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Welcome back to my Channel today we are going to talk about the catastrophic trainer that was the promise Neverland anime ending I don't know about you but I was more disappointed than a kid on Christmas morning who got a lump of coal instead of a Nintendo switch let's dive in and dissect this hot mess.

For those of you who haven't seen the promise level it's like a dark version of Annie where instead of singing Tomorrow the orphans have to survive against demons and Sinister forces first season was a huge hit but second season was like a slow motion car crash that you just can't look away from now if you thought that Titanic sinking was traded.

The promise Neverland anime ending was a whole new level of disaster they introduced more plot twist than a shamalan movie but unlike M night they did not bother to explain any of them fans were left scratching their heads and wondering if the writers were high on something when they came up with this mess one of the biggest problem with the.

Ending was the pacing it was like they were trying to cram a 20 episode season into 11 episodes you know things are bad when you are wishing for fillers episode just so the story can breathe a little the rushed pacing left many plot points unresolved and characters undeveloped and don't even get me started on the new characters they introduced it was like.

They were trying to set up a spin-off series instead of wrapping up the story we actually cared about I felt like I needed a flowchart just to keep track of who was on whose side and why in conclusion the promise Neverland anime ending was a dumpster fire of Epic Proportions it was like they had a great.

Idea for a story but then decided to throw everything out of the window and see what stuck let's hope that in the future anime Studios will learn from this disaster and take the time to properly develop their stories and characters thanks for watching this video guys if you enjoyed it don't forget to hit that like button and.

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