a mountain, showcasing his immense power, The members of Mushibugyo are left in awe, The full-scale battle is about to begin,.

Meanwhile, Naija and the others head to the Well of Eternity to restore Naija's sealed powers, And they had to buy time for Naija by holding Bugman back, Even at the cost of all their lives, they had to ensure that Naija regained his power to save the entire country, However, they haven't gone far when Kotori gets lost, Shortly after, Jinbei is dragged into the water by something, It turns out to be Jinpachi, the Bugman whom Jinbei defeated not long ago, But this time, in the water, Jinpachi has the advantage, He is not only agile but even faster than before, making it difficult for Jinbei to cope, Nevertheless, Jinbei manages to land a strike on Jinpachi, injuring him,.

Jinpachi retaliates by shooting his bug eggs towards Jinbei, which transform into small insects in mid-air, enveloping Jinbei, Jinbei once again utilizes the swordsmanship his father taught him, instantly annihilating all the small insects and even trapping Jinpachi within it, Meanwhile, Naija and the others were on their way to The Well of Eternity, Suddenly, Mugai slashed one of the guards, It turns out that he is Bugman in disguise, Mugai had actually spotted him from the beginning, The two fought in the air in a flash of light, Bugman recognizes Mugai as a former member of the Insect Hunting organization, And Mugai was caught up in his memories, As the leader of the Insect Hunting organization, why did he help Naija?.

Once he went to kill Naija with the hope of his companions, but Naija offered no resistance, She had already lived for hundreds of years, burdened by a curse, and had grown tired, However, when Mugai strikes, it is not aimed at Naija, Because he saw in Naija's eyes that both of them were the same, Not loved by anyone, Not loving anyone, Just living to fulfill a so-called mission, Since then Mugai has been by Naija's side, And this Bugman is really strong,.

Even Mugai couldn't kill him easily, Instead, Bugman's chains held him in place by the Bugman's iron chains, However, when Bugman is gloating, Mugai's massive blade pierces his body, Soon after, Bugman dissolves into black smoke, dissipating slowly, Meanwhile, Naija opens the Well of Eternity, and Survives also arrived, To protect Naija's entry into the well, Jinbei recklessly charges at Survives, However, his opponent is far too powerful, and with a single strike, Jinbei is knocked into the depths of the Well, In a trance, Jinbei saw Naija's past memories, At that time, Naija was just a young princess, fiercely protecting the strange insect in her arms,.

Later, enemy forces breached the city where Naija resided, and she fell under the enemy's gunfire, Then, the strange insect emerged, revealing itself to be the legendary Eternal Insect, It used most of its power to resurrect Naija, When Naija regained consciousness, she found herself surrounded by the corpses of soldiers, including her parents, Since then, Naija possessed the Calamity Poisonous Body and became a monster in the eyes of the world, After a short period of warmth, She violently pushed Jinbei out Survives didn't panic, Because only he knew.

The Well of Eternity can restore Naija's power, But it will also take away her memories That way, she could use it for his own purposes, Just then, a brilliant light emanates from the well, and Naija's Calamity Poisonous Body is restored, Meanwhile, Survives faces the attacks of all the members of the Mushibugyo organization, yet he remains unscathed, Suddenly, Naija impales Jinbei's body with her hand, She has lost all her memories completely, In the meantime, Survives shatters the Well of Eternity, absorbing all the toxic gas released, His aura undergoes a drastic change as he summons countless giant insects,.

Jinbei once again charges at Survives with his sword, but in mere moments, he falls to the ground, unable to rise again, Around Survives, it seemed as if there was an invisible barrier, Regardless of how everyone attacked, they couldn't harm him at all, At this moment, Jinbei was once again enveloped in poison gas, While his companions were struggling fiercely against Survives' giant insect, Jinbei reappeared, The Insect Hunting bloodline within him awoke once again, This was the bloodline he inherited from his mother, It would awaken once it comes into contact with the power of the Eternal Insect,.

With his bloodline awakened, Jinbei's speed was astonishingly fast, And he became more and more insane, But he suddenly heard the voice of the Eternal Insect, It hated everything, It wanted to kill everyone, But this, in turn, brought Jinbei back to his senses, With his enhanced strength, Jinbei relentlessly attacked Survives, The scales of victory seemed to be tipping towards justice, Just then, Naija suddenly flew over,.

Facing amnesiac Naija, Even when subjected to her poisonous gas attack, Jinbei was unwilling to draw his weapon against her, He just wanted to get closer to her with all his might, At this moment, Jinbei firmly held Naija's hand, And then he held Naija in his arms, Using his own body to help her absorb the poison, At this moment in Naija's mind, She remembered everything that had happened between them,.

Although Jinbei fell due to the poison, Naija regained her memory because of this, Survives watched all this, Even if Naija had regained her memory, He wanted to forcibly take her away, But how could the members of Mushibugyo let him have his way? Although they couldn't beat Survives, They could certainly taunt him! This infuriated Survives to the extreme,.

He raised his hand and a laser beam was directed straight at the townspeople, But it was blocked by Naija, Naija, who had regained her memory, remembered her mission to protect the people, But Survives was still confident, He pointed a single hand towards the sky, A hurricane swirled around his body, Stirring up the river water and shattering the wooden bridge, A huge energy ball lit up in the center of the city, Just then, Jinbei woke up,.

With the protagonist's halo, he once again charged at Survives, And thus, the grand battle reaches its final climax The blow cleared the clouds and fog, revealing the light, Survives, who should have died a hundred years ago, Finally turned into a wisp of dust, The story of Mushibugyo also came to an end,

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